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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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hermes a volkswagen joined forces to develop electric and sell driving cars. that's coming up next in business with my colleague chanel to bill our way along rock and roll and have a great weekend. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60 pot. cuts me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent he told. you this is where because of. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. every journey begins with the
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1st step and every language with the 1st word emerged from the. coaches in germany to learn german and why not come with a simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. ford and fox backing take their alliance into overdrive 13 up on electric vehicles and self driving cars in a bid to overtake the competition. also in the show a regional power struggle plays out in the tiny south pacific island of tonga. and what to do with 28000000 tons of unused food one young japanese entrepreneur has come up with a tasty and served. this is the the way of business i'm john l.
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them a lot on in berlin welcome a challenging time for the global auto industry has made some of the world's biggest car makers wary of going at it alone $5004.00 to have announced cooperation in 2 areas where they've struggled to make inroads electrification and autonomous driving force there's long been speculation folks bargain and ford would team up on self driving electric cars but markets like certainty the confirmation from v.w. c.e.o. herbert and ford chief jim hackett out a new york news conference boosted shares in both automakers volkswagen will put $2600000000.00 into ford self driving units argo ai which is valued at $7000000000.00 we're now confirming that we will extend our collaboration into a thomas technology. we share the view that technology is an enabler and it's not into itself that was one of the 1st things that herbert and i align on
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a people will remain our constant focus in this ever changing world. the w one ford aim to put autonomous vehicles on the roads in the u.s. and in europe. the deal makes v.w. an equal stakeholder in ford self driving cars business and ford will get access to b.w. the electric vehicle technology. they remain competitors in the marketplace but teaming up on our go ai gives them technological know how and scale as well as geographic reach our challenge investment. will provide us this wonderful kind of driving system technology it will enable folks who are going forward to sign and manufacture s.t.s. vehicle is based on this technology from our perspective this is a. situation. to tie up as part of a broader partnership between v.w. the world's 2nd biggest carmaker by sales and 6th place ford.
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joining us now from new york is our financial correspondent yes carter yes this is a partnership that hopes to make the best out of 2 very challenging areas for the auto industry electrification and self driving how do you rate the partnerships chances for success. well i mean basically all the car makers are starting a partnership to develop electric vehicles or go into self driving cars and when those markets especially when it comes to self driving cars really will kick off will be a profitable will be a mass market could be years ahead so this is not. success guaranteed but on the other side probably it's necessary to start a partnership to not lose touch as all the other companies are investing
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in this potential multibillion dollar market. well zooming out on the wider world of markets yes it's been a very notable trading week with the u.s. in this is reaching record highs do you think that set to continue. you know we had a record breaking week here on wall street and there is this old saying on wall street to never bet against the federal reserve so we have the outflow of interest rate cuts by the end of the month that would be the 1st interest rate cut since december of 2008 when the federal reserve basically said rates at 0 percent after the financial crisis hit so that is really what drove the market in the past couple of days if not weeks so now the focus will shift to earnings season that will start on monday when the 1st big american banks will come out it was their earnings reports and overall the outlook for profit growth is rather
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mediocre but wall street will be more focused not so much what happened in the possibly months but how the outlook from corporate america looks so that will really be the decisive factor if this really has more room to run but for the very 1st time in history s. and p. 500 cross 3000 and the dow jones and effort that's what ever it's the 27000 point mark younes quarter there with the markets wrap up for us thank you very much the united states federal trade commission has voted to approve a $5000000000.00 settlement with facebook over a long running probe into the company's privacy violations the fine would be the largest the f.t.c. has levied on a tech company but its value is a largely symbolic facebook made nearly $56000000000.00 in revenue last year the wall street journal wrote that the f.t.c. report has been moved to the justice department for review it is not clear how long
