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it's simple online on your mobile and free. t w z e learning course. german made easy. this is deja news live from berlin another weekend of anti-government protests in hong kong ends in violence police using tear gas and firing rubber bullets to disperse thousands of demonstrators as protesters sought refuge in a train station they're attacked by masked dogs thought to be triad gang members.
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coming up another big one for ukraine's president exit polls giving volodymyr celebs fees party a commanding lead after sunday's parliamentary elections but let me get the absolute majority he's hoping for. and the countdown is on again for an ambitious launch india become the 4th nation to land a probe on the moon launch time is in a few hours. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us in hong kong a 7th straight weekend of anti-government protests have descended into violence the demonstrations began peacefully as tens of thousands rallied against that controversial extradition bill that they fear will erode the city's autonomy now as
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protesters headed for the office of china's communist party police fired on them with rubber bullets and tear gas and in a new development suspected triad gang members attacked the demonstrators. it was a night of violence in hong kong these videos shared on social media showed anti-government protesters and reporters being attacked as they tried to exit a subway station by a seemingly coordinated group of men all dressed in white t. shirts elsewhere in the city dispersed or we fire this was the warning from riot police as protests continued well into the night. demonstrators used whatever they had on hand to avoid clashes as others through eggs and paint at the china liaison office. some managed to find shelter to recover from the effects of tear gas. many are calling for an independent investigation into police actions
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. to pull a little bit about but before calling this violence we must look into the roots of it we need to look at the bigger picture and that's why we need an inquiry which. although the controversial extradition bill which sparked these rallies has been suspended the demonstrators aren't backing down. many of them feel like this may be their last chance to hit the fan home holes eroding freedom and fight for democracy something they know for. with momentum building and the protests showing no sign of abating all eyes are now on the hong kong executive and beijing. ok let's go straight to hong kong now are joined by the reporter who put that together for us. good morning to you know phoebe do we know anything about these masked men we have the rumors that there are triad members what can you tell
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us about them. this is through a big question mark for most of the hong kong people and you have mentioned there are many rumors saying that they are coming from some gangs or like try society and it's still unclear what their what the identity i mean these are these mosque man r. and r. and so far there is no organization and means any responsibility on these kind of attack. but we can but i can share facts to you that your long is at this church which are controlled or like where the gangsters always lie here and get there very often so this may be something related to my society but some rumors also suggesting that this may be something like related to some probation lawmakers 6 because one of the probation lawmakers appeared at the are somewhere nearby the
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crash scene right before the attack so. it is still unclear and i think we have to wait for the and say off the police and the investigation of the police ok this represents though no matter who these people were a real escalation in hong kong what about the protesters what demands are activists leaders making now and are they directed to hong kong's leaders who are beijing. this movement this anti extradition deal movement has lasted for like over a month and so far right now it's more than something more than like asking the government to scrap the field but most of the people there are also very angry with how the police handled the clashes over the past few weeks and also what we have seen last night so and on a major the maoist a i asking for the government to set up an independent inquiry
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to to investigate audit controversies. and also they're asking for them to step down and more importantly they are asking for true democracy which is something they failed to to fight for 5 years ago and so right now it's not just about extradition below the asking for more about to defend hong kong freedom and fighting for democracy which is guaranteed in the state constitution ok freedom democracy this is what they're looking for now does this mean that the protesters are looking for a complete break with china and political independence from the mainland is that where this is heading to be. a someone not suggesting some like i.b.s. by what you have mentioned the way specially on some of the protest is they demonstrate in front off to beijing the asian office in hong kong yesterday and.
