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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. nico is in germany to learn german and why not come with helmets and simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z learning course nikos fake german made easy. way out of my heart. or. just think all i can think about is seeing my family again the next the big the next war is coming to gaza they invest if something happens to them before i can see them it's that that would destroy me because. these new won't let me out nobody's looking you up with an invalid passport if i turn off the camera. most
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frustrated i'm so frustrated. need to tell bill thank his dream come true his own café in berlin his cafe is a favorite among artists in berlin locals and foreigners alike need al has been living in the german capital for 8 years he became a german citizen 2 years ago a new dell was born in palestine and grew up in the gaza strip. i was. when i was a boy in the gaza strip i used to dream of having my own cafe on the other side i
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wanted to open one by the beach in gaza and the but that's not possible with the situation as it is there and there's money i didn't know my life would take me to berlin but now here's a bold move which means nightingale. needlework todd to make a new home for himself in the rain but the situation in gaza has him increasingly concerned. as think now all i can think about is seeing my family again. the next war is coming because. if something happens to them before i can see them that would destroy me. i can tell that my family isn't doing well that they need me and my strength i want to spend time with my family and be there for that in that manner for me that south of and on within that i'm glad. i'm. out of worry for his family new dell made a dramatic decision. from one day to the next he sold his café.
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all he wants to do now is see his family in gaza. over what a shame but you'll come back one day right that's why god is god when the summer. comes that look let me give you a hug i've learned a lot. over the past 10 years new dowse parents intensively lived through 3 wars in the gaza strip now the next conflict seems to lie ahead. in 2007 nidal lost a leg as a result of the conflict between israel and the palestinians. he was working as a camera man when he's car was struck presumably by an israeli rocket.
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the car veered off the hill and his right leg was shattered. their own 4 listen to the accident happened at 10 in the morning that they sent me to the head also medical center in jerusalem but i needed surgery right away and that was impossible in gaza one for. the. the time for an international news agency. they organized his treatment at the israeli hospital. but this new ferguson will never forget how the head doctor explained my options. they said my leg was destroyed so badly it couldn't be fixed now that. we could leave it the way it was but i wouldn't be able to walk anymore which to this moment but i'd have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. or i could have my leg amputated and then use
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a prosthetic and it was entirely my decision. and that i was struck speechless so i was lying in bed and i heard everything so i told him the 2nd option up to inspire. us i don't feel like i have limitations i enjoy my life more than most people i mean look at it it's pretty cool and. i wanted to be able to stand on my own 2 feet and lead my life if that wouldn't have been possible in gaza so i came to germany. that was in 2010 a fellowship allowed no doubt to start a new life in germany have decided to invest here and i put a lot of time and energy into understanding the mentality of people here and the focus here. especially in. berlin is now my 2nd home.
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now new delhi is saying goodbye to his 2nd tower he's not sure if and when he'll be back. but that's the best way to fall. but it's going to fall i missed me i don't get hurt. so. that's my i'm not sure whether to pack my winter clothes. or just my summer ones. he doesn't know how long he'll be away 3 weeks 3 months 3 years anything's possible . he sold his cafe but he's only someplace his apartment for few weeks it's done so that i can't take it all.
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at 5 the next morning he takes a taxi to the airport. my heart. i'm getting more and more anxious on. a war that's worth it. in theory only a few hours of travel time separate nidal from his family in gaza. the shortest route from germany to gaza is to fly into tel aviv and then drive to the air is crossing after the palestinian uprising began new regulations were imposed in 2000 now palestinians need a special permit to cross the checkpoint and then nearly impossible to get that's why nidal is flying to amman jordan from there he plans to cross into the west bank
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then continues through israel in till he reaches gaza. work up to create a commission of the. local crime 5 pm until. there's no problem in jordan he enters with his german passport then he goes to buy a few gifts for his family. that was then he heads to the border with israel. he'll 1st need to pass through the jordanian and then israeli border control. is in the now defunct and a half an hour will be at the border to palestine i hope we get into day for this year. and let's bring up the current let's go so to speak. needle has
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a german passport. will israel recognize it unless impasse or since his palestinian by birth will they require a special permit to travel through israel imply for them it just in case. on the jordanian side there's no problem they let him through with his german passport then he takes a short passed ride through the no man's land to get to the israeli side. the lights of the city of jericho in the west bank flicker in the distance but 1st he has to pass through israel's border control after a wait of 3 hours of use told that israel won't recognize his german passport and the israeli authorities say they never received his application for a permit to pass through the country.
