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the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers take a more optimistic view. where roads is not always a good career but it's much much better than it was at the cost is the route really getting better. our global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th on g.w. . this is d w news asia coming up monsoons leave millions in news or a across south asia we head to india's assam state where many families are struggling to survive the flooding has already claimed hundreds of lives plus. us china relations are at their lowest point in years is this the cold war of the 21st century we look at the potential ripple effects across asia. and keep your promises or else china is drumming up excitement for its new social
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credit system authorities are tracking online purchases medical records and if you tell the truth. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us millions of people across south asia have been hit by heavy monsoon rains this month lightning strikes and high water have killed hundreds floods have wiped out homes and crops the displaced are now grappling with a lack of food clean drinking water and medicine india has opened hundreds of relief camps but poor conditions make them an option of last resort for many here is. reporting from the northwestern state of. most days mom of the mom of the uses his board to fish on nearby river.
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now he uses it to get home. when the floods came he and his family waited out the downed board in this small boat and. put them to us it was the safest place to be. a. relief workers have come only once to give the family feud. in march has had to sell off 10 chickens to buy extra rice to eat. in federal court order i do worry about what ghana do we don't have drinking water and there's no set time for meals. and then at 10 pm. i will go out of our. despite the difficulties in manners designed to these conditions. even though families to continue living in their flooded homes it is no easy choice
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millions have been affected by the floods and scores have died in assam alone. there is an alternative relief camps. during the worst of the flooding this camp housed 500 people and their livestock. many have since returned home but doesn't remain. imaan keeps his cow here but refuses to bring his family he says it's too crowded and provisioning is little better. people sure say the doctor has only come once in the past 2 weeks. my daughter was sick by the time i arrived here the doctor had gone and i couldn't get any medicine. we have got nothing here 20 people but in order to all government officials has come to check on us to get a good word. billions of rupees have been invested in flood relief yet
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resources are scarce. this medical team visits over 20 locations a week to distribute medicine. each time they run out of supplies after just a couple of hours. on their own rio and we have 3 teams in our unit and we have to go just in the face of you and we have to go so sometimes multiple teams need to travel together in one boat if we had more medicine we could help them in the bill . the worst of the rain is over but you don't ignore it it's still a distant hope for many. for the people of isaan this is simply what the monsoon looks like. turning now to china we took a deep dive already this week into its white paper on national defense where
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beijing singled out the united states for causing uncertainties in the asia pacific region we also took a closer look at beijing's internment of some 1000000 people in its territory something that the united states and others have condemned and looking ahead to 2 the united states and china will try to restart trade talks next week in the middle of their trade war here d.w. we want to take a step back and think about this relationship between the world's 2 largest economies it's fair to say the relationship has been its rockiest in the years and that we've entered an era of mutual disillusionment i'm very glad to have frank langfitt join us for this conversation he's a journalist formerly based in china and out now with a book looking at the relationship from the ground up it's called shanghai free taxi a frank what do you think of when you think of mutual disillusionment. well i guess
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what i've been really struck by melissa is how both sides particularly the people in both countries now have much dimmer view of the governments of the other country and i think in the case of china one thing is disillusionment with the democratic system a lot of people in china are not happy with president trump he's a cut not the kind of leader they thought would lead a democracy like the united states i think that there are people who are very proud of country company like walk away and they see it as being targeted and used in a pawn in this trade war i think on the american side there was a belief perhaps it was naive among many scholars and a lot of other people in government that economic engagement with china would lead to more liberal china that's not what has happened obviously we see now the most assertive and authoritarian leader in you know decades in china and she jinping so i think that both sides now have a lot of doubts about the leadership of the other countries great power foreign policy manifests itself at the human level ai tell us a little bit about the interactions he had with the chinese you met and of course
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the premise of your book and it's interesting title sure i think what a little bit about the book what i wanted to do i got back to china in 2011 it was clear the country was at an inflection point there was terrell terrible corruption a distrust in the communist party and i wanted to see what direction it might go but i want to know from ordinary people so i set up a free taxi service in shanghai and met a lot of people through that and what i found that was very interesting is again this disillusionment on the side of chinese folks if you went back to 1989 the tenements where uprising there was a lot of very good feeling towards the united states one person that i got to meet over time most recently she actually is the daughter of communist party leaders officials she went to the united states for an m.b.a. hoping to see a much more democratic place when president trump came into office 5 months later she became increasingly disillusioned actually went back to china do you think the relationship between the u.s. and china is going to improve. not anytime soon i think you have 2 very assertive
