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the big. this is the news coming to you live from bali and britain awaits the transfer of power to reason may leave downing street for the last time heading to the house of commons a successor boris johnson awaits summons to buckingham palace where the queen will invite you to form a new government one day after being elected leader of the governing conservative party.
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a. ton of able will continue i'm honored that shima britain sees a transfer of power today a day after boris johnson was elected leader of the governing conservative party by a large majority his a pretty says set to resume has left downing street for the last time to face the weekly prime minister's questions maybe go to buckingham palace later to formally submit her resignation barra's johnson will follow and the queen but invites him to fold a new government boris johnson takes over at a crucial moment for the nation as it prepares to leave the european union he heads a pro breaks of government but he only have a real fan majority in parliament. let you not. take you straight to the british parliament where to be is
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a may is already in the house of commons and taking questions but before that let me just quickly introduce you to derek scaly. ok i can really hear you saying and to a man who among many. who is being demonized was right. he's got patrick shout out no public servants and diplomats under about. i would probably say he's just some are country out to donald trump and his friends . time i am pleased to hand over to an incoming leader of the conservative party and prime minister who i worked with when he was in my cabinet who. answer to his committee as a conservative who stood on a conservative manifesto in 2017 to delivering on the those are the british people
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in 2060 and delivering a bright future for this country. thank you speak up i rise to be fine mark roger friend from oil services prime minister of the last 3 years to soil for 33 years in public service which is a refugee problem but also to thank for the person who supports you know pick me cut my private member's bill for her mistress reduction art. does my research on her friend agree with me to do far better to help people from bad people from becoming homeless to use the translation system to combat obesity and to prevent people from smoking in the 1st place to shoot me with my perfection is far better than a few off. to school to school can i say childhood friends can i. thank you for all
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the work that he did on his time as mr adoption act and i also say crucially we are actually seeing that having an impact and that is so important for people who are benefiting from the work that he did he's been were doing a lot of what i know is part of the smoking at house. and i agree that we do need to start feeling health as an asset to protect our lives that's why we've taken bold action on smoking and on childhood obesity and i'm proud that we've delivered the biggest ever cash to use in the history of the national health service but also a long term plan that is my honorable friend says will focus on prevention prevention also focusing on cancer care in mental health but making sure that we are trying to ensure that people do not get into the situation where they are in not ill health in the 1st place preventing smoking prevention in the city are key parts the best allies for people in the future to make or we. thank you mr speaker . today marks the final day in office for the prime minister and i pay tribute to
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her sense of public duty public service should always be recognized being an m.p. a minister or indeed a prime minister is that brings with it huge responsibility and huge pressures both personally and i'm sure the prime minister and probably the whole house agree on those very closest to us who often are not able to answer back to the criticisms made against them so i hope mr speaker that she has a marginally more relaxing time in the back branches and perhaps like the chancellor even helping me to oppose the reckless plans of her successor i. i. must to speak out i. this is bigger if i may continue in the eye of the you. i'm glad the government party is in such
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good heart today mr speaker. for tomorrow they would say. this is big in the last 3 years in the last 3 years child poverty has gone up pension of poverty has gone up in work poverty has gone. violent crime has gone any just waiting times gone ah school class sizes of. homelessness is gone our crude by use has gone up does the prime minister have any regrets about any of those things i've just said. thanks to the right honorable gentleman it's very good to see the conservative party and good jobs is more than i can say for the labor. let me just tell the right honorable gentleman to just say something right honorable gentleman about my record over the last 3 years and how i measure my record over
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the last 3 years it's in the opportunity for every child who is now in a better school and comfort for every person who now has a job for the 1st try. it's enough that every disadvantaged young person now able to go to university and it's in the joy of every couple who can now move into that. because that's. mass it's hard politics isn't about exchanges across these dispatch boxes nor about eloquent speeches or media headlines politics is about the difference we make every day to the pete lives of people up and down this country a reason for being here and we should never forget it yeah let me go over this is big your politics is about real life politics is about what people suffer in their old. 3 lives i didn't mention that ok you've just been watching live
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coverage coming from the house of commons it was question time where prime minister to resign may still prime minister to resign me just for a couple of hours now questions from a very robust number of a number of parliamentarians including jeremy corwin the leader of the labor party and there's a lot of political spotting even in the last few hours of hope prime minister with me in the studio i have derek scally from the irish times he represents he's a burden correspondent and in london we have our correspondent charlotte and she's standing in front of 10 downing house where we should have of a new occupant very soon shall look we've been listening to some of what may have to say during question time what did you make off of performance she's gone through some really really tough times in the house. well that sounded rather like business as usual i think you heard those shouting matches there in the
