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to restore the iran nuclear deal and deescalate tensions in the gulf. to speak of the challenge to end a stereotype to tackle inequality result prank say and tackle the climate emergency watch will define the new prime minister instead we have a hard right cabinet staking everything on tax cuts for the few and a reckless price rise to the bottom breaks it he say's he has pluck nerve and bishan our country does not need even bluster but competence seriousness and our thank you thank you and after a decade of divisive policies for the few to focus for once on the interests of the many. thanks this is
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a speak i struggle to discover a serious question that but i'll make i'll make one quote one on sarwan important point it is worth making which is good under no circumstances will regroup get any deal any free trade deal that put the n.h.s. . i would know by the by total gentleman the 44 years of age 71 years of breweries existence it is the n.h.s. that has benefited from conservative. thank you hey thank you and this you support wealth creation unless you believe in british business british enterprise and british industry you only have to fund this you have a strong economy you will not be able to pay for a fantastic ha thank you but the honorable john the right over the city don't forget my eyes i struggled through i struggled i struggled to see the country i struggled to see the country he described in his description of the united kingdom today but. the reality of the reality mr speaker is it on employment is the cause
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of our. people since the ninety's and crime is actually down the fun says 2010 we have record investment recruiting with investment in this country one point . coming that's fantastic new electric power plant trees. for. mr mcdonald you really are at times a reckless stilling quint thank you also how i hear you very irate because you feel passionately and i respect your passion but i don't respect children in quincy come yourself and take some sort of soothing medicaments and you'll feel better as a consequence the prime minister they don't like you the truth is it was more homes built in this country last year than any one thank you i wonder how wages wages wages in the high performing inflation for the 1st time in a decade the living wage for a living wage a conservative a hit i should say which i'm proud to say i championed did london
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was then stolen by one of the conservative government put into a national body the living wage has expanded the incomes of those who receive it by 4500 pound fish that is a fantastic achievement and it is a conservative achievement they are the right over to the last survivor trust and who can who can you who can you trust to run how do you how can i thank you about iran. thank you have a gentleman i wrote about him which is being paid by press t v a how are. piccies sides with the cam'ron problem our friends in the united states or what is happening in the parchin job how incredible that we should even think of in trusting that gentleman with the stewardship of this country's security but worse than that quite. on this is because this is
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a right honorable gentleman who is set to an economic policy together together with their shadow shadow chancellor who had sat by ken livingstone to be thank. you so. that i have my check of the forge the budget slap you for your budget he would raise my. hair to say this is because he would raise taxes on pensions he was i'm sorry i'm telling you all toyota otoh odette based on a very your mother a very excitable denizen the bouse come yourself it will be therapeutic for you to do said this far too much noise on both sides of the house and i fear the noise on the front bench is proving contagious line a certain back benches who are becoming a very excitable and they must restrain themselves and their the prime minister would of course be both passionate and restrained the prime minister how we're
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going to put that i can muster my feelings here and this is because it is the right on the budget went up on the money but that is only heard things on pensions of corporations he would put up taxes he would put up taxes on income to $50.00 people how. far is the food serves a budget of 19 eighty-four mr speaker how would put off getting the chance he would put off taxes not just on homes but on gardens i misspeak i know he speaks about it he speaks of i trust you know democracy he speaks of my trust you know because. i have to say the most extraordinary thing has just happened today did anybody notice what happened today that he didn't want to take us to terrible need to help us is that took place like the final scene of invasion of the body snatchers far ahead last the snowman standing your wrists. skeptic the why don't
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we get woman has been captured he has been juggling to the eyes been reprogrammed by the right and he's been time now into her mind was he wants to lay his time and labor into the party and all the flip flops he has performed in his turkey the same team korea. that is the one which i think he will pay the highest price because it is. this party na this party this government that is clearly on the side of democracy hey hey was this party it is this party that is on the side of the people who voted so overwhelmingly in 2016 in this party that will deliver the mandate that they gave to the base politics and which by the way this parliament promised tome and time and time again to the need to divide on one hand
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when all these colleagues promised to deliver it and the reality now is that we are the party of the people was we are the party of the many we are the party of the many and they are the party of the few we will take this country forward this is because i would take it backwards for hey. mr duncan smith. speak in iowa reserve and they will come by right on the gentleman to his place and can i say to him today i think the e.u. a listen and realize the days a supplication are over one. we are intent on