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of course some of them they do support phone call independence but that is not the majority all the protests to the mons and that is just a minority of them and more like over by many they're asking for want to mention this democracy and they're asking for a 100 governments and also the chinese government to uphold the autonomy which has scanty and promised in the sino british that cloyd declaration and in cities in this constitution so on independence it's not something like most of it you know by asking for yeah. maybe tong for us in hong kong many thanks. in c. train now where. servant of the people party look set to win the poll that took place over the weekend the new party of the comedian turned president is on course for arizonan victory in parliamentary elections exit polls an early counting showing him well ahead of rival parties but possibly short of a full majority he may need
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a coalition partner to help push through promised reforms. the former comedian who attended ukrainian politics once before by becoming the country's president is set to do it again exit polls put flood mr lensky 7th of the people party on course to win the biggest chair of the votes in ukraine snap parliamentary election was why they're. speaking off the exit polls were released selenski outlined the goals he hopes a convincing win would bring more easily within reach. of grange have predicted it was about them as. well our main priority is a small voice and i repeat it is for everyone craning and greens. to end the war return our prisoners home and defeat the corruption that persists in ukraine. you've got to. yeah those eyes of a green year the likely victory for his new party named after the sitcom in which
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he played a president is vital for selenski to consolidate his political power after being elected president by a landslide in april the political novice faced apartment full of his opponents threatening to thwart his pledge to implement radical reforms lucky to come short of the majority selenski will still need a coalition partner to form a government the president said he has invited the goalless party led by rock stars the yet to slough back for coalition talks. many ukrainians welcome to the results of the exit polls putting the president's party ahead at the expense of the old guard. to care for little only the servant of the people i believe all others have already shown themselves they've done everything they could for the ukrainian people and it's time for them to retire. for the night or the year which is just i'm happy that the servant of the people got as much as they did you hear because
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i'm really inspired by what our president is doing right now and i hope you. continue doing the same things with the same pace and enthusiasm. that even with the loyal parliament behind him selenski faces a host of challenges and a country scarred by years of war with russia but separatists with this dilemma he can overcome these problems will become just another and a long line of politicians either unwilling or unable to affect real change is the question that remains on the lips of many. let's find out more now with go solve gristle senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations focusing on ukraine good morning just off thanks so much for being with us as lenski wants to up and ukraine's political system he's a former comedian but his party is composed of novices like himself you know how likely is is real change ahead for ukraine well it's going to be enormously tough the 1st hurdle is getting a government together. will probably fall shoulder of
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a majority so we have found the parliament is sort of takes a seat now the other half still counts of assisting the seat ticket but you would need another 100 wins out before her little ones might get the majority if he makes a coalition he has basically sort of the poisonous a set of the. opposition plus form which would lead to street protests whatever and they actually don't have an agenda with together and then he has 2 parties. very much confronted during the election campaign which is. publishing his party's respect if he's for the party of the previous government he wants to distance himself from the reform. party around rock star has about 6 percent so they probably won't tip the balance so he's in a very tricky position he will probably he will have to turn to one of his former enemies for him from want to form some kind of coalition government what are you
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craning voters saying. with his election what do they want to see happen in the country. basically it's about change and it's about corruption that's that's the main issue and those who voted for selenski they don't trust the established parties to eradicate corruption and they for them corruption is the main issue the other thing is and that is interesting is that exit said it was leading far more in the polls before but in a recent week other topics like gas prices energy prices liberalization which would add additional burdens came in the ticket again and that's for 2 schenkel came back in she her party was about to be dropped or be dropped out of parliament because a few voters and she reached a point with a very populist agenda and it was popular especially amongst the elderly so you have both changed but also kind of insecurity about the future resentment towards reforms and that's what driving yeah the politics ok so there were economic issues
