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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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in history. a hero a legend or simply a human being who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . the racist tweets of a u.s. president the unfinished bragg's that of a british prime minister and the clean bill of health of a german chancellor 3 leaders at 3 different places along the path of political power tonight where they intersect where they diverged and most importantly where they collide golf in berlin this is the day.
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the purple inoffensive comments that demean immigrants and people of color. people . nation of immigrants i am not rich and he means denigrating and being a new comer succumb to a country i had no racism were not see it i know race isn't when i feel it. take it to a better place america present my snake and then i can thank and. the world is watching. they are shocked and dismayed. because we have laws on the way. also coming up a british prime minister theresa may will leave office next week but before she goes a warning about the poisonous politics in which she rose fell and which she now leaves behind words have consequences and ill will that go unchallenged on the
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1st step on a continuum towards ill deeds towards a much darker place where hatred and prejudice drive not only what people say bush but also what they do. on to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a congressional. on the nation of the u.s. president it has been more than a century since the u.s. congress offered a formal rebuke to a sitting president but that is exactly what happened late yesterday in washington the u.s. house of representatives controlled by the democrats passed a resolution to reprimand president donald trump for his racist tweets aimed at 4 congress women on sunday trump took to twitter and told the american lawmakers to go back to the countries where they came from his fellow republicans have remained
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quiet some siding with trump by claiming that the tweets are not racist a handful of joined the democrats in issuing that review but a congressional rebuke is nothing more than a formal expression that we don't like what you did it is not binding there are no legal and no immediate political consequences in fact trumps tweeds could easily be replaced tomorrow by the next white house clap of controversial trump sunder it was a symbolic vote and one easily approved by the democrat held house of representatives but full republicans and one independent also supported the motion to condemn donald trump for making xenophobic statements. we condemn the hurtful and offensive comments that demean immigrants and people of color these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and its comments are racist how
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shameful to hear him continue to defend those offensive words words that we have all heard him repeat not only about our members but about countless others we are america america is a nation of immigrants we are not going anywhere america is our home and many of us will still be standing here long after the occupant over office leaves earlier this week trump released a series of tweets attacking progressive female democratic politicians saying they should go back to their countries his unnamed but understood targets for outspoken nonwhites lawmaker is all u.s. citizens. trump is standing by his comments. it's up to them. thinking they can say they should love our country and they should work for the good of our country senior republicans are supporting their leader.
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with the president not to rush to the right not a racist and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country following a vote of condemnation texas democrat al green introduced articles of impeachment against trump saying the president was unfit for office another symbolic move on likely to succeed. well for more then i'm joined here at the big table by meghan malloy she is co-founder of republican women for progress meghan it's good to have you on thanks for having me this show did you support that congressional rebuke we did as a group and individually i think that what trump said is offensive it's blatantly racist and it's not the focus that we should be having in our country right now we've got bigger things to work on you as a republican you have no problem saying that the tweets are racist absolutely not
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they're racist i mean they're they're the most obvious evidence of racism i think that you can can pull out it targeted for women of color wemen of color when there are a number of members of congress who are foreign born but they happen to be. whites older men and so you know i don't think it's a focus of where someone came from but a focus of. who they are what they're about can you explain to our viewers why so many republican members of congress do not see it the way you do that's the 1000000 dollar question you know i think that we talk a lot about 2020 and yes it's a presidential election year but 2020 is also a congressional election year so you have every one of these members of congress that will be up for reelection if they're not retiring and you know the republican party has very much become the party of trump it's no longer the party of reagan and the traditional republicans and i think that they're scared these are men
