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so this is news why go from berlin tonight political change at the top in britain boris johnson is the new prime minister in his 1st speech at number 10 downing street johnson doubled down on his promise to take the u.k. out of the european union deal or no deal we'll go live to london for more also coming up tonight in the united states a dramatic day on capitol hill former special counsel robert muller delivers his long awaited testimony on russian interference in the 2016 election and potential for the trump campaign making it clear that he did not clear president trump of
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obstructing justice. and that on a grid to crumple the woman known as a k k is sworn in as germany's new defense minister it's the 1st cabinet position for the woman many people believe chancellor angela merkel has been grooming to take over from her. hybrid golf it's good to have you with us today boris johnson's rise to power became complete today he officially became british prime minister and has now begun naming ministers to form his cabinet he's now immediately confronted with a host of challenges chief among them delivering bricks it more than any other issue johnson's insistence on leaving the european union has power his path ending
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at number 10 downing street now he has to deliver on that promise. a triumphant barse johnson walking down the street to his new residence standing outside number 10 downing street johnson made his 1st address as british prime minister. the doubters the doom's does the glooms does they are going to get it wrong again the people who bet against britain are going to lose their shirts because when they restore trust in our democracy. and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. a lot over the 31st no ifs or buts and let's and johnson got straight down to work looking to brussels suggesting that if it came to a no deal brags that it would be because of the e.u. is not and it is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the
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remote possibility the brussels refuses any further to negotiate and we are forced to come out with no deal not because we want that outcome. but to get to 10 downing street johnson 1st had to visit the queen to get the traditional nod of approval from the reigning monarch the queen also had to say farewell to the outgoing prime minister. before leaving for buckingham palace to officially resigned her post to resume i also had a few words for the press. i repeat my warm congratulations to boris on winning the conservative leadership election i wish him and the government he will lead every good fortune in the months and years ahead. their successes will be our country's successes and i hope that they will be many. and she had a special message directed to the country's next generation this is
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a country of aspiration and opportunity. and i hope that every young girl who has seen a woman prime minister now knows for sure that the oh no limits to what they can achieve. has to reset my hands over the keys to boris johnson she also hands over immense responsibility and it's up to him to decide now what happens next. are you going to take the story our correspondent barbara biggs will she is standing by in front of number 10 downing street the new home of boris johnson good evening to you barbara you know it was a big day for british politics and we heard some strong words from boris drugs in the new prime minister what would you say was his main message today. or his main message above all was show more optimism folks so we heard this quote about doom and gloom and all the stuff he reiterated that all the british people had to do was
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just look to the future with optimism and hope and then all would be well he was sheer bursting with it and bursting with energy because you would not get know what he's drinking in the morning but i'm sure there is a bit of optimism thrown right into this team as on the other side he promised everything to everybody it was fixing the ailing health system to the decrepit infrastructure in britain to the underfunded schools that means that is the he's going to turn away from years of cuts and being being careful about the budget and he found a magic money tree that has been growing for months obviously in the back garden of number 10 downing street here behind us so lots of. promises but we all know tomorrow is the day when promises will begin to be broken and of course finally to bret's it will come we know he will he reiterated that it will come he will talk
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about a new deal with brussels and then already of course he is pointing the finger at to the european union because he knows he might fail it will be their fault that because they're not ready to give him what he wants and then we will just have to crush out the barbara i mean in that speech today boris johnson the basically said if we do have a new deal bragg's which could be a disaster don't blame me blame the european union i mean you've covered politics for a long time how do you think that is going to go you had quarters in brussels. that is going to go down like a very cold drink of something very nasty because a it means they will have to go back with boris johnson 2.0 start this whole rigmarole talking through the details of that was draw is agreement one more time particularly the irish backs up boris johnson in his speech called it undemocratic white that is undemocratic nobody
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knows but it's just something he said he doesn't like it so it needs to be it needs to go and the irish of course say that for them it's essential we have been there we have done that and now it means one small was feeling also european governments of course new and particularly european needed leaders what to expect from boris johnson it's this blustering style the sort of trying to overwhelm people was the force of this personality as duck going to cut a lot of eyes during the next brussels summit or at the g. 7 meeting in berets at the end of august which is the 1st time he's going to talk to him on a mock prong and i'm glad america really and probably tried to gain some to gain some concessions so no they're not going to like it they are wary there. tired of this game and he's not going to find any friends. johnson he's been busy today making his 1st cabinet picks so what do we know so far as the world is wondering
