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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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we should have been fixed even for german culture looking at the stereotype but if you think the future of the country that i know not. yet needed to be taken is grandma down you know it's all about a new i'm rachel joins me from the. post. on a must. say and. i'm going to give you poison the most the shot if i. see
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if. that's if i don't give you toward going to mars the stuff i know for history of things that i think is hip high i mean. what movement this is even speak more even to the buy these guns a muse some you know these are going to be answered as if to buy. stuff on the boat soit is the fault of even movie new movie she is going to town even if you could still be muslim and. everybody have a dream and you don't need to sell your dreams. you know some. of them thomas cloyd it was one suit. me.
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just. to prevent. even a 2nd. to not expect it to one bug. maybe it also the size of the lake and then the bonds with. the be a few empty seats but it. was . this is. my.
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every thought outside of intimacy just seems to me that i was a child because. i don't really go anywhere so for me it was a way of a way of discovering the well. that. bond in germany was just in the changeable you know the shed a lot of the same characteristics paf chest was difficult to beat although it is that is those sort of things i do think the at the impression of of bonds is really changed in in recent years not just because. of. i think if i wanted watched it's far easier to see. football from all over the world wherever you are in in the world things also parochial nowadays i think people globally know more about than in there is it sit closer courses but also the way that. made them play.
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a brand of football and you know that was the idea of the club create a brand of football as well as the the bond brand so. you know i think people appreciate them maybe for football more than i ever did before. even watching. trying to be fully free and there's also the pitch of the emirates even though god has gone just to have a shot of him that in the fact that they're playing out on those at the start of training that that is something that the players love to see and really enjoy it you can just hear them with 3 and hollering from 10200 mi is the right. but. it's one of the great experiences in european football to put what you gave the
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game like to the big game. oh. ok. let me. say well i sort of isotopic. he's one of the bright eyes of a one to 10. 9. like out the najaf any shots must have had. nowhere else to what. let's be brutally honest this is going to happen more chance of may. have made canada is honey. i think also will come out of the blocks quite
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quickly. but from. the gap in quality. not your place at the moment a barn or a good place. to feel they can be more themselves i'm just watching. a good. time. to keep you. here. i.
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shall be on my. lap. and i think. you know sometimes the way they play is almost sexy so you know and they're really talks a lot about love and sex and you know the interplay between people and that sort of thing. what's these guys you know twenty's you know. just run up and down the field and that sort of thing such a high level. you know it's just to me is a beautiful thing you know it's you know the apotheosis of the human form.
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i want to win and i feel when i play with words. i think you know what poetry and by you have an omen is that they both. they're both expressing an artform. busy you know when when somebody like river is passing the ball to somebody like robin you know all when you know love and love and asking is creating something out of nothing you know or even more so you know from a smaller age you know you see those emotions and you see how they contort their bodies not to score and asked to play. you know and to me that's all very very artful. you know much like that much like really good poetry is.
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when you know in the past a misstep penalty against chelsea. was going. extinct. you know i felt really really awful for you know like i want a row of 1000000 afterwards it's just a shock the surest sure emotion. you know as he's covering his face and then he's trying to you know sink into the ground. and i felt like. you know the best poetry moves you in that simple. he told me i'm out of
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a mouse. he took up the to pick up. the base of. my baseline swipe i feel as if me for my spoiled with a pile of especially. because i got smaller obviously out of it was the good thing but me most common it
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isn't i'm sure he said that the sense of. when pamela. mentioned one. thing and this is covers the mists i was thinking about us. you pamela and you need a song ima be dancer taping for mass that should be an attack on it in. my eyes that we have been. hardest to africa not cause of if we are traumas that we have minimal because the ego of youth and father champions league sega people are violent best now or that's it this is song of lawyer as a man does this i'm going at this on here and by our models i don't mention then
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any make and this minute hot as it does on peace and distance yet the fact comes. all the sort of cool to all the stuff that young fans of sr of this making come up discussed it's sequencers. ah and. you want one who can see what i'm asking. and more nancy from this point out now at the scene of a lot of you feel when you have to decide to send it over to. the united on account of the scene you got invited to for joe was deemed. a minute i made and the money i never never never thought of this falling into sort of. a woman of a. given moment 11 then how they could live in madison.
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digna. saw. veered off a long time in. a machine without even a single pass a little more than once you have a. hose a one opening shot of course in the 1st. burst i want a little if i save you this. was. the full blown war and we vent when the think because we have more time since. the beginning we were in control of the end. u.r.l.