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nationalistic leaders even if president trump leads in 2020 used to have a lot of democrats who are have a very dim view of china and of course in the case of president xi he may be able to stay on for many many years further and we know his his policies are not likely to change anytime soon. and then one thing i'm also wondering then is if the policies aren't going to change what is the impact going to be on asia i think in asia difficult a lot of countries in a very difficult position china wants them to choose between the united states and china and so you see them call the middle i think roderigo to territory in the philippines is a great example this is a country that has a military a defense treaty with the united states a close military relationship in the past most recently we see mr president to tear today saying the chinese can come in and fish in their exclusive economic zone basically giving up saying i'm afraid of war with china and so china being the
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incumbent you know very close to all these other countries has a lot of influence economically and militarily and a lot of countries are going to try to pull the other off the other frank langfitt thank you happy to do it. sticking with china let's look at trust and integrity the new buzzwords there beijing is promoting these values as it rolls out a nationwide social credit system starting next years it shrinks eyebrows overseas though its own citizens seem more open to the idea but the system will keep track of people's finances china doesn't have a good consumer credit rating system for loans but it will also monitor social media activity online purchases and medical records already partially in place in some pilot cities this is taking beijing survey lends to a whole new level. well perhaps the government doesn't think so and they're excited about it and have started marketing the plan including with special pop songs
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targeting younger citizens he w reporter has certainly has more on this function tell us what you've got well china released a song named be as good as your word it features a few chinese pop popular chinese idols and now the song does not make direct reference to the social credit system but in the music video we can see a few new technology start a related to it let's take a listen. so the main message of the songs to tell someone to be a credible person but there is an undertone in it actually because as we've seen in the music video we there are a men's store by carrying and acts like borrowing books from
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a library and they saw things that require one to have a good profile to have a good credit now speaking of good speaking of profile we know we know that the social credit system means that beijing will keep record of us citizens all under one single system and so the record will probably a fact the way that people can use the services that we have seen in the music video and also. it's been released under the guidance of government authorities so it's really promoting the system in a very subtle way now has the chinese government done other campaigns like this for with with all this pop music and stuff is it as so just this year's state news agency she released a hip hop song praising chinese achievements and yet so we he should have a listen as well because it is about the biggest chinese political event of the year 2 sessions.
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well so this is just another example of how our china pop propaganda can look like today. thank you very much. following up on a story we covered earlier this month that some are calling indonesia's need to movement the country's parliament has approved amnesty for a woman who was jailed for recording her boss's sexual harassment by eek was charged with a crime after the recording was shared she served 6 months in prison her case triggered national outrage prompting calls for amnesty here's what mcluhan had to say to other victims of sexual abuse happens but i honestly don't give the
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perpetrators i mean opportunities women need to be brave if the same thing ever happened to you be brave and speak out about the slut. that ends or show check out our other stories on t w dot com for slash asia thank you for watching see you next time and could buy. such a british. tour linked from africa. your link to exceptional stories and discussion from the news and visit our website debbie that comes from africa join us on facebook j w for.
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cold is one of the main villains of climate change but as europe cleans up its act what can be done about india and china addiction to the black stuff. also coming up taking the gig economy to the next level workers are now living in camper vans next to their temporary jobs and actually enjoy the lifestyle. and a giant telescope is planned for hawaii as tallest mountain to enhance humanity's knowledge of the universe and create hundreds of jobs that natives there say stop
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the site is sacred. but come to do business asia i want to get jones good to have you with us now then coal is seen as the greatest climate threats we face contributing more to global warming than any other fossil fuels there's a heated discussion going on here in europe how to reduce or stop coal fired plants to safe the planet but only few are actually walking the talk in fact coal is gaining market share across the globe in 2018 coal consumption grew by 1.4 percent that equals 3770000000 tons a day experts agree coal is here to stay for years to come to meet rising energy demand china by far has the world's biggest appetite.


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