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our consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forced. 425. forests and money. the tragic reality behind. the exploitation starts july 24th. this is he doesn't use a shot coming up on the program india's new nomination on hold the country's space agency. to launch what does it mean for india to become the 40 mission on the moon pulse on the program. monsoon rains wreaked havoc in india. flooding and landslides leave schools dead and forced thousands from their homes
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we've heard about the emergency response. time protests in hong kong descended to once again chaotic scenes as police and demonstrators clashed inside a suburban shopping mall. welcome to. it's good to have you with us it was billed as a journey of a 1000000000 dreams but it didn't happen but finished not on monday the launch of india's much anticipated moon mission chandrayaan 2 was called off in the last hour for technical reasons. eat. meat. there are. generally
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people i heard of who are. we were in line to be we would be on the. thank you very much. at stake was all to the $114000000.00 u.s. dollars the indian government has so far spent on this mission even have that proved it is one of the cheapest ever more missions it seems to deploy a land on the morning to look for water map the surface and analyze composition on board is a robotic volvo meant to probe the moons as yet unexplored something or if successful india would become just the 4th country in the world to achieve a soft landing on the new no surface. so india's new no mission put on hold ri spoke to roger roger gopalan a senior fellow and head of the nuclear and space policy initiative at the observer's research foundation in delhi we asked her about this so-called technical
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spag that stopped the launch i just part of this not much information available on the details of the technical problems that the sounds and tool has run into. this or has just come out with a return to statement to any brief statement just to say that it's been a technical snag so one doesn't know that but i think the problem is possibly because she is so remoxy that you synchronous launch make good marks see that as being useless as they aren't a tool how you civility the new way because that's been used previously we have been using that view so we the pull us up to its logical we're just i'm still of the tried and tested well cause of the indian space for such optimization but it just so remarked that he has just gone to this flight so far in a sense that could be part of the problem in a sense and the maybe it may be a smaller problem is the source said it is due to abundant. the caution that they
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had canceling this moment out this time not to this moment of course it is a setback but i think it may be a temporary setback because you don't actually operates at a very small budget the space program so you don't want to london a problem mission in the sense you don't want to shoot up something and then realize that it is slowing and it's not able to. happen then it might be just 8 so that would be a huge feast of money and influence on us on what happened with these silly private company is that so that's. good that it does happen at this stage but having said that i think this could also how does the problem needs to be taken care of right away because she is so be mom chill on this is among the same big a large vehicle he's also proposed to be used for the going on mission of what is called the indian austerlitz mission to be undertaken in 2022. got to get this right before we before we proceed any further in the sense and one endeavor man's
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determined to proceed with its moon mission the eastern and northeastern parts of the country floods heavy rains have battered india and neighboring countries in the past few days leading to the deaths of at least 55 people across this region. a deadly monsoon season in much of south asia in nepal the off the mouth of mass floods and deadly landslides for the displaced there's more rain to come. if nearby in bangladesh it's the same story dangerous flooding and mudslides. and for the over hinge of refugees from neighboring mine the rain and landslides have washed away thousands of hillside shelters leaving several dead. hundreds homeless or we're having problems during this rainy season getting food the kids
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are suffering from disease toilets and bathrooms are a problem the kids are not able to go to school and schools are falling into disrepair these are the problems we face so much of a huge swathe of south asia used to monsoons is affected by the floods in india erin shell pradesh west bengal and assam with well over a 1000000 people affected as well as livestock and crucially crops some say that the biggest loss has been the crops as soon as farmers began sowing irrigating the land with electric pumps and all then the rain began the rainfall has also been extreme 70 to 72 hours of continuous rain the water level kept increasing and slowly submerge the farmlands nearly all of the crops have been destroyed. excited about climate change means more extreme weather and many a concern about how that's affecting our food systems this monsoon and
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a ruined harvest will be felt well beyond the end of the rainy season. and more rains are predicted in the coming days as one of the mashad jaspal is in delhi and michelle do autopsies have a plan to deal with this crisis. but british apart it is in india at least have definitely picked up the fees the national disaster response force in india is $1.00 of the biggest in the was and they have have a history of addressing problems with national disaster as well this year as well as they have been deployed across flooded states in the country and they have rescued many people have them do you look at a tree leaf counts as a 247 helpline to respond to any or any disasters any any cause for help and has been there's been meetings at the top level of the ministries to figure out how exactly to help people however there have been deaths again this is an annual
