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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin after 2 weeks of furious street protests for the rico's governor announces his resignation people have been celebrating on the streets of the capital after ricardo resales said he was stepping down now this comes after the leak of obscenity laced chat messages revealing a shocking contempt for the public will go a lot to say. also coming up sweeping changes as boris johnson picks his team to drive britain into a new era outside the e.u.
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the new prime minister has replaced more than half his cabinet was threats of 2 years promoted and adversaries sacked or quitting the new cabinets 1st meeting is scheduled for later this morning. and both sides are claiming victory after former special counsel robert muller has his day on capitol hill republicans say it's time to move on but some democrats are vowing to push ahead with their investigations of president trump. and after a day of record breaking heat in 3 european countries people praise for yet more extreme conditions today and do their best to stop the cool. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us for rico's a governor ricardo resale has announced his resignation. nation after days of mass
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street protests in the u.s. territory or says that he would continue working until august 2nd to allow an orderly transition he's been at the center of a text messaging scandal that has already led to top officials to resign the leaked messages revealed him mocking his constituents and contain sexist homophobic and profane remarks. ok let's go straight to san juan and w.'s alexandra phenomena standing by to us for us good day to you alexandra what's happening right now where you are. there still people in the street maybe he. can hear them playing some of them are already on their way. to. date. since he is indeed they were the governor. down here where he gave her weight.
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but nothing happened the night very late finally he would. make sure that they will. think. he's. a. great. city. with a happy. ok xander we've lost the sound on that if you can hear me we'll try to get you up again later in this program that was alexander phenomenon on this breaking news story in san juan for us also to britain now where prime minister boris johnson's cabinet will meet for the 1st time this morning with a host of new faces around the table now that he's in number 10 downing street
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johnson has replaced most of the cavity backs of hard liners to top post and casting opponents aside johnson is also doing to address the house of commons outlining his plans to take britain out of the european union by october 31st no matter what. a triumphant barse johnson walking down the street to his new residence standing outside number 10 downing street johnson made his 1st address as british prime minister. the doubters the doom's does the glooms does they are going to get it wrong again the people who bet against britain are going to lose their shirts because when they restore trust in our democracy. and we're going to fulfil the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. october 31st no ifs or buts and let's and johnson got straight down to work looking
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to brussels suggesting that if it came to a no deal brags that it would be because of the e.u. and it is of course vital at the same time that we prepare for the remote possibility the brussels refuses any further to negotiate and we all forced to come out with a deal not because we want that outcome. but to get to 10 downing street johnson 1st had to visit the queen to get the traditional nod of approval from the reigning monarch. let's get more now did abused barbara basal standing by for us outside parliament in london good morning barbara these are sweeping changes in the cabinet more than half of its members have been replaced and it's reflected in today's papers the times says the cabinet carnage in the guardian from the more left leaning press here says johnson takes his revenge because he has ruthlessly
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cold war less of three's mace cabinet everybody who wasn't for him in the competition for the leadership was just thrown on the scrapheap some marilee so there are a lot of big names now who will be sitting on the back benches here in cabinet in parliament and everybody wonders now whether they will have be happy to vote for johnson and to with the line or whether they will form a veritable rebel army on the back benches and he will have to sort of fight with in his own party he has to prove motive a whole bag full of bricks and cheers the cabinet is fairly crawling with press to tears he has a promoted right to be his 2 very prominent cabinet posts particularly the home secretary is a tree on the extreme right wing of the tory party and also the foreign minister is somebody who's known to be undiplomatic gruff in manner and rather quite controlled
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confrontational as so what this is supposed to be this cabinet that of john's new self praises as being mortar and fresh everybody is waiting with baited press for ok well barbara vicki question now too is one of the chances that this is the team along with boris johnson that will make bricks what happened in 99 days. and that is these big problem is that he didn't really outline anything yesterday in his short speech when he arrived in downing street other than saying if this doesn't go right if we have to leave without a deal it's going to be the european union's fault pointing the finger at brussels now if you do that before you even start talking to the other side i mean this is a rather hostile act so the problem is it's not going to go down well it's not going to further his cause in brussels anyway there they have said the he was drawl agreement is close he can just sort of add some embellishments but nothing