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a policy to leave the european union could i urge him in the course of his attempts at the dispatch box not to be too unkind to his office at number he hasn't just become a remainer over the last 3 and a half years he has been trying to remain again and again and again despite his own qualities determination until i ask you to say that in the process of his preparation to leave without a deal if not when necessary could he know not allow us to do this in private good instructor he's right on the girlfriend that all of this should now be done in public week by week to tell the world to tell the european union to tell our colleagues that we are ready for the chances are you marry already british parliament where britain's new prime minister boris johnson has been addressing parliament he delivered a statement outlining his plans to take britain out of the european union with or
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without a deal by the end of october he promised the 1st day of a new approach. to. industry. in this country that needs farming the needs the relevant advice and by was horrible friend has wisely suggested that would be a very and we have team coverage of this address by the new british prime minister we are joined in london by barbara faisal who is standing outside the house of parliament and we also have kate brady our political correspondent joining us here in the studio welcome to both of you and barbara i'd like to begin with you a lot of big proclamations promise is from the new prime minister what do you make of it. tall talk isn't it and boris johnson certainly doesn't do modesty the greatest plays so nurture the beginning of a new golden age i mean that reminds us off another blown politician on the other
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side of the atlantic so he has taking a piece out of his book or taking a page out of his book box coming down to the hard core leaving aside all those lofty promises to cure all of britain's problems economic and social ills in one fell swoop by just sort of saying here i am boris johnson i can do this talking about the nitty gritty they're brecht's it wrecks it she shows it really uncompromising he put a new red line down for russell saying that he wants to backstop summarily scrapped he will not accept any time limit and he embellishments any add on stories but nation he wants it simply strewn on if that was droll agreement that is this conversation he said he would go and negotiate that part if he used willing to do it it was then the e.u. whose fault that britain would next step drop out without the deals so and he
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really took minutes and minutes to prepare the country for hard correct if we have to do it we can do it and we would now prepare for it and he has put michael gove in charge form a minister in trees maybe one of the few survivors to prepare the country into prepare putting the civil service for the huge economical problems that will arise on october 31st on midnight so that is more or less the gist of it so the european union as we heard could be facing a disorderly brags that under boris johnson as prime minister k. brady is the e.u. prepared for that at the moment they are actually making more preparations of course and the reason may announce that she would be resigning. a month ago. the idea of a no deal bret's it has of course become much more of a reality we heard even just now again boris johnson reiterate in that come the 31st of october if he cannot negotiate a new deal with the e.u.
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then the u.k. will be leaving the e.u. come 31st of october of course that is a daunting prospect for many people in the u.k. but also in the e.u. for investors they've been watching this speech very closely today but if you look at some of the content of the speech really very much was about to message issues and moving forward with domestic issues after breakfast and there wasn't really much food for thought for the rest of europe and how exactly boris johnson plans on moving forward with this he said as well that inclines to abolish the backstop and just moments ago zoe leo for the irish prime minister was asked what he thinks of this and he said that he looks forward to discussing boris johnson's proposals of how to abolish the backstop of course that's a huge issue when it comes to getting the idea that he had no chance of actually getting it through parliament and the sort of deal right exactly and as well of
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course there is still the chance as well. as we've heard from the opposition as well german corbin the leader of the labor party said as well that basically labor would campaign on a remain basis. there was to be a new withdrawal deal signed up and then put back to the people which of course is a different matter in itself as well talk to us a little bit about the level of support that he has because i mean he's coming and he's making these very dramatic changes we have now you know houses to recent days cabinet out he's bringing in his his own people these these these pro brags that hardliners but does he have the support with in parliament in order to push through his plans. the short answer to that sorry is no because the majority of the tory party is down to 2 i mean that is 2. that is unsafe at the best of times and what he did yesterday in sort of culling trees amaze
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cabinet is he sort of really assembled an army of rebels on the back benches so many moderates already so money may they not the remainder is the tories who say yes but we should go with a good deal and we should sort of stay close to the e.u. all the sort of mainstream conservatives who are now furious disgruntled frustrated pick what you want and they might very well be ready to sort of jettison boris johnson's deal and they are they are having an informal leader already and that is still him and the former chancellor of the exchequer because he has already announced that he is going to sort of go to war against boris johnson if you really tries to drag the country out like that but what do you think the chances are that we could even see an early general election potentially in the country because i mean you know these dramatic changes that he's making in the very very get go there stoking a bit of speculation perhaps about. it is absolutely possible and everybody here
