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this is deja vu news live from berlin a big day for britain and its incoming prime minister after being elected leader of the conservative party by a large majority poorest johnson will be invited by the queen to form a new government as prime minister today also coming up in washington the former special counsel robert muller prepares to give 5 hours of testimony before congressional committees but will he go beyond the already known public findings of his russia trump report. and europe braces for its 2nd record
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heat wave this summer especially france paris can see its hottest day on record with the mercury set to soar above 40 degrees celsius. plus the risks of being gay in poland a gay pride march in the town of bell the stock over the weekend comes under attack by football hooligans are government policies stoking l g b t sentiment. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us well britain will have a new prime minister by the end of the day boris johnson will be moving into number 10 downing street at a crucial juncture for the nation as a prepares to leave the e.u. now he's set to head a probe that government but will have just a razor thin majority in parliament we'll get the very latest from london and
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brussels after this report. boris johnson is elected as the leader of the conservatives even. as a boy power's johnson once set he wanted to be world king now he's been crowned leader of britain's conservatives after a boisterous campaign his acceptance speech was full there now feature struck a conciliatory note do you think you've been friendly you've been good make should you be the fault of that cylinder ideas all of which i propose to steal. with. and above all i want to thank going leader to resign marry her extraordinary service to this party and to this country the country johnson inherits is mired in deep political crisis is most important task by far will be delivering while his
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predecessor could rise the country we're going to get brits it done on october 3rd it was going to take advantage of all that jesus said it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve unlike some slumbering giant we're going to rise and pin off the guy ropes are so tight and negativity the pose may have been lived but johnson will struggle to get brussels to agree to his bags of plans at home his party is divided and its majority in parliament is wafer thin the new prime minister also divides public opinion i don't think he's a great leader and i don't think he's going to get is out of the by how we know i think that's just a fantasy and i think he's going to be like a headless chicken running around race munster because he doesn't have the ability to actually negotiate with his own party let alone the here i'm actually quite excited because i think we need a visionary leader we don't need to detail style that's what the civil service is
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we need we need you know this thousands of them hiding around the corner. streets but what we need is a visionary. he's going to. be. the 1st. finding a way out of the braggs a quagmire and staying in power that may be rather more difficult than johnson cares to admit i let's go straight to downing street. how's the news being received where you are this morning as people prepare for boris johnson to become the new occupant in those rooms right behind you and. well friends and fans of boris johnson of course are ecstatic about the news that he will move into number 10 downing street today they were praising after. victory speech his optimism and his energy thinking about the standstill of the past months
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and that there is finally new energy in downing street to see things through to get things moving here in the u.k. we've also heard from critics of course they are saying boris johnson way too colorful figure he is unfocused not detail oriented enough and he is generally unfit to be prime minister. especially from the opposition not from within the party so far overall i think the public there have been new polls and his favor ability is lower than when i started office but of course it comes with his character he's a very divisive figure here in great britain what we can say for sure it is going to be a huge day for boris johnson himself he's been working towards getting into the sacred halls behind me his whole life and he is looking forward to finally receive the keys to number 10 before he does be meeting with the queen today can you walk
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us through what will be happening in the hours ahead. well it's a very exciting turn over a very quick turn over that we will see today to resume a of course bidding her for farewells here in downing street in parliament and afterwards to the queen she will hold a quick farewell speech and then move over to buckingham palace to resign officially and meet the queen there the queen of course being the constitutional head of state she's seen many many prime ministers resigning and going into office over the past years and decades that she's been holding that post the screen of course and then we will see a very quick turnover at buckingham palace boris johnson basically shaking hands with theresa may be going to the queen taking over his official post as prime minister and then we will see him moving into number 10 so in number 10 the turnover needs to be very quickly 50 percent of those employees civil servants they
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stay on that's a matter of stability of course and continuity and then boris johnson has appointed his own staff of course they will he will be greeted with applause and then he will have to get to work because there are many many issues on the agenda we're expecting later today a major cabinet announcements from his science at the question there of course being will he appoint very much pro breaks to tears and has. said through and we're also expecting phone calls from world leaders for example from donald trump who yesterday already praised johnston as britain's trump saying he'll be great in office i'm not sure if boris johnson is very appreciative of comments like that but it's definitely interesting how this partnership between the us president and the u.k. prime minister is going to develop over the next weeks ok you mentioned he has a lot on his plate of course as he takes office later today what are going to be
