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this is g.w. news live from berlin in britain boris johnson takes over as prime minister and promises to deliver. the fulfill the repeated promises of politicians to the people and come out of the e.u. a look to the 31st. all spots but with his country deeply divided can johnson succeed where theresa may did not get the latest from what did also coming up tonight in the united states
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a contentious day on capitol hill all eyes on robert muller and what if. you actually totally exonerate the president. the former special counsel delivers his long awaited testimony on the russia probe he tells lawmakers his findings did not clear president trump of obstructing justice. i'm going to golf it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with boris johnson today johnson officially became british prime minister and has now begun naming ministers to form his captive he's now immediately confronted with a host of challenges chief among them delivering bricks it more than any other issue johnson's insistence on britain leaving the european union well that has powered his path leading to number 10 downing street he's now tasked with following
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through with delivering on his promises. a triumphant barse johnson walking down the street to his new residence standing outside number 10 downing street johnson made his 1st address as british prime minister. the doubters the doom's does the glooms does they are going to get it wrong again the people who bet against britain are going to lose their shirts but this one to restore trust in our democracy. and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. october 31st no ifs or buts and let's and johnson got straight down to work looking to brussels suggesting that if it came to a no deal brags that it would be because of the e.u. is not and it is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility the brussels refuses any further to negotiate and we are forced
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to come out with no deal not because we want that outcome. but to get to 10 downing street johnson 1st had to visit the queen to get the traditional nod of approval from the reigning monarch. the queen also had to say farewell to the outgoing prime minister. before leaving for buckingham palace to officially resigned her post to resume i also had a few words for the press. economy i repeat my warm congratulations to boris on winning the conservative leadership election i wish him and the government he will lead every good fortune in the months and years ahead. their successes will be our country's successes and i hope that they will be many. and she had a special message directed at the country's next generation this is
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a country of aspiration and opportunity. and i hope that every young girl who has seen a woman prime minister now knows for sure that there are no limits to what they can achieve. as to reset my hands over the keys to boris johnson she also hands over immense responsibility and it's up to him to decide now what happens next. we want to take this story now to our correspondent barbara visa's she's standing by in front of number 10 downing street in london the new home of boris johnson beginning tonight good evening to you barbara it was a big day for boris johnson and for british politics in general what was johnson's main message in his 1st speech today. there were maybe 2 main messages the one was that all it needs is optimism all they have to do is just believe that the future is going to be great and then it will be boris johnson
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seemed like a drunk on off ensues the as an about his own success and so he was like walking on air the speech was big and rambling he promised to fix all the ills great britain has been suffering from from for decades from the ailing health system to social care the under funded schools and just everything he has a magic money tree in the backyard of downing street 10 downing street of course it shows that he's going to turn away from years of austerity and he just wants to spend money now the other main message of course was rex it will take place in the 31st of october no ifs and buts boris johnson said and also of course we heard it he immediately pointed the finger at brussels if they will not give him what he wants if they will not renegotiate that was drawn agreement it will be their fault and then britain will have to go out with
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a heart for exit and just crush out of the european union and the border you've covered politics in britain but also european union politics for a long time today when boris johnson basically put the blame for a possible new deal breaker at the foot of europe how do you think that is going to go down with european union leaders. everybody of course has been expecting this i mean the blame game has been going on throughout those negotiations throughout those last 2 and a half years but still it's going to be to go down like a big glass of nasty sludge because everybody knows it will be back to 0 was boris johnson we will have to revisit the european union all the places that we've been at before it will be there is wrong it will be that he will see that european union will not reopen it and so we will look for compromise this is there anything that he could possibly accept and in the end heartbreaks it has become so much more
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likely after we heard today's speech because he seems to be dead set on this we win it all we just going to go out with a bang and slam the door after us. strong and he's been busy today he's now making his cabinet picks what do we know so far barbara named there's a look like that breaks in tears we're going to be in charge of the. there is going to be a strong brick secure faction in this cabinet this was not a cabinet reef reshuffle it was the most brutal most bloody. minute rebuilding london has seen for decades more or less it was the long night the night of the long knives during daytime because almost everybody men and mounds of to reserve maize given it particularly the remainders where just sent out to grass and just a few very few were handpicked to return so generous johnson could could put sort
