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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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consumerism is causing a radical depletion the 1st. leg for 25. years. as it. plays forests and. tragic reality because. the exploitation. starts july 24th double. play. a low bond ya know and welcome to a very special edition of focus on europe coming to you from the heart of the italian capital row and it was here back in 1957 that history was quite literally made with the signing of the treaty of rome that would lead the way to the creation
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of the european union as we know it today alongside that's another dream came true the dream of freedom of movement for all of europe's citizens so we joined one young man for a very shrewd bats to see how that freedom of movement works today. this summer friedrich schubert is exploring europe from west to east by train. he's already covered over 2500 kilometers. from paris france i travel to italy so this is my 3rd country but. his next stop is below nya a university city in central italy. the us given 27000 free 4 weeks into rail train tickets to european youngsters. it wants them to explore the consonants and hopes this will help counter nationals tendencies in some e.u. states. as the success of the silicon stereotype is that people here are more
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relaxed more open with one another and more welcoming to strangers we have enough and some of the some that's something we germans often struggle with or its limits . friedrich spontaneously meets organizers the following is cheap street art festival this summer the putting up 600 posters by artists across the city walls the messages are surprisingly pro european. think europe. you know something that they're still together and get this together how long we've been killing each other for what centuries and now we have a you know we have common programs we have a common politics 25 year old friedrich continues his european journey in an easterly direction. to trist but from 6 to 6. is on route to slovenia one of the e.u.'s newest member states it was once part of
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the communist you can slavia. as the train heads for the italian slovenian border he makes friends with series a man ferrari who comes from the region. of my family tells me stories about when. and where there was a there was. they were doing was a very very. street yes. today people in europe can again travel freely. if you've been to slovenia yet but. after 3 hours the train reaches the mediterranean city and soon arrives at the slitheen border. there's no border guard in sight just a train conductor. for over 11 years this is being an open border.
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it's really interesting when people talk about the past it's incredible freedom to just cross into another country without checks but i cannot fully appreciate it because i didn't experience what it was like before. travelling freely across borders has become an emergency for you. young people like friedrich it is one of the major achievements of the e.u. friedrich has reached the civilian capital leon. but it doesn't suit me. it's hard for freedom to imagine a return to nationalist tendencies. after a stopover in slovenia he boards the night train to the home carrying capital budapest . it was in hungary that the iron curtain 1st became possible today hungary's government takes an e.u. skeptical stance but few young guerin's share these opinions samantha said i didn't
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meet anyone who said something very negative about your calls maybe because most people tend to identify with their nation not some not europe. really gets the occasional. says it all so maybe we must make clear why the european idea is so important because it's all enormous to use this trip to strengthen friedrich slovak europe and he hopes its borders will remain open its european into real trip has made a lasting impression. well the europe that the young friedrich moves around in so freely today began to take shape here in this magnificent hall at the capital i museum in rome on the 25th of march 1957 france germany italy and the benelux states signed the treaty of rome after 2 devastating wars in the whole course europe's founding fathers were absolutely determined to bring lasting peace to the continent well one of the
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translators in the negotiations leading to this historic moment was a remarkable one called really hard work out. a visit to the last living person to have witnessed the founding of europe 1000 year old or any half a camp lives in brussels. as a 27 year old interpreter running witnessed the treaty of rome being negotiated she accompanied belgian pol henri spock regarded as one of the founders of european unification. she mostly sat next to spark who was head of the belgian government in exile during the 2nd world war. later as a european he reached out to the germans. miraculously he did so just 10 years after the war ended. a club. so human to me. i really believe that someone like add now or definitely wanted something else
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and this could only be europe the beloved benelux countries had an ideal too and if there ever again which was repeatedly stated the. linear is a holocaust survivor she and her jewish family had to flee from the nazis and leave cologne in belgium they went into hiding to eat did the idea of ever going to germany against as a tourist or a later accompanying spark for my work it was hard to grasp. but her desire for peace in europe was stronger we have to live because i believed in it when i was younger that was a time of enthusiasm for europe absolutely plenty is the last surviving pioneer of the founding of europe today her dream of a europe without borders has become a reality.