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some of his top priorities. well there is the iran crisis on the one hand of course a major priority he needs to deal with that immediately he needs to get that u.k. ship that is in iranian hands freed that's one thing but on the other hand it will dominate the agenda and that is why he got voted into number 10 because he promised that he will deliver until october 31st next deadline to leave the european union boris johnson said do a die come what may we will question here is how will he do that he hasn't presented a plan he says he wants to renegotiate with the european union or just leave with no deal at the end of october and it's going to be very interesting if he has enough members of parliament behind him and his own party to see that through. number 10. and we'll go to brussels in
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a moment to find out what the european union thinks about boris johnson but 1st here's some other international reaction. now that he's smart. this is a britain they call him print shop and speak with saying that's a good thing that they like me over there that's what they wanted. what they need he'll get it done for us is good he's going to do a good job there are many different difficult issues to tackle together challenging times ahead of us i think it is very important to build up a strong and a good working relation because we have the duty to deliver something which is good for people in europe and in the united kingdom so i'm looking forward to working with him to the view and i'm looking forward to working with him as soon as possible not only on the european issues and the continuation of the negotiations obviously linked to brics it but also on the international issues that make up our daily lives and on which we are closely coordinated particularly with the british
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and the germans whether that is the situation in iran or international security issues in this united ok let's get the view from brussels now with good of news about rigor good morning about the newly appointed european commission president ers along on the line we just heard from her she is somewhat ominously warned that there are challenging times ahead when it comes to bracks said is there any room in brussels for a compromise with the new british prime minister. but i think there's nothing mysterious in the words of it was enough on the line of course these are challenging times only $100.00 days left until next a good kicking if nothing happens and michele dunne year the e.u. she's negotiating already said that there is strong agreement cannot be read you go she added as post on signal to see the mons the only thing the european union can do is to alter the political declaration that comes with this agreement and this
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declaration is about the future relationship of the e.u. in great britain this is not set in stone and it is something can be done but the bistro agreement is actually only an agreement to give britain more time a 2 year transition period to hand out a new relationship and now everybody's waiting here in brussels to see what sports those are actually has on its plate what is his plan ok well we already know that boris johnson throughout his career as a journalist as a former foreign minister has been highly critical of the european union is brussels prepared for a tougher town robust approach on brac said from london but can a clown get tough this is a question here he's perceived as as a lawyer as somebody very critical of the u.s. and somebody who's who's doing a show where he's not serious in the eyes of many petitions here and in brussels so . one wants to see if he can get serious and do have the it's actually and about
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the toughness there is no real leverage for him what can he say he has to leave the e.u. as it stands now the only thing you can. threaten with is a no deal breck's it but this none orderly breaks it but britain more than it would harm europe so what is his leverage ok battery good for us in brussels thanks so much for that. now to the united states where the former special counsel robert muller is due to appear before 2 separate congressional committees today it was spending 5 hours answering questions about his investigation which looked into whether president trump's campaign colluded with russia during the 26th election but muller is famously known as a man of few words words and it's unclear whether committee members will be finding out any more than what he's already stated in his report. this summer's biggest blockbuster might not be coming to a theater near you but the committee rooms on capitol hill robert muller is to
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testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees republicans want to shut the door on the investigation democrats who control the hearings hope new details of donald trump's conduct could lead to impeachment or hurt his reelection efforts both the congress to respond to the crimes why and other wrongdoing of president no one not even the president is above the law mother a former f.b.i. director was in charge of the most extensive and most watched special investigation involving a u.s. president since watergate brought down richard nixon 40 years ago. the 2 volume nearly $500.00 page report was completed in march or adapted version was made public in april it showed substantial evidence of russian meddling in the us election $34.00 people were indicted and several convicted including some close to trump in his campaign administration and private life there the facts end and the
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spin begins the investigation did not establish a conclusive link between the trim campaign and foreign interference i'm having to take you to. no collusion no obstruction well not quite in a may press conference muller made his only public comments about the investigation they threw a lot of gray into trump's preferred black and white take. if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime the constitution empowers congress to do it justice department policy blocks charge try and remove a president from office democrats remain split over impeachment muller has said his verbal testimony today will go no further than the written report so like any big blockbuster the hearings could be this summer smash hit or a total flop here's some of the other stories making the news today russia and
