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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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yeah. i see our beauty. as an off. the face of the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages. but i'm. a scholar tennis. star july 10th d.w. . thank. you so the summer of cups is almost finished the women's world cup the cup america and the gold cup are over and we are going to talk about it then yeah are you ready
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. so let's start with the women's world cup of course because it was the biggest tournament this summer it was a welcome after all. the winner of united states not really the biggest surprises well i mean we saw the u.s. come out strong and absolutely destroyed thailand but then i don't think a lot of people there to 13 know why but i don't think a lot of people were expecting i don't think it was as easy for them as people thought it was going to be which is good because the level of world football in general i mean we saw spain really challenge them france england it was not a walk in the park any of those games were not easy so it's good to talk about the final against the netherlands you know the defending like they're kind european champions you know a bit of an unexpected final maybe or do you think it was kind of one could expect
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that holland would go so far in the tournament well the netherlands like you said are the reigning world european is european champions and they've had since the euros time to build on their squad is it hasn't changed very much and i mean they've had a lot of time working together so i don't think it was unexpected it wasn't like oh my goodness the netherlands where they come from we knew they were strong. now the usa that being said the usa has years and years and years of experience behind them so when they get to a final for them it's not like ok my god we're in the final what we do it's just another game for them they have another level and we've been saying this they just have something extra that a lot of other teams can compete with i mean even against england for example you know i was talking with my brothers about penalty shots for example and realistically when do you see these players from england or other countries in europe taking high pressure pelly shots in situations we can and we go there's not
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as many fans in the same so you know what i mean the u.s. though rapinoe steps up to take a pellet shot you know before she gets there she's going like yesterday in the final let's let's talk about the defined. you know because for quite a while it looked like as if the netherlands were up to like maybe even going to extra time or so but thank him a penalty v.a.r. made it happen and then rafa now came up again and scored like yeah i mean she called blooded she's an assassin she knows i don't doubt when she walks up the ball it doesn't even occur to me that she might miss and you know the thing is it doesn't occur to her that she might miss either that's the thing i mean no that well because usa had scored in the 1st 15 minutes of every game this tournament so they weathered the storm and they did well and they were competing with the u.s. but that being said then we saw you know that next level from the u.s. and that's also a deserved victory after all not just in the final but also of the tournament yes
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we have what we have our man already out there in the young actually he was at the stadium yesterday and he told us how the atmosphere in the city was like the atmosphere in the stadium it was incredible we knew that the u.s. fans would make a lot of noise when they really got going and we knew that the dutch fans have a reputation for ratso really making a racket throughout the game and i certainly did that and it was a really moving moment actually when even in stoppage time when clearly all this lost the netherlands that they were still really going for they were still waving their flags and that was you know that was something that made you think this is what football is actually about. so actually what i would say the 2 best friend groups were i met in the final of that would you agree yeah it was in the u.s. apparently brought some 121-5000 people over for the welcome to shows how big the game is over there but the dutch also had some kind of marching band in the stands . you hear it every day like the trumpets and stuff i mean even even i saw that
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like the video that the marches that the dutch fans did to the stadium that's amazing i mean the u.s. i know girls my friends in the u.s. had been planning for 2 years to go to the world cup so you know that's not the same for example here is. not the same yet so maybe my guest now here in the netherlands i like women suffer a lot and there is a lot of you know passion around it speaking about women's football in general was this tournament like a who's like a leap forward for the week and you would say i think every tournaments that we've seen every world cup so far has furthered women's football a little bit obviously this one the most because it's the most recent and then there's the you know this year a lot of happened in women's football like the 1st ballon d'or being given in the whole argument for equal pay and the norwegian team making equal pay so there's a lot of big issues surrounding women's support now and people are really starting to push for investment opportunity so yeah the saying is it's important now that
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the world cup is ok it's over but it's not like everybody just forget since like ok great it was a good moment for women's football now let's forget about it for the next 4 years now is where we need to build on the success that it's had the you know the viewers involvement everything and actually put you know money where models are to so to speak and invest in the game and make it grow not just forget about it until next year or next for if you had the chance of equal pay after the final price then that was insane but in a way that's what i find actually the really refreshing part about women's football is that it's. you know it's not just about the game there are a lot of issues as you say around that actually that need to be resolved and in a way it's some kind of a it's it's almost like a movement i would say at the moment that's coming up there are some countries where it's a growing movement such as england which takes it also maybe to talking about the you know the nations that showed at this tournament that they are really that are
