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museum. the museum director takes us to a secret well secured room hears with voice with which should be displayed in the future museum at the site of his former residence in the village of caribbean more than 300 kilometers from the capital but no one knows when it will be built for now the whip along with the boys bible is stored away from public view the museum the state roost is not delivered in terms of the security in the room where it can be displayed in. what man did because we were mandated it the decision to just have to store it we do not want to do when a thing where the other community will not behave so the community mask or big income up with one voice to say this is what we want local media have reported on a dispute among the boys descendants some of them say both the whip and bible
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belong to the family not the government's new c. of it boy is torn she's part of the vid for families and the government. the family feel that it should be in the museum because it's not we cannot own him he's a year little in namibia for the namibian b. but so therefore the family feel that it should stay the national museum but one day if there is an. increase beyond that original item must come to be on this and probably within the family that the different billions of odds which happen to the i know that they did you will ask me that question but leave that question for the family. museum director mary numb with c.c. has been compiling a list of namibian artworks that are still overseas she wants to recover more stolen property but she's learned from the experience that it takes a lot of time and communication to satisfy everyone involved in the process can't
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be rushed back to cape cross it's not yet clear if the 15th century original will stand here once more or if it too will end up in a museum. all prosecutors in the u.s. say football star naldo well be facing criminal charges in a case of alleged rape and although has been accused of sexually assaulting an american woman catherine in a los vegas hotel room that was in 2009 he's always denied the allegations prosecutors say the sexual assault claims couldn't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt the civil case is still ongoing. let's give you a reminder now of our top stories at this hour the british foreign minister jeremy hunt has called on european allies to join together to create a naval force to protect shipping in the strait of hormuz francine's a british oil tanker there on friday. and boris johnson is the favorite to take over as the leader of the british conservative party and as the country's prime
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minister a result of a vote among party members is due to be announced just a few hours ago. this is good news live from berlin the business is up next with gerhard i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being.
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keep calm. yes. yes it's a kind of culture twa to me you send me a phenomena. the
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family the legal. system d w. the finest. looking into the sky for germany. i love berlin. the nation's 50 story spent 15 very personal tips from berlin's very best feature the 1st. book now for planet money for a good back series every week on d w. the forest area equivalent to 30 some pictures is cleared every. hour consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forests. for 25.
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years encouraged. forests and. tragic reality behind. the explosion. starts july 24th. show time in london as britain print passes for a new prime minister. is becoming more likely that has fresh figures indicate britain might already have a recession. and who's going to do the hard labor. in scotland fear that it might soon be without seasonal workers from eastern europe. this is business as in berlin welcomed 160000 people in britain have now taken
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a decision that will reverberate across europe around lunchtime the conservative party will announce the winner off its leadership ballot the chosen one will also become britain's next prime minister odds on favorite is boris johnson and that means no deal breaks it the u.k. out of the e.u. without any agreement on future relations with its most important trading partner will be much more likely than before that while the bridge think time says there's a high likelihood the united kingdom as already entered a recession. a one in 4 chance the u.k. economy is already in recession pending the release of the latest quarterly growth figures has severe downturn in the event of a messy no deal breakfast and sluggish growth in the best case scenario these are the key findings of a report by the u.k.'s national institute of economic and social research about the
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impact of breakfast. it follows a similar outlook in a report the office for budget responsibility or o.b. are released last week speaking on the day of its publication the man in charge of britain's finances had this to say. published this morning shows that. there would be a very significant hit to the very significant reduction. so why do researchers appear to be so united in the belief that bracks is bad for the british economy. one big factor concerns trade with no clarity on how the country's economic relationships will look post-breakfast companies are finding it hard to plan for the future this has led to
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a decline in investment. does in turn has hampered growth forcing the government to borrow more money in order to maintain public services. these signs of weakness says have led to falling demand for the british currency and a slight in the value of the pound. makes imports more expensive meaning shoppers are likely to have to fork out more than they used to. deal or no deal the latest report suggests leaving the e.u. is unlikely to benefit the british economy but the clear wall. joining is that departing in a chaotic fashion could put the wheels in motion for a beer downturn. now joined by york the chief economist of germany's 2nd biggest lender comments bank york from an economist point of view which of the 2 candidates would you prefer jeremy hunt or boris johnson. jeremy hunt he wants to or he prefers to avoid heartbreaks it in survive the impression that he
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would be ready to make more compromises in the negotiations with the european union this is why on a personal note i would prefer him over boris. we just heard the british finance minister philip hammond the report saying that in order to break it will be very damaging for the british economy what about the e.u. economy how damaging will it be for the e.u. . well i think it's damaging both for the u.k. and for the rest of the of the european union you have to understand that for most of the european union countries the u.k. is the 2nd of the 3rd most important trading part of this is especially true for germany think it's a misperception here on the continent that no deal breaks it would only be a problem for the u.k.
