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behind the exploitation starts july 24th. this is the w. news live from berlin president trump uses racist taunts against for minority lawmakers to rouse his republican base. supporters chant sends her back as the president of names the congresswoman will his rich song brace help him win another term in the white house also on the program japan in shock as the death toll in the ass an attack on an animation
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studio guys is to $33.00 police arrest the suspect but his motive remains a mystery. and congo wraps up its response to the apolo outbreak of sars they say they'll use police and the army to enforce hygiene measures aimed at stopping the emergency. i'm phil gail welcome to the program. it started as a racist tweet now it's become a rallying cry for trump's supporters the u.s. president used a campaign rally north carolina to repeat his attack on a group of democratic congress women riffing on a tweet he sent this week president trump told the lawmakers to go back to their countries despite the fact that 3 of the 4 were born in the united states and all are u.s. . seasons. of the donald trump has critics and he made sure to share some of their
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names in front of his raucous fans representative alexandria ok 01 were she there keep an eye on the presley ilan or mark was that the mention of omar the 37 year old minnesota congresswoman from a somali refugee family the crowd began to chant send her back. i was i was the 4 women he ridiculed called themselves the squad they are all young all women of minority ethnicities they also represent a new left wing of the democratic party calling for progressive legislation like universal health care a federal jobs program and free college tuition i didn't know there are other suggestions for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our
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country down they give it to the goodison that's why i say if they don't like it a little believe let them loose was to many observers trump speech was shocking a u.s. president telling nonwhite congresswoman to leave the country but at the rally it was a hit it's one way of me feeling connected to my president never been in mine like i was i so involved in the whole water polo arena and the crawls out there like i can reach out and talk to whatever i was walking because it's like 26 rally and i ask always support our president cause he supports our constitutional rights and a lot of like i can call. the racist rhetoric may be a winning strategy for trump recent polls show his popularity among republicans has increased since he began his attack on the congresswoman. let's get more on this from day to day correspondent helen humphrey in washington welcome helena so the trumpet campaign has upped the racist anti from tweets to chanting crowds how
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significant is this. this is extremely significant phil essentially what we saw was the president legitimizing the singling out the stigmatize ation the targeting of minorities in this country of people who have newly arrived to the united states and then become american citizens so what we're seeing is a top down and siteman to racism and it's extremely dangerous since that rally the president has now come out in the last hour saying that he disavows that sean that he never sanctioned it however we all saw the footage and it appeared that the president took a step back from the podium as those chants rung out for around 12 to 13 seconds i counted and made no attempt to question them but let's take a listen to how the president justified his actions because it was really maybe he wouldn't use the word was it was only jesus sent her back why didn't you stop the
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one who after this is just awful well the board i think it did they started speaking very quickly that really was glad i disagree with it by the way but it was quite a chant and i felt a little bit better about it but i will say this i did and i started speaking very carefully but it started up rather rather fast as you probably closer you'll tell her the border is not what i would say that i was i was not happy with that. i disagree with it. but again i didn't say i didn't say that they did but i busy disagreed with her who were very very very well i don't think if you examine it i don't think you'll find that but i disagreed with. how you know him for how seriously are people taking mr trump's not quite apology. it's pretty hard to take it at face value when the president has now received condemnation from
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within the ranks of his own republican party i've got some reaction for you congressman adam kinzinger of illinois tweeting that this chant was ugly it was wrong it would send chills down the spines of our founding fathers congressman tom ama said that there is no place for this kind of talk i do not agree with it but i think it's fair to say that to a certain extent the damage has already been done even if trump says that this was not his intention those who were very. charmed to senshi were report were just simply repeating what he wrote in that 1st tweet now his party is trying to pivot they're trying to turn the narrative saying that this is a question of ideology and not race but i think it's fair to say that sent back and that being linked to ideology it's quite hard to understand. humphrey washington thank you. now to japan where 33 people have
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been confirmed dead in a fire ass and i mation studio in the city of cleo to police said the fire was started deliberately but have not revealed a motive the suspect has been detained and taken to hospital to be truths to be treated for his injuries. neighbors of kyoto animation said they heard something that sounded like an explosion and then there was smoke. police said it looked like someone had poured gasoline around the studio the arsonist reportedly screamed di as he doused the building and set off the blaze at ortiz arrested the suspected fire starter and have identified him as a man in his forty's but the attack shocked a nation for violent crime is rare. well i had thought this area was quite safe so i am stunned.
