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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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is this the beginning of a good thing. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. ai will experts be able to agree on the guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous systems. robot. stores aug 14th on t.w. . regulatory troubled privacy complaints and now a $5000000000.00 fine for facebook's mark zuckerberg social network is under fire but the numbers are still convincing investors. and everyone knows the new number 10 downing street. number 11 finance minister said.
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the toughest job in boris johnson's new cabinet will have to guide the british economy into breaks it. crowds today will the new turkish central bank turn up to be president. writes. business to business. welcome facebook says have been rising and extended trading after it announced full cost beating 2nd quarter revenues of almost $17000000000.00 this just hours after the u.s. authorities hit the social network with a spectacular find the federal trade commission ordered facebook to pay $5000000000.00 u.s. dollars over its failure to protect user data it also told the network to set up an independent committee to oversee its privacy policy c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says facebook was making major changes that signaled quote a new chapter 3. 1000000000.
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financial correspondent just a dilemma is that they've been friends with chelsea seeing companies with big funds a lot recently and shows usually went on the news was different this time that's true for a lot of companies it's typically not sure for facebook so people call facebook the tough one company it can sort of shake off really all sorts of regulatory concerns really all these criticisms it hasn't had much of it and packed on its share price i think the other thing here is that you know facebook made 16000000000 years and dollars in revenue this year or this quarter that's not a huge $5000000000.00 fine it's not a huge impact on that and also people knew that this after fine was coming they had said back in april that they were going to be putting aside some money for it so people knew people had time to digest it and also the terms of the f t c settlement
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weren't as onerous as people thought they were it really doesn't impact their core business. today's numbers and the fun inside the store because over 56 percent so far this year why are investors so in love with fleas. i think people really love facebook stock for a pretty simple reason and that's because they repeatedly they regularly post really strong numbers so this quarter they had revenue growth that was almost 30 percent that's pretty standard for them so there's not a lot of places where investors can get that kind of growth and the other reason that's really relevant now is because facebook and a lot of these tech giants are really insulated from the concerns that have been away on the rest of the corporate world so things like trade tensions brock's that those don't have a huge impact on facebook so they do have these regulatory concerns but for now people are focusing on the growth for sure so it's a villain in frankfurt thank you.
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tesla has again pushed back its target for reaching profitability after a weaker than expected financial performance you know musts company has reported a loss of $408000000.00 for the 2nd quarter of this year that's deeper than forecast spot an improvement on the $700000000.00 loss during the previous 3 months tesla is now aiming to enter the black by the end of the year more than a year later. now the keys to number 10 downing street have officially been handed to boris johnson he marked the 1st day as prime minister with an overhaul of his cabinet member key appointment is jovito he was a banker before he was a politician and now he'll run the treasury as chancellor sans love the exchequer that's what the british call the finance minister he will guide the british economy into and hopefully through briggs's and possibly one without to deal with the even
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though a hard break as it is something many businesses on both sides of the channel say they want to avoid. embarrassment could be the least the u.k. has to worry about if the doomsayers of its economy a proven right on the day that boris johnson gets to work on his promise to deliver breaks it within a few months trading partners are warning him to go gently. german business leaders point out that even under his previous essay to resume a trade between the 2 countries had been falling figures put the decline in u.k. exports to germany at more than 6 percent between january and may the united kingdom used to be the number 5 trade partner of germany and last year this fall down to number 6 and this year also to number 7 so there is not directed at all and
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we can already see the negative impacts reacting to boris johnson's victory in the conservative leadership vote on tuesday the world trade organization said it wanted to see the smoothest possible breaks it pointing out the e.u. accounts for 47 percent of u.k. exports having been elected by tory members impatient to get out of the european union boris johnson will be considering who to listen to. concert in our the central bank is expected to make a statement about interest rates today investors and analysts watching with keen interest because just over 2 weeks ago turkish president reza type out of one fire the central bank chief because he had refused to follow his demands for low rates it's a dangerous game investors see a truly independent central bank as vital for any stable economy but out of one doesn't really seem to catch throw from brand new subway lines to the inauguration of a new bridge across the grass spruce and a gigantic mosque wretched type area one is keen to work with supreme egypt always
