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simply. was no armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . blade . this is deja news live from spain lead french president emmanuel crondall needs the parade as he's country singer breaks bastille day the boss show off military pageantry live to paris also coming out to. protest to support for u.s. detention camps were illegal migrants should be closed but inside the white house the administration isn't backing down courting the situation on the mexican border
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a crisis. tat the u.n. prepares to hold a crisis strokes on the deadly ebola outbreak in congo it's been called the 2nd placed in history deep bench by military conflicts and mistrust i'll put those. planes. hello i'm christine 12 out welcome to the program. we begin in france way of president emmanuel kron will showcase europe's defense capabilities by putting european military cooperation at the heart of the best day of rage it comes at a time of growing tensions with the united states. including german chancellor angela merkel have joined mccrum to watch the annual parade sleezy that marks the end of a history of the beginning of the french revolution. and
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. the best deal day parade joins us now from paris good to see you lisa talks us a little bit about what this year's parade is highlighting. well they may this is parade has been as osama act together and french president commander marc klaas been putting forward very much that a european intervention initiative that he had launched 8 years ago that 9 other countries that joined france in the meantime including the u.k. spain portugal and germany and there are troops from different countries that are marching here today and planes from these countries that were flying overhead now the idea of this initiative is obviously to create a common a cultural approach strategic approach to how to launch interventions but there might be some difference in differences in the approach of different countries in
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the opinions their views on how to wage war france is very much more interventionist savvy than other members such as germany for example germany in the past has seen this initiative more as a an initiative to for countries to talk to each other and to manage existing interventions there's francia france is helping to launch new common interventions with this new initiative. can we rein today's events as as a showcase of president emmanuel crohn's policies on euro. that silly that's what he's trying to do at least if you look back at earlier this year you know the european elections could seen the outcome of the european elections could seen as very much a success for a mama cause paci the party came 2nd but it was the 1st time they were running in european elections and they said this is quite
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a good result for us also recently the e.u. nominated candidates for the top jobs and the names of these candidates were seen as a big success for him and mccall now his strategy really has changed compasses. 2 famous one speech about 2 years ago where he was laying out his strategy for the e.u. and said that he very much wanted to go to war a common fiscal policy also a euro zone budget with the euro zone government dream and that earlier this year he dropped in his demands he's now very much focusing on defense like we can see here today and on security that is he wants to reform the shang an agreement that obviously means that there are no avoidance within the sharing area are standing area but he says that chang and members really need to reinforce border controls at the outside borders and also breach in on common criteria for asylum seekers so the
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mark on an icon is very much trying to depict him and a european leader here at this year's best a day parade. all right that state is. reporting in paris for us thank you. the u.s. vice president mike pence has said that the situation at the makes it can border is in crisis his words come after a visit to a crowded migrant detention centers in texas president donald trump said on friday that he had dispatched plans to the border to dispel the reports of diet conditions at the migrant attention santas meanwhile vigils held around the country to call for an end to the trump administration's migrant to tension policies a vigil in front of the white house calling for the closure of detention centers it was one of around 700 nationwide the activists here say that the way migrants are
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treated is incompatible with american values. because of the kids held in cages because of the horrible treatments going on the borders of the united states we really need to demonstrate to show people they were a better country than that we can really open our borders and welcome people i think we deviated from our founding values and we need to return and i'm pleased to see this group united here and in many other places across the country almost 400 men were at an overcrowded and foul smelling detention center that u.s. vice president mike pence visited in texas. but president donald trump insisted the migrants are being treated well. they're the ones that said they were proud they are proud of a lot of people but there are good good i did with ice and i did with border patrol a lot they love those people governor was the border they love them after touring detention facilities some members of congress have criticized the separation of
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families the lack of drinking water and say migrants are forced to sleep on concrete floors was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag. that women were being called these names under an american flag but president trump has pledged to continue his policies aimed at discouraging immigration she said nationwide read's to deport illegal immigrants would begin on sunday. staying in the united states a warranty is in louisiana urging residents to stay vigilant as tropical storm barry pummels the gulf coast fears that new orleans could be inundated have so far proved unfounded but at the odds of the state all still in danger of severe flooding barry is a slow moving storm meaning it could dump more water as it continues its of finance
