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d.w. morning. there's a state of a good news life from berlin to turkey takes delivery of the russian defense system despite washington's objections to the 1st shipment of the as 400 system arrives at an air base near the turkish capital ankara the u.s. warns its nato allies that if the risk sanctions for buying russian also on the program. syrian refugees and lovenox forced to demolish their own homes as lebanese authorities declare a number of refugee camps illegal. and serena williams takes on the mona holiday
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in the final at wimbledon tomorrow but there's more than just another glass grand slam title at stake for the american role take a look at the latest record and here's the. comical welcome to the program. turkey has received the 1st shipments of a russian s 400 missile defense system despite the threat of sanctions from the united states and the concerns of its nato allies the white house has threatened turkey with quote real and negative consequences while nato has warned ankara the russian system could reveal sensitive details about the alliance of defense this. turkish t.v. broadcast this footage of a russian air force cargo plane at an air base in ankara delivering parts of a russian s 400 missile defense system but turkish foreign minister confirmed that
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deliveries had begun. and if we say this each time this is a done deal and the process continues. russian sources say the s 400 anti-aircraft system could reach targets at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers and has a range of 400 kilometers turkey is a member of the western nato alliance the u.s. has warned it will not allow turkey to participate in the f. 35 joint strike fighter program if it acquires the s 400 the us has also threatened other sanctions. what we have heard so far from the white house is that sanctions would target individuals or specific arms manufacturers i feel the most important thing about these sanctions is their symbolic effect could have far reaching consequences if a fragile turkish economy instead of. russian media say deliveries of the s 400
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system will be completed by the end of the summer this purchase of russian equipment is said to intensify tensions between turkey and its nato partners earlier i spoke to our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones and asked him to explain why a turkey is so keen to buy this missile defense system. well firstly turkey argues it's an independent sovereign country and it can buy whatever it wants from whoever it wants sand but on top of that turkish officials also stress turkey's in a very tough neighborhood it borders our brand iraq and syria so there is a need for us to sophisticated missile system and it said it 1st turned to the united states to buy its patriot missile system that was brought by the then us president barack obama and the congress to turkey said we have to turn to moscow and the 400 and russian system is widely considered as one of the best in the world although i have spoken to a former senior military officer who makes a point he said that turkey a nato member says that this missile system is incompatible with all of turkey's
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arba nato military systems and he says if their defense is to keep dependent on interoperability so there is big question mark what other factors are driving this another key fact the east deepening relationship of russia 2 countries have been markedly improving ties president roger type heard one has built up a very close relationship with the russian president vladimir putin and this is 400 missile deal he seen a solidifying those deepening type and adding to only further concerns among take turkey's nato allies turkey is of course and nato member as you just said just how much damage has this contentious done to their relations with a bloc as a whole and the u.s. may be in particular. well nato has issued a statement voicing concern over the delivery of these missiles stressing concerns over compatibility and what it says are the consequences of this deal but beyond
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that it's not just a compatibility issue the russian missile system has a very advanced some powerful radar system and the fear among nato allies is that their defense systems could be compromised by this powerful system of backdoor into turkey into nato systems and the u.s. have said one of the reasons is that this deal goes through that they will not allow the sending of its latest effort the 5 military jet fighter jet which is heavily reliant on stealth technology which he says the russian system could compromise on top of that turkey has been frozen out of the consortium building this jet if this deal goes through but until but also it is seen that the most boring fact is further sanctions from congress over this mean they could devastate turkey's a commie but turkey is looking to its turkish president's relationship with the u.s. president donald trump to so stop any of those sanctions being introduced remains to be seen by the trunk will invest heavy political capital standing up to congress over this missile deal daryn jones and it i will thank you very much. now
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to some of the other stories making news around the world german carmaker volkswagen has announced plans to invest billions of dollars in self driving and electric cars and they're expanding their cooperation with ford and will become equal owners of a company specializing in autonomous driving vehicles. donald trump's labor secretary alexander acosta has resigned following criticism of his handling of a sexual abuse case in 2008 as a u.s. attorney he made a secret lenient plea deal with wealthy financier a jeffrey epstein who's accused of sexually abusing dozen roll of underage girls whose found this to be. police in afghanistan say a child suicide bomber blew himself up at a wedding killing at least 5 people and injuring 11 others the dead include a commander of a pro-government militia so far no one has claimed responsibility the taliban deny
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they were involved. to levanon now where authorities have declared illegal a number of refugee camps near the syrian border residents in the affected camps all of them from the war torn neighboring country have even been forced to demolish their own homes lebanon has taken in more syrian refugees than any other country relative to its population now many of them are on the move again. it's back breaking work in school shooting heat college muito and his neighbors demolished the grooves under which they've lived for 6 years the refugees from syria have to tear down the huts using only their hands and a few simple tools. the trail and i'm very angry i've lived here since 2013 and within a span of 2 weeks they've decided that everything has to be demolished it's very hard for us i have diabetes and see all 113 huts in this refugee camp
