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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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has lived or worked in germany since the early 1980 s. she's currently the subject of a solo exhibition in basel and will be joining me in the studio. and in our series underground europe or off to denmark to see a world war 2 bunker that's been brilliantly converted into a museum. quentin tarantino is back with once upon a time in hollywood which opens in u.s. cinemas this weekend and once again the maverick filmmaker who's best known for his penchant for over the top violence has teamed up with 2 all of the industry's biggest stars layer nodded to caprio and brad pitt who are clearly having the time of their lives. the night film from quentin tarantino. as a faded t.v. cowboy. his stunt man official. who has become
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our characters are kind of 2 sides of the same coin he's my he's my stunt double yet we develop this very unique relationship that helps us navigate our own survival and. from the brilliant mind of terran tina to put these all these different pieces together well it's very exciting and it's like one that i've been waiting a long time to make and i could've made it along the way and i'm making it now and it seems kind of perfect for like. you know wrapping up a career in hollywood to make a movie about how they want to be just kind of lovely to my right is the last series lead and jake cahill unself rick dalton and to my left is rick start double cliff booth once upon a time in hollywood is also a movie making movie. reporter to do a lot of dangerous. is that how you describe your job with carrying his load.
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these 969 everything is changing and the long time partners struggling to find the place. we get into a fight i accidently killed. i go to. anybody who accidentally kills anybody in a fight to go to jail it's called manslaughter the movie already won the claim in cannes earlier this year as classic terror into you know. the beautiful thing about this one it seems to be a confluence of all these films there's a little bit of the binocular from jackie brown to all. the django it's all it seems like accumulation of everything it's pretty wonderful. and as it stands you know there's also a joke son and undercurrents of violence. are seen in my own language. like you the movie about the sun sets of hollywood's
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golden age in an encounter with a murderous madson family. well it's not everyone who can look back on a 40 year career and a body of work that defies categorize asian japanese swiss artist lake or you can order has had not one but 2 retrospectives devoted to her this year one in tokyo and one currently on in basel and before we talk to her right here in the studio let's have a quick look at her work. drawings paintings and sculptures show figures heads floating in landscapes or dissolving. mining female figure. or delicate war seeing. their fragility. as works express a deep sadness. the japanese swiss artist says she's interested in exploring vulnerability and weakness characteristics but she rejects categories or pigeon
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holes especially those that would box or in as an artist and as a human being. $29000.00 is an especially successful year for the painter graphic artist and scott song. at the beginning of the year a retrospective exhibition at the renowned national art center of tokyo provided a comprehensive overview of her 4 decade career the current show at the equally groundbreaking current museum basle toward new season shows a considerable selection of her work. career got off to a different start back home in japan they were initially studied spanish and emigrated to spain in the early seventy's at the age of 21 she then started painting in seville a few years later a summer job took her to switzerland where she appreciated the greater freedom
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women enjoy in comparison to japan or spain through marriage she obtained a swiss passport which she continues. to this day. germany for many years now 67. has studio. and it's a great pleasure to welcome to our studio here this evening in the flesh thank you so much for coming in like 02 big solo exhibitions this year one in tokyo one in basel as we just saw there what's it like to see 40 years of your life's work gathered juxtaposed together like this. it was amazing for me to see them once again because usually i don't see is a you know i walked away yeah you know so you know collectors if it's a purchase i don't see them if the museum on i don't see them so it wasn't like i was moving. their children over to their income level to be and also as
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a same time going back to tokyo you know this is very emotional for me because i left the 40 years ago my country and its means a lot. that's an interesting point they 1st came to europe via spain and then went to switzerland and of course finally settled in germany and you live here in berlin now what was it about this german speaking realm that made you decide this was a place where you could thrive oh i never planned it and never thought as i could live in the country like so cold but. right now it's so hard as an exception. so yes i can work we can work and maybe enjoy the life somewhere else you know i appreciate that a lot being here and having friends of course but obviously there were cultural parallels i think between germany and japan that search that inspired you in the
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piece a native peoples say that and i didn't see that before and i was in spain i saw it too you know i'm a more connected on the more close to spain and italy and to france former culture here is exactly to the myth culture image mediterranean mediterranean culture but at the same time as you're right we have a similar history the 2nd world war and so story in the country and the economy so we have a kind of a perilous situation or a lot of their health quickly something about your creative process how do you decide. ad which medium it is that you wanted news you do so much whether you want to approach o.t. for instance in 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions why i started in 08 is in many ways the drawings it was kind of a base and then slowly slowly i started to be a painter and being a painter and so a long way i think and i said that to me because i'm never be happy but i'm
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doing as i'm singing always one day i would be the best painter you know one day obviously one always strives for perfection not women and children interesting we also memories and dreams those are big themes for you and you've said that art is less of an intellectual pursuit and something that you or something that you just like to let it happen. are you often surprised at what comes out yes this is the most beautiful thing because if you do it just but you plan to have an idea i think idea is just. one possibility but we have encounters encounters of more important to not only with somebody else but also atmosphere the nature of color terms things and also you know reading a book or many things and so the sinks is that of an i'm a working as
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a studio. and counter was made a year and something happens it's. i'm the most happiest person in this moment yeah. something literally rising out of you but they think you something unknown exactly yes the thrill of the unknown will fake you very much for coming in to see as. your retrospective toward new scenes on until september for thanks so much for joining. us next up we are on the west coast of denmark where they where near the end of 1944 german forces started to build their largest bunker complex yet near the town of blue avant and the project was never completed and because it was so difficult to destroy it the danes converted it into a museum most of which is underneath the existing topography.
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it's only when you get up close that you get a glimpse of the interior of the grove and on. the structure which is made glass concrete and steel is mostly underground. it's part of the it's museum and was designed by the renowned danish architect's office ingels group. in the western city of the marks of the wind is always blowing very strong to because we are tucked into the dunes. in the middle of the sometimes violent nature of worth of them on. the new a building is connected to the original museum which is located in a world war 2. the huge facility was built by the germans in 944 but was never completed exhibition inside the bunker explained.
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has been conceived as the antithesis of the bunker so the bunker. is this sort of concrete hermetic object rejecting the surroundings whereas the museum is an open and airy and welcoming meeting place in the heart of the dunes. the new a part of the museum opened in 2017 vistas can choose among 3 interactive exhibitions one of them is dedicated to am. this one takes us back in time joining the last ice age a tsunami flooded the north sea coast submerging launch parts of denmark. but the museum to pick some more recent history. pick submissions on the on usual location have made if it's
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a huge hit with this is. before we go just a heads up for arts $21.00 i meet the artist special featuring vietnamese canadian author came to a who was only 10 when she left vietnam her family managed to settle in canada and she is now the author of 3 highly successful novels and sabina will be meeting had met with her in montreal well that's coming up this weekend hope you can catch it that's all for today until next time all the best and pushed.
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robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . place . this is g.w. news live from berlin tragedy strikes in the mediterranean once again more than 100 migrants are feared to have drowned off the coast of libya officials are calling it the deadliest shipwreck this year and a lack of political will a stunning efforts to save lives also coming up more anti-government demonstrations in hong kong this time protesters occupy the arrival hall at high.


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