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really have developed a lot of what are the biggest you know newcomers you would say at this tournament or maybe no one not not newcomers but you know what i mean like countries that are actually developed a lot in women's football is and one of them i think for people who don't really live inside the world the women's football the surprises you would think are spain italy england has a little bit more visibility because you know they've really the man sitting in the diner just pump the money into football which is really good now. we've seen you know this the sold out stadiums in spain and italy so these are countries that for me i've played in both of them in italy and spain and when i was there to now it's grown so much investments awareness of the game in italy they only have right now around $24000.00 girls that are signed up to play football whereas the netherlands has like 3 times or 4 times that amount hopefully this world cup serves to get move
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girls in rolling and registering in football and changing the perspective of italian because a lot of the time to really got behind this team are like ok our girls can play the i've been saying that and they've been saying that for years but now the bush seeing it and the investment is helped so countries like italy spain england they're on the right track definitely let's ask our english mentally ill what he thinks to me this world cup definitely seems like a springboard my man to winning football i think there's been much more recognition at this tournament than perhaps it was that a loss from 4 years ago to be a lot more recognition of the winning games and i think the quality as well. it has definitely improved and people are recognizing that people are seeing that you know that the old cliches about women's football that were never really true certainly are now people like johnny in fine teano saying that he wants to double the prize money of the women's world cup he wants to double investment in women's football over the next 4 years and i think that's a direct consequence of how brilliant this tournament has been and how well how
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well watched it's been and how how highly everybody thought of the quality of football he spoke about in front of you he is the kind of guy who likes to enlarge tournaments in a row now he also kind of announced that he would like to enlarge the women's work up to 32 teams already next time and 2023 what would you make of that because you know we also saw big differences on the pitch we saw for example there is a big difference let's say between the. long term at the level of talent in the level of the u.s. so what would you make of enlarging the work of i think just as a standalone idea it's not really the right time to do that because i feel like that would bring in you would see more of those 13 nil games and then people would be like well women's football sucks but that being said if you want to enlarge the tournaments then you need to as the president afifa you need to make sure that fifa and like all the wood is that the federations are investing in sport i don't think
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you can a large tournaments a 32 team just by saying oh yeah look lots of people watch the let's just throw more teams into we can make more money you know it's about you know making sure that the federations invest so that the quality got closes you can't have 13 mills at a world. i know why this is a book but i don't want to football of course i know i mean i understand and the islands respect them but it's high leverage to beat us you know you know and you know also his idea of enlarging the work up to it like the man's welcome to 48 teams will not be implemented in 2022 because it's too early probably for that has to imagine we saw some teams playing against like france would have been there exactly so what was your biggest women's welcome moment maybe your focus because world cup moment. i think seeing the gap closed like spain usa that game for me or seeing how far italy got in the tournament that to me was
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the moment around like yes we're going in the rejection here. that was the biggest scandal because every welcome has assad or they get scared besides neville getting mad at everything. accusing us of spying not. that was funny you know yeah it was pretty funny but it's a team moment here about ignoring him yet is it that that could have been because why are women getting criticized for celebrating resaw siemionow and although both grab their crotches alex morgan says that everyone's like oh my god look at simeon it is so funny how rinaldo he got back into my own it what alex morgan 16 i was going crazy like why is it that when the women are confident bordering arrogance something which henri said that all players should be when they play football why do they get criticised for that. think about it what i found this kind of was about cameroon though. i'm sorry to say any words that reminded me of no not that those
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feeling as well but also the strike actually anyway it was a great women's work at the next women's world cup is up in 2023 b. don't know the hosts yet they're betting this but england will host the next european championship in 2021 next step is the cup of america i mean what can we say but as you know finally want to tie after 12 years of nothing i mean they won the conflict cup in 2013 they want the olympics in 16 then had not one cup america in 12 long years brazil are they back. i think it's like a like a between a yes and a no because brazil the players that they have the history that brazil has they're not shooting to win the copa america what they want to win and what they should be shooting to win is the world cup and historically the last 4 world cups when they've come up against a strong european opponent they've lost every time so i think yeah if you want to i
