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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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and amusing. confession 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is the w. news live from hong kong as leader carrier says the territories controversial extradition bill is dead to me ivan's chief executive had hoped the announcement would be enough to end the mass protests but activists are getting ready to be turned to the streets also on the program. italian island of lampedusa has become the front line in europe's standoff over migration on the role of rescue ships in
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the mediterranean has been to hear both sides of the. united states steps up its rhetoric against iran with vice president mike pence saying that washington will keep up the pressure and never allow to take a nuclear weapon. i'm phil gail welcome to the program. has announced that a highly controversial bill that would have allowed extradition to the chinese mainland is dead the probation chief executive described the government's work on the been as a total failure but she stopped short of saying she would give in to protesters demands and withdraw the proposal hundreds of thousands of people have protested the cave's the law in the territory over the past month here in the hong kong chief
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executive. now 1st of all the course of all these. grievances and confrontations as an exercise to amend the fugitive often this ordinance. i have almost immediately put a stop so the amendment exercise. but there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or where it is whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council. so i reiterate here there is no such plan the bill is that straight to the territory that where we joined the w correspondent materials of bullinger welcome to us does this announcement mean the bill is now off the table for good. well that's the strange thing she has now said it is that she was going from she will rediscuss it to she will let it die out to it is that it's
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a procedural thing the bill is on the table in the legislature and if it is not if the 2nd drifting does not take place within a certain amount of time then the bill will die out this is exactly the state is that we had before except for now she has made it a little bit clearer that she does not intend to bring it back to to to schedule a 2nd reading but she did not withdraw it formally which will is what the protesters have demanded so technically it's still on the table in her words it's not so we are in somehow in the same situation just bit with a little bit of another june regarding her intentions so why not say i am withdrawing it what is stopping her. that's a very good question and we are looking for an answer it could possibly be beijing
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that that would see this. as giving in to protesters demand as losing face as weakening the party's position may be with consequences in the mainland but from an outsider's perspective it all does not make sense if the bill is that she could withdraw it she has not withdrawn it it's unintelligible to me why this play around words there must be something behind some procedures in the backrooms that prevent her from just scrapping it altogether and getting this as she said grievance off the table right clearly this is not sufficient to satisfy the protesters that talking about setting up more demonstrations. yes we all expecting more demonstrations we would have expected them anyway but this clumsy communications fuel of course protesters anger so i think this would be
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a long summer. in hong kong thank you. 44 migrants have been picked up in the mediterranean sea by a german rescue ship the kurdi its 2nd rescue operation in 2 days the charity's sea watch which operates a vessel says it's been working with get the migrants ashore after the 1st rescue they were denied entry to be talian port of lampedusa which has become the new front line in europe struggle to deal with the migration crisis reporter safe has been to lampedusa to meet some of the people who have made the dangerous journey from africa to europe and some of the island's residents. lampedusa island of recreation highland which. is the closest european shore to the coast of libya lampedusa takes in several 100 asylum seekers in an average month those who survived the treacherous journey across the mediterranean. knows the flames as many
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as this. helps coordinate rescue missions for the german n.g.o.s the watch he was on my producer when the italian government attempted to block their ship from bringing 53 rescued migrants a short. sea watch as. the italian coast guard forster way into the harbor she was a restaurateur asked. us what we're seeing is that the criminalization of sea rescue missions isn't stopping people from coming from libya more people are dying and the routes are becoming more dangerous. once migrants arrive on the island most are taken to this immigration center where they are registered and a 1st step toward applying for asylum. after being registered the residents are free to leave. at the church in the center of town mahmoud.
