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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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we start with music on the landmark ruling by the european union's top colt the case involving iconic german band kroft back and hip hop producer moses pelham who used to crawfish sample a 99 head of his european court of justice ruled that if the song but his recognizable music producers have to off the office of mission a case that could affect the future of music. and the future of music is actually what we're going to concentrate all now prof x. we're only pretending to be robots in the 1970s today robot soul some form of ai creating music composing it and access to music has changed everything is a viable to download all stream. will it sound like. the music of fiction.
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this is a cool. you don't have to be a months out is the pier $35.00 this is the prius of a small digital box is enough to create new turns sounds rhythms and melodies maybe even a heat created in your own home and via a digital platform streamed mean hundreds of times. even the human tortie can be turned into an instrument. touch design a p.c. on paid has has come up with a device that resolves bodies movements and sounds intense them into music. but what's really is what's already happening. the music streaming revolution has
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changed our nation shift with music and the way to use it. our consumption of music is becoming ever more personalized what we listen to is no longer decided by us but is the result of huge amounts of accumulated and analyzed. tailor made music to each and every single person. music portals of the future will make suggestions depending on how dosh a situation depending on the time of day. mentioned condition. body temperature. data count balance. and of these boston mounts of personal information are not enough then a state of the os facial recognition system will be used to find a suitable sound. the right music but every single moment.
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when it's all right has been looking into this or i can't decide what music i want to listen to well because it's that moment is changing this one way street where we decide what music we want to listen to. that's not going to be around for much longer but what i think we do need to ask is what are these decisions based on based on melodies of previous songs that we listen to others based on what our friends are listening to or are they based on what the what a company wants you to hear. yes bit depressing that but on a positive positive note anyone can be a musician that's right the big upside to technology on the whole in music is that it's had a huge democratizing affix across the board anyone can make a track now we've already talked about ai in terms of it dictating what music we
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play. but it's also now a composer and it has been for some time has been used with music way back to the 1960s the ai in composition also raises questions in terms of copyright and of course originality artificial intelligence can do a lot but one thing that it doesn't do that well in music it doesn't break rules well and it doesn't invent new styles very well the album hello world which came out last year by sky is composed using artificial intelligence with contributions from various artists this is this magic man i learned suburb just a short listen any. promise. it's good so likable isn't that other artists are using a lot of artificial intelligence in a way that doesn't rot them out of the creative process people like holy hand and she is working together with the art of intelligence with other other artists sort
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of on an equal standing we could have a listen to something if she was a guest of ours let you know that what was rather ok. my problem. probably. that what a live concerts are going to become more interactive completely digital concerts with people dancing about in front of holograms and the like have been around for some time sumi need is a huge the popular virtual star her character was designed as a mascot for a software called vocal lloyd to the virtual stock even to it with lady gaga ok
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we're going to have to leave you there it's a huge subject i'm sure we'll talk about it again melissa holroyd thank you very much. to the small town of of a now on lake geneva where a very special wine festival is taking place they have been you know all is special because it only happens once every 20 to 25 years and only the press been invited to hopefully produce the best local wines and to go along with the celebration of the noble grape as lots of entertainment. it's a big occasion for the residents of the day on lake geneva the local wine growers and their fans are in festive mood that's sparing no expense as they celebrate their cultural heritage and family traditions and the wind. has come to watch the parade with his young family to the figure on the up nothing i took part in the last one in 1909. big thing for switzerland really all
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that makes me proud to be famous just is exciting for older generations it's a shock to me time at the festival. season. we spent 10 years talking about the last festival and 10 years talking about the next also this is a very emotional moment for you to go to brazil. most of the local wine growers work here on the terraces of the navajo the surrounding mountains and lake ensure a mild climate some of the vineyards on the steep slopes belong to the potential family he says it's all about location. the particles have been making wine for generations father son and uncle needs to taste the light dry white wine made from grapes. in french. the family still own the wine priced used by the great great grandfather.
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back in the day in the town central arena the. best wine growers are being celebrated d.c. is winner is 56 year old joan danielle tate. it's the summer all the days here in europe so we're going all and hopping in the next few days showing you some of the most popular european destinations we begin with the german island of zurich's which is great for anyone who loves the beach and has a peculiar shape in that it's very long and thin which means there's plenty of coastline for all to enjoy. the suit is germany's northernmost island with its 40 kilometers of golden sound it's popular with nature lovers and a fabulous getaway for fans of sea and surf. located just off the north sea coast hosts a range of water sports contests. dutch kites i need fun and the young
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loves the island i really like the nature you're in the northern the south that spots for kite surfing then. days ago we've been surfing between the seals so it was really a wonderful. nestled in the genes on the west side you'll find a veritable island institution soon as they extend a beachfront restaurant has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike since 1981 everyone comes here from students to business people to enjoy cool fish. if you head out every morning in that little fishing boat and a few hours later the 1st taste of macros in the fry a. few. macros high in omega 3 fatty acids and is very healthy.
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it was on this speech that zoot 1st came to fame as a. getaway for the glitterati. back in the 1960 s. and seventy's the jet set came here to frolic on the beach multimillionaire playboy good times that's was among the 1st celebrities to discover good after dark the parties would really came to the growing number of nightclubs soon lose was called the central pay of the north. that spirit lives on along the stone by strip in the upscale resort of company but it's not just the rich and famous who flock here is a popular destination among vacationers from proves of life almost 900000 in only every year in peak season the 3000 with the beach chairs investor land are fully booked. as a rich natural heritage the genes covering a 3rd of the island are 3000 years old. while grass is still and
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beach roses stabilize the genes and protect against storm surges it's a fragile ecosystem and visitors have to use the wooden walkways to cross the junes . sat's troops are another typical feature of the it. the finest examples are found in the town of chi to. there several centuries old most of them built by sailors. the roofs are covered with dried. or. at the roots down in the water and sea were ideal for these houses in the summer it offers gratian solution from the heater under the winter from the cold or divert her to ringback the warden see tidal mudflats extend across much of the coast of the new phoenix is the largest ecosystem of its kind on the planet and
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a paradise for nature lovers ringback and when it comes to will act sation is in a class of its own. it's true somehow everything seems to slow down on the autumn which makes for a really relaxing holiday moral not so many of the cultural stories on our website at g.w. dot com slash culture so from a 5 from now thanks watching. many
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of those do some things a bit differently and other things very differently. the older generation on the labor markets. are focused not confident and optimistic meanwhile nothing less than to change the world. we check the posts from generation was. made in germany in 30 minutes on w. . prospects or more the names of many old people seek their fortunes elsewhere but not until book to release fable season from the desert sun 5 years up to the realms of the islamists. but confidence is slowly returning. and something of timbuktu's glory may return. a friend not a book. in 75 minutes on e.w.
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. he's quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world we need to take a closer look. at experience knowledge. today. on t.w. . earth a home for saving. the ingenious tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas lean by a new series of global 3000 on d w and online. her
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1st day of school in the jungle. her 1st climbing lesson in the doors grand moment arrives in the join your regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary a little story of an orangutan returns home to a new monkey w dot com tanks. claim. the u.s. has formally asked germany france and britain to help protect shipping in the strait of hormuz controlled by iran the strait is a strategic route for much of the world's oil relations between tehran and the west of the turreted since washington poured out of a landmark deal designed to limit iran's nuclear program last year. police and protesters have clashed again in hong kong the latest in a series of demonstrations sparked by the government's attempt to enter a deuce a cop.


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