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and part of that reality is even the ancient romans might have been proud of themselves as the creation of a european single market with a total workforce of more than $200000000.00 men and women so for vandy europe does stand for prosperity but not for all such as a rainy and day laborers who gather here in rome for work on a daily basis. it's 5 30 in the morning in buffalo on the outskirts of rome this is where day laborers wait for someone to offer them work most of them are from romania. a van pulls over. one of the men climbs in discreetly of course the police could show up at any minute. the others stay behind and keep on waiting most of the time it's in vain italy's construction sector is in crisis we
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ask some of the men how much money they can earn here. heavy labor can get to 60 to 70 years a day. he says some of the people that picked them up are italian and some are remaining in picture come under no you had no luck finding work this morning. is unlucky streak has lasted for more than a week now to. be done is not a lot i moonlighted what our employers prefer that so that they can avoid paying taxes their insurance box they would rather take you as an undeclared worker. let me agree that if they did let me a little sometimes i don't get paid to talk. they say they're paid to morrow and then they never show up again and a good gamble money oh well like. a 63 year old welder has been trying his luck for years here but with less and less success. he says
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a while ago his wife and his 2 children left him. since then he's been living at the edge of the city in this makeshift hut could be that i've got my kids with their grandparents what they're waiting for their dad to come back but i'm not coming back. every evening petrak oh goes to bed early he'll have to wake up at 430 if he wants any chance of getting work tomorrow. god what a cursive life this is. but petrushka is not alone in his plight yulian montoya from italy's construction union knows of many others just like him originally from romania he says many of his countrymen come to italy hoping for fast cash but the one they came because they were promised the land of milk and honey here but they found something entirely different. patrick oh was also looking for a better life when he set out from romania to italy many years ago. this is where
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he used to live in the village of s. now now his house is abandoned his family has moved away many other houses stand empty here the local bar is the only place left with a bit of life in it here they remember their previous neighbor both generally out of money you said there was no point staying here in a country. that was earning his daily bread and everything else he needs to my being if i could go away i think it's better to stay here on a romanian feels. at least here you can get some sheeps cheese even for mania is per could. be set up for what was. back in rome like every morning is up early driven by the hope of earning a few heroes today. for i'm sure rome is beautiful to look into it is not for me brought it out.
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i will not tourists where slaves is going to matter that. there are few people looking for cheap labor in buffalo today summer vacation has started. a bad outlook for people like pay trick or under know you the romanian welder. now one thing all new citizens have in common is a passport just like this one and just in the same way that wealth consumers can afford to buy all the latest fashions here in chic central rome wealthy investors can actually afford to buy e.u. citizenship in the form of so-called golden passports and the place to do that is something perverse. cyprus is booming and the 2013 financial crisis seems all but forgotten. the island's real estate market is thriving with rows of expensive high rise condos going up in the port city of limits saw. many
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russians are buying them today they make up about a 4th of the city's total population. and a growing number of them have a cypriot eview passport. business consultant irene assessment and is one of those who makes it happen all they need to do is invest 2000000 euros in a look 3 property. history cultist. you don't have to know. clearly to call a situation and to give some examples. it's very simple. the bus part don't have to live here permanently the. possibility to all of. we know. how 154
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countries. the fact cyprus issues gold and passports to wealthy russians and arabs has been severely criticized by the e.u. but the island's finance minister who oversees this investment scheme says so far only 500 people have acquired one. and these ones may be main fact be those which are offered after. the. in-depth scrutiny and the background checks that are any suggestions or even take the course to. jointly. establish it all it's gotten not done the investment. there is and so on so we would be absolutely willing to engage in such a discussion there is also been growing criticism of the golden passport program within cyprus critics say it lacks transparency and that the program just makes real estate tycoons like janish misery this even richer the president's son in law
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is currently building a. missile with the opera level apartments selling for more than 2000000000 euros is not worried by the fact that this entitles them to a golden passport after all they invest considerable sums. a big number is the middle east france middle east in g.c.c. countries. asia and the russians so that is 5 or 6 percent dependency on this program. again if you take away any niche market from any market it's going to have some negative impact. well the influx of rich russians has changed life in the midst of not want to speak to us on camera but their new passports although business consultant says most are mainly interested in making a profit. he calls his
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a terrible 5 percent of the e.u. and in 5 years. so the loop holes investment in 6 was also the benefit of the sides of citizens. going to truck to deal on one that cypriot investment consultants a keen to promote after all where else can you acquire an e.u. passport in just 3 months. we've come to rome is not going to an open market it's a great place to buy fresh fruit including some lovely berries out there out and you may or may not know that scotland is a place where berries are big business but the question now is what happens with briggs because if the u.k. those choose to leave the european union as seems likely that means we're going to be slamming the door on the freedom of movement for those migrant laborers who are so vital to scottish from
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a. picture perfect scotland. the highlands famous for their breathtaking landscapes the cashews and lakes at some bagpipes and a kilt and this is the way tourists experience this part of britain. right now. on the strawberry farms however don't get to see this side of scotland almost all of them came here from eastern europe. they earn around $300.00 euros per week here that equals a month's wage in romania and bulgaria but if you love the way forced. budget would you dimitri on has been spending the summer months in scotland for 7 years now as an e.u. citizen you never had problems entering the country but brecht's it could mean the end of freedom of movement would be carved by their flights they told me
