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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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it's just that. nobody tickle permanent live wire and tireless worker for dormans cause here he's simply part of the package. make up and if he lives and breathes the whole thing very intensely it's in his nature and it's just what makes him such a perfect fit here for all affection. and so we see so let's leave him in peace for a while. the distilled or surgery of dr blecker the 56 year old author peter specialist is a renowned sports physician among his clients triple grand slam winner angele kava the dusseldorf ice hockey team and for the past 12 years the city's footballing finest from fortunatus was off today john symond is here for an after care appointment the fortuna fullback suffered
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a serious ankle injury in the mid february match with labor coups and it wasn't certain he play again before the summer. when your body's your tool to train you need a doctor like olf if you have to take a break you make sure you get it if he says yes you're ok if he says no that's the way to. the doctor a psychologist and a reassuring presence. i mean kill muslims you can see how busy it is here i think it's remarkable not only how he finds the time but when you hear him he gives you the feeling you are the most important person in the world of us to feel good just in the moment they receive some mention of. the actual surgery is only part of the job for blecher he also understands the value of forging a bond with the players. i work from an emotional angle i was very unwell myself for an extended period i know what it's like to be on the other side. and as
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a patient it can be catastrophic to sit facing someone supposed to be making you better cold and standoffish where there's no woman no words of comfort no human touch your order in our name. that doctor for body and soul it's a quality much appreciated by the gist of the players and their coach. the harmer a our relationship develops over time into one of the real friendship. because wolf is just a terrific guy. as are fun for him school students are very conscientious and he treats everyone with the utmost respect i'm just happy to have him as a friend because to human mccomb you can always go to him with your problems and not just the physical things directly related to your job that he takes the incidental stuff as well and that he can help fix a lot of problems when you don't know where to turn or can always call the dog and him to you in the right direction before david to sting him anything beyond
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anything you've been building i find that very touching it's nice to be spoken off so fondly by the coach and also such a long serving player at the club so that it all has its own you can't help but be moved by that entrenched question of kind of what we were. both blekko fortunato saw us all round medicine man. the sun for miles just the way i am i so wish. saturday in falls but it's 6 30 in the morning. the only volkswagen arena visitors at this hour a couple of croakers. peters always on the job already groundsman tend to be early risers yeah that's always us
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because our much day starts and help us 6 with the final trim we run the mower over the pitch one last time before getting mean i'm on a platform affordable for them. that's more than $7000.00 square metres of grass waiting to be nipped and tucked. lunch time sometimes i do it on my own belief sometimes a colleague does spend money the total distance is about 13 kilometers i think it's a good morning workout. at least but this kind of i enjoy it it's exercise it's peaceful just really nice shirt. after that he's got his fresh seed over the more worn out patches not least in the penalty box the imminent action will actually help the process along. that hobart comic sign of the goalkeeper stamps the same date with the studs so by the end of the game you'll hardly see any of the fresh seed it's all here so would become stuck with the 1st
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time keeper and like other players basically finish off the receding forests and that helps keep the penalty folks in play a competition for how many people. it's time to waterville all. yeah you see members in 2 hours before kickoff will start sprinkling the pitch that's why it's nice dry weather today so i will have to make sure it's all well halted best of luck to the voices and somehow it seem like to play on a moist pitch that. keepers in particular the wetter the better for keeping the movement of the balkan sisters for life that's very important with the pitch now prep to pre-match perfection the 1st part of peter's i was working day is done.
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marcus boy is match day shift also starts early last bus driver and kid manager is monk the 1st at the stadium getting all the gear ready. tracksuit warm up with a shirt underwear socks shorts shirts. stands for blades flip flops towel. and the guys who no doubt think of something else they need later . marcus play for glass back him self up to reserve team level alongside a certain stephan efron but. there i was a bit younger and i had to help our few times i know him well from back then. i met a few in tina just before i became kid manager here when he 1st came back that i thought he was like an old or young woman by the don't long ago. today rylan rivals . and very good manager of apostolos has a thoughtful gift for his opposite number. then we should thank you this is for
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my former youth team coach he might be a sadly suffered a major struggle he's a great deceiver file and he's always bugged me to get one of these shirts i'll give it to him tomorrow he'll be delighted thanks only for in my pleasure. then it's back to the changing room duty for marcus and his colleagues it takes a couple of hours. it was solid effort to get everything shipshape. them are using fuel from where the guy some of the stuff and they're happy that's my job done i don't leave them in pain without them i think us about enough from the way. i keep a low profile along with the one who don't know. the players have all they need for the jewel would just hold off it's very clear the market boy is an ember of the glove box. some say he's the bus driver others call him the
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kit manager for me for me he's motivational coach mentor and more. we get along really well. so he's as much a part of the changing room as. he's so many sides to so many good qualities and really nice guy. in shorts he's something of a father figure to the play a relationship that naturally gives rise to its own little conflicts. with if you're in the museum they listen to you wouldn't really be my thing but i don't give it a go of it always has its advantages my daughter is 19 and warmer in the car to get a chill sometimes i. sometimes i go in the car and hit some my slave. with the stadium chores done marcus heads back to the hotel to pick up the players and good time. victims a part of the biggest worries getting bank here on time still makes me slightly
