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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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is this the beginning of the clinton. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. ai will experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this technology create a deadly new look thomas system. robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . on both sides of the atlantic 2 leaders on a collision course with the political establishment so they love to hate in washington congressional hearings have taken place to find out is there enough evidence to prove that u.s. president trump is a criminal and in london the new prime minister boris johnson promising to deliver breaks it and morning of a showdown with the european union and if it ends up being
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a no deal brags that we now know who boris johnson will blame. in berlin this is the day. the officer gives her amount of road you think up to 3 years of indecision this country has become a prisoner in this nation not even the president is above the law so those critics are wrong but in a total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the president now the doctors the do still has the glooms does our investigation found that the russian government interfered in our election in sweeping systematic fashion that we prepare for the remote possibility the brussels refuses anything to negotiate this deserves the attention of every american. and we're going to fulfill the repeated
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promises of tolerance to the people at the present which are not of scalping. exculpated. for the acts that he allegedly committed and come out of the e.u. to look to the 31st new waves or buttons you could charge the president on stage with obstruction of justice after he left office yet. also coming up tonight this weekend berlin will hold its annual gay pride parade with tens of thousands of cheering on lookers a stark contrast to what happened last weekend in one polish town when people tried to march for the very 1st time. it's a form of protest about free speech l g b t optimists are allowed to speak out on their views people who hold different views must be allowed to do the same there is an attempt to force political correctness here in poland. but to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with british prime minister boards johnson and u.s. president donald trump chaos and disruption are their allies tonight the world found out if it did not already know who was not in london today boris johnson shook the hand of the queen and then took over leadership of the government from theresa may in front of his new home at number 10 downing street he held his 1st speech as prime minister a pep talk for the british people who he says have been led by forces at home and abroad to doubt themselves and with that a line was drawn between patriots versus the pessimists now johnson who helped lead the campaign to take the country out of the european union today promised to deliver brecht's it in just 3 months he wants to do what theresa may failed to do in 3 years a mission impossible with a blame but if the 1st a no deal breaks it becomes reality johnson today signaled clearly it will not be
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his fault. now i say next to our friends in ireland and you brussels and around the e.u. i am convinced we can do a deal without checks of the irish buddha because we refuse under any circumstances to have such chips and yet without that anti democratic backstop and it is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility the brussels refuses anything to negotiate and we all fools to come out with a deal not because we want that outcome of course not but because it is only common sense to propound there you have it boris johnson pointing the finger at europe we have complete coverage of this momentous day in british politics here in the studio with me is john worth he's a british and european politics auger and an analyst he's
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a familiar face to our viewers good to have you here john and joining us from london is barbara venal she's been on the story for us there from the british capital to both of you welcome barbara let me begin with you and with i guess the take away from johnson's speech about broad said that part should european union leaders should they be preparing for a friend or a foe in this new prime minister. oh he is very clearly if they know when that even before he held the speech if you look at the message which was quite pointed at that french president from yesterday sent to boris johnson in the 2nd part after the congress relations who said that home at the home much he sort of treasured the reason maybe because she was always fair and always understood that deal had to serve both sides and she never really tried to obstruct the workings of the european union so there was a warning to boris johnson they've where it's very well know on the other side of
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the channel who is going to come to the negotiating table there and of course also if before you have even sort of taken to seat at the table if you are just threats start with those dark warnings about how hard. yes the blame will be on brussels everybody is expecting of course the blame game but if you start that early with it it means i was serious really are you if you talk about negotiating you know that's very good point i mean john what do you think divorce johnson today did he issue with the yes he did. what barbara just said the problem is it's unclear what he actually wants he keeps on hammering on about these problems with the northern ireland by itself but he has no practical plan of what to do instead which he also said today was undemocratic which doesn't make sense only that because ultimately the backstop is essentially to ensure that there is no border in northern ireland between northern ireland and. so ultimately i see this is him playing to his
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tory party park benches playing to the crowd of the conservative party members and i do think however he is shaping up to play the blame game and i could get quite difficult from brussels if you just goes into that into everything that way take a listen to what johnson said today about. the money that he says maybe could be saved. that is the cools on which this country is not with hard hearts and growing . co-produce we will not celebrate the work of getting ready in the ports will be ready and the banks will be ready in the factories will be ready and business will be ready and the hospitals will be ready and our amazing food and farming sector will be ready and waiting to continue selling edible not just here but around the won't and don't forget that in the event of a new deal out come we will have that extra lubrication of the 39000000000 pounds 39000000000 pounds extra lubrication john the money that he is talking about that's
