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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin another european heat wave temperatures are rising and records are toppling several countries including germany and france record all time highs for a 2nd straight day and millions struggle to keep cool as a dangerous heat wave scorches the cotton also coming out boris johnson wants the european union to renegotiate bricks. through the group agreement negotiated by my previous this has been 3 times rejected by. its terms on acceptable
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to these problems and to discuss. budgets of the european union's top official tells boris johnson that same deal is the only one on the table plus a series of attacks highlighting and alarming uptick in rightwing violence here in germany what can politicians do to combat the threats of far right extremist. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight millions here in europe are sweltering in an extreme heat wave across the continent records are being toppled one after the other in paris france today we saw in the french capital a new record high 42.6 degrees cell. a 108 degrees fahrenheit
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for the 2nd straight day germany the netherlands and belgium recorded new all time high. calling of how of a possible temperatures in the top 40 degrees celsius on thursday belgium is one of several european countries suffering under the summer's 2nd extreme heat wave all time national records were broken 2 days in a row these are the highest recorded temperatures for virgin ministry since the beginning of the measurement in 1833 years. in paris it was hotter still the french weather service announced that the capital registered its highest temperature ever smashing the previous record of 40.4 degrees set 7 decades ago. and in the french countryside farmers are suffering as the high temperature brings drought and fires. this heat wave results are conducive to forest fires and we are
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facing a dramatic situation we have 3600 hectares of forest trees that have been consumed by fire since the beginning of the summer. many places in germany also taped the 40 degree mark on thursday on the sweltering streets of cologne water was handed out to cool down and many here were in no doubt what is behind the heat. of course it's climate change there's no doubt about that it's a story that goes without saying the ice caps are melting everybody knows that. the stuff you. know i think there's really something going on with climate change. unlike tromp i'm convinced it's happening so it starts it should trust us yeah just record july heat also in the u.k. temperatures in the high thirty's cause travel disruptions as many trains slow down to prevent tracks from buckling. temperatures are expected to drop across the
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continent on friday. it is definitely hot outside to talk about that i'm joined now by journalist and stefan bowles he's in the netherlands where new record highs were hit yesterday and today good evening to you i mean so what's behind this 2nd extreme heat wave that we are seeing right now in europe is this the weather or is this also the climate that we're dealing with. well these opinions are mixed i can tell you what are so many experts who suggest that this is of course because so fail warming up from the saw are and older experts are saying it's because of climate change but i also know there are skeptics here in the netherlands including even politicians who say this is all nonsense we have seen this before and yes it is hot even the records were broken but to not think to get to worry about so it's a little bit dependent on who you are talking here behind to be people are still
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stay in. the center and at the beach and also into see you're in north bank which is so really one of the most full fuel or seaside areas in the netherlands but of course very central meniscal and sewer and also about it in that don't eat in fact several people die in the recent days in the sea in the netherlands so it's quite a serious situation here as well and it's 7 year in the netherlands which is known for smart solutions to the challenges that are posed by mother nature i mean just think of the dikes in that country they protect much of the country that's below sea level are the dutch as clever when it comes to dealing with climate change. well they would say so at least the government beliefs well they have just introduced here a special climate plan which we're into which would even mean that from next year ethan many many homes will no longer use natural gas they also plan to close
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all kinds of mines here by 2030 and of course if you look at the summer there is also a special system to keep the results cool so that is another aspect of what the netherlands is doing but of course that's also watched by many other countries see europe they are watching the netherlands as well because the temperatures have risen not only here in the netherlands as you quite rightly pointed out but also in many many other countries records have been broken and so most scientists are suggesting that we will may see it well may well may see this many times more in the near future i do is to phone both trying to keep it cool in this heat wave in the netherlands tonight to 5 thank you for your welcome well the u.k. has new prime minister boris johnson has delivered in his 1st address to parliament he offered a sweeping optimistic vision of
