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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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is the world really getting got. over $3000.00 special reports. starting to heat up. i. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin right here in germany where one want to raise the number to dial if you need urgent help from the emergency services now in most instances 1st responders arrive at the scene of the emergency in quick time but what often happens next is truly disturbing increasingly these helpers are not met with gratitude but aggression and
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violence emergency doctors and paramedics are regularly shouted at and views than even attacked it's a huge emotional and physical strain for me help us well we join these 2 young men marcus miller and toby as fellow on an all night shift to see just how tough things really are in the western city of often about and the answer is violence is quite simply part of the job. it's 630 saturday evening and a new shift is beginning for the emergency staff to be as filler is training to become a paramedic he and his chief instructor marcus miller have 12 hours ahead of them they've packed pepper spray officially it's to fend off animals saturday evening is not the most popular shift. i'm blocking and i
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have no one more busy on weekends because people like to go to parties and with. the more alcohol is involved the higher the risk of aggressive encounters. they were seen at their 1st call. on. an unconscious woman outside a supermarket. that's all they know. it's rare that they ever get more information than this. just take e.c.g. for now. the patient is huddled on the ground with her companion has obviously taken drugs he's growing impatient. it's a lot of let me talk to her 1st somebody who i need to speak to to see what's going on and then we can get into the ambulance it's quieter that won't have a lot of questions but the paramedics attend special courses where they learn how to deescalate tense situations retreating into the ambulance is an effective
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strategy. we're just going to talk 1st ok. on the other one who doesn't now we have to talk on the vehicle or. even routine situations can escalate fast tobias' filler learned that the hard way when he was called to a train station a year and a half ago a man had collapsed when he came to he attacked the medics. toby as filler was nearly knocked on to the railway tracks. only later did he realize how narrowly he had escaped death. after 6 days months these images of what happened resurfaced. i couldn't go to work for 5 weeks i couldn't sleep anymore every time i tried to go to sleep those same pictures would fill my head again now days of. assaults are becoming more frequent partly due to higher
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expectations. people call the emergency hotline and they expect us to do what they want we these people are asking us for help but if we don't do things the way they expect then think some quickly become aggressive or violent. along with you on. their next call 6 police officers coping with a man on drugs. he fell off the balcony the 1st or 2nd floor 1st floor his injuries are probably from broken glass plating. the man had been throwing furniture out of the window when the police arrived he jumped out the officer suspect he took ecstasy or cocaine is that he's still very aggressive the police have handcuffed her but. if. the patient won't stop spitting at the rescuers he's given
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a mouth guard. down everything's alright we're here to help you everything's alright nobody wants to hurt you. finally they can go to the emergency room the police come along. ok. without them lou would have been left alone with the patient. in the car not on our porch and. just hand it over for. the 1st 10 hours or over time for a cup of coffee. martin miller is a martial artist his colleagues asked jokingly why he didn't intervene. with me on the dr who that's not our job to ignore the police of article you can see her lip that's why our colleagues usually put up with a lot until the police are called we would earn till they need to defend themselves with money for tight equality you have we've got a pretty high tolerance threshold for them to go out of doctors there who is. it 7
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in the morning their shift draws to an end they have been spat at shoved and threatened sadly all in a day's work. now this year the people of europe are marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain back in 1989 so today in the 1st part of a special focus on europe some of series will begin to take a closer look at the countries at the heart of that process of monumental historic change one nation that of course played an absolutely central role in the collapse of communism was poland so what's the mood currently like in poland well our reporter met with one of the heroes of the struggle and a rural family from today's poll. this old barrack and was originally
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a torpedo warehouse located some 500 kilometers from berlin this is where the iron curtain began to crumble back then this was still called the lenin shipyard today it's still used for welding shortening or lengthening ships the smell of rust and iron hines in the sierra here we find the european solidarity center the heart of liberal poland. we meet the hero of the solid honest movements less phones still a non-conformist even the surety is wearing seems to be an open challenge directed at poland's current governments it reads constitution in quotation marks. nobel peace prize winner and former polish president but then co-founder and leader of the solid donnish movement. you say i grew up without a father. i'm sure he would have looked after me and then i probably would have become the director of the shipyard and not just a worker on euro but when i was starting my cut out for it. instead i became an
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electrician. but one challenge the director here had on and became famous. now you tell me was that good or bad it is a very good deal though because this is where. in the summer of 980 s. for winds adjoin the striking workers the norms were too high the shops were to empty the work was too dangerous they were also fighting for the rights and for freedom just like today after 18 days the communist government was brought to its knees in this room when the signed agreements with the noticeably large pen down which the 1st independent trade union in the soviet bloc was born fresh here. feels it technically speaking it was our sally darn arse movement that eventually led to the fall of the wall. but political leaders at the time and the whole world can see that communism was coming to an end the time was right for change.
