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who will run this country into the abyss if he does as promised and takes the u.k. out of the european union without a deal so a very divisive figure and that also reflects in society here in great britain the society is quite polarized on the issue of brecht's that and also on the new prime minister to be boris johnson now as you were talking just as i've come in one of the most getting a huge banner thing has changed its mind briggs said and that green force is exactly what he was saying the country is still really divided over the issue of bragg's it. absolutely i'm rita and what is very interesting it's now it's been 3 years since the referendum since the u.k. decided to leave the european union 3 years since theresa may has been in office now theresa may has tried to make the u.k. she has gone to brussels she has negotiated over the past couple of years
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a withdrawal agreement that would have taken the u.k. out of the european union it's kind of the divorce paper that sets the terms for divorce for leaving she presented this drawl agreement to parliament 3 times and it was rejected 3 times for different kinds of reasons so now 3 years after the referendum the u.k. is still in the european union and many people are very upset with you mentioned before the banner people asking for a 2nd referendum basically to reaffirm that commitment if still the the great number in society the majority still wants to leave the european union and polls tell us very different stories if that is still the case but i think the overall mood and british society is that people are fed up and tired with bricks it because this has been the dominating topic for the past 3 years and other domestic issues have fallen under the table and. when you look at the latest polls say tell
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you that more and more people on the one hand to leave the european union without a deal so just crash out of the european union and on the other hand wants to revoke 50 which would mean staying in the european union forgetting about breaks it all together and there's very little middle ground anymore it's not that many people anymore that want a 2nd referendum or an extension of those bricks that process and see it all drag our for years and years to come so way shortly to resume a really no longer be the prime minister of britain but she's not leaving politics is anything known about what her plans are. what she said today she is going to return to her constituency it's just west of london and maidenhead and she will i'm sure get a little bit of rest because in the last weeks she has really tried to ramp up to see a profit from bracks and she's been working hard for example on the issue of climate
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change so 1st of all the rest what happens then we don't know but she will stay on as a member of parliament on the back benches and she will follow the new premiership of course johnson from there we were just looking at pictures again of her last question time in the house of commons earlier this morning shot of if one can talk about to raise a legacy what. breaks the breaks that and she didn't deliver and that was the main problem really and that's that's why she had to step down in the end if she hadn't resigned herself upon she would have made to resign there was just an absolute mood against her in the end in may when she finally decided to resign again i said she is very dutiful she has tried to get this country out of the european union she's made many many mistakes on the way she has called for a general. general election for a snap election where the conservatives lost them majority so parliament was at
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a standstill and nothing could move forward and many other mistakes so this will definitely be a big big part of her legacy but i think we also have to remember that she did try to work on some of the domestic issues and she did try to push that through modern slavery being 11 of them she did pass a measure to parliament in her final days in office and she also laid out a law passed in the past weeks where. basically the great britain sets the target to be carbon neutral by 2015 which would be a huge accomplishment if this was seen through so she really tried to kind of search for a new legacy after she decided to resign and maybe in a very very long time we will remember to reserve may not anymore but for the changes that she made for the climate maybe for the climate. because after once and
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if the dust settles on breakthrough i think people will find the time to actually acknowledge some of the achievements as during go to as prime minister but end it when you talk about greg said which is overshadowed the entire 3 she was recognizing quite welcome and brussels wasn't she because people did admire her determination to try and find and agree on a draw agreement. writes absolutely brussels liked her and because she's just a very rational pragmatic person and she always tried to also see the european side see that she what the red lines were from the european union but this made her extremely unpopular here with one party with the conservatives with polman because they basically they basically said you did not do everything in your power to get us out of the european union you could have negotiated a better deal for us there was always the issue of the backstop of how to handle
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the problem at the irish border in northern ireland and ireland if it comes to the u.k. leaving the european union there would be would have to be a hard border so the backstop was a big big problem and many members of the conservative party have said you haven't done enough and this is what boris johnson said during his campaign he said i can do it better i can go to brussels and get a better deal well if this is going to work out i'm not sure because brussels is saying we won't allow a renegotiation of that bill of that withdraw a withdrawal agreement and boris johnson so far has really not laid out how he wants to achieve that how you wants to change minds and brussels and we know that the new prime minister is not very trusted that people in brussels don't trust him very much so it is going to be very interesting to see what that change of mood and renegotiations would be like to resume
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a has left office and taking over he's actually in the process i guess of leaving office so maybe she has because there is a me is in buckingham palace behind her tell us exactly remind us as to what's happening there. so recently is handing in resignation officially to the queen the queen is the constitutional head of state here in the united kingdom and they have to reason they has to officially resigned to the queen has to give her ok to recently has to then recommend her successor boris johnson saying to the queen he will command a majority in parliament and then after to resume a is leaving them i it's sad about other things we don't know we won't learn about the details of this not being released after that after 2 recent days leaving boris johnson will be arriving you will be invited by the queen and she will be invited to kiss hand that is the royal jargon and that just means that the queen will
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officially appoint him as the next prime minister and he will lay out his policy plans for the next years if he already knows what they are exactly so one thing is clear that when there is that walks out of buckingham palace she's no longer the prime minister of britain that she's resignation has been handed and accepted by the queen so let's not talk a little bit. about the incoming prime minister barak johnson you've been covering his political work in the last few years does it does he have what it takes to do what it is that may could not rich is it. that's a very interesting question and the country is very much divided on the issue and i'm sorry u.s. president donald trump yesterday compared boris johnson with himself he said
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britain's britain's trump i would disagree i mean there are similarities between the 2 of them they are very much anti-establishment they use populist rhetoric both of them of course the obvious one they're very similar. but they're also quite a few difference between the man and that being that boris johnson is extremely well educated he has been educated at the top schools and the top universities here in the country amongst them eton and oxford he's extremely well travelled he's seen the world she grew up in washington and brussels amongst other things he is a political opportunist he has been jumping for example on this at least a referendum on the campaign to leave the european union when he saw the political winds would go in that direction and he was the leader of that campaign he has a lot of political experience he was a 2 term mayor here in london he was well regarded as the mayor of london the
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olympics in london for example fell under his term and she was also the foreign minister so somebody with experience is coming into office and i doubt that he will be as cold and rough as a us president donald trump and of course he has an undying sense of optimism we'll see how far that takes him outside buckingham palace thank you very much for your reporting from there. you're watching the news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you in the u.s. from a special counsel has been testifying to congress over his probe into russian interference of the 2016 election and potential time. as to the trump campaign manas said there was insufficient evidence to trump conspired with moscow during the campaign but he did not exonerate him potentially potentially obstructing justice during the investigation. and britain's prime minster to resign may has also no make those
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questions for the last time and following she's only submitting a resignation to the queen right now as we speak and in this newly elected conservative party leader far as johnson will be invited to hold the government. in a few minutes thank you very much for accompanied by. the.
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we're going to start rewriting the software of sample bacterial cells. we're not creating life growth we're really right it will have programmed for our. software or leave all of us well we can redesign they'll have different properties i don't have a clue where we'll get important proof. changing the would be the last of the officers to prove to give us better proof for ground that of using fossil fuel. to bake plaster. you could have by quarter of a cent to sorrows the ball fields or the like never but. we're just learning this is a new field. i'm
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sorry kelly welcome to news you're watching special coverage of a dramatic day on capitol hill former special counsel robert muller is delivering his long awaited testimony on russian interference in the 28 team election he tells us lawmakers that there was inadequate evidence to prove trump officials conspired with moscow.


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