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don't think they're going to want to just pat themselves on the back for winning copa america in brazil you know what i mean because they struggled they didn't handily beat argentina and argentina is in a shambles you know they got the job done and there's something to be said about a team who can win busy and just finish the job but i don't think that brazil is where they want to be right now. actually i visited brazil in march and had a bit of a discussion with locals also about the state or for that in football and what they told me is that the biggest problem is that all young players leave the country too early that they don't develop in brazil but they actually go to europe mostly and to china today also where they develop and so they're kind of disconnected from the brazilian reality and also from the brazilian mentality when it comes you know to playing football now what i find interesting is that the top scorer of this year's cup america if you can call him a top scorer because of scored 3 goals only is a guy who plays in brazil still evident on 23 years old this guy here actually we
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have everything here actually i can i can i can show you ever tom this is a business that ever come on yeah and play that game you're put out there get it he's 23 years old it's a top score of come around he won't be something and. i don't know who to call but maybe another 2 days. you know how they call him in brazil. look at erica. they call him mr oni and. while i was reading today mr ani and evidence on it is the top score 3 gold cup america but oh well so who will be goes to you and said what i did but i think the. golden ball was awarded to him because he won the title so ok but obviously get it has to go to that issue but get it as well known he's like kind of a new star coming up here and does that show that more brazilian should develop at home for a longer time do you agree with this i think there's something to be said about right now where is the best football in the world played and that's in europe it's
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not in brazil so if you're a young player if i'm a young player personally and i have the chance to go develop in a system where i'm going to improve tactically technically have the resources nutritionist the best coaches i'm going to go to europe because it's not like you're not going to make money in europe i think you can improve as a player you can be playing at the top level as every week so why would you not want to go to europe i would go to europe looking about you know developing outside of their home country and being i'm still has won anything messi hasn't won anything olympics. over. the no sorry ok well yes but actually this time around you then were again even with chantelle friend you know and again for the 3rd place you have it up here actually what about matthew because he's 32 now is there is the next year the next couple years it is $35.00 at the next world cup which you might not even play but you go down in
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history as the biggest player without ever having won any international fight he could he could but i think that messi gets a lot of unfair criticism ok he's ridiculous and we haven't really seen him take that you know single handed approach to winning games that he may have seen him take up barcelona but to be fair you have to look at the argentina team he has behind him ok yes they're very good in attack but he's been compared to marry donna and argentina with mary donna had a better midfield and a better defense ok and messiest played under like what 9 coaches was last time before this copa america that we've seen argentina come out with the same starting line up argentina is a shambles right now you can't just expect that you have one player and he's going to play and ok i he could and we saw in the 2002 world cup it wasn't wasn't terrible human quality but like yes football's 11 players on the field i think it's
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unfair a lot of the criticism he gets. it's coming there at the right coach for argentina you would say because most interesting li after the last world cup there was an argentinian coach but it's been available to coach argentina which is a color that make up but there are going to be certain columns so he stayed with through and he what he did this time around he took through to the final what do you think the right man you called him you know the man who believes in the power of haircuts we have him right up here that we're having a good record here have got here is what you know keep the right man for argentina like an experienced coach is that not what they would need or it's got only the right manual i think whoever they get they need to give a chance they need to give us some time they need to have continuity between playing together they need a shot i mean he right now we saw we've seen argentina play with the same lineup and they they look they didn't look bad i mean ok they don't look like they're
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going to be winning the world cup to morrow but you know we've seen an improvement in argentina side they need consistency you can't just throw in a new coach and say ok we have aware we have messi we have the maria so they're just going to deliver for us this impact explores. sot that goes into football i don't think argentina has really focused on i think they've just tried to focus on the star power they've had it hasn't worked out so maybe a word on the finalists a surprise finalist it looks deserved in the final it doesn't so maybe a bit of the mediocrity of the tournament in general that crew went so far in this tournament given that they had lost 5 no to brazil in the group and you know that there are other teams that look quite strong in the group stage colombia for example but peru made it to the finals so peru is very i think their biggest problem is their inconsistency because sometimes they play very very well and like to 2 things i think about when they played erg was ok they were such so deep
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defending so deep that it looked like guerrero was on a different planet ok or on a different field he was totally alone and then when they played against chile and they be chile they were pressing they were aggressive they supported guerrero so they're gone is that sometimes they're really good and sometimes they're really bad so i don't think it's surprising that they were there because they've been pretty good in recent memory but i don't think that they're you know they just need to work on their consistency and i we see now where oh he's getting out there in age so they're going to hit a bomber on and so there will another team that kind of like was a bit difficult to assess is colombia because they've had a very very good group stage and then they just were eliminated they have a new coach carlos queiroz is a very experienced man and next year they will host the cup america and we have our colombian julia actually telling us what she thought about this tournament and what