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in the spring of 2019 celadon a celebrated its 13th annual round table a further polish democratic convention the anniversary was marked by a container outside the center the conservative governments did not send any form of congratulations at selling absence. the government is more concerned with supporting people like alberta but let's say he lives in eastern poland where press rates are higher and church pews or phone or. his home village has just over 2000 residents virtually all of whom voted for the national conservative law and justice peace party the farmer says peace keeps its promises. love a good ballet but there was trouble i voted for the peace party in 2015. i'll keep voting for them because i believe they'll do everything to keep the villages in poland strong dollar you will from our share of national pride. policy
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for the party came to power in 2015 thanks largely to the $500.00 plus program under which families receive $500.00 per month along with free school books earned money for school starters it's said to help people get up from their knees as they say in poland. of it that we can tell by our wallets. the money is benefiting our children it's for additional tutoring and classes and for vacations yeah. the money from the state which receives generous subsidies from the european union makes life more comfortable for the farmers and yet the but let's be family wouldn't say they're grateful that communism ended and the iron curtain fell they feel the former hero left for when super trade them and made a deal with the communists or not their supper when like when that was president he
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invited foreign investors into poland not come to russia. to iron back then that might have been a good idea but they let too many in too many polish people were sold out thank goodness the piece put an end to that shit. today the polish capital warsaw is like a portfolio exhibition it's a city of global klingler it's their sleek cosmopolitan skyscrapers would fit anywhere in the world the city has changed beyond recognition since the fall of communism. german car manufacturers chinese banks american consultants a reporter asks has poland sold itself votes. this is a different world it's a new world. oprah anyone with enough motivation power and finances can take whatever they want. things aren't good the way they are like rules. boy but i'm sure it'll sort itself out in 100 years. but left home
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villages hosting an agricultural trade show they are all proud of their new prosperity they can keep up with the rest of europe at least when it comes to agriculture even if they are peace fodor's now living in a unified europe is a given 30 years ago that wasn't the case the founding of the 1st trade union in the port city of god then skoal those years ago set off a historical chain reaction between the east and west that led to the end of the iron curtain. well if i can you know to meet a man called antonio down more a he's the inspiration behind a special some account the takes young italians into the heart of the mafia controlled parts of the city of naples where the mafia is known as the camorra well they get to see that is a shocking sight indeed and the big question is what to do well as we find out now combat in the mafia is a battle where every tree counts. this
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is definitely not what mira from bologna i expected her holiday to be like laboring at 40 degree celsius at the foot of mount vesuvius mira and other teenagers from all over italy are spending a week here at a camp set up by antonio de maurice anti-mafia organization libra. eduardo but really the world on i'll show you how to do it wish people know you should terms instead of here he will never level with me today antonio wants to plant trees with the teenagers. every tree is a sign against the cumorah the mafia that rules in naples and company. the mafia the base is the mafia is hanging the country out to dry or they bring the. plants to dedicate it to the my fields victims planting them also means bringing them back to life which is it worth your. brains over and suppresses an entire region.
