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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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british prime minister boris johnson he is touring the country promising money and a post breaks it britain as if he were campaigning to win the election and he's refusing to meet with the e.u. leaders until they agree to give him what they say they won't a renegotiated brix a deal tonight britain headed for new elections or crashing out of the european union or both exactly where is boris johnson taking his country i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we're going to come out. on the table be ready for it would be any delays we are determined to ensure that we leave a lot to do with it but it's my job to make sure the country is ready what we want to do is to make it absolutely clear that the fact still eat the good it did it's going to get the recruitment is deep it's got to get you rightly we set up the
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structure is incompetent to charge off gratian we can get a new deal went through a new deal and we must be prepared to keep the country the fatality that it needs to last we want to deal with our friends and partners that must have been abolished the undemocratic do not see the missi judgment get equal to our european friends. also coming up the u.s. president says the city of baltimore is a rat infested place no human being would want to live in all that is not sitting well with the city of baltimore and the people who love it. he attacks everybody i know donald trump but he hasn't put to kill the venom for blacks and people of color he doesn't refer to any of his opponents all critics as fest. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with growing
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suspicions that the new british prime minister morris johnson is pursuing something he claims he's not a know deal brecht's it today johnson created 2 committees to deal with the u.k.'s departure from the european union reportedly under the assumption that the u.k. will crash out of the e.u. and johnson is demanding that the e.u. after 3 years of bragg's negotiations reopen the talks the e.u. is refusing so instead of lobbying in leaders in brussels to change their stance johnson is refusing to meet with them until they change their minds all of this as johnson travels around the u.k. promising more money from everything from police to schools once it breaks it is history what he does not mention is the fact that a no deal breaks it is expected to trigger a massive recession meaning the government will have less not more money or here is boris johnson from today and this weekend selling the benefits of bricks it
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followed by opposition labor leader jeremy corbett he sees general elections just around the corner. leaving the e.u. is a massive economic opportunity to do things we've not been allowed to do the decades to rid also of some bureaucratic red tape to create jobs to untangle the creativity and innovation to which britain is famous just in the last few weeks you've seen big investments coming in to what's would you like to be built by b.m.w. the new electric vehicle to be built. in the 1000000000 pound investment by i.j.n. all in. we will do absolutely everything we can to address the issues of not just in time supply chains but we are going to go ahead and come on to the. table of the investment jobs trade and equality both in or out of the e.u. i want those things but i go back to the point that it makes no difference if you
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are in or out doesn't it you can't say you want to invest and opportunity in around me what we did was it was actually a very credible data base but customs union with the u.n. to try to arrangements would have achieved those things didn't go through part of it i suppose. joining me now for more from aberdeen in scotland is christiane a law he is a member of the european parliament for the green group and he is also a member of the scottish national party mr allardyce good to have you on the program i'd like to start by taking a look at what happened today when boris johnson arrived in scotland to talk up his brights it playing on. her. own right there was plenty of good bullying going on some cheering shortly thereafter we understand scotland's 1st minister nicolas sturgeon said that she thinks boards johnson is really pursuing a no deal break city let me ask you mr a large do you think the
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same. yes but mr johnson that's true isn't his cabinet a cabinet of right wing i can't which means that automatically east what he wants to do he wants to do a new deal breaks it now i can't see how he can do it the real of all parliament against him it will have all the nations against him especially scotland and northern ireland so it's got a lot of things to do to achieve peace particularly on the 31st of all seems to be very very difficult and that is like well if that is the case though then in certainly would contradict what boris johnson said during his campaign to become prime minister tell me what can scout win do if the prime minister is trying to go down that new deal breaks that path that's got scott brown as a go out a lot of and peace down at westminster and the lot of friends
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a lot of people all across the u.k. who don't want to see and would rate it i think. the biggest negotiation he has to do is we've over m.p.'s in the house of commons because in need to fund and agrement we feel as if you keep on it before he goes and if anything you want to do today that mr johnson spoke about that 2014 scottish independence referendum have a listen to what he said and this was a once in a lifetime once in a generation thing everybody was told that he was on that basis that they cost their votes and i think it would be totally wrong to break that promise to the people of scotland and the u.k. and and have another referendum now johnson is ruling out another independence referendum in scotland tell me mr l. r. what is what does he know that you and nicholas sturgeon apparently do not know.
