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players. like. there's hardly a better place to end a day on the place in the bar it's famous in hamburg what a wonderful view. hamburg without the elbow that's impossible the river is hammers lifeline so on the one hand it's a useful traffic route and on the other it's in a way this tranquility so no wonder the elder fascinates so many people including
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myself clear. glenn the be a glut . of. glenn this is
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a very different lineup the theme behind the book. the battle to get me a good. one so promise helmut kohl now is a lot more powerful woman chancellor merkel in the refugee crisis her words we can do this once down in history immigration policy most compassionate but also controversial. we look back at america's 14 years as german chancellor in honor of her 65th birthday. the. robots are still in the development phase. but it's going to happen when they.
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will humans and machines will be able to peacefully co-exist or are we on the verge of a robot collapse. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand if you seem to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake mystery. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. use robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . was.
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everyone knows the spaces the stars lighting up the bundesliga week in week out the behind the scenes many others a hot work like marcus boyer bunching that bus bus driver kids manager and general go to guy to sing when you got on your front i'm telling you i just want a fish was. that dr keeps an expert on the team's most precious assets. if it's on what i need. peace has always tossed me keeping both good stuff in tip top condition. i need
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some kind of themes. and i love that stadium and i also know about dicko is the absolute embodiment of burruss yet dormant and knocked out from god and with his riches and this is the lives they lead to. their bundesliga team behind 13. get the inside look at these crucial performers behind the scenes on kick off. norbert dickel has long been a cult hero in dortmund most certainly since he bags of braces they beat braman in the 1989 german cup final. he's been the club's stadium announcer since 1992. last. but not be as he's widely known here has many more strings to his book.
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title i work for the sales and marketing department one drawn for helping find and engage new sponsors somebody i've also got to keep on top of the club's internet radio live stream. that's been going 20 years next week hard to believe for me to fall then there's all the stuff of. our in-house broadcast channel and the anchorman and we film a lot with the t.v. . playing field. and he has a very special guest today october oist don't like captain home town hero and now father. for all the brucia euphoria there is more to life than for all those you can testify that this yeah absolutely. just blew me away. i mean credibly how. among the months michel lead it's something you can simply fully comprehend into like experiencing itself and i wanted to be right there when the tiny little being comes into the world it's
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a. mazie the feelings that surface in that moment from go and then there's also just the prying having become a faster one father for russia stars up close and personal an obit because what's that can't stay serious for too long. the full joy. at the same battle for. my dear mother fairness to. which it's. no better to call a permanent live wire and tireless worker for dormans cause here he's simply part of the package. to. make up and live the lives and breathes the whole thing very intensely it's in his nature and it's just what makes him such a perfect fit here. and so busy so let's leave him in peace for
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a while. the distilled or surgery of dr blecker the 56 year old orthopedic specialist is a renowned sports physician among his clients triple grand slam winner and julie caballe the distal dorf ice hockey team and for the past 12 years the city's footballing finest from fortunate just as of today john similar is here for an after care appointment the fortuna fullback suffered a serious ankle injury in the mid february match with labor crews and it wasn't certain he play again before the summer. when your body's your tool to train you need is delta like olf if you have to take a break to make sure you get it if you says yes you're ok if he says no that's the way to. the doctor a psychologist and a reassuring presence. mico most you can see. you how we see us here i think is
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remarkable is not only how we find the time but when you hear it gives you the feeling you are the most important person in the world so many of us can feel good just when the moment they receive the mention of. the actual surgery is only part of the job or you also understand the value of forging a bond with the place. i worked from an emotional angle i was very unwell myself for an extended period i know what it's like to be on the other side and as a patient it can be catastrophic to sit facing someone supposed to be making you better cold and standoffish where there's no woman no words of comfort no human touch you know what we've got in our name. i talk to the body and soul it's a quality much appreciated by the dissident players and their coach. the harmer our relationship develops over time into one of the real friendship before because wolf
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is just a terrific guy. and those are fun for team school students are very conscientious and he treats everyone with the utmost respect i'm just happy to have him as a friend because so human mccomb you can always go to him with your problems not just the physical things directly related to your job at anything but the incidental stuff as well and he can help fix a lot of problems was when you don't know where to turn or can always call the dog in him even the right direction before david testing in the immediate environment you've been building i find that very touching it's nice to be spoken of so fondly by the coach and also such a long serving player at the club side of that office as though you can't help but be moved by that interest question just kind of what we were. fortunate or so those all round medicine man. does i'm told miles just the way i am i so wish.
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saturday in falls but it's 6 30 in the morning. the only volkswagen arena visit is at this hour a couple of pro. peters hours on the job already groundsman tend to be early risers yeah it's always us because our much day starts and help us 6 with the final trim we run the mower over the pitch one last time before getting to me and i'm on a platform of fordham's. that's more than $7000.00 square metres of grass waiting to be nipped and tucked. lunch from the sometimes i do it on my own belief sometimes a colleague does the total distance is about 30 miles long which is it's
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a good morning workout. at least ruckus kind of i enjoy it it's exercise it's peaceful just really nice shirt. after that he's got his fresh seed over the more worn out patches not least in the penalty books the imminent action will actually help the process along. that hobart comics i know the goalkeeper stamps the scene date with. so by the end of the game you'll hardly see any of the fresh scene it's all here so would be kind south of me a thief but i'm the keeper and mark of the play is basically finish off the receding forest and that helps keep the penalty folks in play a competition for home but. it's time to waterville all. members in 2 hours before kickoff will start sprinkling my pitch that's why it's nice dry weather today so i will have to ensure it's all well halted best of luck forces and from our team like to play on a moist pitch. for him to keep his in particular the works of the better for
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keeping the movement of the ball sister for the life that's very important with the pitch now prepped to pre-match perfection the 1st part of peter's i was working day is done 6. marcus boy is match day shift also starts early mention that 1st bus driver and kid manager is monger 1st at the stadium getting all the gear ready. tracksuit warmer. underwear socks shorts shirts. stands for blades flip flops towel. and the guy said no no doubt think of something else they need later.
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marcus play for glass back him self up to reserve team level alongside a 7 stefan effen back. there but i thought i was a bit younger and i had to help our few times i know him well from back then. he met a few in tina just before i became kid manager here when he 1st came back inside so he was like an alter government by the don't long ago. today rylan rival. and very good manager all of the parts as a thoughtful gift for his opposite number. that we should thank you this is for my for my youth team coach him out here sadly suffered a major struggle he's a great deceiver file and he's always bugged me to get one of these shirts i'll give it to him tomorrow he'll be delighted thanks ali. my pleasure. then is back to changing room duty for marcus and his colleagues it takes
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a couple of hours. it was solid effort to get everything shipshape. if you will come when a guy some of the staff when they're happy that's my job done i don't leave them in pain with me i think us about enough for the way. i keep a low price. for the work. the players have all they need for the jewel would just hold off it's very clear that marcus boy is an interim ember of the club but. some say he's the bus driver others called him the kit manager. for me he's motivational coach mentor and more. we get along really well. so he's as much a part of the changing room as off. he's so many sides to so many good qualities and it's really nice guy. in shorts he's something of a father figure to the play a relationship that naturally gives rise to its own little conflicts. with the
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canoeing the music they listen to wouldn't really be my thing but i. give it a god has its advantages.


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