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they're not voting with their morals they're voting with the polls what's happening to your party. does the republican party of ronald reagan does that even still exist you know now you know we talk about this a lot that is trump a symptom or a cause of what's happening in the u.s. and i think if you like back even back to the tea party days when that kind of came about there's this kind of always been this this sentiment brewing and trump has taken advantage of it and the party has gone with them i think very early on you had a little bit of pushback from republican leaders and the republican primaries in 2016 but now it's no one cares it's just the party of trump and they're letting him do whatever he wants and this review has new teeth you realize that it's basically you know slap on to him but you know there are no consequences. what will prevent donald trump from another tweet tirade that that is not only raises but i think
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a lot of people are concerned that this language is going to incite violence that's the next step what's going to stop him from i mean he's already incited violence you look at the charlottesville incident when he's saying that there are some very fine people in this k.k.k. openly racist group. right now nothing's stopping him and i think that we have had in the past some strong leaders stand up and speak. out this time we had about 14 republican elected members both senate and house side that made some sort of statement a lot of them were fairly wishy washy. and even the 4 publicans it better to get stem you know you see that this isn't affecting him at all and he said it best during the campaign that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of 5th avenue and no one would care so at this point i'm concerned that we have no bottom there is no straw that will break the camel's back and he's just going to keep doing until. something really really bad happens what does this do to the image of the
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united states abroad i mean you know here we are residing in germany. and the repudiation of the u.s. as a melting pot country you know no blood no soil you just have to be there to be a citizen what's what's doing to that image nothing you know i think you look at the reputation of the u.s. since day one that he was elected and is just tanks i mean germany across europe across the rest of the world and you know it's not just the rhetoric in the racist tweets it's his policies on trade on immigration what's happening at the southern border and i think that you know countries especially countries like germany that are big world powers they can't trust us anymore and they feel like they can't trust us on kind of the hard factual policy issues and on the soft rhetoric they don't want to be at the table with us anymore because that kind of makes them lose their credibility of were removed. your ability to recruit new members how is that going to ease days for you surprisingly easy you know we we have had
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a lot of republicans that maybe held their noses in 2016 and voted for trump anyway because they just couldn't quite vote for hillary maybe held their noses early in his presidency because the economy is doing ok he's a you know a 20 conservative judges but i think the more and more we get down this totally inappropriate line the more people are saying wait a minute this is not their publican party anymore i'm not leaving the party but the party has left me and so they're kind of seeking that middle ground meghan malloy co-founder of republican women for progress reprieve you coming in there will be watching for that progress thank you very much. well it was just last week when a trump tweet tirade was aimed across the atlantic at british prime minister theresa may the u.s. president criticized may's handling of brags that accusing her of creating a mess by ignoring advice that he claims to have given her on how to negotiate
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a better brakes a deal now there was no response from may but this week on the morning after trump posted those racist tweets about members of congress may did not hold back any longer reportedly calling trump's words completely unacceptable and that was probably the final exchange of blows between trump and may the prime minister is stepping down next week her early exit forced by the force of bricks at which she could not deliver in her 3 years at number 10 downing street today mrs may deliver her final speech is prime minister she offered her brags that regret and she offered a warning to westminster and to her counterparts around the world a warning not to fall victim to the politics of hate and toxic talk she undoubtedly had the u.s. president in mind today an inability to combine principles with
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pragmatism and make a compromise when requirement seems to have just been a whole political to schools down the wrong path it has led to what is in effect a form of absolutism one which believes that if you simply assert your views around enough and long enough you will get your way in the end or that mobilizing your own faction is more important to bringing others with you. i'm joined now in the big table by a familiar face to our viewers alex forrest whining she is our brights it expert of westminster insiders she reported many years from london it's good to have you back here at the big table did you hear the name trump. being employed in that speech by him to rescind it was certainly implied a definite coded swipe not just don't trump of course but some of those men closer to home particularly the man who's most likely to succeed to raise a mate boris johnson but just going back to trump i mean she was talking about the