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of keep up the pretense that he won 3 unite the party however he's going to find on the back benches and parliament now a rebel army full of frustrated and angry tory members who feel that they've been cheated out of their offices and so that doesn't mean very much that doesn't really show well for the future if he has to come to parliament was a bracks a deal all without it he wus. on the story for someone else line number 10 downing street in london thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the reigning in president hassan rouhani has suggested his country might release a u.k. flagship if britain takes similar steps to release an iranian oil tanker which was seized by the british navy gibraltar earlier this month iran's revolutionary guard seized the stand in peril in the strait of hormuz on friday they claim it violated
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international maritime roles police in thailand say 4 people have been killed in an attack on the military outpost in the south of the country unknown assailants on motorcycles through explosives before opening fire attacks are frequent in the region where a muslim separatist insurgency has been raging for 15 years russian opposition leader a late scene of all the has been put in prison for 30 days in moscow for calling an authorised protests the anti-corruption campaign earlier posted a video on his instagram account saying that he was detained as he left his home today to go jogging evolving called for a protest of less authorities lift their ban on opposition candidates running in moscow selections. across the atlantic it has been a contentious day on capitol hill in washington d.c. former special counsel robert muller has been testifying before a congressional committee about his probe into russian interference in the 2016
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election and whether the trump campaign colluded with moscow he told lawmakers today the investigation found inadequate evidence to prove a conspiracy but he said once again his investigation did not clear trump of obstructing justice many are viewing bowler's testimony today as a last chance for democrats to build a case for impeaching the president. robert mueller who spent 2 years leading an investigation determining if president trump had colluded with russia did not look like he wanted to be there but for democrats and republicans in congress this was an opportunity to get their points across live on t.v. the report did not include he did not committed structure of justice. that is correct and what about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the
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present you know and in fact your reports expressly states that it does not exonerate the press it does democrats were disappointed that the miller report found no smoking gun but hope that enough of the dirt will stick to dampen trump's prospects in the 2020 election republicans he's the hearing to hammer home their view of the president's innocence in their questions to a frail looking and distracted miller. report is it true the evidence gathered during your best occasion did not establish that the president was involved in the underlying crime related to russian election and affairs as stated in volume one page 7 we found insufficient evidence of. the president's call culpability. so that would be yes without part b. yes yes thank you. moller was reluctant to give informative answers and repeatedly
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deflected questions by referring to his report. trump whose reputation is at stake claim to have little interest in the hearing i know i'm not going to be watching probably maybe i'll see a little bit of it i'm not going to be what watching moller. because you can't take all those bytes out of the apple we had no collusion no obstruction we had no nothing we had a total no collusion finding but a series of tweets fired off by trump ace the hearing was underway made clear that the president was watching he saw a special counsel determined not to take sides in a divided congress. the movie actor rutger hauer has a dog at the age of 75 the hollywood stars agent confirming that howard passed away last week after a short illness after starting his career as a versatile leading man in the 1970 s. how work made his name playing darker more menacing characters he was best known
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for his role in the 1982 side classic blade runner. it was the role that turned him into a legend bricker hauer as roy batty an android on the run from a bounty hunter played by a youthful harrison ford in blade runner. to beautifully shot signed 5 movie set in a dystopian future was somewhat of a blueprint for how or who went on to star in blockbusters like batman returns and sin city. born in the netherlands during world war 2 how or when to on to star in over 100 dutch and international movies despite his commercial success he retained a penchant for the often card predatory abody who wants everybody everybody. our want to golden globe for his role in escape from sobibor a 988 movie based on
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a true story about a prisoners escaped from a nazi death camp. his agent confirmed that howard passed away last week. movies like blade runner mean that his legacy lives on. all right so this talk about the weather germany's national weather service says that winds day solve the hottest day on record as western europe swelter is in the 2nd heat wave in as many weeks we can tell you it was hot here in berlin 40.5 degrees celsius or measured in the west of the country belgium and the netherlands they also saw their temperature records broken people near the coast they flocked to the beaches to keep cool those not so close to the water they had to improvise local trains in paris they had to be slowed due to melting cables and even the city's most famous landmark there you see it going down the chocolate version it
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just could not take. 10. that gives a new meaning to hot chocolate doesn't it folks you're watching the news from berlin up next the plane maker boeing announcing massive losses that and more in the w. business news with janell's stick around for that. first . home. of species. that we're seeing if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps. tedious tell stories of creative people and the think it's time checks around the world. news that comes from. east greenwich suspensions and
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