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a britain outside the european union he outlines is approved to break that rejecting the current divorce deal calling it unacceptable and he appealed to brussels to reopen negotiations but e.u. chief john claude younger he has already told johnson the current deal cannot be changed nevertheless johnson has made it clear he's not afraid of a new deal brooks. minister was forthright boris johnson making his 1st address to parliament as prime minister he repeated his promise to execute brigs it by october 31st under any circumstances. i would prefer us to leave the e.u. with a deal i would much prefer. i believe that it is possible even at this late stage and i will work back out to make it happen. but certain things need to be clear the withdrawal agreement negotiated by my predecessor has been 3 times rejected by this
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house its terms are unacceptable to this parliament and to this country but we take european union he says should rethink its refusal to renegotiate remain to us we must turbo charge our preparation if they do you know if they do know we will of course have to leave the u.k. without an agreement under article 50. the u.k. is better prepared for that situation than many believe. the opposition says johnson is setting a dangerous course and has called for a new public vote and if the country is deeply worried that the new prime minister overestimates himself yet those recklessly advocating no jail won't be the ones who lose out if the prime minister has confidence in his plan once he's decided what it is he should go back to the people with that plan only
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johnson's cabinet met for the 1st time they've been labelled team leave dominated by hard line break city is johnson has set his government on a course for a tussle with brussels. and our correspondents a lot of parts she is following the story for us closely in london. now johnson's political strategy has already been labeled. as his cabinet choices showed just how willing he is to shake things up and how serious he is on delivering and his number one promise to deliver it by october 31st he has 98 days to do that and he said he wants to go back to brussels to renegotiate that withdrawal agreement brussels has already said no to that there will be no renegotiation and in that case johnson has said he is perfectly willing to leave without a deal. just out of the european union and face the consequences now in any case no deal or a deal he needs
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a majority in parliament and at the moment that looks very slim to shake the numbers up in parliament the only way out would be a general election and it looks like all politics here in the u.k. a gearing up for that johnson on the one hand has appointed coming to mind behind the vote leaf as his chief of staff he wants his to be his chief campaign in a possible general election and jeremy corbyn on the other hand leader of the opposition labor party has repositioned his today saying that his party would support a 2nd referendum and campaign to remain in the european union now an outcome such an election is extremely open as the british vote to remain extremely divided on breaks it. is. some of the other stories making headlines around the world in spain.
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in madrid today. that would be the 4th in 4 years the governor of the united states territory of puerto rico ricardo or sell you has said that he will step down on the 2nd of august it follows more than weeks of protests in the capital san juan over sexist and homophobic remarks he made in private messaging chats with members of his administration syrian activists and rescue workers say airstrikes in rebel held areas have killed at least 10 civilians the raids targeted talons and villages in the province of it live aleppo and hama it's not clear who launched the strikes but syria's government started an offensive on the areas earlier this year.
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we're now into a plea for help from 2 soltys sisters who were living in hiding in turkey they say they were forced to flee their home country after suffering abuse by the men in their family. are part of a growing number of saudi women fleeing discrimination under the kingdom's male guardianship system men control virtually every aspect of a woman's life. has the sisters story from istanbul. all that. i have seen so far of use like this and changing hotels. that you are hiding from their families we can't say where they are because they are fraid of being found. 22 assisted 21 her father took them to istanbul for a holiday they decided to run away to escape years of violence and repression they
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say glories in early memories and. if they are so. pleased when they forced me to wear. when i was like. so i can say no of course if i say they will beat me so hot they took the decision to escape to us says when her father wanted to marry her off it was their last chance. my father told me i have friends of my. he have 2 wife and he want me to be a therapy. about his age he told me that one of the 50 they don't care. and when i told him as. he told me you can see. it all if. the
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marriage you are not muslims. to be kept man is the only person who always knows when. you stumbled on the u.k. lawyer 1st became aware of the case on twitter he's now supporting the sisters in their effort to get asylum. with the girls it's consistent. consistent with a bird. so you get the impression that this is not to young teenagers running away from home. during this winter early i mean this is something that they're being forced into. and is escape is not an isolated case again and again saudi women try to flee from their families when traveling abroad.
