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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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2 on 24. the at. the at. the at. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin stone run for your reporters duty to care for refugees the united nations tells brussels it needs to do more to stop migrants from drowning in the mediterranean the un wants to reveal the rescue missions after despite resistance from some member states also coming up. new orleans a war of deadly floods as tropical storm barry bears down on the louisiana coast.
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and we have liftoff as a rocket heads to space carrying their job russian extra telescope has searched the sky for dark energy the find of water not that means from our correspondent in moscow. hard work of. more on those stories in just a moment but 1st to somalia where 26 people are dead after our shabaab militants stormed a hotel in case my own among those killed a politician foreigners and journalists security forces and kiss my oh say they have ended the siege and killed the militants officials are calling it the deadliest day in the port city since insurgents were driven out in 2012 the
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extremists have been trying to topple the government there for more than a decade. sort of a need to have janice abilities bill on the line from the somalian captain long edition of the disease what more can you tell us about this deadly attack. well just as you have mentioned is one of the deadliest attacks to ever walk a. mile and if i may shed more light on this i think. it's a credit for the time to be to making an exclusive leading general on the end of a tell that is in downtown area over to smuggle that back as well for a number one detainees at the bomb one has been injured by security forces and us has been arrested on 2 of the attackers were neutralized of the legacy the plans to cool to put a few hours and you have mentioned physics people were killed in that attack now if i really shed more light and on 3 can not tional redesigning nationals one canadian
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one british and 2 american as somali nationals were also killed in that last attack now all of them being bothered by regional parties the more d.g. budgies my about 56 people have been injured which has been airlifted to the capital mogadishu bothered to the kenyan capital nairobi for medical treatment so the attack is at the because through one of the particular it's going to school to come up after the militant group al-shabaab was overpowered and then lost control of just my time to them to pray give based on a major source of financial and they just sort of a financial lifeline for the militant group so money to confide al-shabaab attack from outside the city but these are the 5 time but the group of money to run such a brazen attack in the heart of the city so what was i should not trying to achieve with this attack and why now. well that's a good question there comes a very crucial time a regional elections of. politicians complaining
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on the side that campaigns mostly do take place in public areas like hotels it is the politicians because they reside so that they can meet as. a candidate and also meet. on a hotel that is one reason why many people were. given time and it was also on a friday to be the weekend is somebody just so most people. hotels sort of they can have a couple of maybe their relatives of friends so this attack is a very timely comes on election time prompted regional parties to boost security there's a compu that up has been imposing his model and. playing the level but to maintain security and police sure that they have called on the public about machine to the locals and there were 2 of his security forces to pinpoint don't exactly know unfamiliar things that are happening in the city it's probably because they did it
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explosives with them might be seen in the future so that people can report that so that mostly because lives can be saved and of course it also shows the actual bomb is student in a position to carry out substantial attacks and damage the newsies village and this in love with issue thank you very much for that update 2 united nations agencies in europe to take more responsibility for refugees in the mediterranean the un's refugee agency and the international organization for migration have cooled on european union nations to restart risky missions that seems thousands of pieces from drowning only abuse and the suspended its main naval operation that can adopt these rescues critics say that move is having deadly consequences. bodies of drown migrants are brought to the tunisian sure 82 people went missing when the boat sank on july 5th. have
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since been retrieved from the waters did the migrants start of a journey in war torn libya and drifted into journeys in waters before sinking. one of the few survivors remembers have they calls for help went unanswered. and i don't doubt that it is and i'm going to you know pains to pick us up in the water on the. boat was sinking. but they did not answer our call. on the. operations of fear the european union effort to curb migrant flows across the mediterranean stopped rescuing shipwrecked people in march and italy's populace government has shut ports to private rescue ships the country's interior minister says his policy has been a success. i mean you know i mean prevention is better than the cure and therefore went down from 80000 the rivals in this period in 2017 just 17000 last year to just 3000 this year it was you know the little school for you know what i mean. the
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private rescue organizations have been challenging hotline a project correct cancer was arrested after she illegally docked the sea watch 3 italian island of lampedusa with 40 rescued migrants on board and the long term i hope you will change its policy and that will be a safe possibility for people refugees in particular to cross station so that some rescue will not be needed anymore. in the short term however we hope that the criminalization of rescuers full stop so that those who want to help the people in need able to do so without any fear of frisking time and channel. rescue operations were halted because the block was on they were to agree on how to distribute migrants amongst the member states so for now the private rescue groups say ships like this a watch 3 of the best type to save migrants lives it's