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nervous i don't want to be late and i'm pretty much routine i'm going to be home around all sort of asked why don't you as a. woman signorelli do enough 4 hours before kickoff norbit declare arrives at the stadium you know the routine inside out for that special every time. when a man when i stop getting nervous that's when i'll stop doing it straightaway herself. last week i think you should be a bit nervous when it's your job to communicate with 80000 people. a job he's been doing at birch adult men since 1992. students 127 years if there is folk on the south terrace think i've been doing it since 99 and i've
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never seen anyone else there. and you can't separate an old footballer from his match day rituals commercial chances are the greatest of all the last time we won sight of their own judge again. without a script or feelings although i always have a little energy drink to belmont if it. also obligatory the pre-match sausage with a few colleagues but this time someone is missing. i see my one now which is new coming today. but there's also a positioning issue with the brought the stand. to dispense a should be on the other side. but there mustn't oracle brings good tidings. send mustard yellow that's a goal for dog mort the reds go for the opposition and i can't see any clear red it's more of a mix with a lot of yellow so for one of the islands. it's a place so. sick that i do the pa course you could put the best
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face possible. and so to the main event preceded by a telling display of devotion on the set of terrorists. that the father brought his son along that's why the stadiums jam packed every time we really have to preserve this law of football experience i flew 5. kickoff is fast approaching and nobody can get to know how much this game will demand over. the back of both bird spirits are high the bulls are doing well out on the pitch to meticulously tended by peters out while another highly respected colleague can. see this is why he's a friend as well gabin fish but i say we enjoy helpful kids from people just
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a hater and the good job he does with his staff i want to say straight out that we've got the best page in the pointlessly get it right and it's one of the best in this league playground jeepers services are required on a daily basis trading. post of mine we also need to pitch back there in about half an hour and see if you could move that one again you know. there could see the country. beaches work quite literally as the routes for the walls on the field success. then fade and his team operate to the highest standard. i've often said to the players it's the standard we should be aiming for. it's an ongoing process says doesn't the power good seem have a lot of other people backing the mom and they can find if you mention later and his colleagues apostles that this team won and this is really tough work a master of his trade will make that masters one of god's top tournament's is
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a job on the side for peter. cox from other words about ice time so your gust of masters in the stimulus from that course is always a mint condition for the trolls monotonously when they do something there they do it properly i love that's just me but i have passion for playing surface quality and here's the next acid test. walk a mile long street folks struggling for much to choice here. honestly. against an over high stakes dobby encounter pizza and his pitches well. this is a little sick. but you know it's often a guy with balls but chasing european however baffling the drop no blade of grass remains uncontested it takes its toll. connection by a lot of slides tackles and one on ones are never good news for the pitch but will
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fill in the divots and smooth out the routes at half time and after that hopefully score not to go by the bushies but. just before the break peter gives his own team to. pass me on the same procedure as usual let's go over the cast and you'll have to clear away the paper back there and watch out i'll be richer in the whole pitch again how fast the speed just won't get offended. they have a quarter of an hour to get the pitch back into the best possible condition that means removing the confetti from the home and. catching up any on field damage and giving the grass another good watering the half time effort pays off as well spurs do school best 2nd goal. and then have to well work strikes on it equally well so. young of being what we want to pitch that's amenable to that kind of technical football right streets of the finish in north america where the
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players can still pass the ball around smoothly to fight off i think it was the 82nd minute when we made it 31 it's always nice for us to see a pitch still in decent condition after 90 minutes on. 3 points earned on a good pitch that's satisfactory day's work. and that's what we want to make the following week easy everyone is in good form no arm and pulling a long face again. with kids as our way in the pack the walls native tough is that big green. it's matchday in just a little with local rivals munching clap but the visitors heading into the stadium if blecker feels the usual mix of emotions anticipation of the one made out moments when you look at a 54000 people in one huge rule 5 and tension. within
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you know sitting there enjoying the match your constant not waiting for something to happen and a totally focused and she come at it slip one arm because. they're just off arena despite the usual worry happily compounded by the players. will be running here it's a running gag where the hottest drives from back to just off the shore to find the traffic jam evident stealthing marcus boyer has got his charges the stadium in good time. home team doctor or blecher is ready and waiting. on that slot back arriving that's their bus up front. the hosts appear soon after all to a personal greeting from the doctor. some just shake your hand others like a hug or word of encouragement and that's a kind of a ritual. then it's down to business. just.
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to say just. one last chance for marcus boyer to lend a helping hand before he's reduced to the role of observer and today it's tough to watch. i trust that. by contrast in the distance or dug out it's adopted delight. which i suspect. lawson atmosphere it's spine tingling even an old hand like freedom fungal has intimated he also if i was feeling it to. celebrations aside there's work to be done. to the medical staff. to something so. it could be a hip flexor strength. completely inside job.


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