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issue in that sport the guy. you're watching it did over your news up next to don guess is in there now and the economy up again and that's coming up in business i forgot would carry out 1st i'm way behind. the top of the hour. and. one of. the well fighting
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over. the 5. moving forward the country has begun restoring its internet connection to saddam was cut off from the. estimates suggest that the cost cost the country more than a $1000000000.00 u.s. dollars. electric shock the world bank says only 43 percent of the population in sub-saharan africa has access to electricity. and maintenance.
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creasing. power the climate academy. this is business africa. as welcome. goes back online sudanese activists say wednesday that the country has restored internet service. blackout was imposed during a deadly crackdown last month the military council and the pro-democracy movement reached a power sharing deal ending a 3 month standoff since the military removed autocratic president bashir from power. it's a big day for millions of ordinary sudanese after weeks of being disconnected they are finally back online. alphonse have all our lives in them whether it is banking studies or anything like that so the internet is a really important thing this is one of the simple rights a person should have so when they cut it it's really handed us especially as an
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engineer so my work stopped. and these people getting back online in sudan may have one person to thank a lawyer who sued mobile operators to make them restore internet services abdullah's him her son says the country's telecoms shouldn't have followed the military government's order to shut down the internet. and why it was national security was used as a reason to shut down the internet but it was the opposite it was to protect people who committed crimes the companies should not have gone along with a shutdown i think the local leadership of these companies will be punished by their international managers cutting off the internet has caused huge losses to these companies. apart from the loss of business telecoms m.t.n. zain and the locals tell risk reputational damage many ordinary sudanese won't forget the weeks of the blackout and what it has cost them the ngo net blocks
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estimates the internet disruption could have cost the sudanese economy more than $1000000000.00. well that is surely good news coming from sudan it highlights another issue in sub-saharan africa internet services don't just require access services phones and data centers need electricity and reliable access to power is still making life very difficult for many businesses in the region the world bank now warns that the total number of people without electricity has increased in recent decades population growth outpaces growth in electrification in his latest report the world bank says only 43 percent of the population in sub-saharan africa has access to electricity access rates are even lower in rural areas the major obstacle is money electricity is very expensive price of powering a refrigerator for $1.00 here varies from 49 percent per capita g.d.p. in liberia to 13 percent in rwanda burundi and only 3 percent in ghana that's some
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enormous differences let's talk about that with our correspondent george arena bureau who joins us from nairobi joy electrification could be higher the world bank says so what's the hold up then well there are a number of issues as well and the capacity which he's being caused by you know if you don't mean actually which is not yet sufficient enough to reach all people still because of this you actually have most people in remote areas not being able to electricity in sub-saharan africa why is that. so expensive money is one of the most reasons why is it at 1st it is so expensive. well this is highly dependent on the market structure is what we're seeing today is that we have a number of people or in remote areas who cannot afford it and because of the
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bilateral power power flashes ackerman's this becomes even more difficult to the end user who has to bear the brunt of these high end user tariffs that coupled of course we are in a fish and season system losses result in high prices for electricity try this from a european perspective there's an abundance of sunshine in in africa is solar a way forward there is solar solution and i know everybody says you know africa has all year round weather why don't we mark some eyes or hannah has the power of solar power or solar energy but then what we are seeing more of is that this solar and wind which fall in the renewables happen to be able to meet and and our storage mechanisms are not yet good enough to store these energy to be sufficient only around for most people in sub-saharan africa and then you know we can do that with
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good regulation rethreading once it's going to take quite longer but what we're seeing is that adaptation of solar power and repass in the continent is going out which is making electricity in some of the african countries a little bit cheaper. daughter n.p.r. joining us from nairobi there thank you. and now to some of the other business stories making news around the world a jury a supreme court has placed the country's former industry minister yousif use feet under arrest for alleged corruption he's the latest senior official to be detained amid on going on to graft investigations of the mass protests began earlier this year prosecution of corrupt officials has been a main demand of demonstrators. turkish president. says the nation's central bank needs complete reform the 5 institutions had were set in cairo on the weekend rekindling concerns about the independence of turkey's monetary policy and
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it. has launched its 1st helicopter service in new york the aircraft will shuttle passengers from j.f.k. airport to manhattan 8 minute ride it will cost around $200.00. according brazil says mining companies must compensate the families of $250.00 people killed in a dam collapse vale also has to pay for extensive damage the collapse caused the environment and local economy authorities are frozen 3000000000 euros of ales assets to pay the massive penalties. coffee is mainly grown by a small hold farmers who often suffer from changing weather patterns by. early rains this can cause diseases and delayed harvesting effect in yields and farmers livelihoods some blame global climate change for this global organization working
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with coffee farmers cooperatives societies and in that much shock as county in eastern kenya has introduced climate academies. an outdoor training session at the climate academy. because. it in other words. the disease becomes more. basic becomes more people about to multiply their movement to prove you are. more than he says. almost on today schedule the correct way to prune coffee trees the aim is to prevent the fungus that causes coffee very disease which destroys the beans. i remove the farmers that the climate academy are expected to act as multipliers the idea is that they will pass on the techniques to up to 50 other farmers. know is there space here such that they will be.
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here. so there is not if you switch. but charcoal this is a coffee region and southern kenya here a local cooperative operates a model coffee plantation but climate change brings challenges like disease drought or too much rain and this is causing yields to fall the climate academy is visiting today and wants to help the farmers adjust the program is funded by the fair trade foundation pruning is just one way the farmers can become more successful again. we have nutrient applications deciples to play new. nutrients we drink. because nutrient is well. despite tips on cultivation many farmers find it difficult to live just from growing coffee through the climate academy they aren't micro credits and gain
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expertise on how to generate more income be that through aquaculture. or beekeeping. but coffee remains the main source of income in the area the cooperative still processes its members harvests and helps marketing it collaborates with the climate academy and follows a green approach to working. this pope used to be waste now farmers use it as a cheap organic fertilizer instead of the expensive chemicals. a new report by the un says the world is way off its target of ending poverty by 2030 despite a significant reduction 6 percent of the global population could still be living in extreme poverty in 2030 if current trends continue the u.n. defines its from poverty as living below or $1.90 a day sub-saharan africa council for the highest number of people in extreme
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poverty. arcelor mittal south africa could count more than 2000 jobs as part of a restructuring program the company which is majority owned by the world's biggest steel producer blames high costs for electricity and raw materials the company says it will make a loss during the 1st half of this year are slow misho has been struggling with we could demand and lower prices in the global steel market which has also been impacted by u.s. tariffs on imported steel. now barbie is getting a much needed update the iconic doll with beautiful dresses is now going into space when a fracture mattel hopes to encourage more girls to consider careers in the space industry so they created a new doll that looks like an astronaut some months like christophe already the 1st
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tally in woman in space to this end mattel has cooperated with the european space agency the partnership is barbie's ongoing dream project has ended challenging young girls beliefs about their possible future. want to be an astronaut when you go if you want to if you want to jump in it's a good move that's it from me and the business african team here in berlin for more business news analysis background stories check out d.w. dot com slash business is that united of you news africa. next by the after this quick look.
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a tank. story people world over information. they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter the pope today didn't touch follow us. this as d.w. news africa coming up on the program the story of a young kenya who was recruited by al-shabaab ts kate and is now helping to make his cons. 3 safe. songs. hospital gripped by football fever us it's not in the past for the quarter final stage of the african cup of nations found c.b.r. team success has made life better.


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