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innovation and education. but this is one we can't afford to lose. helping people help themselves my goal is. this is state of new news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the islamic movement in nigeria some of the group's members have been killed after police fired live ammunition to just 1st day of protest in a battle they followed to keep demonstrating. from just brought this is according to government tourist the globe. and the local hero
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in the yellow pad meet the kenyan mag who's providing preschool transport for children with disabilities in canberra. then i'll be joined in studio by the award winning south african singer songwriters a layer of who's just before him at billions renowned. christine window welcome to news africa. nigeria has seen a week off tension off to violence between person police and shia muslim protest is the shia group involved says' at least 20 off its members have been killed the clashes have focused around the parliament building in the capital. members of the group have been demanding the release of a leader who's been held in prison since 2015 that's despite
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a court order to release him shia muslims for about nora to nigeria about 2 percent of the population but the upsurge in violence in recent days is provoking fears the situation could further deteriorate. a funeral procession for 6 demonstrates is a monday. came when police opened fire on members of the shia group the islamic movement in the geria were taking part in what was reported to be a peaceful march in the capital of. lost his son for him as a hero and a martyr. i'm very sad that you nigerian security who are trained and paid to to do that dissident be used again that. it was you that was meant for the body for the protection of the citizens to kill my son reports say as many as 11
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protesters a journalist and a police officer died in monday's balance dozens more were wounded or arrested human rights organisations are condemned what they will excessive use of force by the authorities again the shia protest has this thermic movement of nigeria says' it will continue its push for the release of that good leader despite the government crackdown. we are not if we are under siege book on officials they are they are booked out and they are branded like underwhelmed by them is because this is. killing or shooting or. details from what about green you only only just brought this is for the government to respect the law of this land and free our leadership from the. ingrained sex act he has been in the attention for the past 3 and a half years his supporters take regularly to the streets of butcher to call for him and his wife to be freed they say that zacky required his medical help already
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court house you know given. that. this is a key billie's several for many years but importantly. the court order which i think is not also good. in security remains tight clashes between police and exec his backers have rates fears that islamic movement of nigeria might turn to violent insurgency. now to the story of one man making a big difference in the kabera slum in nairobi there's a school for severely disabled children but there's no transport service to bring them there and the low income families can't afford to make arrangements to stand in you decided he's going to do something about that stanley ok news day
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starts early as he sets off to take his daughter to school. happy bosy bori had meningitis when she was 3 since then she has been unable to move or talk. stanley literally specialized center they could offer his daughter the therapy she needed and he soon realized how difficult it is for disabled children and their parents in kibera to access proper care so he decided to help every day he collects kids from their homes and drives them to school. some of these children hit each other some hit the windows another hits himself. i want to about what's happening so i'm forced to pull over so i can control them before i can continue. to fight 40 families rely on the transport he provides without a kidney most parents would be forced to carry their children on their backs.
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i used to get her on my back to school. and then. even when sure she was good for me. i even decided to leave her at home. but said only. good to any. data. out here at the mary rice center the children are able to socialize with each other and get the attention they need. this school's specializes in helping children with disabilities and basic education is free to start to have been able to reach to more children especially especially those with physical challenges coming from kabila because previous were using with and which has been difficult because of the terror in which is available in the world in the kabila slum parlance friend difficult to
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maneuver using they would check into some of them would i would cheer they were killing those cheated. ok me uses his own money to maintain and fuel the van most children come from families that cannot afford transport. making a big difference in the lives of the children and their parents stanley is driven by a hope. with special care and therapy he thinks at least some of these children will one day enjoy a degree of independence. i always wanted to be a songwriter. write great music perform it around the world. interesting people. travel. the exciting new places. more than on the back i just want to. and that south african singer songwriter.