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affair but the challenges in these mountainous areas a different from what they are built upon cities like mumbai and chennai and over here because of the because of climate change impacts is actually been worse than was extreme by most situations that have been that studies have shown odd increasing with time you mention climate change surely this is something that as you mention has been studied so the government would be aware what measures have governments in the region taken to try and address. well british again the group the prime of the security forces seems to be the mean effort of the governments in the region have tried to make both in the pile as well a as in india there have been a massive deployment of security forces and of the location of people the question being raised is that why aren't there more long term georgia bill solutions being undertaken why are these people in low lying areas a more prominent lee and why on them or infrastructure actions taken
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a good deal of this but of course when you're talking about extreme climate change conditions extreme weather events because of climate change it's also a long term plan there's been a massachusetts institute of technology study that says that by the end of the century 80 percent of india's massive population would be exposed to extreme weather conditions that are not natural for human beings unless by machines action to stick now to have long term repercussions this could be become the norm so in absence of long term burning there but what about in the short term what sort of example is available for these flood victims well the primary source of help has the security forces and places like bunker there's there's also an international presence to how to refugees in places like fox is bizarre i mean these are unique challenge of being a law like country and 8 percent of it is it is full of planes which is why that you can more prone to flooding because of this and of course there are helpline set
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up there are security forces that are nice town sort on the other hand the challenge is that many of the decks your forces are not able to reach people in nepal for example communication dogs have fallen down key high evey's have been got off so the plan for now may well be for these security forces to wait for the monsoons to recede for the water to recede to be able to reach out to because people and helped with rescue and we have an addition to the record is going to show just well in delhi thank you very much. jennifer snow and to hong kong next where the storm of protest over a now suspended extradition bill continues on sunday police and protesters fought running battles in a shopping mall in sharpton district of the city the government described protesters who attacked police as rioters and said more than 10 officers were injured in the while and. was the latest phase in a deepening political crisis an uprising that has no shifted away from the
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financial heart and into the suburbs and away from anger over extradition laws to the balance of power between hong kong and china protesters here we've u.s. flags unlikely to go unnoticed in beijing. we are fighting for democracy and killing right and earth and freedom yes we can not assert any more for this history not for 401 people anymore they are 12 go to china no you cannot cannot cannot it's not that you need to be in neighborhood think ill of the organizers see more than 100000 tar and out there was music. but an underlying tension one man show or in a place and dog biscuits not everyone was amused. as is so often the case the protests culminated in a row the standoff between riot police and enthusiastic demonstrators this small
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played host to the washed clashes with both sites trading blows running pitch battles amid the names of luxury brands. protesters stamped on police it was an imploring them of violence i several were injured including one officer who lost a part of his finger in the bra. no. more than 40 people were detained in the carnage but the arrests and the clean up to follow may do let's want to quell the anger in hong kong i. it's a continuing story in hong kong be sure to find out more about that on our website did other dot com forward slash asia and feel free to check out our facebook and twitter pages as well. images from the protests on the
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sunday organizers say more than 100000 people participated in these protests with your next. sex. raring to me. if there is any other product remember you have to find it between the white school. literature 100 german streets.
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her 1st day of school in the jungle. doris grant a moment arrives. joined on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. the world. returns home on d w dot com. a mix monday for global stocks china reports its slowest economic growth in at least 26 he is analysts say the trade war is hampering industry. protests over protectionism the trade spat between japan and south korea continues to escalate and europe's satellite navigation system galileo cell phones and out into the
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network been down since friday. i mean let's do business china's economy keeps cooling. the mad at home and abroad continues to falter the latest quarterly results are in line with expectations they show state support is finally kicking in but that more stimulus will be needed as china's trade conflict with the united states rages on. in the past 3 decades the chinese economy has undergone an extraordinary transformation developing from an inward looking agrarian based society to a major industrial powerhouse growth has been rapid for years double digits were the norm now the pace of expansion is slowing down in the last quarter g.d.p. rose by 6.2 percent followed by many standards but for china the worst performance since the early 1990 s. the government's been keen to offer reassurance but doesn't deny there are problems
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from. the. from a new and generally speaking economic.


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