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eager to preach turkey and its economic might. but the country has been experienced . no long term slowdown a major factor has been investors scared off by the country's worsening image on human rights the lira has been on a turbulent ride over the last few years. but everyone hasn't been slow to lay the blame and recently attacked the central bank for failing to lower interest rates so you would buy stuff for years then you. had to there was a person who was not conforming to instructions given on the subject of monetary policy this mother of all evil called interest rates. we believed at the time person had to be changed obviously it's almost getting. the banks governor who had repeatedly resisted such instructions was sacked earlier this
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month his replacement is considered a loyal heir to one supporter it's a move that has added to growing uncertainty on the financial markets i'm now joined by john he's an economist at the economics where he's a think tank this is a president and one pushes for interest rate cuts most economists say that is dangerous what's your view. well from a technical point to feel i mean if you look at the latest inflation numbers and if you look at the latest interest rate it appears that from a technical point of view there is indeed margin for decreasing interest rates a bit however that you know is you know it's a decision he's not solely take think oh it's also lies you know as a cost of the fact that it turkey still has many vulnerabilities bought from any real sectors for and you don't need that perspective but also from
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a foreign policy perspective so all in all i think there is room for a. piece in interest rates but i doubt that it will create the kind of impact that station is expecting and it this relationship between interest rate then inflation and in the direction in which they're in station things they impact each other i think there's a fundamental flaw in that the firing of the central bank will the new one the mirage bill will he be more politically guided let's say. well his 1st statement to the press was that you know the policy of the satchel bank feel very light even more now on the on the date be on we can assume that he will be his motivations will be there even more. data that he's stuff provides him it than political pressure but that he's in a tough spot and why does the one in general favor lower rights.
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well there could be 2 reasons one could be obviously a matter of belief because the interest rates are not. are not well except in his belief but also from a politician's perfect of obviously a high interest rate environment is not good for girls but what i think missing in this picture is that even if the 1st straight forward beyond expectations let's say turkish banks or turkish real estate go to church consumers not in their place to borrow more and make investments or to consume so the impact i don't see how that's going to materialize. in the middle turn i mean you could see a relief for a month or 2 about then. back to the same cycle con soucie thank you very much
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to afghanistan where more than half of the citizens live on less than $1.00 a day while the country has received billions of dollars in international aid much of it has ended up in the hands of corrupt former warlords leaving ordinary people struggling to make ends meet poverty is so what spread that many families are putting their children to work for 10 year old cameron work begins at dawn every morning instead of going to school he comes here to make bricks his father told him it was the only way his family could survive. my father wasn't able to earn enough money so i had to leave school and start working with him. because of that i couldn't go to classes anymore. therefore. he's one of an estimated $2000000.00 child laborers in afghanistan years of conflict in mismanagement of aid and the emigration is much needed skilled labor
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has left the country's economy in tatters. dollar a day is what we have to make a person would need to have basic satisfy their basic needs and it turns out unfortunately more than half the population lives on less than a dollar. earlier this week the world bank released a report highlighting the factors that led the country to post the lowest growth rate of all south asian economies in 2018 the political instability security issues and drives all played a role while the study's authors did note that government policies have kept inflation in check and increase revenue the reality on the ground is that most people are scraping by. and that's it from me on the business to the limp and you are a must watch it. i'm
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secure in the they were not hard and in the end is a me you are not a lot of steel and more remorse and you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with violence of the what's your story ready ready.
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i mean when i was a women especially are victims of violence and. take part and send us your story your train orders and the stand this new culture. you are not of a little another year you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. came. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to today's edition of arts and culture. well there's still time to brush up your summer wardrobe and so today we'll get a handle on what's hot for gents with a fashion sense and also coming up on today's show. rachel stewart from meet the germans takes us through the end outs and peculiarities of the german health care
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system. and we discover the hidden city that lies underneath the italian capital rome. well it is summer in the city and i have to say this here it is a scorcher here in berlin women of course have many many options in their summer wardrobes to keep cool but the guys seem to be generally a bit more limited or are they we checked out what men's fashion has to offer this summer. this summer on the message for fashion savvy men. to be different step out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid. i think for the summer men are going to have a lot more fun they're wearing more colors there are being much more daring and they're showing. an.


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