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that dominated this this election and corruption as you mention simmering though in the east of the country is the separatist movement in the donbass how does how does this factor and is alinsky willing to give separatists more autonomy to end the fighting there well he has promised that he will do whatever he needs power to end the war and he made offers to give the separate used increased autonomy the problem is most count that controls these entities ones authority over key if and he's not willing to give them that this means at the end mosco we'll wait to these puppet regimes veto any deal and he's still in that predicament ok now the predicament is that he's tied to the minsk accords lines here the nation is will he have independent talks with moscow is he open to for direct bilateral talks outside of the minsk accord no he won't. talk with russia but in a different setting so in
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a company of british and american at least diplomats as they were signatory powers to the budapest been on them. he will. probably trying to set an agenda that makes him independent from from publishing but there's such and there will not go so far as this maneuvering himself into a way where he's at the mercy of pulte. on the other hand he sold some sort of preliminary means mentation steps on the front line some bit of the d.s. for the tory measures there might be more of this he might secure sort of a slightly more calm frontline that's for the people who are fighting something but he shouldn't expect big warm there's sort of big roles there's stuff wrestle for senior policy fellow the european council on foreign relations thanks very much for coming in here did have news live from berlin still to come on the show one
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week after a technical hitch forced a last minute delay india taking a shot at the moon today we'll have the very latest from the dalai little later in the show. but 1st it's to portugal where some 2000 firefighters are battling massive blaze was in the country south of the sky go region now it's the very same area that was devastated by wildfires just 2 years ago a number of firefighters as well as people on the ground have been injured. the boy's wild fuzz whipped by strong winds in gulf and forests and encroaching on villages a familiar scene for people living in portugal's castello branker region. while files can be deadly because they happen so quickly well there's no maneuverability i never thought this would happen today it was all so quiet yesterday today and this morning i don't know how i don't understand how suddenly there were no means to avoid the situation i just don't understand i will not be able to around the
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world while fuzz becoming more intense and while fire seasons longer key to climate change but because of better precautions since the deadly force in 2017 no one has died in portugal in the last 2 years but there have been injuries especially amongst the firefights as. police have arrested a 55 year old man in castello branco who suspected of starting a fire on the outskirts of town it's hard to control it in such difficult terrain although the winds have died down the fire remains uncontained. this preview now some of the other stories making news this hour israeli forces have started demolishing palestinian homes outside east jerusalem residents were forcibly evicted after a deadline expired for them to remove the buildings israel says are illegal and to close the barrier separating israel and palestinians it's also news to use israel
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using security as a pretext to force them out. british prime minister theresa may is to chair another session of the government's emergency committee to decide on new sanctions against iran after the seizure of the british flag oil tanker hero ron claims that ship failed to respond to distress calls after hitting a fishing boat. the u.s. east coast and midwest are struggling to deal with a severe heat wave that's being blamed for about 6 deaths some windy 5000000 people are under a heat warning or advisory with temperatures climbing above 36 degrees celsius. well india is heading to the moon today a rocket carrying me carrying the chandrayaan 2 lunar lander is due to blast off in just a few hours time that is if everything goes according to plan this is the 2nd attempt to launch the probe after
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a technical glitch caused the mission to be aborted just one hour before launch last week. chandrayaan 2 is india's most challenging mission so far a highly complex undertaking. the spacecraft should reach its destination in the 2nd week of august when it enters an elliptical orbit of the moon. then it will approach the lunar surface. when the landing robot separates from the craft the most exciting phase begins india's 1st soft landing on the moon. to select a landing site is about 600 kilometers from the lunar south pole a region of craters on the dock side of the moon. the blue markings here chauffeurs in ice in craters i spotted by satellites. given the high plateau the
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landing robot should touch down gently ancient rocks. after landing will open its doors and release india's 1st lunar rover on to the surface small as a briefcase it can travel up to 500 meters. with its on board instruments the rover will measure water bearing minerals in the lunar rock as well as the concentration of elements such as aluminum silicon and titanium. meanwhile the landing robot will record moonquakes and explore so-called lunar plasma a thin layer of electrically charged particles above the surface. and the rover will be able to collect data for a few earth days then it will go dark for 14 days that's when the temperature drops
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to $160.00 degrees below 0 celsius. the orbiter will spend a year gathering data about the moon the objective is to fill in the gaps from india's previous mission it has 8 measuring instruments on board their function is to investigate the moon's thin atmosphere and show which minerals and chemical elements make up its surface when. for the 1st time a special radar will be used to determine the location and quantity of frozen water . india's mission is the 1st to bring this type of instrument to the moon. let's go straight now to. the car following the story for us from the indian capital delhi good morning sagna how confident are indian scientists today about about this launch are they holding their breath this is a really exciting mission. that's true it is an exciting mission