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just earlier this year and a half mohammad made headlines for days the 19 year old saudi woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in bangkok the united nations finally recognized her status as a refugee and she was granted asylum in canada where she now lives. and hope for a similar outcome the sisters need asylum in a 3rd country as soon as possible says their lawyer we believe that not only the father but. this are authorities. by these girls girls that will. inevitably follow. their own works for freedom. so for that reason we think that there is a very real risk of them being targeted. and are not facing deportation to saudi arabia at the moment turkish authorities have granted them temporary protection they are managing to make ends meet with donations stay receive but as
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long as there is no long term solution they feel very much under threat. across i always look at the window when they go. out or are they like try to hide in. our place every couple of days which. i'm afraid someone know the place. and my father searching for us i hate sleeping i only just me for 3 hours to to alex and not from him because i always have night like my father you know where i am if he catches me of course he will kill me. do are we changed and location again. where they will wait and hope they can
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reach safety before their family finds them. and that we board was by our d w correspondent julie holland in stamboul d. w. has contacted sol to get the words every quested their input on this story so for no response here in germany a recent series of violent attacks is shining a spotlight on the potential of tick in right wing extremism early in june the fatal shooting of a programme politician sent shock waves through the country and this week 2 more incidents suspected of having right wing extremist motives late on monday in eritrea the man was shot in a drive by shooting your frankfurt and just yesterday a left wing politician in eastern germany was the target of a bomb attack the violence has left political leaders searching for answers. these politicians from across germany were invited to berlin by president. united
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by a particular cause they've all experienced severe hostility some have even received death threats become on you knew me but i received anonymous letters saying i should die unless rable death sooner rather than later because after all no one would miss me there was a nail in one of my cars tires and i was driving down the autobahn it was clear the nail had been put there intentionally my car was also smeared with excrement. politician vata luka had also received explicit death threats before a right wing extremists allegedly shot him dead at close range in front of his home look i had become a hate figure for a right wing extremist because he stood up for refugees hatred of refugees and those who support them the rallying cry at so-called white power music. concerts like this one in the town of team our white power music is the gateway for many into the neo nazi scene the concerts also earn money to help pay the legal costs of
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neo nazis facing criminal charges experts are convinced that right wing networks are formed here. there's no definitive the networks are dangerous because they attack injure and kill people as with walter loop current they're also dangerous because they create a sense of being threatened in which people no longer feel safe doing their jobs or voicing their opinions to the. lawyer mehmet di my good represented victims in the trials of members of the right wing terror network the national socialist underground or n.s.a. you for years be out to cheaper and 2 accomplices played active roles in the n.s.u. killing 10 people almost all of the migrants but to this day it's not clear how big the n.s.u. actually was although chief a was convicted much of what went on in the shadows still hasn't come to light. the n.s.c. was not and is not just a trio it's part of a network most members of his net worth. are at large and they're a threat to many people the militant right wing extremist network combat 18 the
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number 18 stands for the 1st and 8 letters of the alphabet and the initials of hitler combat 18 has carried out attacks in greece and the u.k. germany's interior minister says more needs to be done to tackle the problem and he's looking into banning the group. we believe there are as many as 12700 violent right wing extremists these figures are especially alarming considering the great affinity for weapons that the rightwing extremist scene has it's all. assortments and. the right wing extremists gnawed clients or northern cross network compiled a list of political opponents and even planned to kill them while most of those targeted are unaware those politicians invited by president or at least had an inkling. for
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a long time many didn't talk about the hostility they paced and often they weren't taken seriously when they did. falling in love above all else we need an awareness throughout society the wii's are not just attacks on individuals but that the roots of democracy are under attack. germany's head of state may be focused on the issue but it's largely a symbolic act because ultimately only the government can take action. by our political correspondent glu grove so what do we know as of today what has the german government been doing to combat far right extremism i mean they've been they've been saying that law they want their law enforcement intelligence agencies to be expanding surveillance of various groups the head of domestic intelligence has said he wants to give more resources more people power to the section of his department that could specifically focus on far right intelligence of course