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fundamental but he ones fundamental changes and it's very likely he's not going to get the how he wants to go beyond all this whether he really wants to be that radical or whether he just talks that way people even people who know but which of course one small closely i can't really figure it out maybe you will know more after you've spoken in parliament. to his tendency to be very very loose and very very sort of you have a lot of tall talk shows that and to say that he is probably not going to be very detailed barbara what have been some of the reactions to these cabinet changes the carnage as he described it and and his call for a new can do approach to getting things done and. they can do approaches such equally sort of security this morning because everybody says now what is the man doing there he is throwing about half the country to the side on
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the scrapheap and telling people everybody who was against breaks it and that was at 48 percent off the populace and they are nothing there i do susan and boosters and they should just just sort of buckle up and support britain and be optimistic and sort of look forward and so on so forth now whether people who are dress that way feel that they should really follow this advice is quite doubtful. that is the one side and the other side of course is that boris johnson seems to divide the country even more than he did before he's dividing his own his own party and he's dividing the country even more deeply than before so very uncertain how he wants to start in government here ok you said he's dividing his party i mean that's not a good strategy he only has to see majority right now can he get the party behind them when it comes to the push through by the end of october.
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everybody here really expects elections relatively soon whether before breakfast we don't know i mean it might just happen because if he pushes parliament into a hard for exit and he he manages to sort of bypass parliament and just push it through then he can probably do it but then he might have a real parliamentary rebellion on his hands because some parliamentarians here have already have already said they have they have rented accommodation a big hall here and they're going to meet and sort of try to defeat him so boris johnson has the battle of all times on his hands battle ahead did barbara thanks so much for that from london. ok let's go back now to san juan puerto rico and alexander phenomena alexander we have you back now can you tell us what it was that angered the public so much that led to the mass protests where you are and to the resignation of the u.s.
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territories governor. yeah on sunday he was talking about that it's important for him to stay in to stay in power because what he has achieved for the islands but it became clear he didn't have any choice then to step down after internal telegram messages were leaked to messages text messages in which the governor made to me said johnny and homophobic comments he most victims of hurricane irene he made jokes about shooting some one samir and. all the bad people and felt that it was so discussing that it's time to stop it's to protest and as the proud to continue the pressure on the governor to step down ok he says he's going to step down
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on august 2nd so are the protesters accepting that and what about the transition of the people in place that puerto rico needs to to deal with the problems that's faces. and there are many problems indeed islands is dealing with so people that i talked to would be on the streets told me that they think they're a big victory and that there are set aside that he is stepping down he didn't tell sad that he has to stay in until august 2nd to make sure that there will be a good transition here secretary of justice is going to take over however we have. to say as you mentioned that said puerto rico has a lot of problems they had as serious also corruption scandal is just still recovering from unique a memory out and they went through a long recession and they had to declare bankruptcy and they're still waiting for
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a new political class people here in san juan told me go is out of banks and bring us up to date live from san juan worker puerto rico thanks very much. paul in washington d.c. both sides are claiming victory after the former special counsel robert mueller testified before 2 congressional committees he told lawmakers that his investigation found inadequate evidence to prove that there was collusion between president trump's campaign and the russians but said once again that he did not clear trump of obstruct obstructing his probe now many are viewing miller's testimony as a last chance for democrats to build a case for impeaching the president. for a man who choice to issue the spotlight former special counsel robot munna found himself at the center of a media frenzy once again and one of the most closely watched congressional hearings counted on him has seen in decades months testimony from that time is
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hoping nevertheless hounded the democrats and. the report did not conclude he did not commit obstruction of justice it's a career that is correct and what about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the president you know now in fact. europe which express the states that it does not exonerate the person it does rational democrats republican lawmakers focused instead almost conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the charm campaign and russia eager to call the minor investigation case closed this hearing is long overdue we've had truth for months no america is part of the our election we need today it's a let the truth bring us confidence and i hope mr chairman closure outside the hearing room republican nor make has dug in further questioning the legitimacy of