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a. now look at some other stories making news around the world police in new zealand say that a nationwide buyback of automatic weapons has begun successfully gun owners in the city of christchurch handed in more than 200 firearms automatic and semiautomatic weapons were banned following the massacre at 2 mosques and tris church in march. activists in hong kong have clashed with police in a town near the border with mainland china thousands took part in the protests against the activities activities of chinese traders in the area this comes after weeks of rallies against hong kong policies seem to favor china's central government. to the u.s. now where new orleans is bracing for 2 wrencher rains stropping storm barry begins to move on shore strong winds is bury bears down slowly on the city and read the
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full cost to see if this means it's likely to dump more water than otherwise authorities are warning of potentially deadly flooding across the gulf coast around 50000 people have lost power in the seattle. joining me now from new orleans is due down news correspondent helena humphrey and tell me exactly where you are and what's the situation like around you. hi i'm rita what you can see behind me the mississippi river is currently at a normally high levels fool face time all of the year tropical storm barry is moving in with very high winds of 150 kilometers an hour and when it reaches here it's expected to be a category one hurricane now as much as the winds are a worry of course i think the greatest worry here is the water is expected to dump up to hoth a meter of water here on new orleans over the course of the weekend that would be
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a record not seen in decades and as i mentioned that river the king a rather high at the moment and as such president trump has declared a federal state of emergency across the easy ana and up people coping with the situation there. well here in new orleans it is a flood prone area the ground is already assault and from flooding earlier this week so the sandbags are out in the french quarter many shops are already boarded up of the national guard has deployed over 3000 people to be part of rescue teams with helicopters and rescue boats on standby in louisiana but they certainly will be a test of the flood defenses which will ramped up in the wake of hurricane katrina 14 years ago that such a deadly hurricane of course 8 at the united states now currently i can say that the levees are at 6 meters high and the water coming in when mississippi river
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crest is expected to crest at 5 meters so there's not a great safety margin that said all the floodgates have been closed and the army engineers who have rebuilt those levees in the wake of katrina say they are expecting it to hold that said though in the wake of the culture of katrina i think it's fair to say that there is some public mistrust in authority and some people have simply taken the decision themselves to get out of town and basically had a how confident are people then that the authorities have taken adequate measures not to see a repeat of what happened during a hurricane katrina. well i'm retired i think it's fair to say that people here are used to this routine of hurricanes although they have ramped up likely due to global warming but they know the drill they know to hunker down and get the bottled water and dried food in for example but i think in terms of the loan game there is some criticism that
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a flood defenses were meant to be rebuilt off to katrina 14000000000 was invested and that still has not been completed had humphrey in new orleans thank you very much for that. in gaza have fun and join russian european team has just launched a mega telescope into outer space it's called. and is being hailed as the once most advanced extra telescope it has the job of being data back to earth for 7 yes it can record matter both visible and invisible to the human eye one of its key missions is to measure so-called dark energy a force scientists get to directly. join me now from moscow bureau chief you need a shed to welcome yuri now you were in baikonur yourself when the launch was postponed last month with control holding its breath this morning before the launch . yes absolutely everybody has been crossing their fingers to be you know
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a rocket launch isn't an everyday van so it's a big deal for all the stuff and by canoe especially after the. lift off for me it was my 2nd time at the cosmodrome in the cosmic step the 1st one was a year ago when the german astronauts alex on the guest flew into space that was a really moving moment the 2nd time when the rosita was supposed to fly 4 weeks ago it was a little bit simpler but there was still plenty of drama there after all this launch is about putting a unique cutting edge and also a very expensive telescope into space and last time i didn't it didn't take place and that was a big disappointment for everyone especially for the around 50 german scientists who i was joining and who have been developing the receiver for us i think today they are all celebrating happy so breaking this final start and hoping everything will go well with their baby it was. so when can we expect the 1st images from the eras the mission. well you know as it's supposed to begin its long journey into
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space for the 1st time ever the entire universe you said it will be mapped out we want to just be discovering our galaxy but thousands of others as well but the question of when in space exploration you always have to answer with an if i learned that from scientists in baikonur so if all goes well the 1st results can be expected after 2 months. of you to shatter thank you very much. and finally a california feline has made its public debut at brookfield zoo in illinois the male pop named charger was born last month to a 9 year old céline named josephine he's already doubled in weight since birth and will start a diet of fish next month the 2 were given access to the outdoor habitat for the 1st time since charges but.
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