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with you i wasn't you and when you're well as i want one. the new chancellor is the. first. 160 years from bob come to it but it has been for us. throughout the entire time it kept the time i kept thinking how can i. i think i did so i just think and i did i think these guys kissing. lots of times i'm torn and i don't want to come out because time doesn't go by that i thought i'd come and he felt come on the stuff this was and spoke i. think i
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am i. let you know what since that day and i wanted him. i decided not to wear the green . anytime i was the game my hats see him. as a my kind have you know i was young. and had my limits meet as she said i would imus was i'm still in the know in 6th album and i asked him for good or shocks this time
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in fly from crimea north nashville side isn't because now i'll be up for a simple crowd for 5 months of i foresaw. couldn't get off and i was kinda stuff and he. pulled the whole in-flight because it's not by design i'm sure thomas turns up on wednesday some of the record because even though the fictionalized periodicals and possibly the last big out of my visits with. the new i'd see not the same phonology 7 of i may get out almost all of i don't have to be in line sealed 8 so watch it here kind of. the olivia got us proceed. in the car being in that movie and. seeing on the bad the going is a total steal and also people have. done that for child. he had them it's called snowing on non-confidence beckoned my.
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feet. to spike up i think i'm not deep down it's good to be at these he have it somebody and they become didn't pick him up. back in power but as you kind of list of. funny.
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thing is you just. meet them for the fairness. of supply on this bus from here. for state income but sometimes the speed c. i have long believed from a funny thanks again from 5 days to come when mine and i'll think about. the funny. least some of supply and. i don't have schematic that's. not enough people still haven't finished the.
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president things the american. incensing is not. a surprise. or many on through having a doctor saw him with spencer buy him lunch didn't buy the feel but not so much after mind the missions because. he. saw these people giving him a great they have been probing to get how they have been put up machine phones this fog is in believing that flooring. the leak when then i guess i took incident see if he'd been shown that he had just driven in a sitting target for the super speed. so he lab i don't have the system give my dog
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for us so to speak obvious rossi seems finale. and. teatime can sing the cosmic cd. thank you would be a good thank you with was author one of. the my on the song i'm going to kill. me. even for this mess peter she's having. it's a guy was a c. it was a his on his it's called copy tape who was the fuel which he let go that he had taped down dead on it john i think you could use it but if you back.
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talk with your ass then i was using speed sure said martin you go out to the sites once you go for good spirits if you're 55 and we admit it the dog can go by the the you are you with it was because it was about to see you use it to preach you can talk to see if even the community is often you have this often for fraud i saw you have to get through one of them plots the indicative you know. you have yes this. device for it will being on side only but this week it was so funky in one on one see fool that's the success of us they see it seem via sharples league segev what
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normally they have that's the thing here give one ask you since offense and so familiar. we. start making this to this 5th. thing. i. can you know let it. sit by me. and as by now i know that i have the money and said ok. i'm not a good at the whole lot of them buying it and when he said. ok. grail madrid's. mother. had left the other person to stand on the outside
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contractors who. understand him look him up the most law. oh thank you thank. you. thank. you very much look look look look look look. you know get out and run to the. middle. east i made up a case that. said then that you know when. i when i might as well as i used to when this and that was and i said then that you know when they'll be if i'm going to send. them to that i will but i was going overboard can only mean i don't. understand why. i say with. him but i said it when i started out
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and made it more. about the yoga c.c. dinamo story feeling a little bit in the midst to me that i need. more needs in around the world was the illegal. one of those qualities to be going on my leave you not gain part of the deal this has been i will work in my if you happen to be in the yeah. it was or not. bad i'm just going by you know. if you don't know about it. that i can slow them down. it's funny it's about the only that monday i tell us about it at a while and i go but i'm going to be so nice i'm feeling. and i was 10 and
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a little. bit up it has been you know the film was. going to about to. be. a day that i. if you do know a know you know what i'm going with what the other thing is that in this by now but it's all you can do it kind of can't be done they'll never see both of us and you know it's meant that he will come you know i mean and i'm speaking mother lived. as a younger c'mon through your psyche among the market. response is. one of the. i'm reminded seized on the stand in the middle. as a deaf. how you measure the. life as through all possible to pay $70.00 plus. and
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you get pulled out of as it is up to that and also the vital issues that the bonus tell you alec why the article more leave it at that and you know good point and any idea that i stand out i mean if the suspect is we've got absolute best on all seattle. when they do. that but then when we have.
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because. robots are still in the development phase so for what's going to happen when they grow mob. will humans and machines be able to construct coexist to go for an army on the verge of a marketplace going to a if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the
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biggest mistake in human history books artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society thinks is this the beginning of a digital t.v. show and we'll be subjected to continuous state surveillance the folks of ai look experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines for the. will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. robotics starts aug 14th on t w. this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. the teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches.
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and here is toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking up glass. a child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear. or.
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news live from berlin a new leader from britain's conservative party a prime minister in waiting and boris johnson pledges to take the u.k. out of the european union. like the country. in the wake of the.


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