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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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to. admire how i am it's been 50 years since the mainland ish and shops are managers out over the last half century and millions gasoline's laotian hawkins accurately providing the inspiration for you countless hate you now the outcome could come out in 75 minutes on g.w. . the quiet melody resounds michael white of the mood. and did some repeat resonate
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with in its song. the mind and the music. ain't open 1st bond 2019 from. september 6th to september 29th. robots are still in the development phase of soccer but what's going to happen when they grow much. will schumann's admission in spain able to casement co-exist. or are we on the verge of remodelers. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand she seemed to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading throughout our society.
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is this the beginning of a digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. of ai experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines for or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. such for robotics starts aug 14th on t w.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin britain awaits another political shake up in just a few hours the country will find out who will lead the conservative party boris johnson is to the wind and become the new prime minister also coming out. britain's foreign minister calls for our european naval force to protect shipping in the gulf he says action is needed after iran seized the british soil tigers there. and the united states and pakistan discussed working together to end the war in afghanistan after years of strained relations.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us we begin this program in britain where in just a few hours there'll be a new conservative party leader boris johnson is expected to win the head to head against foreign minister jeremy hunt and become the next prime minister of britain whoever takes over will have to solve the political mess of bracks and united a divided party to take britain out of the european union. that's nothing this man wants more than the keys to number 10 downing street where they think that he's a murderer that. they would and fortunately for boris johnson the keys to this forklift truck off found although he's on course to be britain's next prime minister his drive towards the top job has been
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a little bumpy. around with his girlfriend that went public threaten to derail his leadership bid. when britain's ambassador to the u.s. became embroiled in a diplomatic spat with president donald trump johnson was criticized for failing to give him his full support to be better he was even heckled about it in a recent tory leadership hostin. thank you mr johnson has though been very clear about one thing that the u.k. must leave the european union by halloween with or without a deal of to 3 years to misted lines we must leave the e.u. on october 30. 6th he's been criticised for his lack of detail
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how would you handle paragraph 5 c. i would i would confide entirely in paragraph 5 b. because that is the how would you get round watson 5 c. i would confide entirely in paragraph 5 b. which is. i thought you were a man of. the former foreign secretary and london man is still the conservatives favorite candidate and it's the 160000 party members who decide who wins we're going to get young people voting conservative again although. jeremy hunt knows he's trailing mr johnson in the party polls but the current foreign secretary has done what he can to stay in the race he's even promised to embrace a no deal breck's it. if my judgment is that there is no deal to be done i will immediately cease all discussions with the european union and focus the
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whole country's mission or no deal preparations he might be presenting himself as the serious candidates put throughout this contest mr johnson has looked like the man who would be given the keys to number 10. let's get more on this now from london with a lot of parts and from brussels with our correspondent back sander good day to both of you charlotte if we could start with you boris johnson is of course the overwhelming favorite to win the tory leadership and succeed theresa may what's the timeline when are we going to know. well the votes have been counted overnight voting closed yesterday and we're expecting the announcement of the results around 11 shortly after 11 london time so in just a couple of hours then we will know who is going to take over the conservative party and they have become the new prime minister tomorrow and the time i am there
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is pretty tired they will have a very quick turn over tomorrow in front of number 10 downing street to rescind may we'll hold her resignation speech will then go to the queen say her goodbye and recommend the next prime minister most likely boris johnson as we've been saying she was the queen boris johnson will then be welcomed by the queen and then quickly afterwards move into number 10 downing street we're also expecting major cabinet announcements from mr johnson in the course of today and tomorrow the question there of course how many probe will he be having on his cabinet and we are expecting to see more resignations already a number of ministers have resigned because they don't want to work with boris johnson ok a lot happening there in america a view from brussels about the potential prime ministership. well brian you have to say boris johnson knows brussels and brussels knows boris
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johnson quite well also well many people don't know he's a native he was he was raised to respect a good deal of his time growing up since his father was working in the european institutions here and then later before he entered politics he was a journalist i'm he worked as a correspondent in here in brussels and some say that during this time he formed the tradition of british skeptical e.u. journalism with you know colorful exaggerated stories and just another thing that you just got banned for british citizens stories like that and this story telling he even continued during his time as a as a foreign minister when he would come on a regular basis to brussels. to the european council so there he got the reputation that he was ill informed and also quite under platic so with this track record there is not much trust among e.u. leaders and boris johnson ok that was that track record and his promise to get
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britain out of the e.u. with or without a deal that got him where where he is today is no deal bricks at the most likely scenario right now. well and no deal breaker that is becoming more and more likely of course if boris johnson moves into number 10 downing street tomorrow he has sworn to that he is planning on going back to brussels renegotiating that withdrawal agreement that controversial withdrawal agreement and if that doesn't work he's prepared to leave the e.u. without a deal on october 31st and we have to remind all of us that economists are saying that that could have catastrophic consequences for the european union but especially of course for the united kingdom so boris johnson is facing criticism here from also from members within his own from conservative m.p.'s for example and he really has to present a plan there on how he's going to convince the european union that he has
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a plan and not just wants to crush our and get brakes that over with on october 31st a max of course johnson has said that he's using the threat of a no deal to force the e.u. to reopen negotiations to restart talks about the withdrawal agreement is that likely to happen the withdrawal agreement that we have right now took $28.00 member states 17 months of haggling and involves $600.00 papers of legal documents so it would be very very difficult to reopen this and restart it over again in the e.u. made clear time and time again this is the best deal that you're going to get it's not going to get any better so here in brussels or in the european union nobody wants great britain to leave and nobody wants to be in fact responsible to slam the door shut or wants to be the one to slam the door shut on great britain and the commission president elect on the line.


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