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need out has to go back to jordan. the city i don't understand this isn't. just on his. back in amman friends take him in. but. i was a long way. and i was in the bubble from there he tries to obtain permission to travel to gaza but things are looking good but no one can guarantee that he will be allowed back out. and about because they are either mark or argument they're all
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saying you're returning a gun or if you're returning. so book i keep hearing that word in hebrew alphabet now in arabic 2 copies. of the q i live with that means he might find himself stuck in gaza indefinitely i love that islam was the clue it helped not fall in v.b. i have 2 choices and i can sacrifice my freedom and honestly in my entire life. and take that risk and so i can see my family is good for my own so there is no mind of the militancy. and i might end up trapped there i will die in fact or i can choose my freedom from enough i had to turn back that's all of you know not see my family. those are my 2 choices.
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a short time later needle receives word that israel has cleared him for entry he's told to go to the border. i was a god i presented my german passport yesterday they stamped it and wrote in my palestinian 90 number. i give them a dime and that means i can never enter this region as a german i know doesn't come. such a fun freedom it's absurd and in europe when you want to visit your family and the only decision is do you want to fly or travel by rail and. you have so i have this
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mask these and much i worked really hard for hour by this lab i pay my taxes and they said but this passport is worth nothing here any other german can enter and exit the region with no problem probably knows. that it upsets me. he's back at the border crossing. as he was told israel has given him permission to transit a lot they want him to board a bus directly to gaza. most nicely want to get on this bus but i won't. so i won't enter.
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he's afraid that if you boards the boss he won't be allowed to leave gaza. he'd be stuck far away from his life in berlin. no one here can or will give him a guarantee that he'll be permitted to leave gaza again in. the. new dallas conversation with israel's border control gets a bit hated it times in the in. love but you know. one of the. other one of the board offices is also from germany is only in israel to complete his military service not to go on that. you have to understand. you have to understand me to. these families you won't let me out no one's looking you up yes you are turned off the camera the
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. first 3 are frustrated i'm so frustrated. newtown returns to amman jordan. in germany he'd already suspected that visiting his family in gaza wouldn't be easy. but he wasn't prepared for how upset he. was as to the 1st israel so afraid of the. bus is what is so dangerous about. me but i'm not allowed to go to my own territory . i've been in germany for 2 years i'm just coming back to visit my family and i
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should be able to do that freely i can't understand. from israel's point of view they have good reason for their stance. show you a clip of it she was the former head of the civilian branch of coke at an i.d.f. unit that's responsible for issuing travel permits the palestinians through israel . let's not forget the gaza strip is controlled by a terror organization hamas ok it's changes all the reality for us as israelis and for palestinians also understand that the people are caught in between. forcibly at the end they are the ones who are paying the price of terror all on one hand and israeli policy against dato entity if he is inside
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his travelling in gaza do you know what he's doing there can we know what who is doing what what he's doing there. ok that's what it takes to understand. with somebody from terror organizations in gaza like hamas islamic jihad isis. already in gaza somebody met him somebody is trying to convince him to do something somebody is trying to use it. to check those things it takes a little bit that. there's a lot of mistrust on both sides and that doesn't look set to change anytime soon. things that might be commonplace under other circumstances like visiting your family become an insurmountable hurdle. needles parents don't know yet that he's visited one take place. there are only 2 ways into gaza one is through the rafa border crossing in egypt that's usually
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closed the other is through the israeli crossing areas. journalists diplomats aid organization staff and palestinians with a special permit are allowed to enter. once it becomes clear that needle won't be able to visit our camera team continues without him that way nidal family will at least get the gifts he purchased even if he can't be there himself. around 2000000 people live in gaza and life is difficult here in 2007 the militant islamist hamas group took control of gaza israel and egypt established an economic blockade corruption and mismanagement on the palestinian side have exacerbated the situation. about half the palestinian people rely on united nations
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food deliveries. and. needles family live in a quiet area to the south of gaza city. his parents and where him are hopeful will have 6 sons 5 daughters and 18 grandchildren they've been looking forward to nidal visit. but instead of a homecoming they have to make do with a telephone call. from the really. want to go to the family and. we could hardly wait needles been gone for years and
