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people in paris trying to keep their cool with the forecasters think that the french capital could see an all time temperature high this week. the exceptionally hot weather may be welcomed by some tourists with time to take a dip but swedish climate activist gretta turnbow didn't come to paris for a holiday the teenager was invited to speak at the french national assembly but m.p.'s from across party group concerned about climate change turn burgers highlighted the problem of global warming by instigating school strikes and the movement has taken off worldwide speaking to the assembly turnbow said the world had to come together to take urgent action. that you cannot so a crisis without treating it as a crisis without seeing the full picture you cannot leave the responsibility to individuals politicians the market or other parts of the world to take this has
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to include everything and everyone carbon dioxide also turned up the heat on far right members of the french parliament who chose to boycott her speech and how do you do it without sending some people have chosen not to come here today. some people have chosen not to listen to us. and that is fine we are after all just children you don't have to listen to us. but you do have to listen to the united science the scientists and that is all that we all ask just unite behind the science away from paris in the southern city of bordeaux the temperature has already reached a record breaking 41.2 degrees celsius the united nations says the conditions across france were already critical before the heatwave developed. the measure of
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hands is warning that the heat wave will. the drought. hasn't rained in many parts of france since the end of the last heatwave the end of june start of july. a number of places in france have set new records for the lowest amount of rainfall since records started scientists are cautious when drawing connections between weather patterns and climate science but they're increasingly confident that manmade climate change is driving up the length and intensity of heat waves meaning gratitude bergs words are perhaps more poignant than ever. well one year from today tokyo walk on the world to the summer olympics organizers are heading into the final phase of preparations with ticket sales already said to be unprecedented but there have been problems from accusations of corruption in the bidding process to concerns about safety at
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construction sites. as interest builds in tokyo 2020 the a now is to keep preparations on schedule and organize this seems to be hitting targets one year to go all the excitement is growing here you've seen the unprecedented level of interest in tickets with $3200000.00 souls having tickets sold in the 1st phase the venue's also appear to be coming along only 3 remaining complete including the olympic stadium which is just missing its track and field. about 90 percent of the construction work has been completed and as you can see almost all the building work is done. we're now just working on the facilities inside the stadium. with all this but preparations for these olympics haven't always been
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smooth sailing a report released in may found that the construction workers for the venue's were working long hours and in dangerous conditions suspicions of corruption have also hung over the tokyo 2020 bit earlier this year the head of japan's a limp dick committee stepped down amid allegations of vote buying. and the costs are another headache the original budget for the olympics will sit around $7000000000.00 euros that is now expected to skyrocket to more than 4 times that amount and taxpayers will have to foot most of the bill. the whole budget now is about $30000000000.00 and huge amounts of public funds flow into huge corporations while the poor are evicted excluded and marginalized. the heat is also a major concern council measures however will be put in place organizers are encouraging the use of umbrellas but also offer air conditioning lounges access to
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water sprays. but all these concerns have not dump on the excitement of tokyo 2020. 5. years from now just like your previous olympics concerns will fade once national fever grips the country. on our heading to the swimming world championships in south korea and ongoing controversy surrounding china's son yang has taken mainstage the swimmer was banned for doping back in 2014 and last year allegedly smashed blood samples with a hammer in front of anti-doping testers yang has since been cleared of wrongdoing but it's just after an australian swimmer refused to share the podium with the alleged doper britain's duncan scott took a similar stance once the ceremony was over a gang of youths at the protesting rival several competitors have called for yang to be banned. a bit of culture now the hottest are ticket this summer is
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a major retrospective and we're talking about sons work that just opened up at the tate modern in london the exhibit includes a ton of lego bricks a long corridor of dense fog and a huge wall of reindeer box from finland now this artist has been billed as a new model of artists who challenges how we interact with our world and now fans can see the full range of his work. for. isn't to stop people the sun in a museum 2000000 people came to see it but it still remained a poetic experience. is master of florence and the elements in 2008 he created waterfalls in new york a magical natural spectacle in the midst of the metropolis. his biggest show to
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date has just opened at the tate modern what do we see in his own thoughts what's real what is perception and what is real about perception we are supposed to provide the answers ourselves. i'm cool shafi here i think you should when i look at it i create the story in this picture i look at the picture and then i project my feelings my dreams my ideas my thoughts onto the picture and so it is some a bit of work to go to the museum it's not like going to the supermarket and saying now i feel good we are here to question ourselves and to examine ourselves and to see ourselves within the context of the wider world to see. as many sources of inspiration the nature in iceland is one of the most important.
