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on t w. this is d w news live from berlin and boris johnson wants brussels to reopen the bridge to deal with drugs rebuild negotiated by my predecessor has been 3 tours rejected by the stars it was on that ship to do this poland and to the strong. but the top official tells johnson that same deal was the only one on the table. also coming up and urgent plea for help from 2 sisters in hiding after fleeing oppression and abuse in their native saudi arabia they're hoping social media can
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help them find asylum abruptly. all across europe temperatures are rising and records of falling in several countries reach all time highs for a 2nd straight day millions are struggling to keep cool as the dangerous heat wave scorches the continent. i'm susan what's going to thank you for joining us the u.k.'s new prime minister boris johnson has delivered his 1st address to parliament he offered a sweeping optimistic vision of a britain outside the e.u. he outlined his approach to brag that rejecting the current of war still as an acceptable and he appealed to brussels to reopen negotiations but e.u. chief has already told johnson the current deal cannot be changed nevertheless johnson has made it clear he is not. prate of
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a no deal scenario the minister was forthright boris johnson making his 1st address to parliament as prime minister he repeated his promise to execute brigs that by october 31st under any circumstances. i would prefer us to leave the e.u. with a deal i would much prefer. i believe that it is possible even at this late stage and i will work hard to make it happen. but certain things need to be clear the withdrawal agreement negotiated by my previous answer has been 3 times rejected by this house its terms are unacceptable to this parliament and to this country but we will not take european union he says should rethink its refusal to renegotiate to us we must turbo charge our preparation in stages you know if they do know we will of course have to leave the u.k. without an agreement under article 50. the u.k.
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is better prepared for that situation than many believe. the opposition says johnson is setting a dangerous course but has called for a new public vote and if the country is deeply worried that the new prime minister overestimates himself those recklessly advocating jail won't be the ones who lose out if the prime minister has confidence in his plan once he's decided what it is he should go back to the people with that plan earlier johnson's cabinet met for the 1st time they've been labelled team leave dominated by hard line break city is johnson has said his government on course for a tussle with brussels and let's go right to london did a lot of the standing by outside parliament for us to show a lot of good to see you so tell us more about the reactions you've seen there today to pour south and plans on prices. well as we just took boris johnson made
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it clear again that he's absolutely dead serious about delivering breakfast and many conservatives here are very excited about that finally somebody in office who can see it through after months and months of stand still under to resign may on the other hand of course across the aisle you have those voices that are saying this talk about no deal is absolutely alarming it is dangerous and we have to find another way out and boris johnson is not the right prime minister in office at this point and i think many worried about the scenario of a possible no deal we have a welsh and the scottish government today urging boris johnson to turn around to say i am not embracing a no deal and overall these very polarized views and they also reflect in british society there are those on the one hand that us saying finally there is our man in office to see through and on the other hand very many brits that believe that boris
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johnson is the one running this country into the abyss based on what boris johnson is promising and what he has said so far how do his chances look. well it's very high it's going to be very hot for him so he has $98.00 days to deliver bricks that his plan is to go back to brussels and renegotiate now brussels has already said we won't allow any renegotiation but let's say boris johnson miraculously comes out with a new deal with a new plan and he comes back to parliament then he will face a problem here because he has the conservatives here have a very slight majority at this point and it doesn't seem very likely that he will get a deal through and then we're looking at the possible scenario if and no deal and that is becoming more and more likely we're also looking at a scenario of a possible general election to shake up the numbers in parliament to finally get ace that fast majority and we have already heard that campaign rhetoric starting
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today john. for example he has appointed as his chief of staff dominic cummings he is the mastermind he was the mastermind behind the leaf referendum and he's really a chief strategist so boris johnson gearing up for a complain there and on the other hand for example with jeremy corbyn labor leader opposition leader saying for the 1st time today very stepfathers that his policy would go for remaining in the european union repositioning his labor party there for a possible general election showed up to you mentioned boris johnson's chief of staff there have been some big changes in his cabinet just briefly what does his cabinet tell us about what to expect from him as a prime minister. well this is absolutely brecht's that on steroids it was quite revolutionary what he did he really kicked out all the remaining as he appointed the tears that have sworn to help him see a surulere the u.k.
