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we're just learning this is going to feel. as. if. this is d.w. news live from berlin hong kong residents are marching again as the territory reacts to violent clashes between police and pro-democracy demonstrators you're looking at live pictures now as rounds begin to move through the city center defying a police van today we'll hear from our correspondent on the scene and more than a 1000 people arrested in moscow in the biggest crackdown in gears russians
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attempting to rally in support of opposition politicians are banned from gunning in the local elections and protesters got a plan of your police government were also coming off a surprise winner expected it's days sure the frost 22 year old egon fernald is on track to win cycling's top race will be the youngest winner into more than a century and the 1st ever from colombia but he still needs to cross that finish line. i'm calm assman thanks for joining us hong kong citizens are marching in the city center today defying an official ban as they seek to protest the police response to their pro-democracy rallies last night soft violent clashes between police and demonstrate. with dozens arrested and even more injured authorities fired tear gas
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and rubber bullets as they attempted to disperse the crowds the protests are part of a weeks long campaign for greater democracy in hong kong and autonomy from mainland china. all right let's head to hong kong now that's where our correspondent my ts is reporting today on these demonstrations now mathias on kong citizens marching again today after last night's protest turned violent what have you seen so far today. yeah today there was another march planned the march has not been approved by the police the original assembly was approved but not the march that should follow now protesters have dispersed. scattered around the city and occupying several
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locations in the city center this one here is one of the city's major shopping districts behind me you can't see it now because people are standing in front of it people have erected metal barricades here they have also smashed bricks that they might hurl at the police if the police came to attack here and. similar scenes are reported from other parts of the city so the protesters are now trying to block as many strategic points in the city as possible sounds like they're starting to barricade themselves in i mean are we expecting then this to be another long night in hong kong. yes we are expecting that we have been expecting this from the beginning because at the moment the police did not approve the march their chances for a peaceful march were already gone because the protesters are not deep to deterred by police than the police. you cannot just ban these
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these marches easily so but at the moment that is not approved they can interfere very easily they will interfere quickly and we've seen this in the past weeks the police is much quicker now to disperse protesters using amounts of tear gas and rubber bullets. a few weeks before last night's protest was also on authorized police are being criticized for their bloody crackdown in reaction to that protest you've been speaking with activists today and let's hear their reaction to the way that authorities have been responding to these protests we can tell that. they treat we've done stuff against people of hong kong but i'm just not optimistic about the way that the government is handling this i'm not optimistic in the way that the police are handling things especially considering what's been happening in the past few weeks the police right now in
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hong kong feel like a police state they can do whatever they want without anybody investigating on that i can only hope that the hong kong police will let us have a peaceful protest today to say all 5000 miles to the kaufman. that's why we're here to tell how the government stopped use violence to hong kong people somebody has a lot of criticism there that you heard from from protestors and it feels like many citizens feel that authorities really have failed in their response here. yes authorities have failed in their response to these protests it is not clear what concept they had in the beginning to to to react to these protests when already a 1000000 people were marching on the street there was no reaction from the government no change of plans when they change their plans they disappeared basically hand the longer this protest movement has been going on the less it is about the original
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issue that was this this extradition bill that would allow extraditions to mainland china but it is about what you can see people on the staging here behind me it's about police act operations it's about a perceived excessive violence of the police and people are demanding an independent investigation into these police actions but the government is not giving into this at all and what about kerry lamb i mean why haven't we heard from hong kong's leader here why hasn't she addressed the protesters. that's a question obviously that a lot of people would like to ask her the impression that she is giving bye bye bye bye handling this situation in such a way she appears from time to time at press conferences to denounce violence but she never offers any way out or any strategy and she's not seeking dialogue with anybody the impression that she's giving is that she's either not in control of the situation that she cannot make decisions on her own and that's what people suspect
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anyway here they see her as a puppet of beijing and she's done everything to to confirm this the this perception has been a grave grave mishandling by the government of these protests they would not be as intense and as violent as they are now if the government had had a better strategy that's for sure you can see the protestors message held out there behind you mathias olinger in hong kong for us thank you very much. i let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world president trump has been accused of launching a racist attack against black congressmen and democrat comics trump fired a volley of tweets calling the cummings district of baltimore a quote rat infested mess coming said criticize conditions for migrants on the us mexico border top democrat nancy pelosi said trump's insoles were racist under us
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has deployed its military in a giant operation to combat dengue fever the outbreak has affected more than 28000 people so far and killed at least 58 visuals are calling a national emergency to find the dengue carrying mosquito and launched a fumigation program homes and built. a landslide in southwest china has buried a village in mud and claimed at least 36 lives and ongoing rescue operation has recovered bodies and censor vive 1st to the hospital landslides already changing and rural parts of china particularly after heavy rain if you. are let's head to moscow now where the number of people arrested in yesterday's opposition rally reached over 1000 they were attempting to demonstrate outside the mayor's office to protest the banning of opposition candidates from upcoming local elections activists say this is the biggest crackdown on dissent in many years.