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money as investigation in the 1st place i think it's an investigation that was not based on on real substantial facts that would warrant this kind of 2 year investigation for a growing chorus of democrats intent on impeachment in his testimony provided a showcase of what they see as a catalogue of presidential misdemeanors anybody else who committed these crimes would be prosecuted for them these are serious crimes witness tampering cover ups lies trying to fire the special counsel because he was concerned about the oversight that was going to be done by the special counsel so i think was a very successful hearing. ultimately though no new ball michel's came to light with munna refusing to stray beyond what he revealed in his report the democrats hoping that this would have been a seminal moment on a road to impeachment will likely be disappointed mona frequently refused to read from the report itself denying them their wish to put on
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a sort of minutes heavey special for the wider american public who hadn't read this tome of a report but he didn't do the republicans any favors either busting the president's claim of total exoneration. despite intense media attention it seems unlikely that money is final testimony will be enough to sway public opinion in a deeply divided country. those brief you know some of the other stories making that is right now north korea is far too short range missiles from its east coast into the sea that according to south korea's ministry of defense this is a 1st missile test since leader kim jong un and donald trump agreed to revive nuclear talks last month they come before planned joint us south korean military exercises. floods following heavy rains have killed at least 11 people in northeastern brazil authorities say at least 7 others are missing in the state of go most of the deaths were caused by landslides. just last month 9 people died
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after heavy rains in and around the state capital. more than 80 flights scheduled to depart from amsterdam airport wednesday had to be canceled because of a malfunction in the fuel supply system airport is one of the busiest in europe so thousands of passengers were stranded in amsterdam and around the world. this is the news live from berlin still to come on the show taking turns on in the realm to a whole new level. will take you on a revealing tour of the nice the eternal city. but 1st people here in europe are preparing for more high temperatures today yesterday saw germany the netherlands and belgium recording record highs as the 2nd stream heat wave in as many months gripped the continent today the warnings have been extended for france and spain. on the banks of the river say and in paris it's getting hot
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and sticky. so mostly i want to say to swim but i can see right now. with the american re continuing to rise right across here at possible borders stick to the water in frankfurt and people had a similar idea in munich flocking to parks and jumping into the water to cool off by the river it was at least kill enough for a bit of gentle exercise out. of. the waters know us well it is the ice box which means very cold but it's fun i'd say the water's about 20 or 23 degrees. 20 degrees the you kidding it's more like 15 or 10 degrees. on wednesday germany recorded it highest temperatures since records began 40.5 degrees celsius in the west of the country it breaks the.
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previous record of 40.36 in 2015 minutes this is the 3rd time this decade we've had 40 degree heat in germany and the gaps are getting smaller this extreme heat is definitely due to climate change. and it's the 2nd time this summer that europe has bate didn't record temperatures the advice is to stay hydrated and do whatever you can to keep cool. we're. all rising temperatures are also having a dramatic effect on the world's glaciers our next report takes us to iceland where we meet a photographer documenting the demise of its ice fields and the effect that's having on the country's environment. it's considered a secret mountain in iceland the only glacier that on
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a clear day is visible from reykjavik more than 100 kilometers away photographer and pilot ragnar axelsson has taken thousands of photos of the snowfall glacier it always reveals a different face. in his latest book accessing documents the fragile heart of his country his clay shirts his photos are an ode to nature. sniffles is one of around $300.00 glaciers in iceland under the ice there's an active volcano in iraq now and his friend thomas want to climb to the summit and think about all the glaciers is the 1st one of the big ones that real disappeared. over the last 100 years the sniffles glacier has shrunk by nearly half and continues to retreat. i was here for 3 years ago for peanuts. but it was here where we are standing now. i see changes every year. and thomas want the world to know what's happening in
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iceland when the question comes from my little grandchildren granddad grandma why didn't you do it and i tried i took it to. make the world think this plaque will soon be installed memorializing the 1st of iceland's glaciers to disappear it's a letter to the future initiated by a university in the us what are sigurdsson will be there when it is unveiled in 4 weeks time scientists have made it their mission to study the dying glaciers since the end of the 1900 century the average temperature in iceland has risen by one degree celsius for the haven. where humans of course are to become warmer and warmer that's evident in calculations. on the glaciers melting more rapidly within 2 centuries old glaciers and will. have disappeared almost up here you have got a reason to hold. the shrinking of the so high i'm a glacier has been well documented icelandic summers are getting warmer and longer
