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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2019 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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week done the ship collapsed after competing in the united states on friday he underwent emergency surgery for bleeding on the brain but succumbed to his injuries he was only 28 years old you're watching the w. news up next to no one have deja vu business and much more on the boris johnson's windbreak sudan what it means for the british economy stick around for that. i'm skin the volume room. and in the end this is a me you're going to love to see you in more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with clients. what's your story ready ready. i'm with numbers and women especially in victims of violence.
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take part and send us your story you are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. of the visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. bracing for boris and the increasing odds of a no deal brags that british prime minister to be boris johnson is set to take the reins in a country that could already be in recession. and speaking of frank that what happens after freedom of movement within the e.u. don't longer applies to the u.k. farmers in scotland fear of the loss of seasonal workers from eastern europe.
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also on the show ended his us bid to save the komodo dragon by keeping tourists away from where they live. i'm zanele the mylan in berlin welcome 106. a 1000 people in britain have now taken a decision that will reverberate across europe the conservative party has announced the winner of its leadership ballot and with that it's chosen britain's next prime minister boris johnson a figure whose selection could herald the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. without any agreement on future relations with its most important trading partner business leaders have vigorously urged to johnson to avoid this but the tumble since the phrase that vote and nearly 3 years ago has already caused damage boris johnson insists he will take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the 31st of october although it would face massive resistance from parliament he
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says he is ready to leave even without a formal agreement to regulate relations but the latest economic reports suggest deal or no deal leaving the e.u. is unlikely to benefit britain's economy experts are warning that departing in a chaotic fashion could put the wheels in motion for a severe downturn what we would like to see is the smoothest possible transition we would not like to see trade disrupted between the united kingdom and the members of the european union that's about 47 percent of you case trade with no clarity on how the country's economic relationships will look post brecht's that companies have been already finding it difficult to plan for the future this has led to a decline in investment which in turn has hampered growth forcing the government to borrow more money in order to maintain public services these signs of weakness have
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led to falling demand for the british currency and a slide in the value of the pound. that's made imports more expensive many shoppers are likely to see prices rise soon for imported products. a report released monday even says there is a chance the u.k. you come to me is already in a recession now if britain does leave the e.u. and freedom of movement from migrant workers vital for the economy there's a real danger that the u.k. might be short on those workers very soon well done many jobs like picking fruit in scotland farms a benefit hugely from seasonal labor. picture perfect scotland. the the highlands famous for their breathtaking landscapes the castles and lakes. the workers on the strawberry plantations over don't get to see this side of scotland almost all of them came here from eastern europe. here and around 300
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euros a week here. that equals a month's wages in romania and bulgaria. who were forced. out of what it is and dimitri ion has been spending the summer months in scotland for 7 years now as an e.u. citizen he never had problems entering the country that breaks it could mean the end of freedom of movement. breaks it also has a worrying effect on scottish farmers. the politicians in london neglect and abandon and says i'm just porter who runs the farm he employs 140 seasonal workers not one of them is british. he struggles to find enough local workers in rural scotland. the teacher worries him. we've built up an industry entirely based on people coming from the e.u. and without them. well it would be very very difficult i mean i don't. i don't
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know how even begin to do our work but also some regional politicians have a different view the regs that supporters would rather send unemployed scots to work in the fields. to do. when i was a boy. i worked on the farms. when i was at school. we. got were the foreign people coming across the gash to. coming across the. people of the opportunity. locals however wouldn't want to live in nice containers on the farm and be woken at 5 am to start picking seasonal workers mitri alongside his colleagues dmitri works for the minimum wage often for 10 to 12
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hours a day. we had some grace yeah that became. due to this and they left because of the hard job me too would like to stay in scotland permanently instead of just during the harvest season and he'd like to see more of scotland than just the strawberry fields his dream is to visit the scottish highlands someday but briggs it could stop that ever happening. china's e-commerce giant. allowing u.s. companies to sell on its platform opening up markets especially for small american business is in contrie served by like india and china the company's move to open up its to the marketplace to u.s. manufacturers distributors and wholesalers is part of its larger effort to expand into its international market share taking on amazon's own b. to be my. place amazon business in the process.
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our financial correspondent yan's court joins us now from was street yes so ali baba taking on amazon going head to head with amazon what chance does on about the have here. well i mean overall ali baba already has some experience in the u.s. and the market to be so business to business market is huge it's estimated to serve this year a trillion dollars so there was quite some potential and if i understand correctly ali baba's going a bit of a different way than amazon specially small american companies are going to keep the customer relationships and also the data so that is something that has not been offering that easy in the past so yes there is a certain chance for ali baba to get a piece of this is
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a huge market. some new opportunities there then but timing is obviously clearly an issue what impact would the u.s. china trade war have on ali baba's plans to push further into the u.s. . timing certainly could be better in regards to the trade tensions between china and chinese companies and the u.s. on the other side of the standing of amazon there with the current administration and washington also could be better by the way just off to ours we got the word that the department of justice is actually starting. to trust their review of us american corporations so who knows maybe washington is open to more competition to some of those tech giants here in the u.s. very interesting in there on wall street for us thank you very much. and staying with the u.s. china trade war bloomberg is reporting that trade officials from both sides will
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meet in beijing next week to try and pave the way towards a resolution the u.s. delegation led by trade envoy robert light hisor is to meet chinese officials in shanghai on monday it's the 1st meeting since the leaders of the 2 countries met at the g 20 last month and agreed to a trade war cease fire. indonesia is hoping to save the dragons komodo dragons that is the creatures are arguably one of the biggest tourist draws in an end in the indonesian archipelago the country is closing komodo island to the public which is home to the world's largest species of lizard closing the island to tourists aims to avert damage and cut the risk of poaching it will remain closed until stocks of the lizards preferred prey deer buffalo and wild boar have recovered. indonesia's komodo island home to the komodo dragon attracts
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around 200000 visitors and really but the island will be closed to the public for one year from the start of 2020 authorities are confident in the move. this is for conservation to return the komodo dragons habitats to what it was that's our goal that we do and that he can order national park will not be closed but the closure is limited to the komodo island that there are still many other beautiful islands out there in the national park by. some get into tourists could face premium prices to visit the island upon its reopening that they were told by the resort that. we will try to close for one year if the food stock of komodo is sufficient and the dragons are active again we will reopen to the public of course viewing the komodo dragons should not be cheaper as they are the only species of their kind on the planet you know what it. is the
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conservation program will hopefully boost the island's long term tourist prospects keeping the number of both the komodo and visitors to the island high. and that's it from me and the d w business here and berlin for more business features check out the. w dot com slash business or follow us on social media i'm jane el-gamal and thank you so much for watching.
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one of the world sponsors sinking cities to contact the. capital champs by as much as 25 centimeters. mainly. on top of that climate change is causing increased flooding so what's mentioned is the mega city taking to avoid winding up under water. 3000. 60 minutes. it's time.
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to take a step further. and face to possible. move here on this side of long road tug to search the. fire for the troops out of the. tunnel to overcome trains. and connect the world. and sometimes more. if you don't really use coming up ahead. mines. sleep. carefully. should. lead to the.
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discovery. documentary. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes kenya's fight against corruption the country's finance minister has been arrested and charged with rauf so does the small get turning point for the notoriously corrupt country or is this politics at play. and the european union's mission in africa the block is increasingly focusing its attention.


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