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myself i never thought such an incident could take place in kioto of all places and especially in this area. i wonder what grudge the suspect was holding. that. a japanese prime minister shinzo took to twitter to denounce the attack this is the worst massacre in japan's post-war history suspects identity and his motive remain a mystery but police confirm he is neither a current nor a former employee of the studio report saying he was too seriously injured to face questioning when police arrested him. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world caught in morocco a sentence 3 men to death for the murder of 2 scandinavian women in december last year there was a vast raga a u.s. person. who were killed in that tent at a popular hiking destination the court also jailed for 20 other defendants with
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links to the killers. taliban militants have killed at least 12 people and wounded schools more by detonating 2 car bombs outside police headquarters in the afghan city of kandahar the blasts were followed by a gunfight between the militants and security forces forces say the dead include police and civilians. police in western germany say they thought it a possible terror attack after writing the homes of suspected is limited to extremists rights began early this morning in cologne and the nearby town police reportedly detained 6 men for questioning. the soldiers in the democratic republic of congo are taking emergency measures to enforce hand-washing and fever checks as fears rise off the abode of virus spreading the authorities now have the power to use force to enact preventative measures one person recently died of the virus in goma a major city on the border with rwanda the world health organization has declared
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the outbreak an international emergency it's worried that the virus might now be in rwanda in the d.l.c. more than 1600 people died from a fall in the last year. ebola is one of the deadliest diseases in the world it was 1st identified in 1996 after an outbreak in the democratic republic of the congo it's caused by a virus ebola is transmitted via direct contact with the bodily fluids of a person who is sick with or has died for the illness those infected 1st develop a fever and other symptoms that resemble the common flu vomiting. diarrhea and a rash follow in later stages ebola causes joint and muscle pain paralysis and internal bleeding health workers manage symptoms by giving patients fluids or blood transfusions there's no cure for ebola and 25 to 80 percent of all cases are fatal depending on the strength of the virus and the quality of medical care to prevent
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the spread of the disease strict hygiene is crucial in patients with ebola must be isolated from the public. during the last major outbreak of ebola in 2014 more than 11000 people in west africa lost their lives since then canadian researchers have developed an experimental vaccine that protects against a transmission of the disease after about 10 days it's already been used successfully but is not yet officially licensed. to south africa where the city of cape town is renowned for its dramatic setting and agreeable climate it's one of africa's biggest tourist destinations so people are often shocked to hear that the army is now patrolling the streets of a part of the city the soldiers have been called in to bring order to a district called cape flats where almost a 1000 people have been murdered in gang violence over recent years the dublin correspondent create reports from cape town. i was thinking
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marching for peace recent years the dublin correspondent adrien creek reports from cape town. i was thinking of marching for peace right in the cape town township of man. in charge. karim adams these daily demonstrations have become a disappointing ritual he's lived here for almost 50 years and says the level of violence nowadays has never been so bet's father to 5 children adams worries about their future none of us feel safe in this is in this environment. goes. through. this a lot of innocent people that said. the residents have been organizing these protests on a daily basis for 2 months now but nothing much has happened since then.
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adams shows us around his township manenberg has been considered. area for many years but in recent months violence has escalated with several gangs involved in the brutal battle over drugs and power this is still limited considered to be in the it's a. there's no there's been she was. so it's really straight they divided the terrorists yeah. the goal of. both gangs reached a truce but it didn't last long just a few days ago shootouts took place and a man was killed. the protesters express their solidarity with the victim's mother by marching to her house. and. we've been marching and we. teach now we have to march that mean. to try and to try and get peace again. and continue with what we're doing to try to make manama could be to police. the
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military is now patrolling the cape flats area of which men and brokers apart they're supporting the police for 3 months to bring the violence on the control residents demanded for more security but adams doesn't believe that will solve the problem there's a lot of unemployment and unemployment causes. so we need to look at the programs to get people really doing this here he is. having the army is not going to solve the problem. for now many worthless he still haven't given a chance they say they will continue until the streets are free but. 6 this is day to lean years lie from coming up next in business africa south africa's middle classes cut back on spending and take out loans to survive i see economy slopes. i forget you can always get the
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