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it's to expect from the next couple medical colombia worked well while playing in the cato system the further they came they got back to their usual arrogance and deceptive because 1st arrogance is never good and especially if you have no real. resold at the national chain to show so colombia lost the penalties like you're white and it was also a bit of lock involved but they lose the order and it was not of the fabric of ingress seals gaiters just a static use cry of any seems a good one if they dared to choose their darling so we place while that all the fun to go they have a strong team with a huge shares to win the cup by colombia strong words there from a colombian about her own team their obvious supercritical about their own team the colombians and they would be expecting a lot next year in 2020 when the couple final will be held in colombia looking forward to that or after this cup would you say it's a bit of an overestimate
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a tournament i don't know i was kind of underwhelmed by this the scope america to be honest the stands and the like james the ticket prices like i was reading an article that was like most people couldn't even afford an average ticket like that's ridiculous when they cost around $100.00 euro yes $450.00 how do you expect people to go like who is this turn with for if not for the people that's very true actually i was extremely disappointed because i've been to brazil i saw the passion they have for football and most asians are actually empty i mean the whole world for the book was shocking for me i've never been to brazil i mean you but busy that was the ticket prices but i guess the atmosphere in the country also kind of tense at the moment but they don't have brings people together. but i mean maybe with the new president it tears apart to even the players are a little bit they don't know which some support them some are against them so
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anyway that was cup america this year because brazil won for a talent show monger insulation still brazil well done and we'll take it north from brazil it will take it to the gold cup. what's that gesture called like your canadian. no no it's so much. leverage you want to know more about i mean ok so i was in mexico before the gold this year and the thing i found the most funny was i talk to people and actually one person even compared the go cart to chocolate cup that's actually what he said the gold cup is like that's a chocolate cup why because it's just like a money it's a money grabbing tournaments what makes it different from copa america itself is a money grabbing the i may come true but the quality of copper megas like marginally better congress have number one there is it was always structured so
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that mexico and the usa somehow always mean the final unless disaster happens and you know jamaica makes it to the final mexico assumes that it's kind of useless and they should win which plays into the mentality from that a lot of people mexico think that the national team has the usa is their only competition but was that not kind of shaken this year a bit with haiti and to make kind of semi and corrupt now in the quarterfinals. no because that anyone would be the usa or mexico. just for the record make the call on the go. to mandela's if you want the old one they're looking for us as you say in the finals are you going to be that same kind of final imagine that in europe what would be the 2 teams that were supposed to be in the in the finals but your cup has no potential to this should mexico play then the cup america 8 or that is what a lot of people said that they should actually not even playing call america but
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switch like federations but then if mexico switches federations it makes it a lot harder for them to qualify for the world cup which is less desirable that you don't make as much money in contrast it's easier for them to like qualify for the world cup so it's better for them to stay there then it's more competition and come in call no ball so it's a really big discussion in mexico this now that being said usa they're on their restructuring i was going to ask about that i don't have the know i was just wondering because you know the women's team won one the world cup and there could have been a scenario where the grass melty went to go cup that and eventually but what about the u.s. men's team at the moment. is it all about mr touristic that we have here yeah i mean tucker my team no again said he's just like something else he's a player that you need to specially cover now postage is like the leader of a new generation of american talent i mean the missing now on the world cup 2018 hopefully that was a spark that really ignited america and to be like oh my god what are we doing how
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do we not qualify busy for the world cup now we are seeing this is like a transition period they have a new coach they have a lot of youth players who are positive for the u.s. is there now playing in top teams in europe which is good that helps the development i mean we see a lot in the bundesliga so the u.s. looks to be on the right path even in the final. they were the better team in the 1st half i think and they had chances and they didn't capitalize but i mean. i don't think it's all negative for the usa right now going forward i'd be interesting to see what they put into football though that's the thing you can't just stay kind of like the women's game the u.s. needs to invest not investment in man but. you know they need to focus on the training in the coaching and that kind of things to get the men on the same level as the rest of the world in football or you know so they have the people and the
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money i know that's and i conclusion is that that's the summer of cups is almost over the african cup of nations is still on the run quite some surprises are not i guess got madagascar is currently winning everybody's heart. but there are more surprises there cameroon outta morocco out but yeah. egypt out so the african cup of nations are still on enjoy your summer but copa america women's world cup gold cup done thanks for watching.
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