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house of parliament and she was answering the questions posed by jeremy corbyn why poverty has gone up of course these are very special prime minister's questions the last time she appears in front of the parliament she has just been her farewells to some of the members of parliament before hand and before she officially resigns to the queen then this afternoon and i think it's a very emotional day for to resign may it must be a matter of intense frustration that she ends her premiership of 3 years in failure and that she had to resign over this issue of brecht's that really being her legacy is she trying to see that through she try to get the u.k. out of the european union with a withdrawal agreement an orderly break serve and she trying to put a bill in front of parliament the withdrawal agreement that she negotiated with brussels for 2 years. 3 times and she failed 3 times it was the cost of huge
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embarrassment and in the end she had to resign over that so that is definitely part of her legacy and that is what she will be remembered for and returning to you know we. said it was business as you seem to be in the house of commons with the sparring going on between the 2 parties the conservatives and the labor party's agenda me a question what do you make of what she said she was defending corrected in the last 3 years which came under attack from the leader of the labor party jeremy corbin yes i mean it's almost comforting and slightly alarming but it's business as usual in longer because these are anything but normal times i mean where should be in the summer a silly season at this stage and yet we're talking about the future of europe and britain as part of the continent i thought it was basically saying you know there's so much you couldn't say she couldn't say well i inherited a bad situation her critics would say yes and you made it worse but you know she said short such an interesting one she said politics isn't the best exchanges
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across the dispatch box or other conspirators in the headlines that make a difference to the lives of people on the question is did she do that and brags that that she delivered on that and i would say no she did not intending to you shall have but you said that actually briggs sank her legacy in the sense that as rita honest her legacy but looking beyond that how will history remember her do you think. well i think theresa may was in search of a legacy these past weeks she really trying to put a lot of measures in front of parliament she laid out laws and amongst them for example some domestic concerns paid leave for low paid workers for example 2000000 people will be positively affected by that one of her top one of the topics closest to modern slavery she opened a modern slavery slavery research center just recently and that is something that she's very proud of but one thing that is very important. not only to great britain
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but i also to the rest of the world is the issue of climate change and the government laid out a law in the past week that makes a target a commitment by great britain to cut emissions by 2052 net 0 this could make great britain one of the leaders in climate change in the world and i think this might be something in the long run. that we will all see rather as her legacy even that and of course we're still seeing live pictures coming in from the house of commons whispering match seems to be going on between 2 reason man whose last few as is prime minister and the leader of the opposition jeremy cool but don't you derek know how will brussels do you think remember to resume a she spent as an see it in the briggs of bridge or agreement how will be think about once she's gone well i think she has used a woman in between she's in between david cameron who calls to created this break
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that many people thought was unnecessary she calls she called a general election which made her own political situation in westminster on impossible because she had a minority and now she's basically by her own rigid rigidity i'm energized parliament like never before i mean westminster is almost out of control it's like the sorcerer's apprentice no prime minister is able to control problem and boris johnson might be might have a vote of no comfort against very soon so parliament as sort of a guy for you know this fire is going all over westminster and that possibly will be her legacy a much stronger as a parliament than any prime minister in recent memory we'll continue our conversation shortly but one prime minister is on the way out another prime minister is on his way in as i mentioned earlier the boris johnson will lead a strongly pro breaks of government the parliamentary arithmetic of course remains the same for him as it was which a reason may as derek mentioned he only have a really is the finn majority and plenty of lawmakers fiercely opposed to his
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strategy for leaving the european union. boris johnson is elected as the leader of the conservative thing. as a boy boris johnson one said he wanted to be world king now he's been crowned leader of britain's conservatives after a boisterous campaign his acceptance speech was full of his trademark upbeat just oh. the everybody thank you thank you you've been friendly you've been good natured you've been a full of excellent ideas all of which i propose to steal. with. and above all i want to thank going lida to resign marry her extraordinary service to this policy and to this country the country johnson inherits is mired in deep political crisis his most important task by far will be delivering was his predecessor could not energize the country we're going to get brits it dug on
