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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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sure you don't go to them. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. the hero the legend born simply a human being. was new armstrong starts july 20th on w. . what shall big take political leaders regulators and the courts are increasingly cracking down on the sprawling companies global market dominance. doubts about dodgy banks overholt analysts say it won't happen quickly but the axe is already folding on jumps. i mean physical and let's do business big tech is bracing for
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a fresh assault on several fronts activist is back at the european court of justice in luxembourg to challenge facebook this case could be even more important for data privacy the last ones for a transatlantic down to transfer system struck down over concerns u.s. spies could get unfettered access to e.u. does it the same time u.s. president donald trump is gearing up for a social media summit on thursday the main online platforms on to invited facebook says it hasn't received an invitation there are reports twitter is excluded the white house says digital leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges of today's online environment. and german economy minister. is on a take and trade trip to the u.s. he's criticized the main tech firms for their market dominance and wants germany survival the u.s. and china in an official intelligence yeah. but i'm wary about reporting yes
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it germany's minister for economic affairs is getting a free ride in san francisco peter out my is visiting a start up that develops software for thomas driving a few clicks on the soup step and moments later the minister is off for a test drive in one of the startups self driving prototypes but for now he's taken the backseat to employees keep a watchful eye safety 1st of course just 20 short minutes later. reemergence and is impressed. does but i believe that was the 1st time in my life that i was driving fully autonomous li through a city but it was really impressive what technology is capable of artificial intelligence and modern sensor technology which a lot of was actually researched and developed in germany i firmly believe that this technology will make tremendous progress in the near future and that's why it is important that germany stays positioned in the front of these developments minister of my is visiting soups and
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a handful of other companies in the san francisco area with a clear goal in mind he's looking for inspiration and input says his focus the speed of innovation in the digital world the impact of artificial intelligence the digital revolutions potential pitfalls and new opportunities for germany. next stop for pete all my air a working lunch with a group of german high tech entrepreneurs with experts on artificial intelligence and net neutrality and on the future of technology and society. tell me what we can do better where most germany still improve the minister. and to know from the con cocky schmitz a former air b.n. b. employee turnt entrepreneur has some advice a scout with us up to i think that politicians in germany have to do more what mistyped my is doing here right now if you look at universities in germany you will find this a lot of entrepreneurial excitement among young people after all that input one
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came to visit silicon valley without a quick stop at google a private tour for mr altmire afterwards a quick statement for the press it's in the there is a lot of movement in the digital world with a lot of competition that has an impact not only on technological progress but also on creating new and preserving old jobs as well as it is our goal that germany is on the forefront of all of this germany it seems like to still a long way to go in that regard my endo's that too after all that's ways visiting and listen. to. this yes that's something that's done with tech experts to raise a lot but i started by asking about big tex mining of data from services and consumer convenience. does feel even more convenient when all of your products are into tide and to connect to and they work seamlessly so it's also really hard for new
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companies to break into that scene which is just a walled garden of particular products because it makes life for consumers incredibly easy to move that business model ever change i mean how could politicians get google to pay for that data well it's really difficult to have them pay for that data because we are giving it away and we are willingly giving it away and paying for it there are some initiatives and sometimes you hear that talk on technology conferences shouldn't who pay us for giving us our data for giving them our data but the reality is that a lot of people still like to share a lot online and producers and consumers these 2 roles are more and more interconnected on the internet does trump have what it takes to disrupt the data gathering business. that tech some of he has called in for example it's a it's a very rate tech conference it's not really
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a summit because twitter and facebook really invites it so if you want to talk about big tech he is just trying to bring google in its rich or is his favorite flat for most we all know so far he hasn't really shown apart from vague threats about how to some companies how we really want service rep these companies what do you think about the german economy minister or what he can achieve for google oh he can learn a lot from x. lab was this part of google where he's going to visit except as the innovation laboratory and they're they're busy with a ton of most driving but also with k i n actual innovation which is something that germany is still lacking we're still using it in process automation and overlooking the. and so i think there is a lot to learn there yet he wants to rival china at the u.s. on the official intelligence front what chances does germany have i mean he hasn't