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by lira so not many can say they have serenaded nelson mandela and barack obama the cheek and she joins me now in studio welcome to the africa i'm so excited that you're here you know i watched you play perform at the concert house last night here in berlin and your music just has this feel good vibe right if you switch your pages to it but that's really all of the music that's deliberate that's very deliberate it's really on purpose growing up in south africa and eighty's i think i got a taste of life that was unsavory and i made a conscious choice that i didn't want to add any need to that issue world and i found just shifting one's focus towards the positive actually makes for a positive lifestyle if you will write great that we're going to talk more about your music in a 2nd but you know you've also become a champion for black women in a sense and i wondered why do you think that so many people relate with you as a role model in that sense i'd like to think i'm
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a champion for women period irrespective of color. and the reason that is being the case is because i've found that i've been so emancipated in my journey. i'm a woman who runs a business and i've been in business for 15 years very empowered as a woman in music as well that i really wanted for other women. so it's really about sharing everything i've learnt of my journey and i really think at it she does everything you know and so i put these things out in terms of everything i do out there in the world yeah so up in the world a place that you have travelled your music has taken you places but you are still sort of firmly rooted in african i wanted what is your vision for our continent. my greatest vision is for all of us to just be happy to be quite honest just know that our needs are met the just be happy and know that we can dream and have our dreams come true but i've also realise that it's not about waiting for the circumstances
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to change external there's a lot that one can do within oneself that will then influence how you engage with life and i feel like that's a point of power for anyone and so that's really my focus is is to push that sort of agenda through education through exposure through networking through sharing. and yeah because i've just seen it work in so many scenarios that it's something i actually believe in. so your last album you release it in 2016 and i wondered if we get a scoop here i did of you are you working on any exciting projects at the moment to declare. what but you've got to go in knowing where you're going to mix thoughts we have to keep up with your kind of. i spent about 3 months in the united states working with grammy award winning produces and songwriters and really it's just understand they process of creativity and i mean you've got global hits coming out
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of their part of the world and i really wanted to learn as well so. i have a body of work that we've worked on that does come from that it's very exciting it's very different from everything i've done and i thought it's ok sometimes to just experiment just to see how that goes so the album is african american in everything for. me is an infusion of my roots as an african and of course that american flavor so it is quite poppy in modern in many ways but it still has that distance of lira and an undeniable african fled to it so i really cannot wait to shared with everyone oh we can't wait to hear it i mentioned to the viewers when we when i did you see that you performed for nelson mandela the youthful form that the inauguration of barack obama but i wanted what has been your single most highlight in your career oh acing you know it's been 15 years it's tough to pick one wow. well i guess performing for africa south africa's 1st black president and
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america's 1st black president i know that's too but it was quite a significant thing for me. and i guess if there's ever one more song you are hearing at the world cup in south africa ok one of the most watched things about it is that maybe we have a few seconds left but i have these very poor questions for you the 1st thing that comes from i had what would you most like to have. dancing so you don't believe that you know what they're so estate which living person you most of my oprah winfrey ok which words or phrases do you most overuse. brilliant. what is your most market characteristic my my my my most mocked characteristic. i would think it's my smile. it's very good also if you don't read things there and i thank you so much for
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coming out in a very nice for having me come back i'll come back soon i will. and that is it well now from news africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with near is breakthrough single feel good to next time. i just mauna. 3 days how long no. com they all gone now fail the show live. day and i'll phone a fan. check in and check out germany's amanda many lakes. focused again leans on someone who knows to the fans on the ship the image of this region with this trouble reports about brandenburg the best place castle and peoples to date i am following in his
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footsteps. brandenberg this vacation land. next to. robots that are still in the development phase. but what's going to happen when they grow up. will schumann's admission in spring able to piece me co-exist. or are we on the verge of a remarkable life so. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. is this the beginning of
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a good and digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. took me on the experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this technology create a deadly new autonomous one. system's. collapse starts aug 14th on d w. a. i crossed the march and founded richer than i had dared to hold roll to yodel
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fontana in the 19th century as a travel writer and novelist has made the landscape and the city's office native brett burke famous.


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