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what does he know about scotland you know is out sort of do nothing of wisconsin mr johnson and i think about the problem is mr johnson only sees at west mistake even doesn't see what's happening in london in was northern ireland scotland and he doesn't understand but after 3 years that refer to place about exiting z.-e. you these political party the conservative and you can spot the asteroid managed to find a compromise we've come in. to compromise to get out of the new so it's so weird and unfortunately it's or of to him to sort it out car try to blame scott and of evil part of the united kingdom all of the e.u. for what's going to up to next i want you to take a listen to what labor leader jeremy corbyn what he is saying about johnson's policies and where they are headed take a listen i can guarantee you this we will do everything to prevent and no deal exit
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and we'll do everything to challenge this government to move to a time but years ago we said this in the event of the no deal breaks it will come pain to remain. so mr large maybe you can help us understand this so jeremy corbin's is saying in the event of a new deal brags that labor will then campaign to remain in the in the e.u. so how do you interpret that to mean once once brags that no deal breaks it happens you're already out of the e.u. . 1st of all i'm happy but please don't have a party and generally call me a camel just fence and thinking about the reasonable way to go about it is after free yes no decision. on that you should say you see all that yuki should stay and see you so i'm very upbeat about this it be can work with him to make sure that it's great to happen i'm very happy but he stands his mind on the
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. me as a member of the european parliament johnson refuses to meet with the european union until it changes its stance on renegotiating it what is that doing inside the e.u. in terms of unity and cohesion regarding. the tape is only repeating what you you told it but there is no way that it would ruin to re going to shit renegotiate the deal which was made and we've been. made so you know what he's saying saying i don't think you see any any contradiction of it when i think it's important and what the e.u. should tell and eat ass too thought we bottomed you keep on it. when we had we next because. making and you didn't see you if you get ballot didn't reject it and that is the most important in the u.k.
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it's a parliamentary democracy that prime minister is going to decide what's going to happen next it's a problem that's a very good point to make there. christiane a member of the european parliament and member of the scottish national party mr omar we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you very much. well. the the most vocal opponent of russian president vladimir putin is back in his prison cell despite suspicions that that's where he was poisoned just a few days ago and of all he was hospitalized yesterday after what was 1st described as an allergic reaction his physician says of all he was poisoned with a chemical agent which is yet to be determined or confirmed earlier today the hospital doctors treating of all he said that his life is not in danger which is why he was sent back to prison. on his way back to
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prison one of russia's most prominent opposition figures he was rushed to hospital on sunday after taking ill in his detention cell clinic doctors say he had a severe allergic reaction but his personal doctor isn't convinced speaking to the press she said her client was poisoned and warned he could be in danger if he returns to prison. when you bring up the human. it's unclear whether what he has is contact dermatitis or not but he was in a life threatening condition and now they are sending him back to the same place where that same toxic chemical substance might be again. and this 2nd exposure to whatever it was could have serious consequences for his health. and a valley was arrested just days before a number of unauthorised public protests since thousands to the streets of the
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russian capital he tried to make light of his arrest her biggest i had gone out for a jog and to buy my wife flowers for her birthday happy birthday by the entrance there was a small bus of russian special forces and they arrested me now i look like an idiot in shorts in the police station but that's how it is sorry. he now rejoined some 1400 people who were also to taint during last week's demonstrations which saw some 20000 people protest the exclusion of dozens of opposition candidates from local elections. the european union criticized the excessive force used by police during the protests saying it undermined the right to freedom of assembly. last weekend's mobilisation was just the latest in a wave of popular dissent to grip the russian capital this year and not likely to be the last organizers have already called for fresh demonstrations next weekend and russian authorities have already started to detain key opposition figures. well
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i'm joined tonight by nikita. a member of the anti corruption foundation that's an injury or that was founded by a leg see in the heat is going to have you on the program let me start by asking you have you or your god is asian have you had any contact with mr nerve all. well we have the content but this conduct is limited it's like there is no cell phone in a prison cell so we can talk we have we can get information from him when someone from the foundation isn't the detention center so it's like it's a limited contact and this was the problem we have here is sickness on saturday because it's not at all says that. he's right if you look came to him some day and surprisingly just come out that he has a problem and that he's going to be taken to the oil spill and so on so this is the