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money that britain has to the european union right britain committed to the european union budget runs until the end of 2 of 2020. meaning forget says britain which gets money from that very same budget those british farmers that he just talked about they actually get agricultural subsidies from the european union and so this idea that somehow he can basically go brussels we refuse to pay that's like a ray drank to a bowl and there is no way that that's a sensible negotiating tactic he keeps all normal about that but on the brussels signs it gets absolutely no wes i think that's a very dangerous words he's using and we know that us president donald trump he has advised boris johnson not to pay that divorce bill what can you do if we are indeed talking about breach of contract here. is in fact quite ridiculous i mean it's difficult of course to sue a country in
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a court of law that is not the way to go but. knowing that this was down the road i mean these threats have been before by bricks a chair last brick city is last year and the year before that and a very cool answer in brussels to those sorts of threats is if you don't pay up you won't get anything that means if forced johnson then needs to come back to the european union talk about a trade deal because britain is going to need 8 trade feel any kind of trade deal maybe maybe canada or something similar with the european union they will just slam the door in his face until he has paid up there will be nothing so it will be this week concerns all kinds of every day every day things that out absolutely necessary to britain planes flying lending in european airports no thank you and so on and so forth it's a long line these are empty threats but the tone of nastiness as john said i mean the tone of nastiness really doesn't make us expect anything good from the 1st
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meetings was for a chance in brussels we don't want to forget theresa may day you know during her final questions for the prime minister session of parliament she and labor leader germy corbin they traded blows and compliments and blows again take a look i say to the right honorable gentleman as this is the last time we will have this exchange across these dispatch boxes. i was going to say this is the strength of operators democracy that the prime minister and the leader of the opposition have these exchanges across the books is every week to sort of. notice resources is given and that's as it should be in our adversarial parliamentary democracy but he and i are very different people with very very. very different politicians i think we approach the issues we face
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in this country in different ways i have spent one of my heroes in this house on the front bench trying to implement the policies i believe in he has spent most of his time on the backbench is campaigning for what he believes in often against his own party but what i think we both have in common is a commitment to our constituents is i saw that after the terrorist attack in things in his constituency and perhaps i could just finish my exchange with him by saying this as a party leader who has accepted it when her time was up perhaps the time is now for him to do the say. well that was political theater best i could feel one else coming from the german corben so i bear is generally he's not planning on going anywhere izzy.
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he's not planning on going anywhere but. the opposition the labor party is in a dire situation they've had a big fuss and hue and cry about anti semitism in the party they are deeply divided on bricks that they have finally after months of years really off sort of internal strife finally managed to come to a common position that is that they do in fact want 2nd referendum i mean it is bird johnson wouldn't be standing where he stood today if the labor party had shaped up and sort of got its act together much earlier so maybe jeremy corrigan i mean he has a lot of internal enemies and in fact we might put down who's going to go for us jeremy carbon or. joe i mean jeremy corporon would love to see a general election happened yesterday is he going to get. it's possible because one thing we haven't yet talked about is how boris johnson this is just going to
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shaping up and boris johnson is surrounding himself with really breaks that hard line is sort of to use a quote from another johnson lyndon b. johnson who said he'd rather have his enemies on the inside pissing out johnson has now got a lot of enemies on the outside pissing into his government's going to get wet it's going to get pretty nasty so ultimately i think actually what's happened today is probably increase the chances that britain's going to end up with a general election but connecting that back to what bob has just been saying and i agree with that analysis of jeremy coleman's problems labor's turn in the 3rd in the opinion polls at the moment the conservatives are neck and neck with the liberals and labor is really struggling now the challenge is for the labor party is coming to anything to put that right now one option they could have is actually properly opposing brights it which jeremy coleman has refused to do if latest which having a proper he went and he breaks a position that might save his chances but jeremy corbyn himself is pro bracks it's as far as we know and he's very stubborn and doesn't want to change the party's
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position that's true and there's no evidence that that will change anytime soon john worth and barbara bass for the both of you thank you for 2 days of excellent analysis we appreciate it thank you it carries on tomorrow. oh well london was getting a new prime minister in washington the sitting u.s. president was tweeting about congressional hearings and the testimony of former special counsel robert moore. did not include not committed yours. that is correct and what about total exoneration you actually totally exonerate the press. now in fact you have which explicitly states that it does not exonerate. it does. robert mueller reluctantly appearing before 2 congressional committees today to answer questions about his investigation into russian meddling in the twenty's 16 election and possible ties between the truck campaign and