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it will take to finalize. china is pouring millions of dollars in aid and low interest loans into the south pacific and what some say is a bid to keep regional powers australia and new zealand in check the tiny kingdom of tonga is emerging as a battleground in the fight for influence among pacific players. life moves at a slower pace without traffic lights or fast food chains snuffling pigs room dusty roads but in a country with few jobs tongue's worry that chinese immigrants are taking over the small business sector. food supply chinese. retail shops 99 percent changes. basically control what we. many fear that the chinese could be expanding their business interests into farming and construction made
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a beijing late investment drive in the region china already gave several gifts and loans to tonga the country of 106000 people owes about $100000000.00 u.s. dollars to china's export import bank equivalent to about one 4th of its g.d.p. but the chinese say its increasing footprint in the south pacific is nothing to worry about nevertheless after western allies overlook the south pacific is a somewhat sleepy neighbor to a stray or new zealand and the united states responding in an effort to check growing chinese influence after destroyed historic parliament house last year the government 1st suggested china might pay to rebuild it then new zealand stepped in and no considering jointly funding the project. here's a look at some other stories making headlines around the world china says it will
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impose sanctions on u.s. companies involved arms sales to taiwan the u.s. approved the fail worth $2200000000.00 earlier this week washington approval has infuriated beijing which considers taiwan a breakaway province. british tribal group called. it is an advance talks with chinese investors about an 800000000 euro rescue deal it would see thomas cook the biggest stakeholder china's post soon take control of its tour of business and supply enough money for it to trade through to the end of 2020. era china has just ordered 20 new a 350 s. from the european plane maker air bus in a deal worth 6000000000 euros it's the latest sign that airbus is expanding its foothold in the chinese market local carriers there are expressing more interesting european made planes thanks in part to trade tensions with the u.s. . is holding its 1st sale dedicated to sneakers their
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status as collectibles is growing some could fetch over a $100000.00 the shoes going under the hammer in new york include a pair inspired by the 2nd film back to of the back to the future franchise. nobody likes the seafood go to waste but when it reaches its expiry date and has gone on sold shops often have no choice but to throw it away one japanese entrepreneur is tackling that part of the problem head on using little more than a bicycle and a website. unsold and uneaten it's estimated almost $28000000.00 tons of food ends up in japanese trash cans each year but grabbing the issue with both hands as you yes saito his innovative business aims to keep bread out of the bit. from i've heard that
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a 3rd of the world's food gets thrown away even in japan it's not uncommon to see bakeries took out around 10 percent of the bread that they make these bakeries are unhappy that they have to throw away food so i started rebate as a way of resolving that problem. of the. state. through the rebate website you year connects bakeries struggling to shift bread nearing its expiring date with buyers happy to take it he also sets up shop around once a week outside a park in tokyo there he sells expiring loaves at knockdown prices around a $1.40 for one piece for $4.60 for 4 customers don't seem troubled by the fact the food's nearing the end of its life. and on what they need is the means that it's such a waste to throw food away the bread looks perfectly fine so it's enough for me one of the night the ones. at the so-so are thought i found out about them when i passed them in the street but when i heard they were selling bread that was about
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to expire i thought it was a really good course something coming back every week i think there are. 3 baked promises any bread bought will still be good for 2 days later and a share of it's profits go to other organizations that promote living sustainably. and that fit from me and the d.w. business team for more check out our website the w dot com slash business or follow us on facebook and on twitter believe you know with his quick check on global markets i'm john elder milan in berlin thank you for watching and how happy a week at.
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more intrigue international talk show journalists discuss the topic of the week should be used at a critical juncture as its parliament prepares to vote on a new commission with europe facing pressing challenges leadership is more important than ever will it emerge from the process with democratic deficits that are shopping around for a good join us. 60 minutes. in
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teaching the next generation of us in one mental touch action. using all channels available to inspire people to change connection and more determined to build something here for the next generation globally as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online claimed. this is the v.w. news africa coming up on the program so that the military council says it's foiled on attempted coup or just hop in the round up officials and how to say the posh air india would call demographic groups will be signed this weekend also coming up. resigned to meet the specific needs of african countries that metric bond is being tested in god of the big game protect the environment and create local jobs. she is younger on super tight.


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