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china have conducted their 1st joint air patrol over disputed islands between japan and south korea in response to pounce scramble its fighter jets south korean aircraft fired warning shots both countries accuse the chinese and russian planes of violating their space beijing and moscow insists they flew over for walks. mark esper has been sworn in as the new us secretary of defense the ceremony taking place just hours after the senate confirmed the army veteran on a strong bipartisan vote of $98.00 the pentagon had been without a permanent top official for a record 7 months. and the operator of the british flag tanker says it is still waiting for permission to visit the ship's crew after iran sees that vessel last week in the strait of hormuz none of these pierrot's 23 crew members are british citizens they're mostly indian and filipino nationals but also include russians and lashings. well here in europe
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a heat wave sweeping the continent is predicted to bring record temperatures this week thermometers across the continent already pushing higher with the highest temperatures predicted on thursday at the epicenter of this heat wave is france you can see the temperatures rising across the continent of the capital paris could see the mercury rising above 40 degrees celsius that would be a new record for the french capital all residents are trying their best to keep cool with water water and then some more water and as you're a big sunder yet another heat wave climate change is back in the spotlight in paris . people in paris trying to keep their cool with a full cost is think that the french capital could see an all time temperature high this week. exceptionally hot weather may be welcomed by some tourists with time to take a dip but swedish climate activist gratitude bug didn't come to paris for
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a holiday the teenager was invited to speak at the french national assembly by m.p.'s from across party group concerned about climate change. turn berger's highlighted the problem of global warming by instigating school strikes and the movement has taken off worldwide speaking to the assembly turnbow said the world had to come together to take urgent action. that you cannot so a crisis without treating it as a crisis without seeing the full picture you cannot leave the responsibility to individuals politicians the market or other parts of the world to take this has to include everything and everyone carbon dioxide but also turned up the heat on far right members of the french parliament who chose to boycott his speech and how do you do it without sounding some people have chosen not to come here today. some
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people have chosen not to listen to us. and that is fine we are after all just children you don't have to listen to us but you do have to listen to the united science the scientists and that is all that we are ask just unite behind the science away from paris in the southern city of bordeaux the temperature has already reached a record breaking 41.2 degrees celsius the united nations says the conditions across france were already critical before the heatwave developed. matthew chance is warning that the heat wave will. the drought. hasn't rained in many parts of france since the end of the last heatwave the end of june start of july and a number of places in france have set new records the lowest amount of rainfall
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since records started scientists are cautious when drawing connections between weather patterns and climate science but they're increasingly confident that manmade climate change is driving up the length and intensity of heat waves meaning gratitude and bugs words perhaps more poignant than ever. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come with just one year to go to the tokyo olympic games organizers say ticket sales are quote unprecedented but it's not been all smooth sailing as full find out. first assume the polish city of bell stock which saw its 1st ever gay pride parade come under attack over the weekend by hooligans and thugs and now right wing news magazine is offering its readers an l g b t free zone sticker added a sentiment appears to be growing in poland with some blaming the conservative and
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strongly catholic government. these are painful memories for warsaw based artist yet or softness at ski he was in bialystok at the weekend and wanted to defend his rights as a gay man but a vote of knowledge was very depressing it is usually a festival of tolerance for that and then we were suddenly confronted with this aggression and hunger 5 years which it was done the equality could read through bialystok and those in attendance wanted to send a message saying that it's our country too we're also part of society the party atmosphere was short lived not far away came to your demonstrators were creating for their sins after a call to action from a football club hill against from all over pool and came together. we want to make a stand for our children and our families we don't want to be talked into believing that what's not normal should be considered normal was a rainbow pride flag is set on fire. by fire crackers or as our eggs
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then leave her still wins the police are out in force to keep the 2 sides apart they deal with taunts and then physical attacks leading to multiple evades the country's prime minister has spoken out against the violence. for so yes never once would feel welcome in poland there is absolutely no place for such hooligan like aggressive behavior as a whole. leader's me dissociate themselves from the violence but homophobia is a growing problem in poland there are regular attacks and gay and lesbian people sticks in church see themselves as guardians of the family since the populist law and justice party came to power anti-gay rhetoric has increased same sex marriages are still for beds and locals but this could inflame tensions further a weekly news magazine is offering its readers a sticker it reads l g b t free zone but you know this does up the whist kind of
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associations for a form of luck when the. cleansed areas of jews in my hometown. i'm reminded of a pot racial segregation when they were black and it's funny. the stickers had changed by the time we went to the printers. ideology free zone the magazine's editor explained to me. it's a form of protest about press freedom of people who think that activists should be silenced but we want to point out that there's some sort of going to poland being introduced because it just was. so you know he believes that tolerance of catholics in polish society is at risk because nobody is going into gay clubs and putting up crosses just like they have the nerve to go into churches and hang the rainbow flag. this time. or spring.