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russian government officials for more on what robert mueller said and didn't say today i'm joined by the w.'s all over salad he's been following these hearings worse in washington and here at the big table with me is boris foreman he is a us politics analyst for us and a professor at bard college here in berlin gentlemen it's good to see both of you again oliver let me start with you these hearings they've been called the most anticipated congressional hearings in decades i mean there were high expectations today word those expectations met by mr moller. well i'd save you expect a lot of new material to come out of these hearings here today if you expected robert mueller to liver anything substantial to what's already in the report then you might be disappointed right now 3. that was not the purpose of these hearings and the democrats really did not consider this to happen at all robert mala
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actually was even given the order yesterday by the department of justice to strictly focus on the report one democratic lawmaker even said the main goal is to get driver dollars say what robert mala role it's now if you want you can consider these hearings here today is something like a political blockbuster because what's happening and this is the major problem here is that you have these 448 pages a mother report that's very hard to digest not only for lawmakers and journalists but also for your average american voter and that is what the democratic party and the committees here were trying to achieve is to get robert moller out on live t.v. sensually repeating what's in the report but as sound bites and live on national television to overlook just to prove are all of the same page i got my copy here to the 400 page report you had to flip through it today during the testimony boards
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did the world learn anything that it didn't already know. today it really i would totally agree with what oliver said i mean this is the point was to create soundbites the thing is maybe the democrats succeeded in getting muller to reiterate a couple of his positions he was very clear on the point that this was not an exoneration so he contradicted trump and his. his mum trove of. obstruction the most sort of thank you. or much jeff but it wasn't it wasn't a cathartic moment it was not a it was not a homerun for the democrats and so i think they will remain divided they've been divided it's a political issue i think impeachment in the it's very unlikely it was clear today that lawmakers one of the drive home the key points in this report i want you to take a listen to the following exchange. which you agree that it was not
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a hoax that the russians were engaged in trying to impact our election absolutely that was not a hoax the indictments were turned against the russians 2 different ones where. substantial in their scope using the scope or again it and i think one of the we have under play to a certain extent and that aspect of our investigation that has and would have a long term damage to the united states that we need to move quickly to address. and when donald trump called your investigation a witch onto that was also false was it not like to think so yes well your investigation is not a witch hunt is it is not a witch hunt it is not a witch on oliver robert muller also testified today that he felt the president was and i'm quoting here generally not being truthful in his written statements which
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were submitted to the moeller investigation has there been reaction from the president or from members of congress. well president trump just moments ago left the oval office and spoke to some reporters and of course not very surprisingly he called this all again a witch hunt and in addition to that he called it fake news a lot of phony stuff those were his words here today not very surprisingly but one thing is clear both sides are really trying to claim victory president trump also sad that this is an embarrassment for the democrats 6 and for the whole country the democrats in turn. got the sound they wanted at least partially and the one was of course robert lawler as you just said and heard it. claiming that this was not a witch on an earlier he said in the judiciary committee that president trump is not exonerated so essentially you have robert model of the author of this report.
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proving to major of claims of the president wrong at least through the eyes of robert muller. some to take a listen to this next exchange here the question why not indict the president if you have reason to believe that he tried to obstruct justice is it correct if you would conclude if the president committed the crime of obstruction you could not publicly state that in your report or here today i would say you. could do the statement would be that you would not indict and you would not indict because under the oil she opinion a sitting president she said we cannot be indicted be unconstitutional so you could not state that because of the you will see it if it would be you know of the opinion it was some guy ideas but under the department of justice policy the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves
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office is correct through thank you. but if you make of this well i mean the democrats were trying to hammer home the point and it almost seems like there was a choreography over these 3 and a half hours where different instances of what they called episodes of obstruction happened and i think this is also what cost some of the frustration that they saw that yes muller did not want to take a decision even said he decided not to take a decision it's not that they decided whether it's obstruction or not they didn't even get there because he didn't feel like they have the mandate and then republicans you know jumped on board and said well why did you start this entire thing in the 1st place trying to make their point which was this has been going on for too long we've been spending too much money we should go back to business etc it will be interesting to see tomorrow if the outlook in washington is different than it was 24 hours ago for foreman always good to have you all over sell it in washington to both of you gentlemen thank you.