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sigurdsson says even an immediate end to global c o 2 emissions wouldn't be enough to prevent the glaciers demise today it's 15 degrees celsius just below the summit climate change isn't only leaving a mark on the ice. it's part of also from all. this is what we. looking for when we have a day off you know it's to be in the month especially if it's called the snow and we can call of the when we got really excited this place is supposed to have some extra power. this. much like the trolls yeah just you know it makes you feel that but he said the old man lived underneath it but the huge masses of ice are losing strength and iceland will be a different country after its glaciers have gradually disappeared into the ocean. it's to rome now a city famous of course for its rich history it's difficult to walk even
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a few 100 metres without encountering some ancient architecture in the same strew the nice the city streets something more and more visitors there are discovering. each year millions of tourists view the sights of the eternal city the coliseum the many markets and squares and the forum romano. but many only scratch the surface of the city's attractions is also roma subtle rania subdural rainy and brown. the winter jam ok monuments there can be older roman monuments that are just as importantly they allow us to understand how the city of over time. the sub trainee and structures have only opened to the public in recent years. the mithraism of the circus maximus is
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a religious site meters underground. at its heart is a relief of the god mithra from the 3rd century b.c. . unfortunately too often we can't offer broad public access to these spaces because of safety issues or budget limits. or. opening up such spaces to the public is a logistical challenge for. some passageways and catechisms have been well explored others hardly get all the cultural association of rome a subtle rania uses modern technology to explore more and more aqueducts shafts chambers and religious relics a remote controlled robot can access spaces too small for people to enter.
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the last 15 years or so members of the association have been investigating the secrets below the city's streets. volunteer in their time out of concern for the fate of the ruins. ground there was a rome's biggest museum is probably the subterranean one the one that hasn't yet been discovered there's so much to learn from what's on the ground in order to be able to better understand what lies above it. sopa. road may be the eternal city but it is subject to continuous change every construction project that breaks ground brings to light new pieces of fascinating history. the dumas romana 2 old roman villas and now an underground museum the houses completely private thermal baths and magnificent mosaic flaws come to life in a multimedia presentation that transports visitors back to the 4th century a.d. . it seems rome still has many secrets waiting to be discovered.
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but if you're a modern now of our top stories at this hour puerto rico's governor ricardo resale has announced his resignation after days of mass street protests in the u.s. territory he said he would continue working until august 2nd to go allow an orderly transition has been as a center of a text messaging scandal that has already led to top officials to resign. boris johnson the spending his 1st day in number 10 downing street as britain's new prime minister told his 1st cabinet meeting after a major overhaul which has seen a hardline brecht's of 2 years promoted to top posts and or address the house of cards to the alpines plans for taking britain out of the european union. and in the us the former special counsel robert muller has wrapped up his testimony to congress over his probe into russian interference in the 2016 presidential
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election he said there was insufficient evidence to trump campaign conspired with moscow but he did not exonerate the president from obstructing its investigation. this is the interview news live from berlin business up next it's gary hart all 1st i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being.
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such a. good. transformer . the focus on europe's summer series. 30 years ago the 1st cracks it appeared in the iron curtain. what happened to the dreams and the heroes of that extraordinary time. our journey begins in poland where we meet nobel peace prize winner like the
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one some. in 60 minutes called g.w. . robots. they're still in the development phase of something that's going to come up and when they grow up. we'll schumann's and machines for you to peacefully co-exist. or are we on the verge vocalists. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading throughout our society. is this the beginning of a good thing to do teach. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance.
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for ai will experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. robot collapsed stores aug 14th on t.w. . regulatory troubled privacy complaints and now a $5000000000.00 fine for facebook's mark zuckerberg social network is on the fire up the numbers are still convincing investors on their toes. and everyone knows the new manager number 10 downing street about who's the new guy in number 11 finance minister said cause the toughest job in boris johnson's new cabinet he will have to guide the british economy into breaks.


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