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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2019 7:30am-8:01am CEST

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do you feel as if. anyone who has ever been to the south of england would have noticed the numerous ones on the river thames once a year there's a ceremony to find out just how many of them there are swan upping as a custom from the 12th century when the swans were still a popular delicacies to royalty the swans are no longer eat enough course and today the ceremony is directed towards conservation of these beautiful birds. these aren't just any swans they are royal swans they belong to queen elizabeth the 2nd but at least some of them do just in many belong to the queen is the term and during swan upping the tradition that's much loved by many brits. we just love watching it the ceremony we live in windsor and it just may come out
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this latest it happened today they started some very. productive times and they've come down to earth is about some 2 normals so. it's part of the station below says it's because it leaks taps on. the tradition of counting swans in the river thames dates back to the 12th century back then people used to serve them up on high days and holidays a delicacy that wasn't reserved for the royals everyone wanted to own swans majesty has the right to claim any swan swimming in open waters and mocked in the united kingdom the king or the queen gave royal charter to many many people and they used to buy them on the beaks so you had this unique mark on the peak and that carried on for years and years and years david barber has been her majesty's official swan marker since 1903 they no longer feature on royal menus but every year they are
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counted on expected the boats and uniforms date back a century. we lift them out of the water we put a toy around their legs and the adults around their wings we will take them ashore we will weigh them we will measure them and we check them for any injuries. nowadays the young swans are only marked for the gills of it mirrors and dyers. based on who the birds parents are the royal marker do. that barber decides who they belong to. the mark birds belong to the sovereign. these days the appalling of the tradition is about conservation. in recent years when the herman has had to rescue a lot of swans. it ranges from fission injuries talkative dog attacks is really really bad at the moment where people. are late and then the dogs will attack the
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swarms and we have lanterns we are shooting people shoot them deliberately we have so many injuries people think it's not busy but we're busy all year round. to raise awareness about the safety of the swans david barber and his team also speak to schoolchildren who are all ears but even get a chance to stroke the cygnets. if it goes the right way which with god in it the right way into conservation in education people like the public like it and course is protecting the swamp population on the thames for the future if we weren't here we would have more difficulties we'd lose a lot more swans. david barber and his team are finished for today but next year they would be back again performing this centuries old tradition on behalf of their self and.
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a completely defend but also very british tradition to wear fancy hats and you don't even have to be a member of the royal family. fiona bennett comes from england but for many years she has lived and worked as a hat designer in the german capital berlin we met her for our series planet brylin where we introduce you to people from all around the world who run caffie shop studios and clubs in berlin you can find all the stories in our web special so let's meet a woman who runs a store here but also makes hats for the rich and famous. fiona bennett never feels properly dressed without a hat she created squid headgear in her berlin studio. that lynn is always on the go and that fascinates me. in fact that's what keeps
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me here even though sometimes i dream about living someplace else. but if i've been gone a while and then one come back i realize so much has already happened here at the time i really do want to be part of it off the wall. fiona has been designing ladies and men's hats for life's glamorous moments since the late 1980 s. her hat salon in the central cure gotten district is our studio and shop in what she displays her creations like works of art. i have visions in mind of how i can dress up and deck out and improve a person. here mind. that want. to see sound one out on the streets wearing a model of mine and feeling good maybe better than before that's the great
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enjoyment my what gives me. classical whimsical or extravagant but wearable that's fiona bennett's look. her current collection is inspired by digits kimo knows. berliners are her only clients christina aguilera also wears fiona bennett's creations so does model not here our model in hollywood star brad pitt. he discovered her caps when he visited berlin in 2008. i was lucky enough to have him pick out the malcolm campbell. i need didn't take it off again for yes. but ordered more of them in every shape and fabric. if you want to bet it was born in 1956 important england her 1st years in the elegant seaside resort have
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stayed with her even after she moved to berlin with her family i think if 6 has the egg then as the english a very eccentric in the best sense of the word. they like to dress. themselves out and party as i remember. and i think as a little girl i took a lot of that in. but then i feel more like. because i've spent the greater part of my life here. and i think the 2 cultures mixed together inside me. does it fight couture commish. as a child fiona already knew she wanted to be an artist she trained as a milliner in 1902 she started her own studio in downtown berlin and raised eyebrows with off the wall fashion performances.