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near us all are set to be destroyed a decision made by the lebanese government to stone buildings are deemed illegal and must now be removed as quickly as possible. soldiers come by and tell us to hurry up that many of the refugees have illnesses or suffer from depression some have lost their legs we have nothing here in the city. tower fled bombings in the syrian city of homs with his wife and 3 children here the 60 year old grandfather and his family found refuge a room a kitchen a toilet and a roof over their heads the family was grateful but is now all the more shocked following the demolition order. yet in my whole being in the light we are just crushed by the news that they want us out we were safe here but what should we do now is just as hard as when we had to leave syria last and many that i can never
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get my own. cell has been hit hard by the influx of refugees the quiet border town took in 120000 syrians 3 times its own population the rundown electricity and water supply is close to collapse the local schools only have space for 3000 pupils but there are 12000 children many locals worry about their jobs but i'm a little bit on the syrians i've been in many businesses it really competed with aus and i lost my job as a result. it was a majority of our beach disposal schools and clinics already and didn't function properly before the war these problems have grown with the arrival of the refugees . he says he understands these concerns and is willing to implement the expensive eviction order but he calls it manipulative and aimed at forcing the refugees back to their homes.
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difficult. creases the pressure on the city council the refugees the ide organizations but it doesn't fix any of the problems at all. so far none of the refugees have left place fear of persecution in syria but life in this camp will only get harder for them now. and his family have been told to move into a tent made of toppled and plastic electricity and running water have not been connected yet it off as little shelter from the summer heat and the bitterly cold winter. fuel and tennis novak djokovic has moved through to the men's final and wimbledon after a commanding display against roberto about a good number one same broke his spanish opponent twice in the opening sense and although both taste good battled back to win the 2nd joke of edge then took control to seal victory the defending champion will meet the winner of
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a clash between roger federer and rafael nadal and in the women's final tomorrow serena williams will take on simona halep a 37 year old will be looking for her 8th all england victory but she has another even greater milestone in mind another title what put her level with the most successful player of all time let's take a look. i serino williams is on the cusp of making tennis history. already a legend and considered one of the greats of the sport the 37 year old has the chance to stand alone as the greatest woman to ever play the game i am i love what i do in our wake up every morning and i get to be fit and i get to play sport and i get to play in front of crowds like at wimbledon not everyone can do that you know it's like to be really just kind of break it down
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and i have a great job and i love what i do that i'm still pretty good to what i do i guess so . but she faces a very unpredictable opponent and some want to howl at the press health chasing her very 1st wimbledon title i heard it's an amazing feeling and really he said even though so nervous because of this it's one of the best moments of my life so i'm trying just to enjoy as much as possible and could be happy that they could go through the fight. williams can take comfort in numbers she's won 9 of the previous 10 meetings but this isn't just serino versus how that it's her arena versus history. she's within touching distance of equalling moggridge quartz record 24 major winds a record that has stood for 46 years one victory will do the job but she struggled to overcome that last hurdle since 2017 using a nastiest u.s. open and wimbledon finals i. needs to
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muslims to stand alone as the greatest but she turning $38.00 in september and that means time is running out i the cycling now dhillon a crown have begun has one stage 7 of the tour de france the dutch rider took over 6 hours to finish the 230 kilometer stage from about $42.00 shot lost her son the longest in the u.s. year's competition italy's chile chicanos sees the yellow jersey on thursday held on to the overall lead saturday stage 8 will be a hilly ride from michael to. and football barcelona appear to have made the biggest signing of the summer so far confirming the arrival of french forward until increase month we're off to win our case now and is set to join the spanish champions in a transfer worth 120000000 euros after they paid his buyout clause to former club
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atletico madrid however and let it go claim the deal is not valid in a statement posted on their website the club say barcelona will have to pay $200000000.00 euros due to a clause increase months contracts. and before we go a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you turkey has taken delivery of a russian defense system risking u.s. sanctions the 1st shipment of parts for the s 400 system has arrived at an air base near the turkish capital ankara in defiance of concerns expressed by the u.s. and turkey's other gedo allies. are watching t w news up next on business africa with their cocoa farmers seen very little profit from their harvest ivory coast and ghana are teaming up to ramp up global cocoa prices. we'll have this and much more on g.w.
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business africa after a short break on the cost really from everybody here in the news remember len thanks for tuning it. creates the sex for an operator to improve her master's thesis on the potato. to free. return on growth it gets more residuals from where. most traditional publishers.


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