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germany is well known for being at the forefront of tough rules about online hate speech those have come under some criticism sometimes perfectly legitimate political commentary on line has been forgotten the snarled up in this in these new rules and then most recently just this week basically every aspect of the german government is again trying to get public financing taken away from the n.p.t. that's the neo nazi political party in germany they've been trying for years to ban this party but they failed and as a legitimate political party they are entitle to public financing so now they're trying to get that taken away what's being done in the government and in the political world where is the rest of society you know will do exactly i mean a legislature a government they can only legislate so much you can't legislate away hate and fear and anger and racism so of course there's many many non-profits and ngo's that research far right extremism to track them that work with the government that coordinate and organize rallies as we often see when there's far right events and
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far right demos demonstrations in germany the counter rally is often much much bigger you often see there was a very funny a very clever protest just a few weeks ago in the eastern german town where the town bought up all the beer so the far right rock rally couldn't have the beer. so things like that are examples of the civil society trying to fight this and the question is as been posed a lot lately why does seem that germany is struggling with far right extremism in our far right violence nail right was a bit of a perception reality situation are these numbers truly going up or is there more perception and more focus being paid to them brings them aware of it more aware in actual numbers from 2016 to 17 the 1718 overall far right crime actually dropped and rather significantly if a couple years ago back to we're looking at numbers closer to what they were in 2008 before they spiked in 2014 and 15 where there's certainly
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a perception as we've mentioned earlier there was the eritrean who was shot by a suspected far right extremists earlier this week the left wing bomb attack there was of course in june the the murder of the of the local pool of politician. by a suspected far right of far right extremists so that at least the perception is there 70 percent of germans according to one survey say that far extremism is a growing threat and one that is a threat to democracy horse they offer today the interior minister said actually there's a lot a lot more about to do than fear than actual threats to life all right as always we appreciate your reporting thank you. sports news channel is going to the french alps where the 1st of 3 defining days in the tour de france so overall leader. retained the yellow jersey after a grueling stage 18 colombian nairo quinton won the stage to move to 6th overall in the standings but it was only who took the headlines after recovery was time thanks
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to a frantic final descent he remains on trying for a 1st tour title with just 3 stages remaining but when it comes to winter sports vietnam is not exactly a major player the country has never won a medal at the winter olympics but one vietnamese snowboarder is proving you don't need snow to follow your dream. more needy in southern vietnam is not exactly what you'd call a winter wonderland but that hasn't stopped snowing tide been from doing what he loves snowboarding. one of the country's top snowboarders been trains on the sun kissed more neat an area usually visited by thrill seeking tourists even been admits it's not an ideal certainty. when i 1st boarded on snow i was a bit hesitant. i've been practicing on sand dunes for
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a long time because i had the technique but the snow was so slippery i slipped when i touched snow for the 1st time. unsurprisingly winter sports aren't considered a priority by the vietnamese government and athletes here face an uphill battle when it comes to facilities and funding back in with. i want people to share my passion and provide the financial support necessary to train athletes somewhere else and develop snowboarding. that will move the anon doesn't have snow for practicing and. we need money to train in other countries and develop the sports he. didn't get in the bin represented his nation at the 2017 asian winter games and hopes to do so again in 2021 but 1st he hopes to find
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a sponsor that can fund his training in a colder climate. until then though vietnam's most successful snowboarder is happy to train on the only powder he's got. you're watching the w. news white from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day to see you then. coming. up i'm going.
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to. help africa that's in the primate capital of the world. uganda has given a forest national park is given deep in the jungle. needs ranges to ensure the survival of chimps i'm told the creature. concept for success in the tourism. next on the d.w.i. .
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