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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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yes. many people dream of living on the water here in europe that tends to mean a come out boat or something similar but how about a real house with old malt kongs and on up stairs and down stairs of course the experts at living on the water the dark we've been to a housing complex in amsterdam that floats the homes are environmentally friendly as well. living on water in the city center one day more than 100 people will live on the side canal in amsterdam. moscow 3 then his wife yvonne fun sark are among the 1st residents. to the slaves conclusion of a different way of life here. the waters sparkles and reflects everywhere.
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their house is one of a total of 30 buildings that are part of the scones amsterdam project and each building has its own design 20 different architects were involved in the project the houses were built on land and then brought to the dock by boat sustainability is particularly important to the inhabitants scones translates to clean ship. they wanted to achieve is to show that you can. turn with very sustainable houses and in a sustainable way in the sense that we as a community. like all the buildings paired with hikes house has its own solar power supply sustainable and eco friendly materials were used for all the. one of the 1st floating districts in amsterdam was built just a couple of years ago in the district of i believe 50 houses on artificial islands demand for the floating homes is on the rise in the netherlands there are. several
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areas where they are building houses in communities over $52200.00 houses. for even fans sark and marcus this vision has now become reality $115.00 square metres 2 floors a roof garden almost like a house in the countryside. there is one difference there home. yet but i did have a day where i sure i need to sit on some solid ground. price to pay for their dream of living on the water. my colleague melissa holroyd has been looking into this living on the water and as i said the world experts are right they are the netherlands is of course one of the lowest lying countries in the world. areas of
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a below sea level that means they have actually have to take action this is nothing new for the dutch they've been doing it for the last 800 years with docks and dikes and canals doing whatever they can to keep dry they also have a very long history of houseboats the situation there generally not just getting more kids yeah well global warming and rising sea levels means it takes all back aqua takes very hard for solutions. skip is a possible solution to these environmental changes that we're all facing of course . meant to be environmentally friendly all these houses in the piece but tell us a bit more about yeah ok so the homes are very well insulated they're also connected to a network so if one house has excess energy and one house doesn't have enough energy they can then do a trade off and get some energy off their neighbor they've also. solar roofs many
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of them also have green roofs so people can grow vegetables on the roof if they so choose the waste water from the showers and toilets is treated as a refinery that uses it to produce more energy heat from the houses comes from a system that works like a geothermal pump that extracts heat from the can now the people living there have also renounced their cars and instead share electric cars all sounds very wonderful big question how much that cost house costs between 300900000 year it's not cheap because. while building floating homes can be more expensive because of the engineering and because of the architecture involved these same principles can be used to create more affordable housing and of course it's not just a doctor problem i mean there's a whole lot going on when it comes to floating structures around the world in london for example british architects back up planning floating homes in the royal
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docks they're also talking about of. copenhagen has responded to the lack of affordable student housing with the so-called urban rigor that's 12 floating houses designed by a danish architect. in the us is a very passionate doesn't shy away from some great ambition he has his idea of a floating city for 10000 people in by climate change what looked a pretty amazing about what i must say guts for the future melissa holroyd fascinating stuff thank you very much. now in 100 german must reads a book by your father who was a great of the beach authors of the sixty's and seventy's like jack kerouac and william burroughs and he lived his life on the edge indeed it different times in his life he was a heroin addict and a drum just like the antihero in his novel rule material so he knows what he's writing about is david leavitt's with.
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first page finished just a few 100 more before i can call myself a novelist i guess but when you get a look at this snazzy typewriter back in the sixty's nothing's said take me seriously i'm a writer quite like this baby. and . how they would be a writer if you weren't so busy trying to use the antihero in raw material by york follows he and his artist buddy live in the attic of an estimable hotel where they pump themselves for cocaine heroin and opium to fuel their habit they cheat and steal how he even pawns his treasure typewriter. i got another kick to the stomach when i was lying outside so this was the pavement i tasted plenty worse but i
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didn't want to get used to it either i looked for my glasses until i realized that i was holding them i put them back on close up this pavement looked interesting there was even a crack running through the asphalt and through the crack a blade of grass was growing if that's the case i told myself you can get up to. the debts off heroin and becomes a drinker you find his place in dive bars all the while holding on to his dream of writing honest books about real life. the real life how do you. arthur york follows our died 3 years after raw material came out he was drunk walked onto a highway and was hit by a truck this book is his legacy intense real raw what follows it describes in raw material is life his own life you've never read a book like this one. sounds
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good the british photographer monson is a chronic age his projects are humorous yet sociological look at society his photos are original and entertaining and shows the quirks and idiosyncrasies of normal life there's a retrospective of his work at the moment in the field off here in germany so he visited some a lot gardens there beforehand to photograph some of the onus and has included the results in his exhibition. must wonder if i was skeptical with him being a star photographer will be so but he is barely walked in and that disappeared on he's going to kill i'm going to skip suspect his service he's totally uncomplicated and he just loves taking photos of nothing we just weren't allowed to laugh at 40
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photographs people how they are the way we too look exactly no make up no fancy clothes it's just. that well i'm going to show you as you all so i think in the end. what is the best solution i mean why pretend you know something else you are. yes i think to be a problem you've got to be obsessed i like obsession you know i'm obsessed myself and i look for other people who are obsessive because my favorite subject matter. martin paul made his name in the 1980 s. with these images in the rundown seaside resort of new brighton near liverpool he captured moments from the summer holidays of the working classes daily life in the sacha era. next he turned his camera on the middle and upper classes documented in the habits and quotes of his fellow britons with a heightened sense of situational comedy.
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cause traveled the world documenting the idiosyncrasies of ordinary folks each technicolor. wrinkles spots in large pools extra pounds sparing eye of his camera catches everything. i. mean. i don't know why you think it's being me is just showing people as they are. trying to protect the world of propaganda. which is what we're mostly up against you know but we all see the floor. for human that's part of the attraction of being a woman was with. i why not celebrate that no one is perfect. and also how funny it is an image he's had his picture taken all over the world in every possible cheesy set up always in the same unsmiling pose. the results
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compiled in his book which i portray serve as a parody of poor traits not in an age before selfies. he also has an uncanny ability to blend into the scenery that amounted to speak a photograph for couples without their feeling observed. it's time for dusseldorf son lots of men told us to admire the results of cars work these photos off far off from the silliest they often know satirical commentary on a note meant gardening or german perfectionism instead they're an affectionate tribute to their subjects good to photography be mellowing with age finally martin joins the subjects of his labors for a group photo it's clear the photographer can blend in in front of the camera as well as behind it. i do like his photography always
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touched with a sense of humor and showing how wave the human race really mall on martin paul and everything else on the show on our website of course with g.w. dot com slash culture and blocks of all the topics. as well that's all from pots and culture from our thanks very much watching joins against a bot. e.u.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight the russian opposition leader alexina of all they discharged from the hospital but what made him sick is doctors says that he was poisoned but we don't know with what paul he is now back in prison is he out of danger we'll ask someone who works with that also coming up tonight a horrific scene an 8 year old boy pushed on to train tracks struck and killed by a train at frankfurt's main station a suspect has been questions.


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