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october 3rd it was going to take advantage of all that jesus said it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve unlike some slumbering giant we're going to rise and ping off the guy ropes are so tight and negativity the pose may have been lived but johnson will struggle to get brussels to agree to his bags of plans at home his party is divided and its majority in parliament is wafer thin the new prime minister also divides public opinion i don't think he's a great leader and i don't think he's going to get is out of the e.u. by halloween i think that's just a fantasy and i think he's going to be like a headless chicken running our own race monster because he doesn't have the ability to actually negotiate with his own party let alone the here i'm actually quite excited because i think we need a visionary leader we don't need to detail that's what the civil service is we need
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we need you know there's thousands of them hiding around the corner. or in the early streets but what we need is a fusion we need someone who is free to say what they promise he's going to choose to leave the problem so the 1st. finding a way out of the braggs a quagmire and staying in power that may be rather more difficult than johnson cares to would miss. so as read in the report a mixed views about the incoming prime minister of britain and derek scally is still with me to become is boris johnson viewed in brussels and he's remembered not so fondly as the man who pretty much sort of wrote the screenplay for what we're seeing now he created very much the framework that empty. brags that the euro skeptic framework in his time as a correspondent there in the 1990 s. so there's almost a sort of. supersymmetry now that he's clean back into report he sowed it once he created this sort of brussels is just lazy bureaucrats want to tell us what to do
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narrative i mean britain is already moving out of the e.u. so he's now come in i had to finish the job or to just have it all cops in on his own contradictions which has been his life in politics and in as a journalist so not a lot of sympathy for mr mr johnson but they know this is the man we have to work with whether you know donald trump unwashed or bars johnson the number 10 it was see how serious he is is lots of talk of wait and see but probably pretty much because nobody nobody quite knows what is coming at them around the corner will he be a construct of man will he be a clown and will he be just playing for the home audience you know we don't know what's coming and people in brussels have said look there's a deal in table that is the deal we don't care who are negotiating with prime ministers come and go and we want you to tell us now what you propose to replace this with the on the current deal quite big change but let's talk about the future there's not a talk about that so be interested to see how constructive they are an interest in talking about trade off seems to be a big issue for mr johnson the getting out a shot a boss who was a long shot at what would be the mean challenge for boris johnson once he becomes
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famous in a few hours isn't gregson because he doesn't have much time for that 31st of october is his own deadline. absolutely i mean the 1st 100 days in office a crucial for any leader but especially i think for boris johnson this time around he's not only facing an international crisis with iran because iran sees the. u.k. british tanka so he has to deal with that but 1st and foremost he has to deal with breakfast this is why theresa may had to resign no resigned this is why he was elected by members of the membership of his own conservative party and they are expecting him now to see this through we've just said that. promised to get the u.k. out of the european union by october 31st do or die come what may he just hasn't offered to a concrete plan yet on how he's going to do that and we know that brussels says we
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are not going to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement that is the contentious part so just how he is going to do that he needs to lay it out in the next days and of course one of his biggest priorities really to get the right cabinet and appointed cabinet which will help actually achieve what he wants which is a briggs it. any ideas as to what the government could look like. yeah that's very interesting so tonight he is going to announce most of his cabinet we expect and this cabinet will hold as we are hearing a record number of women and a record number of ethnic majority support from that the interesting question is how many pro breaks the cheers he is getting on his cabinet to resign may equalled it out to remain as and breaks the tears and i think boris johnson we will see many more. that will help him see see the u.k. leave the european union and october. in london and from the irish times with me
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in the studio thank you both very much for your analysis and your assessment. that's been having some of the stories making news around the wasn't digital technology giants such as google facebook and amazon i expected to be the main targets of a broad anti-trust investigation by the u.s. justice department while no specific companies were mentioned the probe is said to be examining where the major online platforms have been abusing their market dominance and hindering competition russian opposition leader alexei navalny says he's been arrested in a video on his instagram account the anticorruption campaign a said he was detained as he left his home in moscow to go for a jog the rest comes after he called for another mass protest unless authorities lifted their ban on opposition candidates running in moscow's elections. russia and
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china have conducted their 1st joint effort through a disputed islands between japan and south korea in response japan's promises fighter jets and south korean aircraft fired hundreds of warning shots both countries accuse the chinese and the russian planes of violating the s. and moscow insists 5th flew over neutral waters. germany's defense minister on a good kind of bow has taken an oath of office in the german parliament appointment as defense minister came as a surprise after her predecessor was appointed president of the european commission . as she's widely known is seen as a likely successor to chancellor angela merkel she said she wants more funding for germany's armed forces to germany would comply with u.s. president donald trump's demand it spend more on defense.
