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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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the italian capital. well it is summer in the city and i have to say this here it is a scorcher here in berlin women of course have many many options in their summer wardrobes to keep cool but the guys seem to be generally a bit more limited or are they we checked out what men's fashion has to offer this summer. this some of the message for fashion savvy men is to be different step out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to turn heads. i think for the summer man are going to have a lot more fun they're wearing more colors there are being much more daring. they're showing their away this year. and. as well you know. just a splash of. the receiver mad which is quite new.
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aren't quite. what your colors are usually more in the women's collection. the next train takes all those bright colors and mixes them up why and should and there's no getting away from palm trees they even turn up on kashmir switzer's. prints of all kinds in for instance photo print shirts featuring catching 2 soaring. another trend is romantic flower patterns seen here sure it's because shorts really cool this summer and for some designers they can never be short enough. chunky sneakers continue to be popular. of the fashion show. and i'm joined by a man who always has his finger directly on the fashion pulse my colleague adrian
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kennedy welcome to the studio let's do a bit of a check and see how fashionable you are this season based on what we did hear about for. quite famous for your floral shirts in fact i guess that makes you something of a pioneer yes. for decades. fashion forward in that respect. just thinking it might be time to actually stop wearing full shorts but now all of a sudden you know how could i resist action is nothing like being accidentally in fashion is a bit like being the broken clock that still tells the correct time twice a day quite constant so i'll be out of fashion again already tomorrow probably ok well none of us can't see but i can vouch for the fact that you're not wearing short shorts even long shorts and definitely no chunky sneakers the long. short shorts no chino is what i'm wearing down below and i'm also.
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always in the very heart if you have my back can still see you can't really see them. but there are fashion german fashion and essential part of my summer wardrobe and you also do like a good scene which i guess is there's nothing like the well count suit to make you look and feel good this is a lightweight summer suit from the famous british brand associated with the more youth movement i know you're actually more into creating your own style than following fashion trends but to tell us that there was anything on the runways this summer that you might consider well tommy thomas back hippie chic remember. i tried that myself back in the day time enormous and t. shirt stiffing them and i. don't really think i will be going back there actually another trends we saw a lot of fisherman's parents very big have been worn by the likes of reanna and
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hygiene maybe that's something for you karen banks banks bags. big bags there you see them. over the shoulder. and even micro bags if you want to get ahead get yourself a fisherman's hats and a micro but i don't know if that'll be enough to hold all of my stuff and also look at my own. eyes peeled when i'm out to dinner later this evening in berlin adrian kennedy very thanks very much for bringing us your view and your fashion sense on what's going on this summer. but it is one of those german words that many people outside of germany understand because of course we typically say it after somebody sneezes but its literal meaning is health which is something the germans take very seriously indeed and my colleague rachel stewart can tell us more about that. welcome to your meet the germans health check ups will be running through some fun
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facts about health in germany please take a seat we'll get started. when you walk into the waiting room a doctor should always offer a general greeting to the assembled sick people couldn't up. for everyone in germany has to have health insurance and they going to pay for it you might as well use it right so the devils go to see their doctor a lot or other doctors because here it's quite normal to go straight to the specialist which brings us to the next point. why can't we get things we lacked in the greek here in germany the specialists are usually given very simple they bull's eye doctor to thocht or skin doctor women doctor but family the house doctor not some kind of thing where it's just the normal family doctor. the other kind of help with them that gets passed down through the generations well here are some examples of things that will make you ill according to many germans
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drinking water after eating cherries drafts very very bad and eating broad beans all rolled potatoes but they're tearing down with the enrol minced meat. in a drugstore you'll find more toiletries than actual drugs and you won't find any painkillers in the supermarket for most over the counter medicine and all prescription medicine you'll need to go to an up or take a look out for this symbol. a lot of pharmacies and doctors surgeries will be closed for up to 2 hours at lunchtime because lunch and some will shut up shop on a wednesday afternoon too because. a lot of germans avoid taking pills for common ailments like a headache or fever many up the delightfully peculiar home remedies instead perhaps . letting a little sack of onion. or wrapping your cards and cold towels let's play
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a little game of have you ever the home remedy edition. orange mountain belts yeah yeah. i mean it's my kind it's even difficult. because that's obvious from my question by temperament i'm clout done for me. that's why i go from one. to hard to show fruits in for so much time to. modern down as i started. on this how to argue my that's been true to me at all. yeah so i. pulled out you know really come into me before your. gig you speak 920 some mystery of a smoke smell you must presume you. google. up to. the germans also seem to believe that scots have
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magical healing powers. at the 1st sign of a cold or a sore throat they'll reach for the scuff in some and all those in bed any time anywhere just trust. homeopathy many scientists might dismiss this form of alternative medicine as hocus pocus that many germans swear by these little sugar balls known as globally in fact to me up there was invented right here in germany back in the hundreds. if you ever felt like the weather was affecting you how well the german weather publishes detail be over these actually where in the country you're most likely to suffer from migraines so if you later issues for sleeping problems or any given day based on the weather. ok that's your health check over the and i thought.
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well if you've ever been to rome no doubt if marveled at the fact that you can hardly walk a few 100 metres before bumping into some ancient ruins or call all men one often has the feeling the city is built on top of an archeological dig which is not far from the truth in fact because no matter where you dig a bit deeper under the surface astonishing things come to light. each year millions of to rasputin the sights of the eternal city the colosseum the many markets and squares and the forum room. but many only scratched the surface of the city's attractions is also roma subtle rania sub train ian brown. monuments that can be roman monuments that are just as important they allow us to understand how the city of over time. the sub trainee
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instructions have only opened to the public in recent years. the mithraism of the circus maximus is a religious sign meters underground. at its heart is a relief of the god mithra from the 3rd century b.c. . unfortunately too often we can't offer a broad public access to these spaces because of safety issues or budget limits. or . opening up such spaces to the public is a logistical challenge. some passageways and catechisms have been well explored others hardly at all the culture association sorta ranee i uses modern technology to explore more and more aqueducts shafts chambers and religious relics a remote controlled robot can access spaces too small for people to enter. the
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last 15 years or so members of the association have been investigating the secrets below the city's streets. volunteering their time out of concern for the fate of the ruins. ground there was there with your arms because museum is probably the subterranean one the one that hasn't yet been discovered there's so much to learn from what's on the ground in order to be able to better understand what lies above it which sober. road may be the eternal city but it is subject to continuous change every construction project that breaks ground brings to light new pieces of fascinating history. the dormice romana to own drum and villas and now an underground museum the houses complete with private thermal baths and magnificent mosaic flaws come to life in
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a multimedia presentation to transports visitors back to the 4th century a.d. . it seems rome still has many secrets to be discovered. about solving this time but don't forget to visit our web site for more news from the world of arts and culture for myself and the team here in berlin all the best and hope to see you next time shifts.
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