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and you know by all accounts today's attempt is likely to be trickier and that's because you know reports say that scientists have a very narrow window of opportunity this afternoon to carry out that mission they have don't have very much flexibility in terms of time because the suitable time slot for this takeoff is literally just a few minutes long so they literally have to get it right all the kind of preparations leading up to the takeoff have to be carried out there with the exact position they can be no room for d.n.a. so i think we're going to see some jittery moments on india's space station of 300 in the bay of bengal on the country's eastern calls a song you can can you give us some perspective on just how important this launch is for the country space program. well this is india's most complex space mission today to know the tundra and to is attempting a soft landing on the kind of uncharted south for that region off the moon and if
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it's successful it would really become only the 4th country in the world to do this off the u.s. russia and china if it if it carries it out it would be a huge technological achievement for india's space agency if you give a big boost to india's space submissions and i think we have to also remember that all the equipment used for this mission the land though that over the orbiter they've all been designed and manufactured in india so it's a wholly indigenous mission carried out at the cost of just $150000000.00 so i think it's successful that's also a testament to india's capability to build high speed. high tech space equipment at a relatively low budget this comes also as the the indian prime minister narendra modi says he wants to expand india's space program further what do we know about the goals for the nation space program. well so we have to remember that india has had the space program in place literally since the 1960 s. but it's true that it's gained new prominence on the prime. on the run from or the
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who is a national city though he's promoted india's space program as a symbol of india's you know rising stature internationally but he's also said it's kind of a you know a buddy walk for india's space defense capabilities if you remember in march of this year during the election campaign mode the has a televised address to say that india had shot down a new all but such like with the messiah that's that's a pretty advanced space given that is i think what india wants to do is really show assert itself as a space nation to be reckoned with and i think the current administration that is a realisation that for india to be a major player in the world stage when he needs to have a big of a space program in place ok much of this will be hinged on what happens later today in that small 2 minute window you were talking about just a few minutes for this launch to be successful song and thanks so much for that. let's get you some sports now on the filipino boxer manny park iau has become the oldest welterweight champion in history at age 40 by beating w.b.
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a champion keith thurman on points and that was in las vegas back in the north fans course following that victory celebrating the national heroes latest achievement allow returns of the philippines to resume his work as a senator and says he hopes to fight again i just will be 41 the next year. while tennis as wimbledon football has wembley and the a question world has often here in germany spectators from around the world have been gathering there for this year's c h i o. international or show the home riders are looking to take the top spots in the dressage and show jumping on the final day of the competition here's how they go. it was a memorable day for isabelle van't she rode to victory on bella rose in the dressage on her 50th birthday. a dream result on a special day for the german writer made all the sweeter with
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a standing ovation and 1st a cake. it was great that it worked so well today and on my birthday that was the icing on the cake or be in the show jumping it looked like another german rider would win but $3700.00 ths of a 2nd made all the difference daniel doyce i had to be content with 2nd place so next e.u. commission chief who was a laugh on the lion watched put on a perfect performance on tobago to head into the jump of. he was there to put it all came down to time and firing to my kids was the. world champion z. mona bloom from germany finished just short of a medal she managed to clear rounds but knocking down this rail jumping coaster 3rd
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place but overall it was a successful day for the german riders on home soil in front of 40000 equestrian funds is. a stitch reminder of our top stories at this hour masked dogs attack al qaida max democracy activists following the latest protest against a come 1st extradition earlier police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators filled the streets for the 7th consecutive week. and a ukraine the former comedian a lot of mayors alliance he's party looks set for a big when in sunday's parliamentary elections but his servant of the people party may fall short of an absolute majority as was he has promised to tackle corruption and try to have a conflict in the east of the country. and india is just hours away from launching an ambitious mission to the moon one week after
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a technical hitch forced a last minute delay a rocket carrying a lunar probe set to blast off for the sausage space. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm brian thomas from the entire news team thanks so much for being here and don't forget there's more to our web site you know dot com.
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