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experience and explain the president and cultural. world. you feel. this is coming to you live from a step closer to power for the woman who may be germany's next chancellor on a good college is about to be sworn in as jim muse defense minister it's the 1st cabinet position for the ball and many believe chancellor merkel has been grooming to take over from. britain poised to get
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a new prime minister after being elected leader of the conservative party by a big majority boris johnson will be invited by the queen to form the new government today. and in washington the former special counsel robert muller prepares to give findings of testimony before congress she's committees would really go beyond the gritty known findings is russia trying to support. we begin here in berlin with germany's new defense minister is about to take up oath of office in parliament on a great. or as she's known is a close ally of chancellor and his why do you seen as a hand picked successor. also leads a conserved. c.d.u.
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body she was asked to take over the difference fought for you after all is enough on the line was appointed the next president of the european commission. joining me now is our political cars fallen emmanuel chaz emma what can we expect from on a good company how would you approach her new role as defense minister do you think well you know it's a very tricky position to be in for and god. can borrow she inherits from poison gets from chancellor america with that defense ministry because the minister has been marred by several can those there were some far right at mons apparently present in the german defense ministry and more most recently. there's a there's a scandal there's a spending scandal which broke so she will tug she will have to tackle all of those issues during her mandate as defense minister and came up again already say in what
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ways she might differ from a pretty says that or is it off on the line. yeah well contrary it's also i found a lie and i got come cound our. head elected office but also off on the lie and i had been a minister for a very long time when she inherited from the defense ministry and while also off on the law and has now moved on to become europe's most powerful figure on a calm calendar with have to prove herself on the federal scene here. stay with me i come back to you and just a moment but 1st let's look at the defense ministry as we heard from emma just now it's why do you know him to be a very difficult one let's take a look at the challenges and i get. faces. some swearing in ceremony for the newest recruits to germany's armed forces when they started a few weeks ago was enough on the line with still their chief now their commander is conservative c.d.u. leader come. shinseki think it's very good i think
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it's good that women too can show what they can do is going to be. trying she seems to me to be a very stable minister. i think she does a really good job ok sorry for interrupting that report to get across the life of the german parliament with a new defense minister is being sworn in you could too. no problem has been essentially on the northanger just on a good cotton ball has just been sworn in as the defense minister huge applause reaching a swearing in. thank you then you see that there were differences minister or the life on the line who's now been elected as the president of the european commission she takes that post in november and also there
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we see german chancellor angela merkel she is the mentor for undergrad concord and bauer and many say that the new defense minister is her chosen successor. would be. so good wishes and greetings coming war the new defense minister of all gung scheuer blood runs in the house of. cards at your platoon don't you. wish to go. work. thank you thank you sir again greeting and now you have the former defense minister. who was last on the line being thankful for what she has done for the defense ministry and of course before that we had good wishes for the new defense minister and a great column by our. look we joined our colleague again our political correspondent emmanuel chazz. m.o.v.
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a saying these pictures with germany's new defense minister on the get cramped how involved she is why do you feel as a woman who was chosen by anglo american to succeed as german chancellor. how does the post office german defense minister fit in with all of that. well what's interesting as well as our time can borrow is also provoking controversy with our job because she had stayed before hand that she wouldn't hold office in the government as long as she would be ahead of the c.d.u. so now nomination came as a surprise but it would also be an occasion for her to learn the ropes so to speak because they would be have 1st time in the federal government and the 1st role as a minister it would also be a way for untried comp ok karen barlow are to improve her popularity she's been quite in popular of late after a series of scandals of controversial comments popularity of late
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after she made controversial comments over and over limiting the freedom of speech especially with a young electorate and as you're speaking let me remind you if you're just joining us you're watching new special coverage coming to you as germany's new orleans. warner defense minister and a great column. is. speaking and accepting this new position that she's just got she is viewed as a potential chancellor she's a protege of chancellor angela merkel and she's addressing parliamentarians there who have been called specially from their summer recess for this occasion and this ceremony is not being held in the right in the bundestag where normally parliamentarians would meet there's construction work going in there so this is taking place in another another building a government building and we'll hear the new defense minister laying out her
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priorities for her term as a cabinet minister. now she's also the head of the c.d.u. party leader. and she'd already said that this was a position she did not want a cabinet position she wanted to focus on her job as the c.d.u. party leader. so help weren't meant as a big surprise and let me go and watch as a political correspondent who is listening. to us as well so am i really listening to ana did come out and now be concerns among some people that she is using this post as a springboard to turning into a chance to how difficult will it be for her to manage both positions as defense minister as well as a leader of the party. well that's exactly the controversy that has sparked she had said she would never hold