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are the brick city years going to be in charge of this cabinet. the brigadier's will be very strong in his cabinet i mean this was not directed reshuffle this was the night of the long knives during the daytime because not even half of the people in the trees amazed cabinet in the 1st and 2nd row seem to be left over at this point and big names have been gone leaving fox for instance the trade minister secure off the 1st hour he was kicked out and ceremoniously jeremy hunt that competitor of ours just checked out the differences new people we know about are pretty cut cell for the home ministry this is a tare tory m.p. so right wing that some years ago she was sort of talked about reintroducing the death penalty and we will have dominic rob the former secretary in the foreign ministry if foreign ministry he is he is a hawk and he is not
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a diplomat so that goes to show what to churn. for as john says the cabinet is going to take and it makes you wonder what that means for britain's policies towards iran with that tinker crisis still brewing our very own barbara v's will there in front of number 10 downing street in london barbara thank you just as well across the atlantic it has been a contentious day on capitol hill in washington d.c. former special counsel robert muller has been testifying before a congressional committee about his probe into russian interference in the 2016 election and whether the trunk campaign colluded with moscow he told lawmakers the investigation found inadequate evidence to prove a conspiracy but he said once again his investigation did not clear truong of a crime of obstructing justice many are viewing miller's testimony today as a last chance for the democrats who may want to build
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a case for impeaching the president. robert mueller who spent 2 years leading an investigation determining if president trump had colluded with russia did not look like he wanted to be there but for democrats and republicans in congress this was an opportunity to get their points across live on t.v. the report did not include he did not commit it shocks of justice. that is correct and what about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the present you know and in fact your reports expressly states that it does not exonerate the person it does democrats were disappointed that the miller report found no smoking gun but hope that enough of the dirt will stick to dampen trump's prospects in the 2020 election republicans he is the hearing to hammer home their
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view of the president's innocence in their questions to a frail looking and distracted miller. report is it true the evidence gathered during your best occasion did not establish that the president was involved in the underlying crime related to russian election interference as stated in volume one page 7 we found insufficient evidence of. the president's call culpability. so that would be a yes without a part b. yes yes thank you mahler was reluctant to give informative answers and repeatedly deflected questions by referring to his report. this trump whose reputation is at stake claim to have little interest in the hearing i know i'm not going to be watching probably maybe i'll see a little bit of it i'm not going to be what watching moller. because you can't take all those bites at the apple we had no collusion no obstruction we had no
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nothing we had a total no collusion finding but a series of tweets fired off by trump ace the hearing was underway made clear that the president was watching he saw a special counsel determined not to take sides in a divided congress. well joining us now from miami is a former u.s. federal prosecutor david weinstein and mr weinstein it's good to have you on the program but you are a former prosecutor yourself there are several former prosecutors on that house judiciary committee today they were tests with basically trying to interrogate robert mohler do you think a proper interrogation took place today i think there was an interrogation the problem was that mr mole is used to asking the questions and not answering them and many of his answers simply refer back to the report itself so i don't think that any of the people who are asking the questions got the answers they wanted to get
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today well let's talk about the answers that they wanted a lot of critics have said that this was just plain partisan politics on display for the world to see do you think that the members of this committee were trying to draw it just to sell bite from robert mueller that they could play for their constituents back home and say see i told you so. well that's absolutely what took place today the democrats were looking for the soundbites that said there's sufficient evidence here to support an pietschmann proceedings there was obstruction by this president but for the rules of the department of justice concerning the indictment of a sitting president mother would move forward republicans on the other hand wanted nothing more than to show that this was a partisan investigation that it was outside the scope of the investigation is it was created and that there was undue influence either by bias or prejudice of the
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people involved or there was something at fault with the way that it started so it absolutely broke down across party lines and for those who are looking for sound bites to play for their constituents they have a playlist full of them do you get the feeling that anything in terms of political opinion changed today because of what robert mueller said i don't think it has certainly not in my opinion and analyzing it as a prosecutor or a former prosecutor i want to see whether or not one side's case became any stronger and it didn't none of the answers that miller gave today put a dent in what each side has been portraying this case as being about on both sides of the aisle. interested in and what you thought of the appearance in the performance of robert muller i was watching it especially when he started speaking earlier today and i was struck that he seemed to be. almost feeble