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is one how so for me iceland for me means the arctic landscape extremely slow and very fragile like my parents are icelandic as a child i was often out and about in nature my father was an artist and as a painter he was out in nature in a conventional manner and as a little child i went along often only has fans can survive. he is still drawn to it today and many of his ideas originate here. water and lights and installation that creates a rainbow. visible and invisible there or not there at home real but only in our perception. school from 1904 day flora cried buildings everywhere. experience and participation knowledge that comes through perception musicality and
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movement than these to experience all of 4 of the awesome that plays with this. great on the roof of his studio. here is his laboratory and his thing tank and machine he works together with 120 creative people craftsmen scientists and architects this is the only way to realize large scale collaboration is with climate activists the un the world economic forum and partners in the private sector the tate modern provides a comprehensive overview of this multi communicator a particular highlights. of. disorienting spatial experience providing space for associations and encounters.
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suddenly it's like art is listening to you and doesn't tell you you have to do it one way or the other doesn't talk down to you it listens to you good to hear. and if we also the it creates the attention that we need to apply to the world. and turning out to one of our top stories for us johnson has been confirmed as the u.k.'s next prime minister at buckingham palace johnson becomes the for. 14th prime minister to serve under the current queen he arrived at the palace after his convoy was briefly delayed by climate change protesters earlier to resign may formally tender of her resignation johnson will give his 1st speech to the nation as prime minister outside of 10 downing street shortly he is expected to do so after he exits that meeting with the queen.
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and that was johnson entering buckingham palace a short while ago now giving her final speech outside of 10 downing street a short while ago the outgoing prime minister to resign may said that the priority should be delivering brags that in a way that works for the entire united kingdom she also wished johnson and his government well may announce that she would step aside 2 months ago amid fellow conservatives unhappiness with her handling on drugs to all supporters johnson to form a new administration. i repeat a 2nd listen now to what theresa may had to say and her farewell speech was like a piece of my childishness the terrorists are winning the conservative leadership. i wish to cut every. little bit and. their
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success will be on the steps that i hope they make. their achievements will build on the would be. the conservative conservative government. during the time our economy space restored public services. i thought the fed was. trying to. get me to. be the target. in a way that looks like the top of. the system. and coming beginning. a national review that's committed us. our entire lives into the bright future of the british people. just love the supply ministers and knights he is the great. respect but it.
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doesn't. seem. likely. it will take. a look. here it's. more inspired by the move. on the national. list i want to thank you chief. if you want to know. what's. the what's the children write a joint rate ok speaking a short while ago there in front of 10 downing street we have team coverage now of this leadership transition derrick's galli is the berlin correspondent for the irish times and kate brady is also with us here in the studio welcome to both of
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you i mean we hear it's been such a busy day there we could hear the choppers actually circling around her. to talk with us a little bit about what we are seeing today and what did you make of the message that she is now leaving the country with briggs it doesn't mean break the least not of teresa mayes prime minister i mean she repeated the marginals you know well i mean she promises break that many breaks that i'm devastated it doesn't appear really least not as long as she was permits or we were 4 months behind when briggs was supposed to mean briggs were 3 months ahead of when briggs it is supposed to mean break that we're never pure a new prime minister we don't you know what to expect i mean they've been so many boris johnson's over the years people are going in particular are very nervous what to expect from a trade piece you know just seems normal regular all these things and we saw parliament today in westminster just having its usual jolly time and so you know different things to live to do that everything's happening but everyone else in europe the sitting around saying i'm now you know having the best leader saying you
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know who is he who is he what will he what would you have to say. come and work with him take away and here i mean is this is this a failed prime minister now now and exiting office and she certainly has failed she failed the task that she set out to do and that was to deliver brags that she said that she would stand down when she had delivered facts and obviously that came around much of the above after agree with derek i think there is a boris johnson the new u.k. pm he is certainly being dealt with. you are certainly going to be asking what kind of boris johnson are we going to be getting so many years know he's making. lines a lot of the time for his blunders rather than for his policies and the e.u. will certainly be looking to see exactly what boris johnson is which form of course jones is going to return to brussels and it will be and of course they will be looking in the speech that will be expecting to hear from him soon outside 10 downing street before he moves into that iconic address there exactly what his
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plan is and they'll be looking for any tips as to where he might be taking things with bricks it.


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