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a show of force from moscow police facing off against an unauthorized demonstration as people took to the streets to demand free minutes of bill elections one protester after another is arrested. for the people taking part here a sign of thirty's in flooded near putin's russia fear their dissent could spread. what you might want to do you cannot be indifferent if we don't start with these local moscow elections when will it ever begin russia is a big country and i hope people will see what we're doing. and with scenes like these that's what authorities seem determined to prevent as the protests began police stormed the offices of opposition leader alexina felony who had been streaming the demonstration live on the internet they arrested his studio head they also raided internet t.v. station. and ordered its editor in chief to undergo questioning. for now the
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strategy appears to be keep the protestors and their anger against the ruling party contained. after more than 3000 kilometers 21 stages this year's tour de france will crown a champion today in paris and all the movie from sports joins us now in studio for more on that i mean look barring anything strange happening which we have seen. it will be an unexpected champions that's right it's better knowledge who is set to become the tour de france champion now if you haven't heard that name before don't worry you're in good company even keen followers of the major cycling tournament's have not seen much of but not he's just 22 years old and he's set to become the youngest toward france champion in 110 years and this is just his 2nd appearance a grand thoughts on one of the big 3 road cycling stage events not previously
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a big name not someone who had expectations placed on him going into this tour but now he's just a short procession socials that he's a of taking the big crown must be an emotional moment for him so let's hear exactly how he's feeling. first of all i'm really proud to be colombian. knows what those minutes is that i think we deserve to win this tour. jones which was on use we've had really good cyclists for so many years and for one reason or another we've never been able to win the tour as are going to. be quite the story there i mean how big is this for colombian cycling overall well is hugely exciting of course partly because he is so young i mean if we compare him to the reigning sort of france champion durant's unless he won the tour for the 1st time last year thomas was $32.00 at the time so but now is a full decade younger so this could be the 1st major success in
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a glorious career and that is very so i think exciting for colombian cycling fans but also of course that they're just happy to have a 1st tour de france title up on the board they've had hopes in recent years of the likes of knight oak in tonga being among the favorites but he's never managed to make it happen now it finally looks like it's it's going to happen so obviously a big moment for the fans back in colombia let's see exactly what they think of the success. i. sing with emotion and filled with pride colombians packed a local park to celebrate the cycling milestone for their country. this is going to make this sport even more popular and it's wonderful to feel pride to be a cyclist to see a paris and triumph a colombian who's given his all and he's so young you have to remember that again is a very young paris then. colombia's new hero is just 22 years old and
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will become the youngest winner of the tour in 110 years capping off a decade of steady progress for colombian cycling. so clearly joy and colombia you might say but on the other side disappointment in france right i mean this looked like for a long time france would finally get another tour de france champion that's right i mean for a long time it was really an eye phillipe the favorite who was wearing the yellow jersey and the the white as you put it has been going on for france for all the. 1985 was the last time it happens i had a lot of support you've got a lot of momentum within france but then on friday stage 19 the weather wrought havoc on his tour unfortunately for him so the stage had to be cancelled or rather halted early about just under 40 kilometers at that point but it was leading and
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that gave him a huge boost in the studies that put him up to the top no criticism of him of course because he just did the best that he could with the circumstances that were thrown at all of the riders but out of phillip you have to think he would have been trying to time the stage trying to time he's moved to the front and then he just thought he had a lot more time. and that's got to be disappointed what was his reaction after they after he was century boss the yellow jersey yeah exactly i mean he acted with great class and of course he had yesterday stayed. as well where he could have perhaps reeled in but with a it would have had to be a stunning performance he couldn't manage it you could see that perhaps a bit of the fight a bit of the energy had gone out of him with the circumstances that came up in stage 19 and he just fell to the wall not to the back but he fell further away from that now so it's a huge success of course for about an hour but it's massively disappointing and a cruel way out of felipe in france to lose out on this major victory briefly the french fans how did they handle it i mean was this kind of highway robbery or no i
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mean look it's it's just what happens sometimes it may dispose of ends it's not necessarily fair on the on the person who loses out but i think the cycling fans in france you know they're intelligent they've obviously had a long time of watching major events like this they've accepted it they have to unfortunately for that quite the race so far this year all are motivated or much you watching the news live from berlin up next we meet 2 gay dads bringing up the twins and that'll be on for older on i'll be back with more news on the. robots are still in the development phase. what's going to happen when the world. will humans.


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