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a position in the government as i said earlier and now she's having those 2 very important important roles to deal with however she's also the hope of her own party the c.d.u. the conservative party to be angle america's successor. if i go america remains in office until 2021 so she is a she and bodies the hopes of her own party and she will have to juggle both roles even that is very controversial not least within the conservative party and she made a fuss to address after she was appointed as a defense minister last week and she talked about increasing the budget for the defense ministry how was that received yes i'm rita she last week few days ago she gave a speech to her to the german army had the occasion of a commemoration of the assassination attempt of those he had led by german military
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in 1944 and she reassured their troops she say she would do her utmost to actually improve the finances of their ministry so that would be the task that lies ahead for her sorting out their finances in her minister we'll see if she is up to the task exactly because in a she also promised that she would increase the budget to meet the need to stipulation that 2 percent of the g.d.p. must be spent on defense but the defense ministry is described sometimes as a poisoned chalice in german politics the defense ministry requires more than just money doesn't it there's also a huge problem with equipment and restructuring. exactly there will only be so much that i can count power will manage to do in the minister hands will be tied by the limits for example but that will be a way for everyone for the conservative party for angle america and for german
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citizens in general to see how under god come our power surges in that minister as you say it is a poisoned gift she's been given when becoming minister both that could be also the occasion to see whether she has what it takes to become germany's next chancellor so a big challenge but also a huge opportunity emmanuel chairs our political correspondent thank you very much for being the latest on the newly sworn in defense minister of germany and a great. she's just been sworn in a few minutes ago thank you now to britain which will have a new prime minister by the end of the day boris johnson will move into darling street at a crucial juncture for the nation as it prepares to leave the e.u. he said to head a probe gregg said government but he'll have a razor thin majority in parliament we get the latest from london in just a bit but 1st this report feel worse johnson is elected as the leader of the
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conservatives thanks. as a ploy boris johnson one said he wanted to be world king now he's been crowned leader of britain's conservatives after a boisterous campaign his acceptance speech was full of his trademark gusto. everybody thank you. for you've been friendly you've been good great should you be the front of excellent ideas which i propose to see you. rick. and above all i want to thank our going leader to reason with her extraordinary service to this policy and to this country the country johnson inherits is mired in deep political crisis is most important tasks by far will be delivering losses prita sesar could rise the country we're going to get brits done on october 31st will take advantage of all that jesus said it will bring in
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a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve some slumbering joint we're going to rise and ping off the guy ropes so dart and negativity the pose may have been lived but johnson will struggle to get brussels to agree to respect the plans at home his party is divided and its majority in parliament is wafer thin the new prime minister also divides public opinion i don't think he's a great leader and i don't think he's going to get is out of the e.u. by halloween i think that's just a fantasy and i think he's going to be like a headless chicken running around race monster because he doesn't have the ability to actually negotiate with these with pasty let alone the i'm much more excited because i think we need a visionary leader we don't need to detail that's what the civil service is we need we need you know there's thousands of them are going around the corner in all the streets but what we need is
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a visionary we need someone history to say what they promise he's going to do which is to leave the problem to the 1st cause finding a way out of the braggs a quagmire and staying in power that may be rather more difficult than johnson cares to witness. did every london correspondent charlotte fox is standing in front of 10 downing street and joins me from their shiny u.s. president dollar trump has given a ringing endorsement to bars johnson calling him britain's donald schon how the people of britain feel about this and how they are reacting to the fact that boris johnson will occupy the house behind you by this evening. well i'm not sure boris johnson himself would agree with that statement from trump supporters here in britain. of boris johnson extatic they are saying he brings the right optimism and energy to the to the jobs to finally move the country out of the
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standstill his critics on the other hand saying that he's unfocused unfit for the office of prime minister and i think this overall reflects the opinions in society that are very polarized on the one hand people are saying well there is a prime minister now that will finally see through after months and months of standstill under to resume may and on the other hand we have those that are saying boris johnson a clown will now move into number 10 downing street and he will drag this country into a business so boris johnson once he is here in number 10 downing street this afternoon he will have a very tough job at hand and he will have to somehow try to reunite and unite this country and his own tory party where there is a lot of criticism coming from within now the outgoing prime minister today is the mayor will address the british parliament shortly what happens then. well theresa may is saying her farewells impala monday as we speak she just laughs number 10
