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this is c w news live from berlin and new leader for britain's conservative party a prime minister is waiting and boris johnson's pledges to take the u.k. out of the european union do little britain unite the country can't defeat during the group it goes with the. conservative party members overwhelmingly vote to place johnson at the head of their party setting him up to become the u.k.'s next prime minister also coming up fresh misery for crisis hit venezuela and nationwide
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blackouts plunges millions into darkness and put countless lives in jeopardy. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program boris johnson will become britain's next prime minister that's after winning the race to lead his country's ruling conservatives he defeated foreign minister jeremy hunt to the party's leadership contest by a 2 to one margin now a champion of bragg's it johnson and his to mulch was rise to power were fueled by his pledge to take britain out of the e.u. deal or no deal his backers expect him to deliver on that promise after taking the reins from theresa may tomorrow. boris johnson is elected as the leader of the can think of. the result came as no surprise boris johnson won almost
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twice as many votes as his rival jeremy hunt. after a boisterous campaign has except in speech struck a consider tray note thank you very much for the everybody thank you. for you being friendly you've been good make should you be the fault of ideas all of which i propose to steal. and above all i want to thank going lida to resign marry her extraordinary service to this party to this country the country johnson inherent is my in deep political crisis is most important task and a major challenge will be delivering what his predecessor could not going to get brits doug although people thought he was going to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve unlike some slumbering joint we're going to rise and ping off the
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guy ropes so dart and negativity. the applause may have been lied but johnson faces stiff opposition from many of his own m.p.'s finding a way out of britain's press it may be rather more difficult than he cares to admit . let's get more now correspondent barbara hazel is joining us from london so barbara boris johnson new leader of the tories tomorrow will become britain's new prime minister but he was elected as we heard there by party members a very small percentage of the population what's the reaction to the news. if we look at the poll that has been done throughout the last hours the larger british public the people say about 50 percent. that they don't think our stance is going to be a great prime minister they don't think he's going to do a good job so far as johnson
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a taking all the optimism and the can do spirit that he tried to sort of injected it into his little victory speech he will really be hit by a wall of skepticism not only in the opposition benches on the opposition benches but also within his own column injury party and what is even more important in the larger public because people have known berthe johnson for many many years and they don't buy into his act that easily especially because there are some very big issues that he is inheriting gregg's it or ron relationship with the united states just to name a few barbara what is his plan. what his plan is nobody knows maybe he doesn't even know himself i suppose this is today this is a day where you could just enjoy having reached absolutely his life's ambition might be his happiest day as throughout all his upcoming premiership because from tomorrow on he will take make people have to make decisions and there was will be
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hard decisions the 1st is to name a cabinet to surround himself with people who are detailed people because he says often self i'm not a details man so he doesn't really get into the nitty gritty he will have to have people who do that for him he also needs people who sort of represent different self the conservative party and to bring that party together so shook that be possible he might have a better start to his government than just sort of jumping into a cold pot what his attentions are what really his political guiding star is absolutely nobody knows british observers are guessing some say he will be much better than people give him credit for and i will say have you ever seen a man of 55 change overnight on the on. so to that of course is no. ok barbara you know he's also he's inheriting not only
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a divided country we have to acknowledge but also a divided party and you were talking about you know these efforts that he will have now going forward to build that team what do you make of the prospects of him building an effective one. he might be able to build an effective government if he sort of can overcome the pressure that sits in his back and that pressure comes from the hard line breaks and cheers we see the likes of greece market and in turn consumers sort of walking around here and sort of circling boris johnson like vultures and trying to sort of nail him on to the hard bricks that that is you supposed to deliver within 3 months time no that will certainly lose him a part of his own paula mentary party and it will lose him the trust of the public because there is simply no majority in the british public for heartbreaks that that would damage the country economically so that is the 1st really big hurdle and to he hasn't yet talked about what his plan is he says i will go to brussels i will
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negotiate with them and more or less i want to have cake and eat it and they will give it to me they didn't give it to to reason may but to me that will certainly give it just because i'm boris johnson it's this incredible self belief that carries carry the man into office and that he hopes to sort of is that if be able to govern was now whether that works out it's very doubtful because in brussels and in the other european capitals are sitting people who are a lot more hard nosed than his own conservative party members have been shown to be proper hazel in london thank you. so a chaotic path to 10 downing street and world leaders have already begun reacting to johnson's victory starting at home outgoing prime minister to resign make congratulating johnson here and offering to team up to deliver a brags at that works for the whole u.k. and to keep optimists opposition leader jeremy corbyn out of government across the atlantic u.s. president donald trump backing johnson he's full of confidence saying he will be