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missed the boat not really missed the boat yet i mean still every 2nd startup and every 2nd i started out. as connected with ai services so there is potential but there is still a lot of skepticism within germany about the use of training so. and also the innovation is still a bit lacking so there are connections to siemens and your health services where i . great services for picture recognition but apart from that it still needs to be a lot more money be taken into hands because germany has been throwing money at artificial intelligence but what no not the right strategy and not enough not enough exactly like for example china shanghai when they when they make a conference about ai they throw $2000000000.00 around in funds and this is this as much as germany has spent in 2 years. a huge different stories look at thank you
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very much for coming in thank you for such a bunch is a tumbling today shareholders skeptical about a grand restructuring plan that will slash 18000 jobs around the world the company is turning its back on the growth of lakewood its market and cutting back on fixed income operations a move that will cost germany's biggest lender billions of euros investors additionally reacted positively to the plan however those early gains were to george's finance chief expressed doubt about the company and whether or not he can get back in the black by 22 a. well he joins us now from frankfurt only investor is showing strong doubts today it. well i think they have reason to be concerned i mean you just mentioned the chief financial officer being quoted and being understood has not being all that confident self one person i talked to today
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said that that kind of communication was something that was worrisome that it seemed sort of on the quick huge project sort of woven on the quick and that not that convincing and i hear other voices from moody's or fitch from the rating agencies or from analysts and i won't. quote them directly but i'll just sum up they say it's a huge change there's so much room for disruption there their leadership changes which is difficult in any situation like this and they doubt that the deutsche bank will make these changes with the speed which they calculate will tell us more about the changes at the top of doj about that would interest me. there's so many changes there's so many names involved alone in the board 3 people were kicked out and 3 new people hired one person was already in the bank a woman an american she's to run the u.s. business everyone was saying the deutsche bank should get out of the u.s.
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do as little as possible there because they just can't compete with the big boys over there yet a new board member there a new i t guy coming from the outside very impressive credentials on paper comes from as a p. it's going to get the bank digital and fix the i t but he's an outsider as well as . the new head for legal affairs he was sitting on the supervisory board is a corporate lawyer so they're going to have to deal with the corporate culture of the bank 1st before they can make any changes so they're just 23 examples of leadership changes which raise a lot of questions and job cuts are already being taken and we have seen people leaving their offices. and that despite doubts that it's going to actually make big changes i mean. the infrastructure plan the restructuring plan rather came out on sunday and monday they hit the ground axing jobs. that's right that's super cynical and that's not likely to raise the motivation among the people who
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remain when they see that the bank acts like this basically from one day to the next to be fair or just perhaps to be complete in reporting i hear that even before the announcements were made officially people already realize that they were in trouble that morale was low and that the bank was making clear that these people were out but surely these are not good pictures especially when you see people which went on below under their arm leaving the bank it reminds one of lehman in 2008. guys carrying their boxes out of the office on into holds holds of the only buds thank you very much. now to some of the other business stories making news shares in german chemicals giant b.s.f. of tumbled the group slashing its earnings forecast for the year it claims the impact of trade conflicts be a safe says preliminary 2nd quarter figures are significantly below. the u.s. has approved an arms sales to taiwan with over $2000000000.00 it includes battle
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tanks and he aircraft missiles china has expressed serious concerns about the deal . and a report shows the wealth of the super rich as the climb for the 1st time in 7 years and the number of millionaires is down as well experts blame international trade conflicts and insecurity stemming from brags that. they've also had a hard time with the stock exchange but i'm sure we won't get much sympathy from me thoughts business with you.
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i'm not laughing at the germans. sometimes i am but most end up with the german think deep into the german culture. this grandma. if hold out. i'm rachel join me for me to go bungee jump. that 77 percent.
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are younger than 60. that's me and me and. and you know what external voice is. the 77 percent. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture we'll be looking at the unusual history of drones in an exhibition in southern germany also. in a production of puccini's tour and thought. and in our continuing series 100 german
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must reads a novel called why we took the car. drones have become really popular in the last 10 years due to technological advances which meant they were easier to control and at the same time federal aviation authorities began to give out commercial licenses soon you could be getting your post and certainly your possibles delivered by drug however i'm exhibition zeppelin museum in frederick solving in southern germany shows that drones in some form or other have been around for centuries. the 1st drone in history launched a frenchman into the sky in 1783 after landing in paris the balloon was attacked by angry foreigners the world as if they had no information whatsoever about this experiment voyage they thought the hot air balloon was some sort of stone or something mysterious in any case.


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