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between libya and italy there is. a free in libya and so they're decent. give you. a lift leave you. as i'm leaving the church square a man begins shouting. i've known or should be out there if it wasn't for the migrants the media wouldn't come to lampedusa. no one cares about us lampedusa. produces mayor tells me he welcomes those rescued at sea. my father was a fisherman. i am a fisherman. but if and when a fisherman rescues a person at sea we apply one loan. not the french not the german or anyone else's law. so they scoff and chase a pig. they don't have to be dying you don't have to document them you just save
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them on saturday evening another standoff begins a rescue boat defies the government's order to stay away it enters the port carrying 41 migrants the vessel is called alex operated by italian angio meditate and then. there is commotion at the dock where locals have gathered to watch a representative from italy's right wing legal party is here too she wants to send a message to the new arrivals as well as the boat's crew example but kidnap them i'm here because we have to fight against those who traffic human beings these people are not save us they're people who traffic human beings. the boat is taken into police custody on the other side of the bay. the exhausted passengers wait another 7 hours before they are let off the boat. while many on this island see the rescue missions off the coast of libya as a straightforward issue of saving human lives others see it as a political act and indeed it is political as italy's right wing government slides
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its cage shut an international network of rescuers is trying to keep those gates from closing for good as the mayor of lampedusa told me immigration to this island is nothing new. he believes the current standoff can only be resolved by european solution. take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world afghan officials and the taliban have agreed a road map for peace i did meeting in doha according to a joint statement by representatives of the war and parties u.s. officials continue their talks with the taliban today and i'm. attempt to bring an end to afghanistan's 18 year war. war torn yemen has seen more than 460000 suspected cholera cases this year that's a sharp increase on the 380004 the whole of 2018 united nations as there have been more than $700.00 cholera deaths since january dramatically higher than the same
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period last year. flash floods have been causing travel chaos in washington d.c. and force the closure of many public buildings floodwater hit the power supplies of the national archives but officials say its holdings including the declaration of independence the constitution and the bill of rights are all safe. u.s. president donald trump criticizing british prime minister teresa may after the leak of diplomatic memos which criticized his presidency the memos written by the british ambassador to the u.s. the scribe mr trump's administration as dysfunctional and inept president said that prime minister theresa may have created a mess of bread city and it was good news that the u.k. would soon have a new leader. france is sending a special envoy to iran to try to deescalate tensions of the international nuclear deal iran says it has begun to enrich uranium to levels beyond those allowed in
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under the 2015 agreement the united states withdrew from the agreement last year but is still insisting that tehran bide by his terms u.s. vice president mike fact pen says his country will not waiver from its course of maximum pressure on terra oil tankers on fire in the gulf of oman a massive u.s. drone shot down by tehran the wreckage proudly displayed on iranian television. a seized a rainy an oil tanker suspected of violating sanctions. tensions were already sky high in the run up to iran announcing its latest move in violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement that was supposed to provide sanctions relief and exchange for restrictions on tehran's nuclear program but now iran says it's enriching uranium beyond the threshold allowed by the agreement and threatens more moves to come.
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running percent enrichment is an option even enrichment higher than that is an option as are all options but at the appropriate time. speaking via satellite israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said it's time for the world to get tough with tehran. the whole american drones the foreign missiles. their neighbors and it's important to respond to these arsons not by reducing the person but by increasing the person we should go to reward aggressor and. this latest escalation started when u.s. president donald trump walked away from the agreement that his own country had been instrumental in crafting he said it wouldn't stop tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. on monday vice president mike pence stepped up the rhetoric. iran should not confuse american restraint with the lack of american resolve i
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really hope for the best with the united states of america and our military are prepared to protect our interests and protect our personnel and our citizens in the region we will continue to oppose around small line influence we will continue to bring pressure on their economy and under president donald trump america will never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. analysts have warned that in the current atmosphere any mistake miscalculation could quickly escalate to open conflict in the middle east. in sport the u.s. women's national football team has arrived home with the world cup trophy and hound after beating the netherlands 2 nil in the final of the champions were welcomed by cheering fans a new goal they were happy to pose again with that prize and they sat what else we
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champions a ticker tape parade is planned through the city's financial district on wednesday despite the smiles team usa still has a problem lots whether to accept an invitation to the white house president trump tweeted the offer and then backtracked when the team's co-captain said she wouldn't go the same if not everybody i think everybody is with me we don't want to go the way house so i think that's why the invitation hasn't hasn't come in the sense of i'm male and this is sort of slowly to get here but i doubt it but i think we will at some point be going to washington we've had so much support from so many politicians for so many people they're. going to pay to know here's a reminder about top story. pro beijing 2 things. decorative says a controversial bill to allow extraditions to the chinese mainland instead of carrying mom stopped short of saying she will give it to protesters demands and
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formally withdrawn the proposal. up next here on d.w.i. documentary series of dr phil takes a look at china's new silk road has got to get over this news and information around the clock on top website that's t w dot com small world use of the top of the outlook for that kind of good. cut. 6. school in the jungle. the 1st economy most of them in doors grant a moment arrives. joining a reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of
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general ranting returns home on t. w. dot com tanks.


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