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later she provided film productions with her hat creations and design the costumes for the rock group launch times very 1st tour. if i'm glad i was a single mother my son was 2 years old when i opened my 1st child and i didn't really have any of the chinese and i told myself ok i'm going to conquer the world from. the owner finds inspiration for her house and other projects among us casa not far from her studio she likes the neighborhoods feel both tough and smart at the same time. there stylish apparel contemporary art and always something new to be discovered here. staying alert and curious is fundamental to the artist. my name's mark to my motto is to remain flexible if you remain flexible nothing really bad can happen to you. and i think the city of bin laden can teach you to do
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that i'll be out. some day maybe she'd like to return to her roots and live by the sea again but until that day comes fiona bennett will remain true to her live. city tour on all fours. guffey hard even. new hobby cudgelling. is a hobby grumbling khanaqin job leaseholder. together there the pasqual berlin the series with berlin or bite. on facebook dot com slash d w g r x. some of europe's customs and traditions probably seen quite bizarre to outsiders at the locals are always there for body and soul just like at the tomb of the barrack a festival this is
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a yearly celebration of the religious holiday corpus cristi the inhabitants of a small catalan town always organize a huge festival which lasts several days your max reporter micah true growth threw herself into their turmoil. when giant stands on the town square and dragons priest fire. it's time for love in baghdad. what have i got myself into. when the lights go out the crowd goes crazy and dina's in each. bag is a town of roland $16000.00 residents at the foot of the pier innings every year around corpus christi the town pulls out all the stops for a 5 day festival celebrated with with tickle and symbolic figures much as it has
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been since the middle ages. i'm not only here for handshaking with those giants i'm here to try out everything in the car to devour even to get under his skirts if it's possible. and to carry him a bit but this fall with things but the starts with small of things. soon on the subs pier town square several 1000 people will be standing close together in their mid to date they'll be celebrating. the 1st of 2 buttons today where the biggest dance around and the mix of the. small office is also on hand like to join in so i need. one of the 8 costumes for 25 years now. how old is this cat i. didn't mean or how old when it's from 853 so it's 176 years old to be about why we have to treat these heads with respect
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. very very important that. i've discovered this because there are actually 2 whereas there were only a few live here and are integrated into the community are you allowed to dance in the festival. so i won't be allowed to dance at the battlements so. let me try on behalf. 12 kilos it's not easy to keep your balance inside it and dad's to. get out there in the water and experience. it takes off outside the demons wife their wallets around showering spock's in the town all that prepare for their appearance i throw myself into the mix of the fact . by the way in 2005
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unesco added a leopard in the bag or to its list of the intentional heritage of mankind. the sunsets on bad days 2nd part is about to begin i've decided i want to try out the whirling. for 10 years now even sanchez other vegas has been carrying the over for me to visit the possibility that i carry him a little bit. really weird. ok how did how much the giant weighs just 93 kilos and has face fully served for over 150 years now can i lift 10 i guess you really have really strong the legs. our. brain. no.
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no i give up ok i wish you luck and have fun this evening and despite so there's my right i just you know. it's certainly going to be a hard night for even such as a brother because the platoon is repeated 4 times i look for spots to watch from a safe distance. away behind me even more crowded than the people are waiting for the so the kids and there will be. devils jumping around and spending fires so it makes strays you know the people here i guess and i guess i would. say. the locos and chewy is i'm looking like me celebrate until half past 3 in the morning. when the fire demon start jumping the south the plants i'm really glad not to be in the thick of it all.
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and that's all we have time for today but def again to follow us on social media and if you want to enter our draw to win an exclusive wristwatch then you can find all the details on our website glad you could join us and from the entire mex team here and berlin take care and hope to see you again soon. because if.
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was. the courageous opposition of their parents changed everything for them children of resistance fighters in the legislation today they see how their mothers and fathers are all made as heroes. still haunted by the pain of the loss and indignities they suffered in the legacy courage and sons and daughters of the resistance in 15 minutes long d.w. . war. the quiet melody resilience michael white of the mood. to rebuild resonate within its.


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