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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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but we began with cameroonian singh a brick bassy who is currently on tour here in europe he still sings in the bus a language from his native cameroon but since 2006 as lived in france his eclectic songs reflect his musical link with africa but there's bossanova of the blues in. some interesting arrangements including trumpet trombone and even banjo this is all topped off by a very distinctive soulful voice. bassy tells uncomfortable stories in unique soft tones. about the singer songwriter is currently on tour with his new album titled 958 originally from cameroon as he came to france in 2006 he now lives in bordeaux bassy regularly comes across reminders of the country's colonial past and its slave
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trade. where this museum is today they used to be a place where they would encourage people to colonize other countries this is where they promoted colonize ation border was the trade center where they developed a lot of things due to trade not just the slave trade but also during the exploitation of populations cheering colonialism. bassy takes on the colonial period and its consequences in his new album. it's dedicated to the memory of one of bassis political heroes the largely unknown anti colonial leader ruben on my o.b. who was murdered by the french military in 1958. album tells the story of the freedom fighter a man he used words instead of weapons and of the colonial leaders. killed him.
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before. bessie uses haunting gentle sounds to tell the story of only of his death and ruin his work reminds us that the effects of the colonial era continue to this day both in africa and in europe you. don't need. your balls it was a very difficult period and i think it's important that the countries involved take responsibility at least the telling the story of these different countries we have a common history bound together by that period how can we talk about this common history ita why in order to build healthier relations.
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condo is colorfully cast fishing for a global citizen with universal appeal. frank sinatra's hit florida to the burden is getting a lot of play the moment with all the celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of the moon landing the song is also the type of an exhibition celebrating this momentous event in world history this traveling exhibition has just arrived in south fork in austria where opens this weekend at the museum there more damage. a small step. a giant leap. it was the 1st time a human had set foot on the moon. for mankind had left a footprint in space. these images are reflected in our collective memory.
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it was far more than a scientific expedition it was the fulfillment of an age old dream of mankind an exhibition project examines the way artists have approached it high heels on the moon. for at least pointed reference to the under-representation of women in space flight this installation carries a touch of the poet earth's moon earth in 2007 scottish artist katie patterson transmitted beethoven's moonlight sonata in morse code to the moon before the landing artists regarded the moon above all is a mystery a celestial body an embodiment of fears and desires especially for a surrealist flickering of market. within just a few years the movie would symbolize very different fears and desires the space
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race was on who will win the soviets or the americans it was the dawn of the space of. many artists took a critical perspective on it. others were fascinated by the technology among them british pop artist richard hamilton. doubtless for he actually sense that this moon landing this spice rice program would very noticeably affect our daily lives inside the concept of streamlining in design for instance or lightweight materials and the miniature of technology. 969 as soon as they laugh. the americans planted their flag on the moon by gesture that inspired pop artist andy warhol as late as 97 just before his death. it was billed as a mission for all mankind. british nigerian artist chink or show any
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body suggests a space walk in wax print suits it's a multi-faceted work centered on themes of colonialism lifestyle because it shot many segments of society the black and asian communities all women have never been to the moon the job process called for men if a certain age and this whip refers to that fact in a very ironic why ornish off the top thought. the most famous image in the exhibition isn't an artwork. on december 24th 1968 apollo 8 astronaut william anders made the earth rise photo revealing a shining french a world. after decades of manned space travel no other planet has been found where humankind could live. the moon news no longer an object of fear and design or. it's the earth itself. now the
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composer and record producer brian eno is one of popular music surprised influential figures and original member of roxy music he went on to produce seminal albums for people like you to david bowie and coldplay he's also a huge fan of space exploration of my colleague thorsten gottesman recently met up with him to talk about the significance of the moon landing for him. to you know how do you remember the moon landing off 969 what did you do back then . i had just left out school and i was living in la the next door to my old painting professor we sat in the kitchen looking at his. little television. and it was getting evening and there was a full moon in the sky 2. that's actually where they are now those people live there and it was an incredible moment
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with everything contracting into this moment in time and of course i realize that was a very historic point in the history of the human race it was a piece of art it was this idea. hey we could do this we could make this happen how did it inspire you as an as an artist as a musician i didn't suddenly go and start making space music but i was already working with electronics and electronic instruments them's the kinds of sounds that they produced were unearthly i kept finding myself thinking about the universe instead of the earth thinking about you know a galaxy is a. the emptiness of space for example and i started to think actually most of the universe is silence the only place that there is any. actual noise
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is on us you need an atmosphere for there to be noise so we are the noise in the universe as far as we know we don't know any other source of noise. it's us just so we do this thing called making music for quite mysterious reasons i think and i think one of the reasons is it's a way of saying i am here. every summer since $993.00 the queen's official residence buckingham palace has opened to the public and queen elizabeth retreats to her favorite castle balmoral in scotland so for a few weeks the public get a glimpse of what it's like inside the hollowed halls of a royal residence and every year there's a special exhibition as well this time all about the current queen's great great grandmother queen victoria. a glimpse of a secret world the heart of the british monarchy has been beating here for 182
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years as both private home and official residence but once a year the doors open to ordinary mortals this year they can enjoy an exhibition dedicated to a woman who shaped the monarchy like no other queen victoria she made both a family home and a public residence and this is something that we think today is very important because a woman in power doesn't have to be a man just have to look or behave or think like a man she can be herself and that's what we've picked laureate each said i'm a mother i'm a wife and i'm a queen and i want to house that fits all 3. victoria was just 18 when she ascended to the british throne buckingham palace was still a building site but victoria chose to move in any way some think of a statement according to historian kate williams it's a massive palace in central london it is gigantic statement from victoria say i'm
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not a child queen i'm an adult and i'm moving into this huge palace and beginning its giant operation of monarchy. she took the operation seriously victoria and husband albert had 9 children in or victoria had the royal seat revised and extended as a center of society she oversaw the building of the famous for some art with a balcony still used on well occasions today. victoria really was the 1st wall to use spin to use media spin to create the image of the perfect wall family the perfect queen and that was the way with which victoria transformed the monarchy . victoria reigned for almost 64 years a record that only fell to the current queen in 2015 there is a buffer. 2nd has already been to see the exhibition taking place in her own home
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on july 25th it opens to the general public. so the 93 year old queen elizabeth the 2nd has been on the front for 68 years that means most british people have never known another monarch more on that story and all the others on all web sites at g.w. don't call them slash culture about soul for now though so for me bob i.
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granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from minds. welcome to the girl next you tube channel. was a good find of story. with exclusive insights. the must see concerning parts and culture in your own. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe don't miss out. the forest area equivalent to 30 soccer pitches is cleared and freeman of. our consumerism is causing a radical depletion of 1st. place. for 25.
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current. or has it. forests and money. tragic reality behind the exploitation starts july 24th. britain's foreign secretary says iran has captured a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz iranian officials confirm the ship was stopped for what they called noncompliance with international maritime laws and regulations the tanker has been taken to an undisclosed iranian ports. a strong earthquake has hit just north of the greek capital athens the 5 point one magnitude tremor sent people running out into the cities.


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