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a lot of observers already counting on it they say boris johnson is secretly preparing for it because he brought all the old vote leaves campaign as it into his inner circle into number 10 to sort of prepare for that case and we have also heard if we listen to jeremy corbin carefully we've also heard that he has repositioned labor for that case he has said and he's now finally after months and months of dithering made the jump and said we will in the end campaign for remain if nothing better can be done so everybody is getting ready for that the tories don't want that the party doesn't feel prepared it might come to that maybe after parliament returns like later in september maybe nobody knows yet but it's a clear possibility. and you know you have to 2 to really wonder i mean leaders all over the european union are of course watching these 1st moments in office of
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boris johnson especially here in germany kate how do you think that his comments today will be received well the immediate reaction from germany yesterday was that german chancellor angela merkel was looking forward to working in and cooperate him with boris johnson but of course when it comes down to bret's it she over the germany still very much just one of the $27.00 the remaining $27.00 states and they have to work together but it is interesting that germany especially in recent months has really stepped up relations with island as well and this is going to be very important this is really the key issue that is stopping a lot of people voting to get this withdrawal dale of previously voted against the withdrawal deal the reason may brought back to the u.k. parliament and the irish border issue is still there of course nobody wants to risk the chances of having a hard border between northern ireland and the. of island and has also quite
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recently visited dublin to see exactly how that would impact people's lives on the border there. are definitely a lot of considerations that are at play here barbara october 31st the deadline for briggs it is really not very far off just walk us through what you think we're going to see over the next couple of months. what we're going to see is that boris johnson's emissaries going to brussels and try for some preliminary talks figuring out whether there is any chance in any way to sort of talk about scrapping the back stuff and coming to the slough to solution off some technology on either side of the border somewhere back in the country controlling the goods and people who go across it now the e.u. has so far said it's impossible no border in the world is being policed or controlled like that you always have actual factual people doing this in place but
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who knows so is there even a way to talk about that of course brussels will begin to get into these talks because they don't want to take the blame for. the u.k. dropping out in the end bodge that is one thing the 1st date that doris jones is going to meet from and i'm going to america the person fishel date is at the end of august it's the beer it's g. 7 summit that is the point where he can try to figure out who will they give me something that i could sell at home that looks good enough to convince my party and that looks good enough that i don't have to contradict myself and then we're heading into september polman comes back party season comes and then already time is racing down to the line because then really talks have to be held can this be selvages or and we will know by early october i'll be headed for hard breaks it so this is really very very quick and it will move just like that especially with both
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sides now drawing a red line on both sides here barbara with the very latest from london and kate brady here in the studio we thank you so much to both of you. it's let's get a quick check of some other news the governor of puerto rico riccardo has announced his resignation after days of mass street protest in the u.s. territory he said that he would continue working until august 2nd to allow an orderly transition he's been at the center of a messaging scandal that has already led top officials to resign a leaked messages revealed him mocking his constituents along with sexist profane and homophobic remarks. correspondent alexandra phenomenon is in puerto rico's capital san juan she was there when the story broke here's what she told us about the governor's resignation. on sunday he was talking about that it is important for him to stay in office to stay in power because what he has achieved
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for the islands but it became clear that he didn't have any other choice than to step down after internal telegram messages were leaked messages text messages in the which the governor made and homophobic comments he mocked victims of hurricane irene he made jokes about shooting the son who wants to mirror and basically all of that people felt that it was so disgusting that this project started to fraud and as the protests continued so the groups grew the pressure on the governor to step down. outside phenomena there in puerto rico in washington d.c. both sides are claiming victory after the former special counsel robert muller testified before 2 congressional committees moeller told lawmakers that his