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or fragile and he had difficulty following the questions and some of the members of the committee and it just seemed like he was a very tired person he was speaking there what impressions did he leave with you. the process he left with me was someone who was very uncomfortable being on the receiving end of the question he someone who is used to making a presentation to being the person who's asking the question and when you ask the question you don't have to think about what the answer is going to be he's also someone to me who looks like he was balancing a couple of different balls in the air he has a concern about not creating undue influence on cases that are open pending he was given direction by the department of justice about what he could and couldn't say and then he's trying to keep within his answers words that are written in a 500 page document he has a understanding of all the words that are in there but he doesn't know exactly
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where they're located so that when you put all of that together i think that's why the perception he gave was one of an individual who didn't quite have it together today at c exact opposite of how he is in real life and i think it's just a function of a person who's not used to being under the bright lights but mr watson what about the department of justice instructing robert mueller about what he can and cannot say. i mean for our audience around the world watching this it is that legal and wasn't necessary. well it's necessary because he asked he asked the department of justice to give him some guidance we all know that he would never have talked about anything that was going to impact either an ongoing investigation or one of the cases that still pending because our orders in those cases that say we don't want any public comments about those in terms of it being legal or illegal or proper or improper he asked for this guidance and so they gave it to him and then he used
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that as a guideline to determine what he would or wouldn't be able to talk about and quite frankly they gave him the ability the say i can't really answer that question if you want the answer look at my report or that's beyond what i was tasked to do here . former u.s. federal prosecutor david weinstein joining us tonight from miami with some valuable insights into these hearings mr weinstein we appreciate your time tonight thank you threw up i'm glad the health. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world iranian president hassan rouhani has suggested his country might release a u.k. flagship if britain takes similar steps to release an iranian oil tanker which was seized by the british navy. earlier this month iran's revolutionary guard seized the studio imperio in the strait of hormuz on friday claiming that it had violated international maritime law all russian opposition leader saying of all of these
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says he has been arrested in the video on his instagram account the anti-corruption campaign or said that he was detained as he left his home in moscow to go for a job of all these arrests comes after he called for another mass protest in lesotho words lift their ban on opposition candidates running in moscow's parliament elections dutch movie actor router hower has died at the age of 75 the hollywood stars agent confirmed that he passed away last week after a short illness our made his name playing menacing characters he was best known for his role in the 1982 signed 5 cult classic blade runner. and prosecutors here in germany who say that the shooting of an eerie tree in man near frankfurt was motivated by racism the man in his twenty's was shot in a drive by late on monday the suspect a 55 year old german man later shot himself dead residents of the town of the vest
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as boss have held a vigil to raise awareness about racist violence. a show of solidarity against racism and xenophobia hundreds gathered in the central german town of vest as. i was horrified because i thought something like that couldn't happen here investors . this is destroying our democracy is going to could happen to my daughter who has a different skin color on monday a 26 year old eritrean man was shot here he was a young father described as shy on his way home from an integration course. which is what we've done great refuge an integration work with many different cultures here for decades things are harmonious there was no indication of an attack. even so the crime was likely motivated by santa phobia indicators for this or the choice of this person targeted as a victim at random but specifically because of his skin color the victim was
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brought to a hospital and his condition is now stable following emergency surgery employees of a nearby business witnessed the attack from our memories of how the young man in eritrea somehow got an apparent from the shots. the car then stopped in front of the eritrean and then it turned and fired more shots. the suspect was found dead in his car hours after the attack he is believed to have committed suicide police found several weapons in the suspects home all of them legal neighbors saying he was a member of a gun club that he had lived alone and was very withdrawn so far and there are no indications of him having been in contact with the far right seen. a letter left behind by the suspect statements from people who sold him weapons and tips from other witnesses investigators must now sort through the clues to find out why this crime happened. while here in berlin germany's new defense minister you see her
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right there on the ground scrub covered by our the woman known as a k k where she has taken her oath of office in parliament and her appointment as defense minister it came as a surprise after her predecessor was appointed president of the european commission last week a k k it's seen as the likely successor to german chancellor angela merkel. with her oath and it could come callan bowers became the head of around 180000 german soldiers as germany's new defense minister she swore to lead her ministry for the good of the german people mind the finish of this i will diligently fulfill my duties and practice fairness towards everyone so help me god put in power has demanded respect for soldiers and promised more money in the long term objective 2 percent of germany's g.d.p. for defense. and then 3 you there when i am striving for the german government's