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in poland anti-gay sentiment appears to be growing with some blaming the conservative governments and populist politicians but the media is also no friend to gays and lesbians a right wing news magazine is offering its readers stickers to post on their homes or businesses the stickers read this is an l.g. bt free zone you see it right there and for those in the bt community who dare to march in public hate and violence can be waiting just around the corner. these are painful memories for warsaw based artist. he was in the obvious joke over the weekend simply to speak up for his rights as a gay man. but i thought of no it was very depressing the thread is usually a festival of tolerance for that and then we were suddenly confronted with this aggression and homophobia which. it was called the equality parade for be obvious joke participants wanted to send
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a message i think is that it's our country today we're also parts of society. the party atmosphere was short lived not far away counter-demonstrators prayed in protest over what they see as sin. hooligans from all over poland a came together after a call to action from a football club how should we want to make a stand for our children and our families we don't want to be talked into believing that what's not normal should be considered normal for them on the set of they set a rainbow pride flag on fire and threw firecrackers. they also threw eggs and then later stones. police were deployed in force to keep the 2 sides apart in addition to taunts they were physical assaults leading to multiple arrests poland's prime minister condemned the violence. for serious never once would feel welcome in poland there is absolutely no place for such hooligan like aggressive behavior as a whole vanya like this adding to the tensions
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a weekly news magazine decided to distribute a sticker for people to display their opposition to the rights issue would you negotiate this does up the whist kind of associations for a whore not like when the nazis cleansed areas of jews in my hometown big gosh i'm reminded of a pot sized racial segregation when there will be white and black on the areas it's rotting 1st so some in charge of. the stickers message was altered when it went to the printers now it proclaims opposition to l g b t ideology the maggots. editor explained the move. to put in a protest look at the new it's a form of protest about free speech l g b t activists are allowed to speak out on their views people who hold different views must be allowed to do the same there is an attempt to force political correctness here in poland there's a sense that it's a prison which is looking at what you don't nobody is going to gay clubs and putting up crosses but they have the nerve to hang their rainbow flags in churches
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only for them to go show it isn't as if so then a whole and a culture war is raging over the wedge issue of l g p t writes jaroslav millet's spreading a different sticker one advertising gay friendly zones. or returning to our 2 top stories today on both sides of the atlantic we saw all too divisive leaders a sitting u.s. president and the new british prime minister both face tremendous challenges in crises it remains to be seen tonight how boris johnson and donald trump will master what they should be able to master well the day is almost done the conversation continues online and you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at brant got t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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europe transformed. the focus on europe's summer series. 30 years ago the 1st cracks it appeared in the higher current account the for what happened to the dreams and secure office of let extraordinary time. our journey begins in poland
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where we meet nobel peace prize winner like the one some. 90 minutes called w. a d q you know that 77 percent of. our younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and. you know what it's time all voice is part. of the 77 percent speech obama. when it comes to the 77 percent this weekend on d w. a quiet melody resilience one to lighten the mood. to repeat resonate with it it's. the light and the music. be told in 1st bond 2019
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from september 6th to september 29th. they are watching of all the duke trained not in the water the 1st of the poor in poor countries particularly in the education they are demanding good quality education for their children the cost what it was and also realize that if they have to have good quality products and good quality consumers they need to look quality skilled workforce i'm very confident that in 2050 north child or no i go through them an illiterate that is the fundamental human that is the divine right which the nature of the body has given to us and goes was legendary that i cannot go there was nothing of it i had the freedom there against nature that i
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just want. to. kick. this is g.w. news live from berlin in britain boris johnson takes over as prime minister and promises to deliver. to fulfill the repeated promises of politicians to the people and come out of the e.u. a look to the 31st. box but with his country deeply divided can.


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