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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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yes. the world is getting more simpler. forms catastrophes and money problems. the global 3000 talks of a team of british researchers who take an optimistic view. the world is not always a good place but it's much like carolina was how is the roof really getting better . global $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on d w. it's a big day for big take care that comes to an even bigger numbers google pound alphabet crushes their expectations and triples its profits in the 2nd quarter and amazon has delivered growth to. also on the show germany's wrecked causes germany records rather its hottest day and farmers are bracing for
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a poor harvest. when in rome recycle as the romans do the city is testing a new ecology bonus for train coming. to business to business i'm going to have off as a bell and welcome we begin in the tech world where 2 of the biggest names have presented their figures for the quarter that ended in june quarterly profits google's parent company alphabets tripled to just under $10000000000.00 figures feed most analysts expectations were down to higher effort advertising spent on searches on you tube a different story amazon big spending on speedy shipping meant profits were lower than expected. now we tend to think of on as an as a big online shopping google as a search engine but much of the money these giants make comes from rather hazy source these days cloud computing and. it's division
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a ws generated more revenue on its own then mcdonald's microsoft's intelligent law business brought in over 11000000000 in the 2nd quarter even though google klout revenue is fos more than amazon's all microsoft the alpha division includes cloud still generated $6200000000.00 this quarter now with me in the studio is mark since he said it takes specialist this is to be a lot of money to be made in the clouds other any significant other plays so the money is made not on the cloud because we've seen over the counter kind of fluff you think they're in there is made of data and the cloud is one of the ways of how companies can access data personal data and so forth with the players there of course we have to think about cloud as a service as infrastructure or software and services the biggest player here is of course facebook question because a cloud based company where is making money on advertisement about it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the fact that they run the entire centralized cloud where
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we interact and exchange our information so the other players commercial players and so forth so sales force would be the next one i thing that i would line up after microsoft i was wrong and google. are you worried about all this data because the money is also as you said the money is being made with data to be stored somewhere we'll be worried about of course we should be worried and this until my systems are processing personal data of individuals from different places brings in different kinds of risks and we should be worried who are displaced how david is they want to do if we have access to the data and for what purpose is being use we've seen a lot of situation last for years we've come going to has been so horrid that there's the eighty's use for influencing where you tickle views behaviors and so forth and yes we should be worried they don't seem to be the big plays in europe in the club business why is that because you. if i can behind whoever initially you
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know was competing with disclaimers and they aren't don't want to dominate the market in europe and north and i work on not in other places like china russia and so forth as it was in what about china as china in all this kludgy. a lot of things change after 2014 after snowden where all of the other players like china russia realize that they have to finger of also over nature of the data and the computing so of course china has their own googles muzzles and they own microsoft exactly the same they centralize access to information services and whores. thank you very much . yesterday was the hottest day in germany since records began for the 1st time in history the 42 degrees celsius mark was broken it's exhausting for many of us here but a real problem for many famous for them it's another year of struggling with drought in the eastern state of brandenburg the situation is specially done.
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it's hot and dry here in eastern brandenburg and it has been for weeks the farmers now know harvesting as fast as they can before their crops are ruined they've been at it for more than 12 hours. right now don we have to start early and work as long as possible into the evenings. theme of advanced office a farmer and he isn't pleased this year like last year he estimates his right harvest will be far below average due to the long dry spell the smaller plans can't even be used but. i think one of the heads may be big but there wasn't enough water to form the roots there's nothing up there it's empty and that's the problem this year i assume that 30 to 40 percent of the heads are empty and it was like that last year too that makes it even worse and it's not the all. and it's the rye that survive the heat the best he says at the moment it looks even worse
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for wheat it hasn't affected every farmer but most. will see the weather extremes sooner and stronger in brandenburg it may not be the case in other german states but when it comes to drought we're the 1st to feel the pinch. the farmers here have been struggling with extreme weather for years this used to be potato country today the tubers no longer grow in the dry sandy soil here more resistant strains might be the solution when all this in a wheat farmers have to look outwards we have to adapt our past planting goals to the demands we have now and the climate conditions today that means we have to develop tolerance strains and that's the problem we face to counteract both floods and droughts. it's avoiding too few of us or. if you talk then doth doesn't want to complain the harvest hasn't been bad everywhere but if the
