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let's now take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world indian navy helicopters and emergency service boats have rescued some 700 people from a train stranded in flood waters near mumbai monsoon rains left the tracks submerged and the train partially under water officials said a relief train would take passengers say to a set c. it was the country's 1st head of state to be elected in nationwide polls except he died thursday at the age of 92 his death has sparked fears of political unrest in tunisia. with several strong earthquakes have struck islands in the far northern philippines killing at least 8 people and leaving dozens of others injured locals fled their damaged homes and took shelter in town squares this aftershocks shook the region public buildings including a 19th century church were severely damaged. and brazil search teams are still looking for the bodies of 22 people who went missing after
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a dam burst 6 months ago in the southeastern state of minas to rise the catastrophe killed 270 people the mining company that operated the dam has agreed to pay compensation to the victims' families but many say that's not enough they want criminal convictions. plants are growing again at the edge of what used to be the dam but down below the mud is toxic and the search continues for bodies. giving up is not an option 22 people are missing in the sludge there well are families that are waiting for answers. there so is a small farm near the bottom isles village lost half its residents during the catastrophe almost everyone here worked in the mine even and his wife who each lost a sister a palooza the dam break wasn't bad luck it was a crime. this isn't the 1st broke and i have no doubt it will happen again we have many many just like. the dam was controversial there have
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been warnings but the german weightings agency too said it was fine the courts will now decide why the metals and mining company valley has to pay compensation and regulations are being tightened. by the inference of politics very directly the laws that are supposed to control mining were written by ballot itself with. neither valley nor to agree to interviews about the allegations but the victim's families have a clear view the words valley their murderers stand right below the town sign. here in berlin hundreds of thousands of people are out on the streets for the annual pride parade this year's event celebrates half a century since the $969.00 stonewall uprising that launched the l.g.b. to rights movement revelers have been marching through central berlin towards the brandenburg gate where a concert will be held the event known locally as christopher straight day or
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c.s.t. a stake and class place annually since $979.00 was named for the new york city streets and which if it all riots took place. i'm joined now from the parade. by our reporter mightiness styles when tina it looks like the party is well underway where you are. there is actually a huge part in here people are in a very good mood you can see the weather is really nice it's a vote so if you 3 so not too hard and so people are wearing very colorful costumes some people wearing not much at all because everyone is very very friendly people who don't even know each other talk to each other and they've actually not just l.t.p. t. activists who are demonstrating here on the streets of berlin but it's also climate activists for example and here you can clearly see this is not just a party but it's a demonstration it's a protest because clearly. people all around the world don't have the same rights
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to sectionals the year 21000 marks the 50th anniversary of the riots at stonewall and new york's greenwich village which jumpstart at the pride movement how's that anniversary being marked at the parade. as actually a huge topic here even the scene off this year's christof a straight guy is 50 years the fifty's on a verse 3 off to stonewall in our riots it's actually called an uprising always begins with your voice i talk to a couple of people here especially a young woman from manchester who knowledge sim brylin and sees that yeah it's actually really important cause to stay it's. this this is students riots are not just in parts diet they're important every day because they basically started. like the people who've fought back then they are the people who fought for our
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rights let's talk a bit about daily life for people of the community what's the situation in germany in general. actually germany and especially berlin the couples who are considered aside haven't for l.t. but people from all over the world people who are persecuted in their countries often come here refugees come here that's a reason study or the guy travel index to be precise i actually found that the situation for travelers for tourists in berlin poland has worsened berlin used to be on the 3rd or germany but used to be on the 3rd ranked and it's now on the strength so that's a lot worse and this is the reason for that is that there are more violence more violence against people even here in berlin and in germany but i asked a couple of people here on the streets they feel safe and even if they jones
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there's actually a retreat sown here close to to where we stand and if people are harassed or feel just committed against they can go there and they have people help them money gnashed house at the berlin pride parade thank you very much. director quentin tarantino is back and his next film promises to be a hit at the summer box office once upon a time in hollywood is a love letter to hollywood and once again the maverick filmmaker has teamed up with 2 of tinsel town's biggest stars near an art of the caprio and brad pitt. no 9 from quentin tarantino do you not as you have to do as a faded t.v. cowboy branch pitching his stunts man bucky official. who has been our characters are kind of 2 sides of the same coin he's my he's my stunt double yet we develop this very unique relationship that helps us navigate our own
