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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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to confess 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is e w news live from berlin boris johnson wants the european union to renegotiate breadstick. the withdrawal of agreement negotiated by my producer has been 3 times rejected by this house it's true i'm acceptable to these pollings and to this country but the european union's top official tells the new british
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prime minister that same deal is the only one on the table also coming up tonight another european deep wave temperatures rising records fall in several countries including germany and france record all time highs for a 2nd straight day and millions struggling to keep cool as a dangerous heat wave scorches the cost. plus spider fans in the philippines are fighting to save their favorite game spider fighting it's a beloved pastime there but the 8 legged athletes they are threatened by over hunting. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us britain's new prime minister boris johnson today delivered his 1st address to parliament and he offered a sweeping out. to mystic vision of a golden age for
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a global britain elde side of the european union he outlined his approach to bragg said rejecting the current divorce to your calling it unacceptable and he appealed to brussels to reopen rights in negotiations but e.u. chief john paul younger he has already told the new british prime minister that the current deal cannot be changed or does that even matter or is johnson has made it clear he is not afraid of a no deal brecht's a minister. a forthright boris johnson making his 1st address to parliament as prime minister he repeated his promise to execute briggs by october 31st under any circumstances. i would prefer to leave the e.u. with a deal i would much prefer. i believe that it is possible even at this late stage and i would not try to make it happen. but certain things need to be clear the
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withdrawal agreement negotiated by my previous answer has been 3 times rejected by this house its terms on acceptable to this parliament and to this country but we take european union he says should rethink its refusal to renegotiate remain to us we must turbo charge all preparation if they do you know if they do know we will of course have to leave the u.k. with onto the agreement under article 50. the u.k. is better prepared for that situation than many believe. the opposition says johnson is setting a dangerous course that has called for a new public vote on you the country is deeply worried that the new prime minister overestimates himself those recklessly advocating doubt jail won't be the ones who lose out if the prime minister has confidence in his plan once he's decided what to. is he should go back to the people with the plan. earlier
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johnson's cabinet met for the 1st time they've been labeled leave dominated by hard line breaks. johnson has set his government on course for a tussle with brussels. and our correspondent she is covering the story for us in london now johnson's political strategy has already been labeled bret's it on steroids his cabinet choices showed just how willing he is to shake things up and how serious he is on delivering and his number one promise to deliver breck's it by october 31st he has 98 days to do that and he has said he wants to go back to brussels to renegotiate that withdrawal agreement now brussels has already said no to that there will be no renegotiation and in that case johnson has said he is perfectly willing to leave without a deal come october 31st just crushed out of the european union and face the
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consequences now in any case no deal or a deal he needs a majority in parliament and at the moment that looks very slim to shake the numbers up in palm and the only way out would be a general election and it looks like all politics here in the u.k. a gearing up for that boris johnson on the one hand has appointed cummings the mosse to mind behind the vote leaf as his chief of staff he wants his to be his chief campaign in a possible general election and jeremy corbyn on the other hand leader of the opposition labor party has repositioned his party today saying that his party would support a 2nd referendum and campaign to remain in the european union now an outcome such an election is extremely open as the british voters remain extremely divided on bricks that. and that was. reporting from london where tonight here in europe
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the evening temperatures will still hover above the typical daily high millions here are sweltering in an extreme heat wave and across the continent records are being toppled one after the other in france paris has a new historical record high 42.6 degrees that's more than 108 degrees fahrenheit and for the 2nd straight day germany the netherlands and belgium have each recorded new all time high. cooling off how of a possible temperatures in the top 40 degrees celsius on thursday belgium is one of several european countries suffering under the summer 2nd extreme heat wave all time national records were broken 2 days in a row these are the highest recorded temperatures for build them in history since the beginning of the measurement 1833 yes. and paris it was hotter still the
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french weather service announced that the capital registered its highest temperature ever smashing the previous record of $40.00 degrees set 7 decades ago. and in the french countryside farmers are suffering as the high temperature brings drought and fires. this heat wave results are conducive to forest fires and we are facing a dramatic situation we have $3600.00 hectares of forest service being consumed by fire since the beginning of the summer. many places in germany also taped the 40 degree mark on thursday on the sweltering streets of cologne water was handed out to cool down and many han't were in no doubt what is behind the heat. of course it's climate change there's no doubt about that. that goes without saying the ice caps are melting. everybody knows that stores are still you don't. know i