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and tonio wants to oppose them and fight for a clean and just italy and this is also what he wants to convey to the teenagers to reach you by merely opposing the maffia means watching your surroundings and if your future is supposed to be better than our current situation well the report wherever the mafia goes they bring pollution death a lack of security and a loss of jobs so when we fight against the mafia this means we must create alternatives out there with the mafia and even. school lessons during the break there are daily discussions on current issues like plastic or environmental pollution that many teenagers like tito from vincenza find this important at the end of the day he says it's about his future in italy and on this planet. before you start to understand the problem perhaps with a little help from the others and if you don't know what must be done but don't do it then you're a hypocrite. today an excursion to naples is planned the meeting point this
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palace was once home to a mafia boss now it's been confiscated. once in naples and tonio takes the teenagers to one of the most deprived areas of the city scampi or. it used to be the meeting point for drug dealers where you could buy anything out of video we've come to ever leave 2 exceptions that this is the way the world is on their different apartments agree more danger prevent people from moving in eclipse is over for them rather than for the for the. for most of the teenagers who are middle class the mafia long seemed far away there was never any contact now it becomes visible for the 1st time in. time didn't expect anything like this janitor. it's very impressive in the sense of just going on. wherever the mafia rules poverty is widespread antonio explains this way controlling the area is easier the teenagers learn to appreciate the safety they grew up in back in the
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village trees are ready for planting in the mountain it was the enemy lease place the flower pots and the direction of the drive of the plant was stick out the back and do it all. over here. which plant is this a book. antonio views his work against the mafia as his life's project he keeps opposing the camara although they sometimes interfere with his work by setting machines or cars on fire. at mt vesuvius the mafia burned down an entire forest and tonio wants to show this to the teenagers and explains that now the mafia can make millions through reforestation. utility very forgiving with some of the get that large sums of money is spent on reforestation in this area here we're talking about millions of euros that even if these are just estimates there will be more info but over
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a 5th of the group they called if you. a week later most teenagers know that they want to start doing something back home to protect the environment or oppose the mafia. they will never forget what they experience here. to be in touch with other very fun to see what i really enjoyed the camp being in touch constantly with the people here especially the neapolitans but with that you know what he took up the register that they live in a different world your son back home i could never imagine what it means to live here even. before they leave they all hike up mount vesuvius. the journey is a strenuous as the fight against the mafia says antonio. but he is confident the teenagers will enjoy the view.
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now it's a well known fact that people in france take their cheese very seriously indeed one of the country's most famous for riots he says the creamy rich and highly are a month she's known as coming back produced in the north western region of normandy but did you know that in recent times what they call a camel war has been raging it comes as traditional artisans people like stanislaw still about kick up a stink against must produce to come on. this is in. the dark. are typical of the breed. what really makes these cows special is their milk which is perfect for making come here. to produce it the cows have to graze every day on pastures like this one which belongs to. each morning the dairy farmer goes out to check on his herd. she to have. to make sure they have water.