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weather in brandenburg continues to worsen we'll need more robust breeds that can adapt to climate change it seems the only way they'll be able to survive. if we're talking about the tourism industry we usually think of some branched beaches in the tropics but there are destinations that don't spring to mind immediately take russia for example here's a fun fact around $25000000.00 tourists travel there every year most of them to moscow the problem only a tiny fraction of them comes back for a 2nd visit travel restrictions and complicated visa regulations are partly to blame russian government now plans to invest more than a 1000000000 euros to attract more visitors for. the trip to moscow's red square. for many chinese a more attractive destination and the eiffel tower in paris. and also a lot cheaper moscow is one of the most popular spots for chinese tourists in europe easy travel regulations for chinese group to have generated
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a real boom. but russians want to welcome other nationalities to tour operators have ambitious goals. we expected a growth rate of about 20 percent in 2019 families but unfortunately we aren't seeing it nor there are more tourists than last year you know preliminary figure after the season says it's around 10 percent this is on. but there's a lot more to see than just moscow russia also has spectacular natural sites like lake baikal in siberia away from the big cities though tourist infrastructure is lacking and complicated visa regulations have a deterrent effect on many people as a tourist destination russia is a nice place to visit but very few holiday makers come a 2nd time. ok i remember correctly the number of people visiting russia for a 2nd time is ear opener 2 percent of those are likely to be businessmen on
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a return trip. many of us who travel abroad have been to rome and paris several times but unfortunately few tourists come back to russia. the government wants to change that it's reportedly considering easier visa regulations better hotels and more servers russia wants to become one of the 10 most visited countries in the world. an ambitious plan electronic cigarette maker juror has told the u.s. congress never intended its product to be used by teenagers the company's co-founder insisted to house lawmakers that it had not designed its flavors to be appealing to young users congressional committee has also heard from parents and students who accuse jewel of directly marketing to teenagers it is illegal to sell east cigarettes to under eighteen's in the u.s. but the use of all high school students nearly doubled in the last 2 years.
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any economist will tell you it's all about incentives and that is especially true when it comes to recycling the city of rome is now filing a new system to get romans to recycle more incentive it's quite simple you get a free ride with a tune and explains. step one get your phone sky and step 2 feature plastic bottle into the automatic recycling bin step 3 get $0.05 credited toward your ticket fair these machines are still in the test phase but consumers like them already if you do it go see a beloved it's great for the plastic that we're not going to throw away if you really it's also good for the cash back for the ticket transport may be yet another 2 positive things that once you know that not only. is there but if you give a kid it's an amazing initiative. it's going to encourage plastic recycling and you
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can also earn something for the subway ticket but if you're just a little we've got a. single ticket cost $1.00 euro and $0.15 meaning a free ride is 30 recycled plastic bottles away. rome's mayor virginia raji says her city is the 1st major european capital to try such a scheme but it's still starting small. only 3 machines have been placed in different train stations and the trial run will take a year only then will it be clear whether the eco bonus has made a difference in the city's plastic pollution an unholy problem in the eternal city . before there you go diners in turkey can now go for that authentic in-flight eating experience if you like that so much and a 300 has been converted into
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a restaurant. stuff that is dressed as flight attendants serving drinks on the line food it's a big draw with tourists and the khost province of move law instead of aircraft since dinosaur locks and spacious booth with proper tables passengers also need alfresco on tables settled on the wing. so really do on a regular flight. and that's it for me anthony's up your business in here then for more business news and features check out the sludge business the cold way of culture is next followed up with this because. since.
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birth. home is of species. worth saving. those are big changes and must start with small steps. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. music.
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used. to come to teaching next generation. traction. channels available to people. and more determined to build something new for the next generation global view barmen series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. a warm welcome to this edition of arts and culture the by avoid festival dedicated to the operas of composer of a shot wagner kicks off on this sweltering day in germany we'll talk about the opening and also take a look at these top stories. a legal tug of war is underway as descendants of the last german kaiser want parts of their state back we get the
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background story. and we're off to a former slate mine in northern wales in our series underground europe to have balancing good time. to determine who's famous by avoid festival opens on thursday with a brand new production of the opera tom hoy's out the story of a failed minstrel cop between the hedonistic venus and the pure princess elizabeth is seen as an allegory of the classic romantic conflict between spiritual and carnal love but this production aims to prove that it's much more than just that. it was very least it was. i was on a horse and the minstrel contest proconsul this is new production of rick wagner has run magic opera takes a multimedia approach to life videos open up
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a new perspective on the action.


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