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think is really something going on with climate change. unlike trump i'm convinced it's happening at such a situation see on. record july heat also in the u.k. temperatures in the high thirty's cause travel disruptions as many trains slow down to prevent tracks from buckling temperatures are expected to drop across the continent on friday. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world spain's caretaker prime minister has failed to form a government address on sheds was unable to persuade the far left today most party to form a coalition with his socialist party and he lost in the confidence vote in madrid today if lawmakers cannot break the deadlock in the next 2 months spain will hold another national election in november that would be the 4th in 4 years the governor of the united states territory of puerto rico ricardo oversell yo has said that he
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will step down on the 2nd of august it follows more than weeks of protests in the couple's san juan over sexist and homophobic remarks that he made in private messaging chats with members of his administration. the president of tunisia has died at the age of $92.00 he was the north african country's 1st democratically elected leader and took power in 2014 after the arab spring he was hospitalized at the end of june for a severe illness officials have announced a presidential election to be held on september 15th. when it comes to winter sports vietnam is not exactly a major player the country has never won a medal at the winter olympics but one the vietnamese snowboarder is proving you don't need snow to follow your icy drink. more needy in southern vietnam is not exactly what you'd call
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a winter wonderland but that hasn't stopped snowing tide been from doing what he loves snowboarding. one of the country's top snowboard has been trains on the sun kissed. an area usually visited by thrill seeking tourists even been admits it's not an ideal certainty. because i just know that when i 1st put it on snow i was a bit hesitant. i've been practicing on sand jeans for a long time because i had the technique but the snow was so slippery and i slipped when i touched snow for the 1st time. on surprisingly winter sports considered a priority by the vietnamese government and athletes here face an uphill battle when it comes to facilities and funding boom. in the moment i want people to share
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my passion and provide the financial support necessary to train athletes somewhere else and develop snowboarding. and it will move the it doesn't have snow for practicing. we need money to train in other countries and develop the sports the the new no i think it will been represented his nation at the 2017 asian winter games and hopes to do so again in 2021 but 1st he hopes to find a sponsor that can fund his training in a colder climates. until then though vietnam's most successful snowboarder is happy to train on the only powder he's got. now to the philippines and the popular betting sport of spider fighting enthusiasts worried that this bit of filipino culture is in decline they point the finger at a runaway spider trade fueled by internet sales while others say that humans are
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encroaching on spider habitats in the water. there go. that out of. the silver inner city for some it's a cruel blood sport for others spider fighting is a beloved childhood game and national pastime that's why. we call it. that's a local name spiders they come by. this man keeps hundreds of spiders as pets hand feeding them dice tramp and making sure they get enough exercise. he says spiders are an important part of filipino culture and he's worried they're on their last legs. we cannot save this kind of creatures. be here to more years we're also show you a spider fighting is best known as a schoolyard game for children they cost roughly a euro each meaning almost anyone can afford to play more recently it's turned into
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a popular form of gambling. and illegal derbies can mean big money that will never ever cheapies happening to meet the demand spiders are shipped to buyers all over the philippines a trade scientists have warned could threaten populations in the wild. it's a trend spider collectors have seen for themselves but they blame new housing developments for destroying natural habitats and making it harder than ever to find the arachnids. someday where we go into you know on spiders if our children are going to experience these kinds of you know adventurers great no 3 me hard for us to find the spots and the place that because. they search by night when spiders build their webs scientists fear taking spiders out of the wild could
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spell disaster since they protect crops by eating harmful pests but there's plenty researchers don't know about local populations and in the past hobbyists like these have provided crucial information about different species we're going see this one is making over. my god it's not just taking. the hunters know they need something left to catch in the future that's why they've brought back spider execs to release into the wilds. of 33 you most likely are going. to find a more aficionados like him want more research done into spiders and their habitats here as the 1st step toward saving them it's the only way their children will enjoy the same thrill of catching spiders with their friends you're watching the news
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live from berlin coming up the next in business tech profits surging alphabet the parent company of google and e-commerce giant amazon they've just released their 2nd quarter results and guess who's got the numbers for your i think. she'll be here right after the break stick around for that. my 1st boss was the sewing machine. icon for all women are balanced by this notion and then something as simple as learning how to write a buy side of those isn't. since i was in there doing good i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me as the inside there.


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