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leaving the european union on october 31st and so it shows us that boris johnson is somebody who really wants to shake things up and who is on the other hand very very serious on delivering bricks that no matter how in october our correspondents a lot of parts reporting from outside parliament there in london thank you very much. now to some other stories from around the world spain's caretaker prime minister has failed to form a government was unable to persuade the far left party to form a coalition with the socialist party and lost a no confidence vote in madrid today if lawmakers can't break the deadlock in the next 2 months spain will hold another national election in november the 4th in 4 years the un's refugee agency says up to $150.00 margarets are missing from a boat that capsized after leaving the libyan town of homes local fishermen and coast guards rescued around 130 people calm says a major departure point for migrants attempting to reach europe from libya. now to
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a plea for help from 2 saudi sisters living in hiding in turkey they say they were forced to flee their home country after suffering abuse by their male family members though on the lollar part of a growing number of saudi women slaying systematic discrimination in the kingdom. has their story from. all that. i have seen so far as like this and changing hotels. that you are hiding from their families we can't say where they are because they are afraid of being found. 222. 20 when her father took them to you stumble for a holiday they decided to run away to escape years of violence and repression they say corey is an early nor'easter and they are. if they are so i'm thin or want something say no i can't refuse treatment when can you force me to wear.
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when i was like 10 years old so i can say no of course if i say more they will beat me so hot they took the decision to escape us says when her father wanted to marry her off and it was their last chance. and my father told me i have friends of my. he have 2 wife and he want me to be the 3rd one. asking about his age he told me that he's one of the 50 and they don't care about their age and when i told him as. he told me you can't say not. at all if you refuse the marriage you are not. to be kept man is the only person who always knows would do well and are in istanbul the u.k. lawyer 1st big. where of the case on twitter he's now supporting the sisters in
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their effort to get asylum what are you seeing with the girls karen is it's consistent. the be a care they keep us to the abuse they suffered is also consistent with what we know about certain arabia and. you get the impression that this is not to young teenagers running away from home. during this winter early i mean this is something that they're being forced into. and as escape is not an isolated case again and again saudi women try to flee from their families when traveling abroad. just earlier this year there have mohammad made headlines for days the 1000 year old saudi woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in bangkok the united nations finally recognized her status as a refugee and she was granted asylum in canada where she now lives.
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and hope for a similar outcome the sisters need asylum in a 3rd country as soon as possible says their lawyer we believe that not only the father but. this area thirty's. by these girls girls that will. inevitably follow. their own works for freedom. so for that reason we think that there is a very real risk of them being talked to. are not facing deportation to saudi arabia at the moment turkish authorities have granted them temporary protection they are managing to make ends meet with donations stay receive but as long as there is no long term solution they feel very much under threat. at the window when they go. out or
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are. try to hide in. our place every couple of days. i'm afraid someone know their place. and my father searching for us i hate sleeping i only just me for 3 hours to 2 hours it's enough for me because i always have nightmares like my father you know where i am if he catch me of course he will kill me. soon do we change their location again. where they will wait and hope they can reach safety before their family finds them. now millions here in europe are sweltering in an extreme heat wave and across the continent records are being toppled one after another in france paris says
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a new record high of $42.00 degrees celsius for the capital and for the 2nd straight day germany the netherlands and belgium have each recorded new all time highs. cooling off how of a possible temperatures in the year's top 40 degrees celsius on thursday belgium is one of several european countries suffering under the summer's 2nd extreme heat wave all time national records were broken 2 days in a row these are the highest recorded temperatures for virgin ministry since the beginning of the measurements in 1833 years. in paris it was hotter still the french weather service announced that the capital registered its highest temperature ever smashing the previous record of 40.4 degrees set 7 decades ago. and in the french countryside farmers are suffering as the high temperature brings drought and fires. this heat wave is older conducive to forest fires and we are
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facing a dramatic situation we have 3600 hectares of forest he said i think. by fire since the beginning of the summer. many places in germany also taped the 40 degree mark on thursday on the sweltering streets of cologne water was handed down to cool down and many here were in no doubt what is behind the heat. their current issue is of course it's climate change there's no doubt about that story that goes without saying the ice caps are melting everybody knows that storms are stalking you don't . know i think there's really something going on with climate change. unlike tromp i'm convinced it's happening so it's not so she must not see eye to record july heat also in the u.k. temperatures in the high thirty's cause travel disruptions as many trains slow down
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to prevent tracks from buckling temperatures are expected to drop across the continent on friday. sorry coming up next a big backlash against uganda's tax on social media that's coming up with monica jones on did have a new business africa stay tuned for that. and . cast. video and audio.


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