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we were so happy when he said he visited. he checked in with me every day and told me he was going to visit me today maybe tomorrow. now i've given up hope. he said this was his last try for now but. it didn't work and i feel terrible i think it's so painful. i got to lose his life in germany so we didn't want that was his life because of. this. it is not in the story this is what. we call the meat. of the food issue. is if. he can see what is. being shown the. war 7 5 years the gifts are a welcome surprise. he tells older brother jamal has 2 children the youngest is
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a year and a half old needle has only of this. and him in pitches. is needles younger sister she's the only one who isn't married yet and lives with her parents. out of the dolls 10 brothers and sisters 7 have university degrees but none of them have an income. this sense of futility about the future is one reason why so many people want to leave gaza. nido loves our food in gaza he especially loves it when i cook. he doesn't like it when the plates are empty and there are numbers of mother but i was not a long down smother is the only member of the family who's been given a payment to visit him in berlin offered to sponsor a terminally but she told him an old tree company operation. dalia is just
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finishing school and you got 7 just 3 in. the situation here so difficult to count 3. no personal study no one's going to study you know education. and every few years there is another war. so as a good thing that he wasn't here. a way of the bad things i was the worst. i love to see him. achieving his dreams and do the thing he's the one who won. and yeah everything he won just the. women and. that's how jamal little's oldest brother sees things too one way of also that didn't come to this is all he's asked you all. will be
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nor is the prison sick. enough in the spirit seeing him know. the prison is a gift the money all over think it's as a gift. it's not being as. or we're used. to seeing if we miss him since he said he hears it all really said search to know what it was i was feeling falls off being me. what if and. many dream of leaving and seen the world but only a handful do. to most of the residents of gaza the reality is that they are stuck here the only way out is a permit from israel or egypt. those permits can be applied for here at the palestinian civil committee after an initial
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review they pass on selected applications to israel. ordinary applications of processed on the 1st floor. urgent cases for people who need medical treatment go up stairs whenever tensions rise between israel and hamas fewer permits to travel outside gaza are approved. is mail cards have is deputy head of the palestinian agency. he has access to new doubts file. we received a permit for him to return but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to leave dancer's so he stayed in jordan. in principle it's possible to get an exit permit but it's very difficult entering isn't easy either with them in the home a man was once here in gaza you can't count until the israeli security forces clear
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you but one never knows how long that will take but it could be a month 3 months or maybe i'll never get an exit permit. people are talking my. israel says the lengthy process is necessary to ensure security. for israel it's all a question of security for the bull bull family it's a deeply personal matter. they just want to be able to see the doll. he's now returned to believe in. life. is hope he didn't know that i tried everything but i couldn't make sure that i'd be permitted to leave gaza again. my family also told me not to come because. they
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didn't want me to be trapped there they wanted me to be able to return to berlin i . want this to. be done but he. was fully i won't give up hope that i'm going to see my family sunni.
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or my family it's 50 years since the moon landing. and the adventure continues today scientists are still trying to determine where the celestial body came from. and astronauts are trained in how to practice and. soon the moon receive a visitor from berlin. tomorrow change. the.
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story so that people the world over information they provide. the pains they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date in touch follow us. take it personally when with a little bit wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. pick up more than football longline. about is usually when i arrived here i slept with single people in a room as very similar it was hard i was free. i even got white hair.
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but generally language never got this gives me a little punch maybe to entrust the lives of say if you want to their story my friends her fighting and for a little information for margaret. a forest area equivalent to 30 soccer pitches is cleared every minute of. our consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forests. place for 25. minutes or. play tourist and money. tragic reality behind the explosion. starts july 24th 2 w. . basically appear to be the good.
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place . this is t w news live from berlin clashes erupt again between pro to police and pro-democracy folklore protesters in hong kong over the controversial extradition law demonstrators faced off against dr lee's in a luxury shopping mall in the chinese territory after another day of street protests also coming up in india it is just minutes away making spacefaring history .


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