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himself he is calling for a march against the violence bialystok this coming saturday in my own country that contrie. also as a public person i cannot feel safe. and it seems to society is either hero or anti l.g.b. t. . he wants to spread the word here gay and lesbian people are welcome. we have some sports now and one year from today tokyo will be welcoming the world to the summer olympics organizers are heading into the final phase of preparations with tickets already said to be unprecedented tokyo was seen as a safe choice after the decision to award the 2016 games to rio but there have been problems from accusations of corruption bidding process to concerns about safety at construction sites. as interest builds in tokyo 2020
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be a now is to keep preparations on schedule and organizers seem to be hitting targets one year to go all the excitement is growing here you've seen the unprecedented level of interest in ticket sales with $3200000.00 souls having tickets sold in the 1st phase the venue's also appear to be coming along only 3 remaining complete including the olympic stadium which is just missing its track and field. about 90 percent of the construction work has been completed and as you can see almost all the building work is done. we're now just working on the facilities inside the stadium. of all this but preparations for these olympics haven't always been smooth sailing a report released in may found that the construction workers for the venue's were
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working long hours and in dangerous conditions suspicions of corruption have also hung over the tokyo 2020 bit earlier this year the head of japan's a limpid committee stepped down amid allegations of vote buying. and the costs are another headache the original budget for the olympics was set at around $7000000000.00 euros that is now expected to skyrocket to more than 4 times that amount and taxpayers will have to foot most of the bill. whole budget now is about $30000000000.00 and huge amounts of public funds flow into huge corporations while the poor are a victim excluded and marginalized. the heat is also a major concern countermeasures however will be put in place organizers are encouraging the use of umbrellas but also offer air conditioning lounges access to water and sprays. but all these concerns have not dump and excitement
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ahead of tokyo 2020. 3 years from now just like a previous olympics concerns will fade once national fever grips the country. if you're a minor of our top stories right now boris johnson will become a british prime minister today following his election as leader of the governing conservative party was elected by a large majority of his party members. and in the us former special counsel robert muller is due to answer questions from 2 congressional committees today about his investigation into collusion with russia i present election. don't forget you can always give you news on the go download our app from google play from the apple stores that gives you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications from breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. straight ahead our program
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close up looks a china and the social credit system is developing to control citizens behavior for me bryan thomas for now in the entire news stream. thanks much for being with us.
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total surveillance. every face in standing and identifying user behavior on the internet is monitored. undesirable actions are. china is one in the past toward becoming a digital dictatorship with total control over its citizens in the in china need no dark on a. close up next on t.w. .
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robots are still in the developing. phase of sleep but what's going to happen when they grow much. will schumann's and machines for you to peacefully co-exist. or are we on the verge of a rollercoaster place if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. such is this the beginning of a golden digital age when will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance.
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of ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. such as robot collapse stores aug 14th on t.w. . around the world. china has long been a survivalist types now big brother big jobs have. in trials across the country cameras and spine where watching mapping your digital footprints to every step you tank. what you do cite and.


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