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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CEST

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we're off to a former slate mine in northern wales in our series underground europe to have balancing good time. germany's famous by avoid festival opens on thursday with a brand new production of the opera town hall is out the story of a failed minstrel cop between the hedonistic venus and the pure princess elizabeth is seen as an allegory of the classic romantic conflict between spiritual and carnal love but this production aims to prove that it's much more than just that. one point and the minstrel contest castle this is new production of record wagner's romantic opera takes among tea meteor approach videos open up a new perspective on the action. i'm going
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to fulfill our contest takes place on 2 levels you get close to the characters for example when elizabeth and time voice will reunite you see backstage the emotions this box for time horses opponents you see what effect these performances have you don't only see the consequences but also a kind of emotional as well as a very concrete backstage story. of concrete objects that story director to be as a has also incorporated the by rote festival theatre itself into his production inside the singer's fight over love and lust while outside tom has his weird artist friends set about occupying nevada in a temple proclaiming freedom of art in the good old atticus tradition. serial killer it's not about 2 conflicting concepts of love and life but rather about turn hoy's are reflecting on the role. art should the artist aim to praise
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the satisfied upper class by submitting to aesthetic rules or is art about something into twined with real life an artistic expression that really aims to change something in society that suspects that when wagner wrote time has run 1945 it was not yet clear whether he would go down in history as a revolutionary all as an established composer heroic tennis stephen gold has sung the role of tom who is a more than a 100 times but it's his 1st time in pyrite with a new production. so i was a little skeptic sometimes when a new concept is presented to me but i was just really i have to say within just one day of being here i was totally convinced to be as proud. in craft as production tom who is the lives out is supposed to total freedom with a group of outsiders transsexuals and little people until he realizes that this life too can be a type of prison it was clear right from the very beginning when we were doing the
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staging that i needed to reach out and try to come up with something less. angry and completely defeated it's a way of looking up myself. as a serious. part of my and our careers group. i'm a clown. i come out as a clown. by sending tom boys there and dinners together on a crazy road trip to be a scrub so has driven wagners tomboys into the present. a very exciting indeed and here to tell us more about what's going on in bio does my colleague melissa hall right welcome melissa and there's such an incredible culture surrounding the bible at festival tell us why it is such a big deal in germany yet the buy right fiscal house is like
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a temple for wagner love as in no other oprah house is the is the present so deeply anchored in the past is the theater the focus yet focuses solely on the work of ricard log i did still run by the wagner family the festival is run by his great granddaughter naturally mean of so there's a deep sense of history that i can imagine that if you're a director or a performer and you manage to rise up to this level in the opera world that's a challenge but it's also to perform them absolutely even takes years to get a ticket i've heard is that still the case and it takes like 3 or 4 years to get a ticket on real evil so and this is to be as cuts as debut in bio it as we heard there. as a director new production of tom has a tell us what's special about it. i think there's a lot of humor there and i was a lot the way he's using these multimedia devices i like the way he uses this film and i like i like this insight into what's happening in the scene within the
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characters between the characters i also like that they take over the fishtail house so i think that's quite there's a lot of you know that thing on my device yeah i mean it's not something that's particularly new in general seems that we've seen this. but i think he does it in a well in a good way. what received remains to be seeing. that it was very exciting yeah until later. fishville house is steeped in tradition and lot of the audience members that go there they have very clear ideas about how the should be how it should be performed how it should be sell and if they don't like what they see they're not hesitant in you know letting people know people have been booed off you know scenes like that have happened that tell us just quickly about town who was a himself played by american by the american tenor stephen gold yes stephen gold his from boston and yet he's one of the most one of the most sought after heroic
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tennis in the world today quite an expert on wagner he's an expert on wagner he made his debut in 2004 playing tom who is a. yet at the festival in 2004 he actually started as a musical singer so he did like he did i think 8 years of phantom of the opera before really moving really moving into such an interesting transition indeed conductor valery givens also there for the 1st time everybody environment like that likes a good contra caesar that it that'll be interesting by what festival is on until august 28th i believe the editor of production for a feast for wagner fans thanks very much melissa for those insights. well even though royal titles were abolished at the start of the weimar republic prince of prussia wants his royal heirlooms back the great great grandson of germany's
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last kaiser and the 2nd has filed claims for the return of part of the families the state including a permanent right of residency at a palace in pottstown on the state of brandenburg wants to hear nothing of it and here's why. there's a lot more evidence of the city's prussian past then these days since germany decided to go ahead with the rebuilding of the whole. relations between the former noble family and the german state not so good this is the great great grandson of germany's last kaiser the 2nd. prince of russia is the current head of the family his dispute with the authorities about former family properties has recently escalated the prince is demanding free use of the sicilian palace which has just completed a 10000000 euro. policy is to keep these places open to the
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public residents' rights were right of use would be incompatible with this. but that's not all the hohenzollerns are also demanding furniture library holdings and even old masters. in the weimar republic the horn solon's were awarded properties palaces and cultural artifacts but after the 2nd world war the russians classified the hohenzollerns as war criminals and confiscated their properties it's mostly these properties that are the subject of the ral the hohenzollerns did indeed play a jew vs role in the weimar republic vilhelm was a nazi party and a member and a big fan of adult hitler crown prince vilhelm didn't join the nazi party but called on people to vote for hitler and posted that he had added 2000000 votes. most historians agree that the hohenzollerns helped bring the nazis to power but
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the family is now just puting this with good reason since 1904 parties who significantly pushed the nazis are not allowed to receive compensation talks between state bodies and the whole insulins went on for 4 hours. so if i am confident we came step closer to the common goal of both sides to reach an agreement that satisfies both sides. is the i'm storing in the matter of the syrian powerless and out of court settlement might now be possible the whole in silence. or keep an eye on that well for our serious underground europe we head to northern wales where a vestige of the country's once thriving slate industry has been repurposed in a very original way the slate caverns west of shrewsbury now house tour anian playground with a labyrinth of trampoline offering families what they call the ultimate underground
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adventure. this part of north wales near the snowdonia national park is famed for its picturesque. and. the surface however. is a different kind of attraction the biggest underground trampoline world wide cold. before visitors can try it out they have to do on safety training overall and a helmet. wondering. what the darkness yeah and this may mean it's going to be negotiating dark i guess again. luckily i'm not claustrophobic real looking forward to see or i don't mean the government into what it looks like no but. it's.
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worth going from one live to. see it. now there's no turning back after a short ride on an old morning train they arrived at the cavern and the underground trunk early. there are 3 trampolines on different levels joined by a long tunnel sawing it's all contained in this cabin which is 60 meters long and 35 meters high the operating company running it specializes in unusual attractions . it's lots of different people. fred to the copay came up with a concept we want we want something unique which we are free i feel we have it so it's of the world 1st also we will we wanted some fit all around all of this inside so i'm sure all the around it's a cool 8 degrees celsius but everyone as soon warmed up and they can jump and
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bounce to their heart's content. i look like great fun that does bring us to the end of the show but don't forget that you can go to our website anytime for more arts and culture news so for myself and the team here in berlin all the best you hopes new again next time but i don't choose. to.
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played for. such. player . this is d w news live from far less boris johnson wants brussels to reopen the bronx. the withdrawal of agreement negotiated by my previous answer has been 3 times rejected by this house its terms on acceptable to this polling and to this country. but top official.


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