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just a few minutes ago she will then have this afternoon to the queen to hand in her official resignation the queen as the constitutional head of state so this is part of the tradition of the transition of power here shortly afterwards basically theresa may and boris johnson will shake hands there and boris johnson will and to meet the queen to be then officially appointed the new prime minister and he will then move into number 10 this handover transition it's a pretty quick turnaround 50 percent of those employees that are working behind me are staying on and they will prepare for this transition and once boris johnson is in downing street we can expect major cabinet announcements later on tonight and we're expecting from what we're hearing that he will appoint a record number of females and a record number record number of ethnic minorities to his new cabinet so quite. an exciting and interesting night coming up here at downing street right charlotte
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standing in front of 10 downing street lots of action thank you very much for your reporting from there and of course this is also going to be a busy day for you we'll keep in touch with you. joining me in the studio i have a good excuse me he's done for the irish times welcome to you know there was a lot of skepticism about boris johnson says he was a journalist and also when he was a foreign minister but now that he's going to become prime minister i believe be viewed differently do you think. you can't really leave your past the door tinier i think barr's jones is probably quite proud as being props the most notorious foreign correspondent you ever served in brussels i mean back in the ninety's he was sort of peddling fake news before it was in fashion and people in brussels haven't forgotten that as foreign minister he was he was also writing in the daily telegraph and he was saying you know napoleon and hitler try to unite europe a tragic results and the european union's attempt to do this by different means so
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that sickness craw and particularly in a country like germany and now the european commission has a german head so all of these you know it's all very well for you to play sort of dad's army back in britain but when you're in brussels that really sticks in people's crawls but they've all said look we have to work with them we will work with them it just depends on what he thinks he can get done because they said the occupant of number 10 is changed the what's on the table has been well what can he do differently that to activities that made the former prime minister now wasn't able to achieve well i think we saw those in the clips from yesterday i mean he's he's very much a different style language style he's very much of the bombast he believes and he's a very good speaker and you might argue about what he says but he says it quite effectively so you know with the sleeping giant and so on set up plays very well at home but when he goes to brussels you realise that you know it's recently i lived up to reputation in brussels being a bloody difficult woman she inherited a bloody difficult situation he will find you know everything that she created the problem over the customs union do we really want to complete out of the e.u.
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she called a general election which is crazy given him a minority government and she's taught herself of the knots of various votes so he inherits all of this mess which she inherited from her predecessor and so the reality really hasn't changed whether a change in tone whether much he'd be. details person or more like the layer mare of london where he had very effective deputies but we're still waiting he will finally have to come out with what is it you want and how do you propose to achieve it this is a riddle i've sat in the studio many times that's always been the issue how do you approach propose to achieve what you want and that's where i think embarrassed john's will eventually you know he will have to be shown up for what he has or what he doesn't have the one thing that he's prepared to do which to me is that me was not that he's prepared to do a new deal bragg's it now everyone says it could have catastrophic consequences for britain but also for europe to some extent yes i mean he's very much good driving down to the wire october 31st halloween i mean he said on the one hand he's not aiming for no deal on the other hand he says you know do or die which is sort of
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real war time boys comic talk and so on so he's going down to the wire those people in our own drum from another countries are saying this is a bit like somebody saying do what i want to run going to set myself on fire so you know it's going to be a battle of wills it's going to be a very interesting september because we are down to the wire now there might be there is been talk of another extension but again why do you want to extension what we use it for but you know bars is going to have a very short brief apprenticeship because there's there's no time for playing around anymore and this is yet another prime minister brussels has been sitting around waiting and particularly for people in our and very nervous and what exactly is talking about is not the biggest sticking points and in these discussions about the discussions was the hot border between island and northern ireland and the so-called backstop solution do you know what his views on this are now if we have the a part of the 5 he doesn't want us but what he wants an alternative we don't want what we have seen in brussels and in berlin even last week and america was saying why don't we work on the future why don't we sort of flesh out what
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a future trade it would look like because the more secure and the more attractive we make the future look for britain perhaps a less paranoid they will be about the backstop they are they are worried about being in a sort of a political limbo not in that the not in the e.u. but not out of the you to. calls to do their own free trade agreements so that's she says that's completely understandable why don't we give more detail and maybe if we talk about the future we can sort out the problem in the present which is this backstop insurance policy for northern ireland right he did excuse me a few times here in berlin to talk to you telling of the united states where for most special counsel robert muller is due to appear before 2 separate congress committees today he'll spend 5 questions about his investigation which looks into why the president's campaign colluded with russia during the 2016 election but mana is famously a man of few words and it's unclear what the committee members will find out anything new. this summer's biggest blockbuster might not be coming to