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about their. on the airport where i'm going why. how many hours that was knowing if i paid or in fear of i don't know if there actually was there and 4 or 5 years ago that i never had. during the summer some 10000 workers from other in the countries are employed in the scottish agricultural sector. breck's it also has a worrying effect on scottish farmers. but i know that a lot of the politicians in london neglect and abandon us says angus porter who runs the farm lawyers 140 seasonal workers not one of them is british he struggles to find enough local workers in rural scotland the future worries him we've built up an industry entirely based on people coming from me and without them . well it would be very very difficult i mean i don't. i don't know how i would
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even begin to do our work. the nearby town of arbroath has seen better days hardly anyone here can make a living from fishing anymore. many shops on the high street are vacant they lack customers with money to spend. it's somewhat busier at the barber shop though employees as well as customers are from eastern europe migrants from the e.u. are needed everywhere they say. no only the father. it is fish factor they give that is chickens but it is that on fears that fish for through this is both really easy job as well and also we all know fish smells and it's not easy job but also some original politicians have
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a different view though you are correct that supporters would rather send unemployed scots to work in the fields. to do more. when i was a boy. i walked on the farms. what i was cruel during the holidays. we where i didn't have the money doing got or the following people coming across that the gas chamber gushed out by that coming across this is actually made that. you know there will people put up a lot of the opportunity. locals however wouldn't want to live in these containers on the farm and be woken at 5 am to start picking says dimitri alongside other seasonal workers in retreat earns the minimum wage often for 10 to 12 hours a day and. we had some scottish guys yeah that the game they would do 3 days and. they left because of their hard job. dimitri would like to
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stay in scotland permanently instead of just during the harvest season and he'd like to see more of scotland than just the strawberry fields. his dream is to visit this garnish highlands someday but bricks it could stop that ever happening. building bridges like the ancient romans used to be a reason centrally what the european union is all about take for instance tensions between germany and poland which have been really running into the extreme recently but the 2 sides share a common border along the river and people there have been coming together and building bridges into the future. but to schuster's roses in her own garden are her pride and joy 9 years ago she and her family moved from poland to
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germany they bought their house for little money and spent years renovating and expanding it. it was all tangled with the grass was knee high and we had trouble getting through because everything was covered in the. shade moving to germany was a huge opportunity for marta here she runs her own care service and several vacation homes in addition she could take care of her children and work from home. the family could only find a big enough house in germany. where to spreading the properties are cheaper in this part of germany than neighboring poland. it up off the phone because i often receive messages from acquaintances or even people i don't know asking if i have any hot tips for a house or a nice piece of property available for sale real estate is becoming scarce and come up one in 8 residents of garth's
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a small town in the river odor is from poland and the numbers are rising. and the germans. are they getting used to the polish neighbors bringing new life to the place. for none of these at once as long as they don't harm us and we don't harm them and they make sure to integrate themselves into society and work hard on a stay approachable and do their work i've got no problem not from a topic i feel when you say. that i guess the harmonious coexistence was whoever put to the test when the local elementary school introduced polish lessons for german children. their son protested. but the local council and school management were soon able to win over the critics we have and we have 205 children that go to school here in london both 80 of them are polish players cannot so it's clear that they too are vital for this school inch wished and author they have a decent. by now 9 german pupils take part in mr tense because cheerful polish course
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. but. many kids in our class are from poland and when they speak polish we want to be able to understand them and when we go to poland we want to be able to say something that. the germans often cross into poland. the polish town of graffito is much closer than any big german town. here shopping might be inexpensive but the real estate prices are quite. really. that's why many poles choose to live in germany and many more say they would be happy to follow i say no pit maybe some day we go there and the. martha shuster has never regretted her decision to move to an area that many germans consider the end of the
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world. and fight not at all this here is the beginning of the world because it's so beautiful here we're surrounded by nature and nice people know what more could we want. once here there idyllic retreat is noisily destructed when the festival in the german bank of the older liven things up with its roots the humor. the rough and tumble fun. and german march music. it doesn't get more traditional than this but martha shuster in a polish friends have no problem with this. all of this here in germany so it's fine that it's typically german. european freedom of movement here in the small town of cortes it's become a part of everyday life 2. i'm not
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so from this special edition of focus on your of coming to you from the eternal city of rome thanks very much indeed for joining us and only remains to say goodbye truth and only bad.
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going to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week outside the capital of taipei is cho she way seeking the nomination of his fro beijing fozzie the coming time as china pushes with increasing urgency for reunification come a time when east continue to majestic paula as his party come to office conflicts
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of. 30 minutes double the from. birth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. here much of those are big changes and most start with small steps global warming tears tell stories. creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate used to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and want to term and to build something here for the next generation globalized dio's the multimedia environment series on d.w. .
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by about. 15 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to interest. a church or go to the polls. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. a legend or simply
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a human being who was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . cut. cut. played. this is deja vu news. trumps racist taunts against 4 minority lawmakers rouse his republican base. his supporters say send for back full trumps riffs on health and win another term in the white house. also coming up
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a global public health emergency that's how the w.h.o. words describing an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo and a new report says.


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