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and that none are sick or have escaped and we should be. 9 are still missing. slowly but surely the entire herd gathers. proud of his 130 cows in the milk they produce it can be used in cheese with the official quality label coming there from normandy. it's true that these cows produce less milk than whole. but their milk is better for making cheese because it has a higher level of protein the point being. but in recent years. faced unfair competition the french corporation opened large scale cheese factories in normandy its mass produced cheeses made from pasteurized milk. labeled its products made in normandy
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a strategy the corporation prefers not to comment on. the movie strong feelings from local farmers and artisan cheesemakers like real. they said a true come in there must be made for milk from normand cattle and ideally from run milk. culturing cheese from raw milk is a very delicate process with strict rules. on. milk cheese is alive its taste changes over time according to the season best whereas a pasteurized product tastes the same from january 1st to december 31st we have oversimplified a bit but it's basically that the racism or. the locals know just how special a true raw milk coming there is even those who normally don't like cheese appreciate its fine flavor. i never eat kemi or let me tell you this one is really
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good. i tell you that it's the best. it's creamy nothing like those rubbery pasteurized once this is real come in there from here. after a long struggle regional farmers and cheese makers and like to leave it reached an agreement from 2021 onward the corporation will have to make its cheese using at least 30 percent of milk from normand colors. in exchange the rules for receiving the origin quality label will be relaxed somewhat to allow pasteurized milk to be included a move which benefits mass producers. some of their makers like rio can live with a compromise as almost half of the milk from normandy has to be pasteurized anyway to comply with health laws. but cheese purists in paris feel normally cheesemakers have agreed to a bad deal. says almost all the subject on ballo unpasteurized milk in coming there is completely unacceptable
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that's good because it will mean the end of traditional coming they are making and that was bad enough but the main purpose of the label is to protect a process or tradition so as to guarantee that future generations will still be able to enjoy run milk cheese or come in there. in 5100 or 150 years time before i finally get up on the camel that would be. in normandy the criticism from the capital was not welcomed farmers there felt they had struck a good bargain as luck to leave will now have to buy more milk produced by norman cattle on the spot one time a very happy that norman cows will continue to graze enormities meadows little sample pool i think that's important for the breed for normandy for cheesemakers and for coming back because it means it will once again taste of normandale. despite industrial producers on the one side and traditionalists on the other the real winner of this coming they are conflict is the norm.
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and let me put your minds at rest roll milk come on bear will continue to be produced it will be registered as such on the package you know what the purists are going to say about that man if it. now want to very different note there's an old saying according to which everybody has a hobby and that's certainly true for a growing number of young girls in finland who share a passion for what's called hobby horse saying they take part in remarkably well attended competitions that have all the trappings of traditional questioning and friends but it's far less expensive and that's follow us home. this show jumping course but its many obstacles is a real challenge for horse and rider. just next door the competition requires graceful draw such just like a real equestrian offense. this sport which is gained in popularity among young finns and girls in particular is called hobby horse and. possible that they all
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have been involved in hobby horses for more than 10 years it's almost become a lifestyle i guess the idea now i like to do it because it's sporty and also it concerns craftsmanship that they are. from all over the country hobby horse ing fans of come to see the finished championship in senior jockey over 10000 young fans practice hobby horse and today because i like it i have it started with some girls whose harley was west riding they started making their own hobby horses as real horses were too expensive. they wanted to find an alternative which doesn't require large sums of money. so anyone can join in with that and i agree they say the hobby rapidly became a proper sport including competitions competitive rules and trophies. to participate in research for example you must 1st open load a video on to youtube and send it to the organizers website some find this
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a strange pastime but at least the western riding champion unphased said does it mean you count me just just a number here we're all friends and we all cheer one another on. where a large community which is probably the best part of the hobby. horse blankets colors some of even turned hobby horse into a business. every hobby horse is unique and costs around $100.00 euros. because i want to let them know that i mean there are no limits to your imagination here and you can use any design i've been doing this for almost 10 years and every year there are new things to discover it. this hobbyhorse thing just a finish phenomenon. here at least or certainly will soon be all the rage in other parts of europe too. and he does indeed appear as though all being all seeing is beginning to catch only one or 2 other countries such as the u.k.
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and germany well that's all for now from focus on europe but to come back next time around until then bye bye and troops.
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our consumerism is causing a radical depletion of the be for $25.00. subsist. forests and. the tragic reality behind the exploitation of. 65.
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burglar global tourist guide is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series play. like. i love even one show what a citizen looks like swiss like me despite the 50 nations 50 story and 50 very personal tips on berlin some very best perks. really d.w. . play. play.
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play play play play. this is deja vu news live from berlin after 2 weeks of furious protests spreading rico's governor announces his resignation people of the now celebrating on the streets of the capital after ricardo resale said he was stepping down this comes after the leak of obscenity laced chat messages revealed a shocking contempt for the public also coming up.


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