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survival and. from the brilliant mind of terran tina to put these all these different pieces together well it's very exciting and it's like one that i've been waiting a long time to make and i could've made it along the way and i'm making it now and it seems kind of perfect for like. you know wrapping up a career in hollywood to make a movie about hollywood of these kind of lovely to my right is the last series lead and jake cahill and self rick dalton and to my left is rick stuff double cliff booth once upon a time in hollywood is also a movie making movie. actors are required to do a lot of dangerous. place here is meant. is that how you describe your job cliff carrying his load. julie's $969.00 everything is changing and the longtime partners own struggling to find the place. we get into
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a fight. i go to. anybody who accidentally kills anybody in a fight to go to jail it's called manslaughter the movie already won the clay even can. ask for a sick parent. the beautiful thing about this one it seems to be a confluence of all these films there's a little bit of. you are from jackie. django it's all it seems like accumulation of everything it's pretty wonderful. and as it's turned into you know there's also a joke and undercurrents of violence. are seen in my whole life. thank you. but then this league football 2nd division is now up and running and for the 2nd season in a row former top club hamburg will be attempting to get back into the 1st division
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it's a reality check for a club that until recently believed always belonged in germany's top football league. another new coach begins life at how book de taking is the club's 4th boss in just 16 months the 55 year old has signed a one year deal at the club his task to return them to the bundesliga. is for me the key is how quickly we can grow as a group and sort out off problems from the mood in the dressing room is good news many of the players have been through a lot together at the club old and new faces a mixing well. hamburg have gone through a major up evil risky transfers are a thing of the past new players have been recruited and i painstaking. targeted manner like lucas him to see are top scorer last season at league rivals picking must now build a team out of the existing experienced players and 10 new arrivals. you see into
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this i want to see desire the belief in the squad that it can go out and win. that has to start with sunday's season opener against darmstadt fans have been asked to get behind a new era the famous clock which once counted how long the club had spent in germany's top division has gone chants from happier times have been shelved. tried to include spent 2 years in a row in the 2nd division you can't sing about the club being a mainstay says and for which now one small piece of tradition has been preserved though the walk of fame but before new footprints can be added hamburg need to get back into the top flight. a lot of work ahead the tour de france comes to a close this weekend but before we crown this year's champion let's take a look at the tours oldest living when are 91 year old federico bahamontes back in 1959 the eagle of toledo also became the 1st spaniard to win cycling's most
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prestigious prize retired down for more than 50 years he's still in love with the sport but not so much with modern cyclists. federico martine by a moment is saw many hardships early in life during and after the spanish civil war his major concern was finding food in staying alive before becoming a professional writer he honed his cycling skills while delivering bread for black market traders and fleeing the police those skills led him to racing and eventually the spanish cycling federation picked him for its tour de france team in 1959 montez won it all. but when i won the tour for all the spaniards enjoyed it more than anyone else from that moment on things changed for spanish cycling in general franco met with me and the evolution of cycling changed for the better. decades removed from the sport he still regarded
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as the tour de france his best ever climber winning the king of the mountains classification 6 times but he's definitely not a fan of the sport's modern era. commercial firms are killing the sport right now you have x. number of millions 100000000 euros to make a great team and you can do it you can do it because they're all thinking about money and not about the results. you know what i call today cyclists the holy week procession that. they only lack the candle and the lighter to light the candle. never one to mince words the oldest living tour de france winner declined an invitation to witness this year's of it firsthand opting to watch it on t.v. instead. and before we go here's a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you there have been clashes
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between anti-government protesters and police in the chinese territory of hong kong police fired plastic rounds and tear gas at the protesters. and in the russian capital moscow police have arrested hundreds of opposition activists who attempted to stage a rally outside the office of state of the city's mayor protesters are angry that last council storage fees have banned opposition candidates from standing in forthcoming local elections. you're watching t.w. news the news will be back at the top of the hour in the meantime you can stay up to date on our web site that's d.w. dot com again the call finally and our entire team here and berlin thanks for joining.
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the 7 percent. african fashion news on the run through one design or just something you want to do instead. mission for her and she dances right around the world. i can bring a beautiful gown which has a story something which is quickly to my kotter. d.w. . many people retire in their sixty's. not still the top 5 that's when he started his career as an art and fashion photographer. aids and miracle his extraordinary rise from underground photographer to working for vogue fashion photographer val to find out chasing beauty. to 45 minute. clicks
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a bit. early to school for the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy to and i would say debbie to come see me come join or something spoke. for. a little bit of. welcome again to the 77 percent africa's magazine for that you i am at the mike a junior. if you want that's a 5 on this show is for you today's edition is all about jobs building your business but it's also about migration because that's what some people do to find jobs right. now some 7 reports either come on me young we're spending all that we gonna talk about the lack of job prospects.


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