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importance of international agreement she meant mentioned the paris climate accord she mentioned the iran nuclear deal both of those details donald trump has pulled out all that and obviously that is something that to reason may regret so i think it's pretty clear that she had him in mind when she was talking today and we have to remind ourselves that at the beginning of their relationship if you will she is she tried to warm up to him and there was even at that official state visit in the u.k. last month but no you know she's leaving office not on the best of terms with mr truong exactly and when he 1st came to the white house she visited who can forget that picture that was filmed of the 2 of them holding hands when he reached out to her have and he took her hand and since then read it it looks like almost an abusive relationship because he has taken every possible opportunity that yes there
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we go he's on my own in a hand that he did but he's taken every possible opportunity to criticize her particularly over her handling of bricks it only last week calling it foolish and also saying he she should have listened to him in how he would have suited the you to get a good deal so all the way through he said that and she has always remained quiet she has not retaliated in any way perhaps this has been the closest that we've got today is she leaves office next week and she's leaving i guess a warning as well to boris johnson does she see boris johnson or ask you do you see borders johnson as may. b. the possible trump. well many people have said that in the past and there are similarities not just there has style but let's just let's just look at his relationship with 2 reason may another man who has been openly criticizing her you know lost some of their he was. czech is where they had the agreement
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the cabinet were going to go you know take this agreement with the brics it he signed up to it and then he walked and left the cabinet saying he no longer could be foreign secretary because he didn't believe in have corrected and has been pursuing and no deal breaks it something that she said today she did not agree with so i think it's pretty clear that there is no love lost between those 2 we have to be clear to you that this is not just a story about the the you know the bad boys or the bad men around the reason may be the way in which the donald trump uses. them a heads up lie but when with herself has a she has she said you know innocent in this i mean just a couple of them calling brits who are not perhaps residing in the u.k. at the moment but are working abroad as citizens of nowhere the e.u. citizens who are living in the u.k. at the moment she said that they were jumping the queue that is not
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a woman who's been trying to build bridges however today she did actually say that language had not been perfect so a sort of apology that she has not been perfect herself on this either and she's she warned today against it was that the politics of absolutism but was that she guilty of pursuing the. yeah i mean she was because she had many opportunities where she could have reached out for compromise she could have done it in 2016 she could have done it in 2017 when she called that snap election and lost her majority and she could have reached out particularly to the labor party she chose not to let's talk. you know the language that she use in this breaks it means bricks it no deal bricks it is better than a bad deal the these red lines that she held on to fist so long they were they were tough and now she's left as the woman who was on able to get bricks deal through she's stepping down forced out by own party by the right in her own party because
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she couldn't deliver them what they wanted she couldn't deliver them bricks it and you know we also learned while mrs may was prime minister we learned that she is a diabetic and you know she made the comment one time that her insulin comes from denmark how much of a of a factor was her health and the decision to step down we got about half a minute i don't think it was a factor i mean obviously she was worn out by her own party but she didn't want to leave she was very emotional about leaving and she said very clearly that her greatest regret is not getting bricks it over the line she stepped down hoping it would that the party would do bricks it and yet they have not done it yet just alex force money as always we appreciate it thank you. well in breaks in britain and interims america the name until america is often synonymous with stability that explains perhaps the recent global interest in the
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german chancellor has helped merkel has been seen as shaking in public 3 times in less than a month fueling worries and speculation well today merkel's office confirmed the chancellor has received a clean bill of health and will stay in office as planned until 2021 and that brings us then to the german politician known as a k k n a gret current power today became germany's new defense minister a.k. cave thought to be america's protege moving into a cabinet position one step closer sir perhaps to becoming the next german chancellor. there are various ways to spend 2 per day as you turn $65.00 and when america was treated to flowers by her cabinet colleagues she treated herself to congratulating her now former defense minister was a laugh on the line on what is equally a victory for macko her election as new e.u.