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investigation found inadequate evidence to prove that there was collusion between president trump's campaign and russia but he repeated that he did not clear trump of obstructing the probe many are viewing miller's testimony as a last chance for democrats to build a case for impeachment president trump. for a man who tries to issue the spotlight former special counsel robot mama found himself at the center of a media frenzy once again in one of the most closely watched congressional hearings capitol hill has seen in decades mother's testimony and at times halting nevertheless hounded the democrats and. so the report did not include he did not commit obstruction of justice. that is correct and what about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the prison you know now in fact . you have which expression he states that it does not exonerate the person it does
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aggression democrats republican lawmakers focused instead almost conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy between the charm campaign and russia eager to call the minor investigation case closed this hearing is long overdue we've had truth for months no american just part of the our election we need today to let that truth bring us confidence and i hope mr chairman closure outside the hearing room republican nor make has dug in further questioning the legitimacy of man as investigation in the 1st place i think it's an investigation that was not based on on real substantial facts that would warrant this kind of 2 year investigation but for a growing chorus of democrats intent on impeachment in his testimony provided a showcase of what they see as a catalog of presidential needs to news anybody else who committed these crimes
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would be prosecuted for them these are serious crimes witness tampering cover ups lies trying to fire the special counsel because he was concerned about the oversight that was going to be done by the special counsel so i think was a very successful hearing. ultimately though no new ball michel's came to light with munna refusing to stray beyond what he revealed in his report the democrats hoping that this would have been a seminal moment on a road to impeachment will likely be disappointed mona frequently refused to read from the report itself denying them their wish to put on a sort of minutes heavey special for the wider american public who hadn't read this tome of a report but he didn't do the republicans any favors either busting the president's claim of total exoneration. despite intense media attention it seems unlikely that money is final testimony will be enough to sway public opinion in
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a deeply divided country. europe is preparing for more high temperatures today yesterday germany the netherlands and belgium had record highs as the 2nd extreme heat wave in as many months gripped the continent today the warnings have been extended for france and spain. on the banks of the river saying in paris it's getting hot and sticky. so mostly i want to say to swim but i can't right now. with the american re continuing to rise right across here at borders stick to the water in frankfurt and people had a similar idea in munich flocking to parks and jumping into the waters to cool off by the river it was at least kill enough for a bit of gentle exercise. not. under any of the boarders no us well it is the our spark which means very cold but
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it's fun i'd say the water's about 20 or 23 degrees. 20 degrees the you kidding it's more like 15 or 10 degrees. on wednesday germany recorded its highest temperatures since records began 40.5 degrees celsius in the west of the country it breaks the previous record of 40.3 cents in 2015 i mean this is the 3rd time the stockade we've had 40 degree heat in germany and the gaps are getting smaller this extreme heat is definitely due to climate change. and it's the 2nd time this summer that europe has baked in record temperatures the advice is to stay hydrated and do whatever you can to keep my. word. for well now to a daring bid to cross the english channel on a homemade hoverboard and inventor took off today from the french coastal town.
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fastened to a small flying device that he designed himself unfortunately his attempt came to a watery end when he tried to land in the middle of the channel to refuel you might recognize him because he was the man who world above the heads of european leaders and almost as on bus deal day in paris. a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here at g.w. news britain's new prime minister boris johnson has outlined his plan to take big u.k. out of the european union by october 31st calling the current regs a deal on acceptable he said that the e.u. should rethink its refusal to renegotiate and he added that no deal preparations are a top priority. puerto rico's governor ricardo rosario has announced his resignation after days of the street protests in the u.s. territory he said that he would continue working until august 2nd to allow an
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orderly transition he's been at the center of a text messaging scandal that has already led to 2 top officials resign. from the that you're up to date on your dues i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching ever for a fact. flooding
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. in. europe transformed. the focus on europe's summer series some 30 years ago the 1st cracks it appeared in a hired curtain. what happened to the dreams and the curious about extraordinary times. our journey begins in poland where we meet nobel peace prize winner and lech
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walesa. next on the road. to the conflict zone confronting the future being you about to go to some a vacation club before we start some of. the folks my guest this week. andrea m.e.p. germany's moving her soon democrats one of the most promising greats of democracy like sophie in 60 minutes. it seems like the forum is getting more so for catastrophes all sorts of problems. but global 3000 talking to
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a team are british. for searchers to come over to mystic. is the world really getting. $3000.00 special. starts. to take. a loan a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin right here in germany where one want to raise the number to dial if you need urgent help from the emergency services.


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