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it's also a problem for the european union is specially as a european union the continental europe continental european economy is anyway close to a recession this is also true for germany therefore we should do more to allow for compromise with the u.s. with the u.k. so you're advocating further compromise by the e.u. towards the towards the u k. well i had always been of the opinion that the european union that the european union commission has it's too hot has been too hot in negotiating with the u.k. but on the other hand i do not expect the nuclear the strategy the stance of the european union commission to change fortunately deal or no deal isn't it just time the whole saga was over or is that just me being fed up with reporting on it. well i think many investors in the financial markets would indeed prefer to have
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the saga to be over but on the other hand they are also aware that there are risks and they also like to know what these with their 4 there's no clear position on this. very much economist of comments bank joining us from frankfurt this morning thank you. thank you for what the u.k. does leave european union it will put an end to freedom of movement for fight all migrants that means the u.k. might be short on migrant workers very soon who have done many menial jobs like picking fruit in scotland for example farms benefit hugely from season to labor from eastern european countries. picture perfect scotland. the highlands famous for their breathtaking landscapes the castles and lakes the
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workers on the strawberry plantations over don't get to see this side of scotland almost all of them came here from eastern europe. here and around 300 euros a week here. that equals a month's wages in romania and bulgaria if you go all the way forced. out of what it is and dimitri i own has been spending the summer months in scotland for 7 years now as a new citizen he never had problems entering the country to gregg's it could mean the end of freedom of movement. breaks it also has a worrying effect on scottish farmers. the politicians in london neglect and abandon a says angus quarter who runs the firm he employs 140 seasonal workers not one of them is british. he struggles to find enough local workers in rural scotland. the teacher worries him. we've built up an industry
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entirely based on people coming from the e.u. and without. well it would be very very difficult i mean i don't. i don't know how begin to do our work but also some regional politicians have a different view the breaks that supporters would rather send unemployed scots to work in the fields. to do. when i was a boy. i worked on the farms. when i was at school. we. got. people coming across the gash to bite that coming across this was actually made. you know there were people put up the opportunity. locals however wouldn't want to live in nice containers on the farm and be woken at 5 am to start picking seasonal workers
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dmitri alongside his colleagues dmitri works for the minimum wage often for 10 to 12 hours a day. we had some scottish guys yeah that became. good to the days and they left because of no hard job mitri would like to stay in scotland permanently instead of just during the harvest season and he'd like to see more of scotland than just the strawberry fields his dream is to visit the scottish highlands someday. briggs's could stop ever happening. now to some of the other business stories making headlines today a government panel in india has recommended a ban on all private cryptocurrency it suggests punishments for using the likes of bitcoin including prison sentences and fines the panel urges delhi to consider setting up its own digital currency go back by the central bank.
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has announced a recall of about half a 1000000 cars worldwide because of a 40 engine component the affected models have to lead to 4 cylinder diesel engines manufactured in the past 5 years although said the engine inlet manifold is made of plastic and could melt. chinese telecoms equipment maker huawei has laid off most of the workers at its research in the us fuchsia way employed 850 people at 4 offices including this one in silicon valley company says more than 600 of those jobs have already been caught earlier this year while he was added to a u.s. blacklist the company is considered a risk to national security meanwhile britain postponed a decision on whether to allow wall way to help build its 5 g. network. the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to some humans to fear being made redundant and no job seems to be safe at
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a bar in prague they've taken human machine mixing to a whole new level that a robot well actually makes you a drink but will also give you good relationship by someone. they're known for their efficiency if you know their natural charm these robotic bartenders are the latest stock numbers to be recruited by a nightclub in the czech capital prague and their skill set includes cussing lines pouring sugar crushing ice and mixing it all up into a cocktail. patrons can order the drink of their choice from a touchscreen menu so far there are 16 on offer but the plan is to add dozens more to the menu. but kind of mechanically mixed cocktail compared to one shaken with human flair i love it i've never i've never seen anything are good and that.
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i didn't even know there was a thing. that's amazing.


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