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1st suspicious thing in this whole situation that they did not want the authorities did not want well what do you know happens what do you but what do you know about his condition i mean do you and you've been told that he was indeed poisoned. well go and he. just as you said that he's now sent back to the general sense and well at that moment he feels that this is what he can say. i was given the strong steroids against elegy them so i don't have the face which is i don't know that that was correct which is bigger than usual so and like i more or less fine but. again as he is. and as. many many suspicious poisoning haven't we those who criticize a criminal or you be sure. it's not
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a poison and then if you send back 6 else maybe he's going to be contacting this substance oh well whatever it was so what are you worried about that and nikita i mean if it was poisoning then the poisoning would have occurred in prison where he is and he's been sent back to that same location so are you are you concerned that he could be poisoned again. well if it was like some accidental on to something not there a sense eric in the prison yeah this is the problem even if us boys and then well it's a strange way of always eating. while he's in the prison because it's like your it's easy to find or easy to blame on the prison or the guts but like. i remember when the although it was a good lead to mcadams i was poisoned for the 1st time we discussed different looks
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and he said you know well maybe he ate something something wrong and just got some energy but then. several months later he was poisoned again we thought oh yes he seems that they're trying to do something so even in this situation like looks like it's analogy and i didn't say he's like his last words on his last message i think he's skeptical that it's a poison e. but who knows it's like the background is like that's it's going to be like this is what he says is well beyond the poisoning he is not the only member of your foundation to be arrested we've just received word that you vonne this is done of another one of your coworkers that he has been arrested do you think that the police are singling you out. well. apart from you know addition to all of. the other colleagues let you or me
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a lot is also i rested as far as i know completely so and some of the several other people who are like supporting us but not working derek are also under arrest since last week morning. so they're on the look not only alex you know. and this is the tactic that the authorities are using for for the last year and a half like their arrest key members of our team from time to time like state so i got one for you 0 here in this prison sounds usually short arris so hits yeah it disturbs our work it is the authorities are afraid about artists. they are trying to prevent. nikita take off with anti-corruption foundation that's an engineer that was founded by alexina holding and he do we appreciate your
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time tonight thank you. u.s. president almost trump has gone on another twitter tirade attacking u.s. congressman elijah cummings and the city that cummings represents baltimore trump wrote representative elijah cummings has been a brutal bully shouting and screaming at the great men and women of border patrol about conditions at the southern border when actually his baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous his district is considered the worst in the usa as proven last week during a congressional tour the border is clean efficient and well run just very crowded cummings district is a disgusting rat and road infested mess if he spent more time in baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place. and there you
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have it a u.s. city attacked by the us president well that has prompted a swift and fierce response in a scathing editorial the baltimore sun hit back at belmore trump calling him the most design this man to ever occupy the oval office the mocker of war heroes the gleeful grabber of women's private parts the serial bank rupture of businesses the useful idiot of vladimir putin and the guy who insisted there are good people among murderous neo nazis it also hit back stopping just short of actually calling the president a rat stating that it was quote better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood then to be one. well i'm joined now on the line by peter jensen he is a writer for the baltimore sun he is the writer behind that editorial peter it's good to have you on the program i understand you have been perplexed by all of the
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attention that your editorial is receiving why. well i've got i admit it's not every day a u.s. newspaper calls its president a rat. that's not a daily activity around here but i must say i think a lot of people have been critical of this president and have and have said things that are pretty gross and not gotten nearly as much attention what kind of attention has your editorial received have been overwhelmingly positive or have you gotten some negative feedback as well well i've certainly gotten negative feedback but i would say that is primarily positive certainly what has passed. whether it's on my e-mail account or by phone or or by the letters we've received so far or by postings on various social media it is it has been mostly positive and the more i hear from people who are from baltimore in maryland particularly the