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goal of 2 percent a goal that all of our allies have once again agreed so i am holding fast to it. cut carbon bow is a close confidant of america she has long been treated as merkel's likely successor as a candidate for the chancellor she already has an important position as head of merkel's conservative party until now she had maintained that she did not want a minister ariel post germany's opposition have now accused her of using this new position as a stepping stone on her way to power that's the time the defense ministry will be a springboard chancellorship so mrs crocker and if you want to use a defense ministry. didn't you say you wanted to dedicate yourself completely to the cd you've. written cd you party chief and defense minister to stressful jobs soon she may also become her party's candidate for chancellor and. our has taken on
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a tremendous amount of responsibility. or earlier our word chief political observer mccullough kuttner explained how the great crop current powers new position sits in with her ambition to become the next german chancellor. always seen a lot of ladies protesting too much anger machall says that he doesn't want to have any influence over who succeeds so that was up to the party to the decide now i'm going to. be a parent and successor as party leader is closer to the chancery that you see behind me by having joined the cabinet and i've come kind of our herself of course in recent months protesting that that was not the plan so now we've seen her ever play somebody whose political star was clearly sinking here and many always that are funded line became e.u. commission chief and i think they've come stepping into her shoes quoting was enough underlined today saying we need more europe and vowing once again that he
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would stick to its spending plan of getting closer to that 2 percent spending go 1.5 percent by 2024 that of course is in doubt because of the governing coalition here the coalition partners doesn't really want to see that and they're reporting here in berlin or one year from today tokyo will start hosting the summer olympics organizers are heading into the final phase of preparations ticket sales are said to be unprecedented but there have been problems from accusations of corruption in the bidding process to concerns about safety and construction sites. as interest builds in tokyo 2020 the a now is to keep preparations on schedule and organizers seem to be hitting the target when the year to go all the excitement is growing here you've seen the unprecedented level of interest in this with $3200000.00 silos having been sold in the 1st phase the venue's also
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appear to be coming along only 3 remaining complete including the olympic stadium which is just missing its track and field. q about 90 percent of the construction work has been completed and as you can see almost all the building work is done. we're now just working on the facilities inside the stadium. to all this but preparations for these olympics haven't always been smooth sailing a report released in may found that the construction workers for the venue's were working long hours and in dangerous conditions suspicions of corruption have also hung over the tokyo 2020 bit earlier this year the head of japan's a limpid committee stepped down amid allegations of vote buying. and the costs are another headache the original budget for the olympics was set at around
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$7000000000.00 euros that is now expected to skyrocket to more than 4 times that amount and taxpayers will have to foot most of the bill. as the whole budget now is about $30000000000.00 and huge amounts of public funds flow into huge corporations while the poor are a victim excluded and marginalized with the heat is also a major concern countermeasures however will be put in place organizers are encouraging the use of umbrellas but also offer air conditioning lounges access to water and jet sprays. but all these concerns have not dump and excitement ahead all choky 02020. years from now just like a previous olympics concerns will fade once national fever grips the country. we could use jet sprays in the studio it's summertime here folks you're watching
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the w. news live from berlin up next tim sebastian and conflict zone i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day and tonight we'll have complete coverage of what happened today in london and in washington on capitol hill hope to see that.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the pulse of. the european union is about to go on some a vacation not just for weeks had come knock knock jokes my guest this week is andrea gone and made peace germany's moving to democrats one of.
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those promises great to democracy conflict so. they'll. go to the politics. learning marched reality wait a 2nd do you want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from a mountain reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk the digitalisation. shift. on t w. it seems like the world is getting worse. more catastrophes all sorts of problems. but global 3000 talked to
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a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the wild. like my friend and i was caught in the world really getting better. took level $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on d w. there was a deal and there was not something that you can choose like this and like that hopefully it's got this isn't it not corporation that the expense of principle not at all fixing the principle by talking to each. the european union is about to go on some a vacation but not before as heads of government have carved up some of the top jobs in late night sessions but frankly with very little transparency my guest this week here in brussels is andreas scholl m.e.p. for germany's ruling christian democrats one on the happened.


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