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a theater near you but the committee rooms on capitol hill robert muller is to testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees republicans want to shut the door on the investigation democrats who control the hearings hope new details of donald trump's conduct could lead to impeachment or hurt his reelection efforts to force the congress to respond to the crimes why and other wrongdoing of president no one not even the president is above the law mother a former f.b.i. director was in charge of the most extensive and most watched special investigation involving a u.s. president since watergate brought down richard nixon 40 years ago. the 2 volume nearly $500.00 page report was completed in march or adapted version was made public in april it showed substantial evidence of russian meddling in the us election $34.00 people were indicted and several convicted including some close to
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trump and his campaign administration and private life there the facts end and the spin begins the investigation did not establish a conclusive link between the trump campaign and foreign interference i'm having. no collusion no obstruction well not quite in a may press conference muller made his only public comments about the investigation they threw a lot of gray into trump's preferred black and white take. if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime the constitution empowers congress to do it justice department policy blocks charge try and remove a president from office democrats remain split over impeachment muller has said his verbal testimony today will go no further than the written report so like any big blockbuster the hearings could be this summer smash hit or
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a total flop. now back in europe a heatwave sweeping the continent is predicted to bring record temperatures this week france is taking the brunt of it the capital of paris could see the mercury top 40 degree celsius on thursday as paris's village responds appropriate that the teenage climate change campaign to get a turn back was into. people in paris trying to keep their cool with the forecasters think that the french capital could see an all time temperature high this week. exceptionally hot weather may be welcomed by some tourists with time to take a dip but swedish climate activist gratitude berg didn't come to paris for a holiday the teenager was invited to speak at the french national assembly by m.p.'s from across the party group concerned about climate change turn burgas highlighted the problem of global warming by instigating school strikes and the movement has taken off worldwide speaking to the assembly turnbow said the world
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had to come together to take urgent action. you cannot so a crisis without treating it as a crisis without seeing the full picture you cannot leave the responsibility to individuals politicians the market or other parts of the world to take this has to include everything and everyone carbon dioxide button back also turned up the heat on far right members of the french parliament who chose to boycott her speech and how do we do it without sounding some people have chosen not to come here today some people have chosen not to listen to us. and that is fine we are after all just children. you don't have to listen to us. but you do have to listen to the united science the scientists and that is all that we are ask just
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unite behind the science away from paris in the southern city of bordeaux the temperature has already reached a record breaking $41.00 degrees celsius the united nations says the conditions across france were already critical before the heatwave developed much of hands is warning that the heat wave will. the drought. hasn't rained in many parts of france since the end of the last heatwave the end of june start of july. a number of places in france have set new records for the lowest amount of rainfall since records started scientists are cautious when drawing connections between weather patterns and climate science but they're increasingly confident that manmade climate change is driving up the length and
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intensity of heat waves meaning greater turn bugs words or perhaps more poignant than ever. it was in need of news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you on a day to come columbine has been sworn in as an germany's new defense minister is the 1st cabinet position for the woman many believe chancellor angela merkel has been grooming to take over from cause. that's it for now for me and without you my then used to have lots of live coverage coming to you from london and from washington today for just a bit to get. into
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. the country's economy grow harmony with its people but when there are do look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and to speak more struggling to create
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a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. next d.w. . economies can't function properly even in times of demand. without skilled workers. or for housing. with food shortages. scarcity making things difficult for companies and entire economy what's causing this and what can be done to combat the problem. made in germany. robots are still in the development phase. but what's going to happen when they grow. will humans and machines be able to peacefully co-exist or are we on the
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verge of a robot collapse. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. or robot colette's starts august 14th on d w. hello welcome to a brand new episode of equal we india a sustainability magazine there be trained the spotlight on solutions to some of the most pressing problems affecting the in vibrant wrangle coming to you from new
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delhi this week over the next 30 minutes let's look at how a fishing community in mumbai has found a way to work in the city.


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