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more positive it's been you know peter you're not that far from annapolis maryland where it was some time last year if i'm not mistaken that a man walked into the local newspaper there and began shooting people in the newsroom do you do you worry about that kind of a violent reprisal when you take this very very firm stance that you've taken and you use language that is similar to dollars from do you worry about the reaction turning violent. well you know that that shooting took place at the annapolis capitol because that and in fact that's our sister newspaper so i lost friends in that shooting it was a terrible thing the gentleman who is yet to stand trial is. appears to have had. certain mental health deficiencies that might have strongly
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contributed to his circumstances he held a grudge for specific reasons that i won't get into now. so i'm not sure the cases are quite the same however i will also acknowledge that we listen to live in times of heightened passion in the political front and it doesn't you know it doesn't escape the possibility that. you know that that that could be manifest i do not believe it's going to take place and in fact that is not a common occurrence even the united states but let me ask you the creator of the h.b.o. series wired. you know reacted to what has been happening with these tweets and also to your editorial that he says that trump and i'm quoting him here would wet himself if he stepped out of his limo in the neighborhoods that he has attacked and if he had to deal with being a racial minority for the 1st time it is why how much do you think racism is motivating these tweets from the president. well let let me say i i am friends with
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david simon and david simon used to work for the baltimore sun at one time yes a wonderful person he also has a way an inflammatory way with words i i'm not sure that's a productive sort of conversation to have but i but there's no question that. this president. uses. racism as a weapon that in fact his description of baltimore was based on. you know some language about infestation and that he would conjure images of of rats and dirtiness and things like that and it is a comedy doesn't neighborhoods of color and not so much any script criticizing neighborhoods where white people live so that's a very common pattern and it's that it has sort of been part of his. sort of way he's operated since the cab the 1st campaign so there's no question i think and
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in fact to even question that i find curious because it's just such an evident pattern you know let me just ask before going out of time but peter you know you're a man who makes his money with words when you look at the language that the u.s. president throws out into the public discourse is it's you know starkly different from any we've seen from any u.s. presidents at least in the last 100 years what is the impact of the president's language on the way people communicate and talk with each other in the united states. well it is there's no question it's it's it's certainly supported a coarsening of the culture it would be wrong probably to blame that entirely on this president. i'm not sure that we haven't seen this in many other countries around the world but i i do believe it's very unproductive to have political
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conversation that it's quite so archon quite so passionate and quite so hatefilled as what we have seen in recent years and you know to wake up in the in the maryland 7th congressional district. an area of about 750000 people and have your place your homes described as the worst place to live in the united states is it's just not acceptable behavior by the person who is elected to govern the country that's i don't think anyone would find it so and peter jensen with the baltimore sun joining us tonight to talk about the editorial that you wrote that's received a lot of attention around the world today we appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you so much. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter and you can follow me of t.v. and don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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nicole can be enough of this embarrassment mensuration is still a taboo subject in india feminine hygiene products are hard to find one group wants to change by many freshman senator. and selling the door to door. explained to them that she's seen sort of. next.
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the most of this land as we know it now all the issues sparkle as far as the eye can see. but the climate crisis is swiftly melting them away. with tourist in consequence and. there's not much time left until the alpine twilight in europe without clay shores. in 45 minutes believe. i think is everything challenging 1st and i think a muslim. so much different culture between here and there challenging for him. leads. to some business i think it was worth it for me to come to germany.
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i got my license to work as a swimming instructor. and now our 2 children wanted to it's just one of the toughest. what's your story take heart sharon on info migrants dot. holo welcome to a brand new weapons thought of india a sustainability magazine that puts the focus on change make us while finding solutions to the biggest problems facing our world today rankle coming to you from the city of mumbai in india. over the next 30 minutes our travel company input is
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