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waters have already pushed us cavies and the lying areas. is there humphrey has been to one off the paces in the easy and hardest hit by barry small town off mitchell grove here's what she found. this is the flash flooding brought by tropical storm barry some 40 kilometers south of new orleans the community of myrtle grove is now submerged and this is as far as we can go now authours he's ordered a mandatory evacuation on the thursday telling residents leave or go it alone and with good reason here the flood defense system simply just didn't hold off because buried lashings of rain and the storm surge poured over a levee just behind me now state authorities in louisiana has said that they will call for a dent in the storm defense system but here was the chink in their armor this is one of the levees that the government had promised to strengthen in the wake of
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hurricane katrina in 2005 which killed 1800 people 14 years on though this levee still hasn't been reinforced and people in this community told me that they are tired of living through this kind of flooding once again. now to some of the other stories making news around the world power has been restored to new york city off to a blackout effects of more than 50000 people stopped subway trains in their tracks and shut down businesses new york's utility company is investigating because torrential rain spotted many areas in southern china on saturday with many urban areas hit by severe flash floods the deepest horses reach 2 and a half meters hundreds of people have been evacuated emergency services all searching for people stranded by the floods a power sharing deal between sudanese ministry of nita's and civilian groups is expected to be signed today according to
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a senior african union diplomat talks were ongoing yesterday as tens of thousands gathered across the country to mourn the victims of the june 3rd massacre dozens were shot dead when troops raided a peaceful protest in the capital to. the sudan rocked by anger again tens of thousands flood english streets once more chanting singing and demanding justice for those killed fighting for democracy blood for blood greed this sign finally i say to those who aren't here today you are not a free and honorable sudanese. this too was a timely and noisy reminder to saddam's military council that the masses of all ages will mobilize after months long campaign for people power is ignored. or not and we came here to be heard and to salute the memory of our martyrs they
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will not be forgotten they are still with us in the sudanese revolution and we are carrying on until our demands are met with a lot of them again as i was in a quieter corner of the capital negotiators were trying to broker an agreement between the military and protest leaders but plans to finally sign a peace sharing deal were possible and until sunday when perhaps once and for all those killed me yet to get justice and sudan may yet get 3 elections. the un has just sold a conference tomorrow on the worsening outbreak often boley in the democratic republic of congo the current epidemic in call goes east has been called the 2nd worst in history and it continues to spread still largely mistrust by people there both toward health workers and at least on me which is struggling against multiple insurgent groups and writs of people have already died in the area during the
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current outbreak of the virus which has been raging for nearly a year. and heavy rain is the least of the troubles for lord and his team again they're on their way to pick up the corpse and the people in this small village near the east congolese town of potential suspicious. they've heard many disturbing things about it bowler. and his team are here to make sure that those who died of the abode of virus are buried correctly a family member in a protective suit is allowed into the house to bring out the body of a young woman simple really did we do this to avoid rumors the family needs to see that everything is done correctly to decide if the rumors and superstition are only one of the obstacles in the fight against a bowler. but we always hear that the organs of the dead are stolen to make money
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that's why they're hidden in the sacks but i saw that my sister's body was intact and. the body is now taken to the nearest mortuary here the body of a child is also being readied for burial another ebola victim the boy's father is filming he wants to ensure that it's his son that will be buried later on today. the recovery team tirelessly clears things up you mustn't touch the sick not even the dead explains lord and the one that is. to safely bury it bola victims they need the congolese army that's because there's fighting in the area around. even treatment centers are attacked by rebel groups. but the people don't trust the government soldiers either. does it equal well attentions are one reason we have problems with local people in dealing with ebola. last year the elections were
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postponed because of ebola and then rumors spread that ebola was invented in order to prevent the election that's. wrong 7. but it is far from an invention it's a bitter reality with almost $1500.00 deaths so far in a region that's already one of the most troubled in africa. the young woman can now be buried with dignity under the protection of the soldiers a tiny success for the funeral team her there there in the grass there. egypt has a tinge to off its permits to visit is for the 1st time in decades archaeologists they haven't failed a collection of nearly found coffer guys containing well preserved mummies the fives were made during excavation work on the west bank and now in an area with
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some of egypt's oldest aramis. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you here on the french presidential annual contest led his country's bastille day parade lots of fosse show off. he's using the state of ration of process national days when i lived in europe defense authorization. to washington coming up as deja vu of course and meets the man who hopes to become the 1st german on the moon to get all the latest news and information on the problem on our web site at state of the dot com i'm christine we're going to see if. any new. forester equivalent to. the jews is cleared them free.


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