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commission president. assad later the german chancellor got to lift a 2nd ally to a higher political level by appointing adequate compound successes c.d.u. party leader as new defense minister quite a celebration. a.k.k. as she is known then carried out her 1st inspection of the honor guard and delivered her 1st remarks as minister. those men the influence never forget that men and women that serve and fight abroad for us. this is a great responsibility which i'm very aware of and will live up to. and i very much look forward to the task ahead of itself which to come. no questions allowed but with no experience in defense she will have some convincing
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to do. you have to lead the nato spearhead until 2023 we don't have the time for her to learn on the job. at times a.k.k. has struggled to shake off a provincial image as the former leader of the small state of the. now is cabinet minister come callin bar will have to take orders from the chancellor trading some of her liberties as party leader while getting closer to one day perhaps becoming chancellor. of the i'm joined here of the people by our political correspondent simon yeah it's good to see you sir the woman known as a k k she is now germany's defense minister why. why does that bring her closer to possibly becoming the next german chancellor i think mainly because so far she hasn't had this cabinet level experience that she's now gone to again in this important job but defense up to now she's been
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a regional politician she was the interior minister and then the leader of the the state premie ad in the small states of zod land before she just at the end of last year became the leader of merkel's christian democrat party so we should say karen about christian democrats now and that's a job she's going to keep going forward with this new ministerial job so she's going to be incredibly busy but obviously if she can make a success of both of these jobs at the same time then that will set her up very nicely to succeed angela merkel which is what angle america apparently wants and it all looks good it has to be said that the omens are not necessarily that good in the job as party leader she hasn't been doing very well the poll numbers have been falling back actually that's why some in our own party of said it would be a good idea if she did take on a ministerial job then she could get out of the other job no she's going to do both she says so we will see but certainly this puts in the limelight in
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a way that few other politicians of vain and it also puts or as you said exactly where we think the german chancellor wants her to be and it comes in the same week where we have another person or a lion becoming president of the european commission we know that she is an ally of the german chancellor as well we've got christine legarde who's going to be the new european central bank all of these are picks in choices if you will of america are we seeing the next chapter or even the the i guess the final plans of uncle america's chance or are they being sealed in completed before our very eyes right now i think. oh i think last night in particular was an extraordinary the last 24 hours was an extraordinary sort of move movements on the chess board if you like and it's a funny thing isn't it because we think of angle a miracle as somebody who's a very inclusive politician who's not really
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a power player necessarily she just does the logical things she often sees it and it's all very soberly done but actually when you stand back and look at where we are now as you say angela merkel seems to actually strengthen her position in the midst of all this she's now at the center of this nexus she's got her process in the defense ministry as i say poised if not exactly already placed to become a successor she's got closer life on the line there in brussels she's got christine legarde at the the european central bank angle of merkel is not finished yet but we know that this is her last she's only got a couple more years to write and people are concerned about whether or not she'll be able to finish that term and there have been concerns with episodes of shaking in public with the german chancellor today her office the chief of staff of her office said the chancellor has been given a clean bill of health and it was important for that announcement to be
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made wasn't it was because she has had these these these health concerns over the last few weeks we've seen these shaking incidents where she's been seen sort of trembling really when she's had to stand still and they've tried to say that it's a psychological effect rather than any nervous problem or any other more serious health problem as you say how the brown the chance 3 ministers come out with an interview to day he said he said she's in good health and she'll of course term until. 2021 and that's important that she does that which was so much work to do but you have f. in these concerns of the trying to allay the fears it's also important because we're at a time when. in the world of bricks next week to resume a step down as the british prime minister across the atlantic problems with the trump administration congress has now officially rebuked the president for racist tweets the world looks to uncle americal still as
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a force of stability when she shakes the world trembles doesn't it. but i think that's a good way of putting it and when was it 2015 time magazine had her as the leader of the free world you know in the era of donald trump who's certainly shaken things up in in his own way and of course with major ructions around europe a lot of people continue to look to angle americal as a solid anchor in these stormy times and so the sense that this is a final act and that you know she's as you say moving the the pieces into place for when she's no longer around that i think will is both a matter of concern because it means medical is coming to an end but also it reassures people because she does seem to be doing it in an unusual way very few politicians while they're still in office are able to organize the transition of power medical maybe achieving that that's why in germany they call their muti the
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mother of the country for its i mean you know as always thank you. well the day is always done but the governor's a she continues online you'll find us on twitter you can follow me and t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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freedom of movement in a united europe. it's a reality that affects a number of private citizens and businesses. want to protest against as europe wide freedom of movement for. benefits quite a penchant for abuse. 90 minutes on d w.
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prison clear up that's most it's a nation at its most exclusive. its most creative. class trendy tasteful innovators brilliant charming. and phyllis's to hold. on t.w. . i'm not laughing at the jam i guess some damn place end up in which the german thinks he can for german culture can't stereotype classics to me a sink to see the country that i now know i'm playing the piano needed to predict a scrum a day out to me it's all that. bach new i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post.
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this is. the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization declares an international emergency. chief says it's time for the world to take notice after the disease spreads to the country's borders we'll ask the w.h.o. what its emergency measures are and are they also coming up the rise of k.k. . is sworn in as germany's new defense for.


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