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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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d.w. and all morning. this is d.w. news live from berlin france celebrates but still day with a vast display of pomp pageantry and military prowess or get the latest from the french capital also coming up india prepares to launch a mission to the moon is helping to inspire a whole new generation of would be astronauts. and as clashes erupt again between police and proton mock receive protesters and cause we get some analysis of the ongoing situation.
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thanks for joining us on marian evans team we begin in france where president amano micron has showcased europe's defense capabilities at this year's day parade the focus on european military cooperation on the french national day comes at a time of growing tensions with the united states king you leaders including german chancellor angela merkel joined micron to watch the annual parade down the shops every day which marks the anniversary of the start of the french revolution speaking after the parade americal called it a great gesture for a european defense policy. our correspondent lisa lewis was in paris at the parade. the theme of today's busy day parade was european defense corporation president in myanmar call had invited the 19 and the other member
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states of his so-called european intervention initiative launched about one year ago he wanted to depict himself as the european leader germany's angela merkel one of the guests of honor here today said that this was a great step towards european defense school for ration today's parade was also a further attempt to show that europe can very much stand on its own feet when it comes to defense and that it doesn't depend that much anymore on the u.s. but a common european defense strategy also means bringing together military doctrine that can differ greatly especially when it comes to germany and france which is much more intervention sevi than its neighbor so it remains to be seen if the idea that has showcased here today will really become reality. on just
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a few hours after a man omicron reviews of a steel day parade several 100 yellow vest protesters gathered in the heart of the french capital some of them trying to occupy the shops every day blocking the road with metal barricades and debris police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds which then fled to adjacent streets to regroup prior to sunday's celebrations authorities had banned all protest near the parade said you. know let's check in now with some of the other stories making news around the world. flash flooding and landslides in the pol have killed at least 50 people with dozens of others missing . monsoon rains have pounded many areas of the mostly mountainous country since thursday the flooding has submerged large stretches of land inundated homes and destroyed roads and bridges. wildfires on the italian island of sardinia have
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forced the evacuation of residents with flames reaching campsites and private homes firefighters battled blazes fanned by strong winds wildfires are common during italy's dry and hot summers. well there been more clashes between protesters in hong kong and police as anger continues over a controversial extradition law this comes as reports suggest that the leader of hong kong carrie lamb has offered her resignation several times over the last few weeks but that each time beijing said no w reporter alex or as whiting is following the story for us and joins me now here in the studio so alex we've been covering these protests for weeks now just what is going on in hong kong you know as you say it's all focused on this extradition little which would see suspects in hong kong extradited to mainland china for trial and because of that there have been more
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protests over the weekend. in fact over both saturday and sunday tens of thousands taking to the streets in that in shot in which is a town between hong kong island and mainland china now is largely peaceful but it turned violent at some protesters threw a braless and hard hats at police a standoff between the 2 sides went on for several hours with neither side appearing to back down and pictures show that the protest is actually retreated into a shopping center we can see those pictures in a short while and as they were treated into that shopping center police followed and yet again skirmishes broke out these pictures actually did begin to get fairly extraordinary it's not what you would expect in hong kong no not at all i mean this anger this intense anger that we've been seeing among these protesters in hong kong has you know it has been very shocking for many people around the world why are
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they so angry why are they so determined to continue with these protests well it's all about the future of hong kong and to explain that we have to look at the historical context 22 years ago the british colony was hunted but to mainland china and it was agreed that. the to hong kong would keep it a degree of autonomy both legally and politically but over the past few years in particular it's felt that that has not happened and that it's being. a 2 way and in particular that this extradition door it's felt that was introduced by the leader of hong kong carrier has done that and it's provoked these protests people taking to the streets millions taking to the streets and even storming the city's legislature legislator the so-called the de facto parliament of hong kong and we have seen that. those have been beijing was furious about that protesters have
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said it's not just about this law but it's generally about how they're being treated and they feel their freedoms are being taken away and yet carry around the chief executive of the hong kong she did come out she did say to the protesters the extradition law is dead why hasn't that satisfied you know because they are they they basically don't believe for they think that she is a stooge of beijing they are not allowed to elex their own leader in hong kong which you mustn't forget and now a newspaper the financial times is reporting that she has tried to hand in her resignation and said to beijing she wants to quit beijing has said no you can't do that you have to clear up the mess and anyway it seems difficult to know who would want to take on that very unpopular job anyway all right so carrie lamb for the time being is not able to step down even if she would like to as this report suggests what happens now when it's a good question and nobody really knows obviously the government the hong kong