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our chief political editor michelle is at the location where come out in bars and took an oath of office michelle come qanbar is widely seen as the woman chosen by angela merkel to succeed as german chancellor how does the step on the political ladder fit in with those plans. always seen a lot of ladies protesting too much says that she doesn't want to have any influence over who succeeds so that was up to the party to decide now i'm going to . be a parent and successor as party leader is closer to the chancery that you see behind me by having joined the cabinet and it's come on by herself of course in recent months protesting that that was not the plan so now we've seen her over play somebody whose political star was clearly sinking here in germany from the line became chief and. stepping into her shoes quoting from the line today
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saying we need more europe and vowing once again that would stick to its spending plan of getting closer to that 2 percent spending go 1.5 percent by 2024 that of course is in doubt because of the governing coalition here the coalition party doesn't really want to see that and we've been seeing that a pretty striking images there 3 of the most powerful women in german politics standing together what can we expect from. how will approach how would you approach a new road briefly if you can. but she says she wants to strengthen germany's defense capabilities at the same time she ducked away from that 1st what could become a 1st key test in office saying what germany could potentially do to help secure that shipping route off the coast of iran this could well become her 1st test in office. chief political editor thank you very much and standing outside the
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chancellor's office the chancery in the heart of berlin. well in the united states form a special counsel. before 2 separate congressional committees today he spent 5 questions about his investigation which looked into why the president campaign. during the 2016 election but model is famously a man of few words and it's unclear whether the committee members will find out anything new from him. this summer's biggest blockbuster might not be coming to a theater near you but the committee rooms on capitol hill robert muller is to testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees republicans want to shut the door on the investigation democrats who control the hearings hope new details of donald trump's conduct could lead to impeachment or hurt his reelection efforts to force the congress to respond to the crimes why and other wrongdoing of president no one not even the president is above the law muller a former f.b.i.
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director was in charge of the most extensive and most watched special investigation involving a u.s. president since watergate brought down richard nixon 40 years ago the 2 volume nearly $500.00 page report was completed in march redacted version was made public in april it showed substantial evidence of russian meddling in the u.s. election $34.00 people were indicted and several convicted including some close to trump and his campaign administration and private life they are the facts and and the spin begins the investigation did not establish a conclusive link between the trim campaign and foreign interference i'm having to take you to. no collusion no obstruction well not quite in a may press conference muller made his only public comments about the investigation they threw a lot of gray into trump's preferred black and white take. if we had confidence
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that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime the constitution empowers congress to do it justice department policy blocks charge try and remove a president from office democrats remain split over impeachment muller has said his verbal testimony today will go no further than the written report so like any big blockbuster the hearings could be this summer smash hit or a total flop. you know what the newest here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you because from the center is a man's oncet lawmakers questions for the last time in parliament she formally submitted a resignation to the queen later and the newly elected conservative party leader boris johnson invited to form a government. and then belinda on a good come cotton ball has been sworn in as germany's the new defense minister is
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to force cabinet positions with a woman many believe chance i'm going to kill has been grooming to take over from. up next we have a business program made in germany which looks if it comes to economics off scarcity that's coming up shortly to the man with his last one a web service detail for you dot com i'm going to cheer him up for me and then you see him thank you for a company and a fortunate thing you end up an alibi. our
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. economies can't function properly even in times of demand without skilled workers. with inadequate housing. with food shortages.
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scarcity is increasingly making things difficult for companies and entire economies what's causing this and what can be done to combat the problem. made in germany next on g.w. . eve hello africa. the primate capital of the world in. uganda is good for its national park is hidden deep in the jungle . needs ranges ensure the survival of ships and other creatures. a concept forces a culture is a. land
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to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan of the initial for yourself. and then yes just on the children who have already been there all day and that's you and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made the mines. live. empty shelves long queues for food and everyday items for people in the form a communist eastern germany it was a part of.


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