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great. and of course brags it will be at the top of johnson's agenda you see the head of the briggs of party nigel farage commenting they're piling on the pressure wondering if he has the courage to deliver and we sell manye the a used chief breaks that negotiator says that he is looking forward to working constructively to achieve an orderly brags that but no sign that the e.u. will renegotiate the withdrawal agreement as johnson has repeatedly promised there's also been reaction from the incoming e.u. chief and the french president in paris or so the funder line and emmanuel mccrum expressed their hopes for the future following johnson's victory. there are many different difficult issues to tackle together we have challenging times ahead of us i think it is very important to build up a strong and a good working relation because we have the duty to deliver something which is good for people in europe and in the united kingdom so i'm looking forward to working
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with him to deal with the world i'm looking forward to working with him as soon as possible not only on the european issues and the continuation of the negotiations obviously linked to break but also on the international issues that make up our daily lives and on which we are closely coordinated particularly with the british and the germans whether that's the situation in iran or international security issues on this or that it should feature that was let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the swedish based operator of the british flag tanker seized by iran last week in the strait of hormuz says that it is still waiting for permission to visit the ships 23 crew members the no none of the senate imperials crew are british citizens they are mostly indian and filipino but also include russian and latvian nationals. former chinese premier league punk has died at the age of 90 the hard line leader was best known for his role in the bloody crackdown on the tenements where pro-democracy
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protests in 1909 chinese state media say that we died of unspecified illness. to venezuela now where electricity is slowly being restored across the country after a blackout on monday plunged millions of people into darkness it's the latest hardship to hit and a swell which has already been crippled by an unprecedented economic crisis president maduro has blamed a cyber attack on a hydroelectric plant for the outage it is the 2nd nationwide blackout to hit venezuela this year. these people were trapped in an elevator when the electricity went out luckily they could be rescued here at venezuela's biggest airport we see just one example of what happened during the blackout. on monday afternoon the traffic lights went out but that was just the beginning an engineer reported that the blackout was country wide the telephone system nearly completely collapsed trains and subways were brought to
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a standstill caracas the country's capital has one of the highest crime rates in the world yesterday as night fell fear rose. my icons find my car it is not here and not over there we can't find it i don't know what to do now but hopefully my family will come and look for me. president nicolas maduro and his government think the outages could have been caused by sabotage when the 1st big blackout occurred in march to us and his opposition accusing them of mounting a cyber attack opposition leader one countered by tweeting that government corruption and mismanagement were more likely culprits the 2 parties have struggled for power since the beginning of this year but it is the venezuelan people who are suffering. spain's acting pro prime minister pedro sanchez has lost a 1st confirmation vote in parliament that leaves the socialist leader with just 2
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days to try and strike a deal with spain's far left and he does put a must party if the 2 parties can reach agreement on a coalition sanchez could be confirmed in a 2nd vote on thursday if that bid fails spain could hold a very peaceful election center is this center left party came out on top in a national poll in april but fell short of an outright majority. i the clock is ticking for petro sanches spain's acting prime minister and socialist party leader has assured spaniards that they won't be going to the polls again this year is that what you know condemn clime not working with the scenario of holding another election in a little. poll he and his party won in a tight before snap election in april but they fell short of the number of votes needed to form a government. doesn't that the socialist party has won the general
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election and with this result the future has won and the past has lost. a coalition partner would be needed. i. to conservative peoples party liberals c o down us and far right vox were soon ruled out. the most obvious partner for a future government it appeared would include the anti austerity who need us put him us but until this week the party's leader public lazy ass was locked in a power struggle with sanchez agreeing to give his party support only in return for a position of cabinet. income sanchez refused citing differences over how to deal with catalonia as push for independence or that instead he offered a few ministerial positions to need us put a most of the cooking. but that look in the totals throughout all this to make this you say this is idiotic and the more we all know that you'd like us in democracy
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who governs is the one who stands for election and obtains the support of the citizens being at the highest risk but just before investiture talks began this week equally as us backed down and in doing so he broke the deadlock paving the way for an agreement lawmakers now have 2 opportunities to vote on a coalition if that fails the country will once again face elections in november. some cycling news and caleb ewing won the battle of the sprinters on stage 16 of the tour de france the australian overcame both his sprint rivals and the spots very easy to claim his 2nd stage when of this year's tour de france is really another for the kept the yellow jersey finishing in the main pack with the other overall contenders for watching t.v. news live from berlin still to come a little known tax haven that is siphoning wealth away from africa all that more
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coming up on business news africa with monitor jones don't forget you can always visit our website for the latest news you dot com and you can follow us on social media my name is sarah kelly thank you so much for watching have a great day. good job it. surely to school in africa. or links to exceptional stories and discussion from news of easy town wild with say d w dot com smart because join us on facebook at g.w. .


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