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government has that they're furious with these protests beijing is not going to be happy the last thing they want is for it to spread over into mainland china and they do have some troops in hong kong but at the moment haven't used them let's see what happens. for us waiting thank you so very much for your analysis. now an african union an african union diplomat says a long delayed power sharing deal between sudan's military leaders and civilian groups could be signed as soon as today talks continued as tens of thousands gathered across the country to mourn the victims of a massacre last month troops shot dozens of people dead at a peaceful protest in khartoum. sudan rocked by anger again tens of thousands flood english streets once more chanting singing and demanding justice for those killed fighting for democracy
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blood for blood leads this sign. i say to those who aren't here today you are not a free and honorable sudanese. this too was a timely and noisy reminder to saddam's military council that the masses of all ages will mobilize after months long campaign for people power is ignored. we came here to be heard and to salute the memory of our martyrs they will not be forgotten they are still with us in the sudanese revolution and we're carrying on until our demands are met with a bit of them again. in a quieter corner of the capital negotiators were trying to broker an agreement between the military and protest leaders. but plans to sign a hard fought deal were delayed for another day when perhaps once and for all those
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killed may yet get justice and sudan may yet get 3 elections. now india is gearing up for its 1st moon landing missions scheduled to launch in just a few hours the ambitious chandra and 2 includes a robot rover that will explore the lunar surface and if all goes according to plan it will touch down on. september 6th it will be an exciting moment for india not least for its school children. it's just another school day but their heads and the starts before kids in a school in new delhi can hardly contain their excitement over indios moon mission . jumps around do is india's 2nd mission to the moon. in the making the launch the 1st bush several times over the last year. but now do we despise family over for what could be
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a historic mission for the country. for these children from of whom are also in the astronomy club it is an inspiration. our neighborhood action our. words a little more those searches. discuss. the moment they came to know with the missionaries release a day or not be that my country is going to be good for trying to send this mission to moon and i envision i can be success. misquoted in the team and if we've won 4 gold it'll probably be of course before he reached his old boy. for space is an organization that works on promoting the study and pursuit off astronomy missions like tom green on to opera to. come to conceive it all we're all going to do some is also competing in the space race so and also i
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can tell my students just like today are all my students that they're in the need to war in foreign countries riyadh having to chill here in our own country as well . the kids have built their own rule was unarmed us ready to test them out. a perfect soft launch. the 2 sets off for 2 51 am local time on monday. but these children are excited enough to fight to stay up late on a school night to watch it ok. ok for more on india's lunar mission i'm joined now by roger. she's a senior fellow and head of the nuclear and space policy initiative at the observer research foundation which is an indian policy think tank thanks so much for joining us so tell us what is unique about india's moon mission and what is it doing with its moon mission that perhaps other countries are not doing with their own space
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programs. no i think the most exciting bit is the fact that they tend to will be soft landing on the south pole of the moon and i think that something that has no other country has that and so far but this is also to be lived in the larger context of the general space competition that's picking up you wouldn't get in this domain so you had china outperforming the soft landing on the far side of the mornin january this year they landed or in the near side of the moon couple of years ago so this is a larger competition that is picking up ever since the u.s. . came into office he talked about going back to the moon again so this has to be looked at in that context i think that's also part of the part of the calculation in a sense i didn't get there and it took the 1st mission in 2008 when there was not so much of this competition and this was supposed to be a follow up mission for the next couple of years but obviously we had some delays
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with the challenger and to mission the robot in particular and therefore i think that's the way has happened but the meantime you have had this geopolitics of space picking up and that's that's that's how you see this finally happening now but the most impressive aspect is going to be the soft landing of the mood on the south pole which no other country has done and making india the 4th country to do the soft landing on the morning of or just. from the observer research foundation thank you so much. so sports news now and formula one lewis hamilton has won the british grand prix at silverstone that's a record 6th win at his home track hamilton wrong tome ahead of teammate paul terry but us to make it a mercedes 12 charlotte clerical ferrari came 3rd but his teammate germany's a bust and federal trailed in 15th after
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a crash with dutch driver max 1st off i'm hamilton remains top of the drivers standing here up to date now and d w news coming up we'll have more on the lunar theme in our reporter's segment with a portrait of the man hoping to be the 1st german on the american evan stand from me and the entire team here in berlin and thanks for watching. the forrester equivalent to the games which is cleared them free.


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